Synonym of hi tech


Using of up-to-date techniques, ideas, styles or equipment
modern fashionable in fashion in in style in vogue up to date up to the minute all the rage trendsetting stylish voguish modish chic smart latest new newest newfangled new-fashioned fresh modernistic advanced progressive forward-looking trendy cool up-to-date flash current with it swinging now hip contemporary happening snazzy cutting edge natty leading edge leading-edge nifty avant-garde go-ahead high-tech kicking kicky recent tony fly hi-tech modern-day spiffy state-of-the-art brand-new sassy modernised modernized stylin' a la mode au courant contemporaneous faddish groundbreaking ground-breaking hot innovative innovatory in-thing latter-day leading neoteric never-before-seen new age newly discovered nouvelle pioneering popular present-day recently developed red-hot space-age updated up-to-the-minute designer mod novel plugged-in ultramodern cutting-edge topical present extant immediate ongoing futuristic automated present-time breakthrough just out twenty-first-century complex landmark radical hot off press ultra-modern ultra modern revolutionary sophisticated forward future bang up to date à la mode 21st-century high-technology sharp unconventional trailblazing ingenious snappy swish swank original faddy inventive unorthodox big dashing groovy exclusive chichi supercool favored innovational swell funky prevailing creative favoured classy with-it swanky unusual elegant unfamiliar disruptive usual last word latest thing upscale rakish on fleek experimental du jour enlightened unprecedented in thing late liberal off-centre imaginative forward-thinking genteel well-liked trig popularized a go-go highly developed left-field avant popularised developed customary posh schmick culty open-minded today all the go dapper enterprising different prevalent unique de rigueur dressy evolved offbeat dynamic uncommon def hep vogue turned-on favorite originative glamorous newborn improved out of the ordinary massive high-toned crowd-pleasing favourite contempo high-class visionary elaborate attractive debonair latter up-and-coming singular the latest untried tasteful unknown freethinking ambitious strange downtown go-getting le dernier cri higher spirited swagger bold far ahead well along far along well ahead nontraditional nonconformist large pop brand new out-of-the-box established progressivist hot off the press seminal sexy refined young styleworthy vital ritzy technologically advanced cosmopolitan bohemian fancy ahead of its time alternative extreme gnarly rare trim relevant intricate high-end high-fashion understated flattering untested surprising exotic atypical highly-developed unaccustomed ahead of the times timely down clever inspired unheard-of dap of late hot off the fire Promethean just released breaking new ground well turned-out hottest well-heeled expensive today's supermodern gimmicky mould-breaking lively perfected party finest Sunday youthful smartest nice formal nicest innovating spearheading high liberated appealing impressive undercool wicked active concurrent coincident concomitant hippest surrealistic avant garde the new quite recent bleeding edge desired sought-after unwonted exciting resourceful mature last-word vivacious in demand in favour artful good crisp spruce broad-minded antitraditional anticonventional nonconventional nonorthodox large-minded way-out entrepreneurial afresh big thing transformational later out of the common eccentric just issued forefront well groomed well dressed variational vigorous driven energetic enthusiastic twenty- first century de nos jours existent well turned out smartly dressed craze fad chi-chi far-out awake perceptive familiar observant alive conscious savvy knowledgeable versed knowing informed apprehensive aware instant this season's new-fangled deviceful well put together well-dressed well-groomed clean up abreast antiestablishment high-level daring audacious adventurous intrepid rising high-powered courageous high-style underground head lead beat vanguard special inspiring refreshing twenty-first century dernier cri in favor latest fashion latest wrinkle latest fad new look dewy recently discovered switched on hep to on to plugged in turned on tuned in up on in on wise to hip to bang up-to-date fine flashy polished distinctive artistic peculiar odd bling self-regulating robotic automatic in with it existing occurring recently fancy-pants the newest in the know mistakenly trendy new wave reforming urbane sleek ostentatious pretentious uptown beautiful jazzy steezy slick showy appearing recently powerful artificially intelligent germinal well-thought-out well-designed well-planned strategic multifaceted formative involved well-built on the cutting edge in the latest style balanced holistic planetary astrological supernaturalist spiritual mystic occult as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox gumptious recognized set common SOTA newfound foremost far cry newsworthy intelligent prime ahead supreme ordinary widespread ubiquitous rampant pervasive accepted general dressed to the teeth in the mainstream dressed to kill nonconservative complicated pre-eminent foreseeing pushing farseeing proactive positive forethoughtful farsighted forehanded prescient provident foresighted just completed immediately prior just done immediately prior to just finished weird excellent paramount precocious exceptional principal reformist capable of learning pressing important universal individualistic outlandish idiosyncratic freakish bizarre individual right-on buzzworthy crystal healing way out quirky esoteric Age of Aquarius reigning recognised leftist left-wing libertarian subjective interesting nominal in the news thematic fundamental rad wacky deep hippie oddball wild PC free-thinking latitudinarian humanistic drastic unhackneyed in force far out off the wall computerized digital multimedia out of this world technological game-changing world-shattering computerised politically correct more recent most recent


