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a place suitable for hiding something (such as yourself)


A place where something or someone may be hidden
hideaway hideout refuge retreat asylum den lair sanctuary bolt-hole foxhole hermitage hidey-hole safe house sanctum shelter harbor harbour haven hole nook oasis recess stash safe place place of escape place of safety covert nest concealment cover safe haven harborage protection hidy-hole port in a storm security hide-out sanctum sanctorum secret place resort fastness querencia haunt cache safe harbor cloister escape shield preserve ivory tower screen port snuggery safety ark immunity habitat pen zoar resting place defence housing defense home earth place of shelter snug island safe keeping church convent hole-up study cubby cubbyhole private room office storage place cabin dacha cottage adytum place of security aerie atelier secluded hangout form burrow sequestered nook warren tunnel cave dwelling living quarters digs a roof over your head somewhere to stay shed joint somewhere to live pad quarterage accommodations roof over head lodging roof crib accommodation hole in the wall sett hiding safeguard guard ward armour aegis armor wall habitation seclusion privacy secrecy expedient outlet bolthole exit stopgap recourse stronghold ambush resource anchorage bolt hole fortress way out makeshift opening safeguarding dock buckler shade domain purlieu weapon fortification barrier roadstead rendezvous resistance moorage harbourage marina deterrent shielding deterrence guarding cushion roads mooring egis bulwark buffer stamping ground dockage wharf stomping ground fence shock absorber penthouse brood shadow lee a roof comfort zone port of call bumper preventative preventive hedge private space docks barricade bastion pier jetty seaport hithe ammunition boatyard piers landing dockyard dive territory warfare weaponry munitions spot abode biosphere site roost citadel arms patch bar manor favourite spot local honky-tonk natural home home ground meeting place hang-out realm centre spa berth quay moorings fount source cradle fountainhead watering hole social place honeypot slip hotel spring camp holiday destination center motel tourist trap holiday centre park inn lodge fat farm tourist center mineral spring tourist centre watering place hot spring holiday spot place of origin


A collection of items of the same type stored in a hidden or inaccessible place
cache store hoard reserve stockpile fund stash accumulation supply collection arsenal deposit stock storehouse treasure treasury amassment depository pataka repository storeroom assets drop drop-off kitty nest egg plant shade stake supplies wealth hidden treasure drop joint hidden supply reservoir inventory pool bank mine pile backlog heap mass source quantity repertoire cumulation stack aggregation agglomeration conglomeration trove budget force abundance bundle surplus chunk bunch buildup fount fountain well stream load repertory allocation array amount garner riches treasure-trove cluster pileup clump hunk reserves armory armoury gob lump treasure house treasure trove vault build-up safe coffer storage set hideaway wellspring crop cradle fountainhead seedbed number holdings fall-back font origin root range variety portfolio spring savings selection assortment agglomerate wares produce commodities choice merchandise goods pharmacopeia pharmacopoeia articles provisions common supply gallery strongbox bursary register chest damper archive museum exchange rich source bursar Fort Knox lot plenty slew raft plethora