Difficult to understand or deal with
complicated complex involved elaborate intricate convoluted labyrinthine knotty tangled detailed perplexing puzzling thorny cumbersome difficult impenetrable involute sophisticated tortuous tricky abstruse baffling baroque bewildering byzantine confused confusing cryptic daedal fancy fiddly labyrinthian arduous hard inscrutable involuted obscure problematic problematical serpentine tough troublesome undecipherable unfathomable dense enigmatic entangled interlaced jumbled knotted mixed recondite Byzantine hi-tech Daedalian difficult to understand full of twists and turns Gordian Daedalean ravelled circuitous winding sinuous twisted ornate complicate heterogeneous nuanced muddled multifarious rococo multifaceted variegated raveled maze-like high-tech mixed up drawn-out can of worms long-drawn-out delicate awkward incomprehensible ticklish mysterious mystifying sticky sensitive deep spiny prickly hairy profound touchy esoteric catchy tricksy inexplicable dodgy taxing confounding arcane opaque unaccountable controversial nasty unclear beyond one ambiguous wildering hidden abstract worrying heavy challenging occult paradoxical subtle advanced mazy inextricable trying dark chaotic formidable dicey hard to understand uncertain precarious vexed mystic mind-bending befuddling mystical Delphic gnarly devious disconcerting cabalistic messy secret serious concealed risky irksome demanding bothersome cabbalistic vexatious meticulous hermetic hermetical surprising concerning fathomless critical painstaking emotive extensive nettlesome volatile over one's head little known beyond comprehension enigmatical thorough manifold mixed-up compound ramified particular misleading labored refined insoluble unintelligible intense strenuous unanswerable rarefied minute many-faceted embarrassing dainty nice laboured disorienting exact upsetting uncanny acroamatic orphic impossible dangerous unstable unpredictable uncomfortable insolvable careful precise rocky pedantic sibylline secretive hazy bamboozling oracular recherché unsolvable fine clear as mud above one's head out of one's depth long-winded plotty layered scrambled inordinate weird strange unintuitive private state-of-the-art perplexed amazing mazelike searching penetrating radical peculiar odd funny intertwined interwoven loaded vague stunning astonishing eye-popping staggering inner uphill terrible reticular effortful weighty murky unpleasant labyrinthial labyrinthical labyrinthiform labyrinthic labyrinthal bemusing frustrating new clever gimmicky hypermetric pluridimensional contradictory inconsistent daunting harassing ungraspable stupefying astounding magical miscellaneous multiplex mosaic multiple multiform conglomerate motley composite compounded mingled indivisible inseparable tender contentious severe drastic disarranged disorganized muddling impossible to understand indiscernible fiendish roundabout indirect like herding cats provocative untold operose problem heated complete sweeping extreme revolutionary incognizable indecipherable sphinxlike unknowable oblique kid-glove Greek to me varied disordered full of surprises beyond you blurring unsettling echinated briery annoying stimulating pointed elite divisive scandalous veiled kittle inaccessible as clear as mud unsteady clear as dishwater multidimensional muddlesome mistakable major clandestine unstraightforward hard to follow shadowy devilish disorganised capricious temperamental mercurial chancy changeable kaleidoscopic inconstant fickle variable covert shrouded verbose lengthy overlong deceptive irreducible hair-trigger high-level higher-level particularized perverse cunning indissoluble impossible to separate devil of a very devil of a clouded cloaked full studied finical fussbudgety choosy finicking choosey picky old-maidish exacting pernickety fussy fastidious finicky perfected unrevealed top-level mind-boggling onerous fierce concentrated intensive grievous stormy te intolerable rough oppressive laborious harsh solemn grave nebulous anagogic cloak-and-dagger black circumstantial skilful imposing skillful prodigious gingerbread vexing rambling thought-provoking difficult to follow hard to solve hard to explain beyond one's grasp overdone overworked particularised touch-and-go little-known Alexandrian scholarly academic out-of-the-way blow-by-blow inefficient high tech highly wrought heightened unwieldy wasteful undependable quirky nitpicking persnickety punctilious slow-moving slow badly organized

Antonym of hi tech

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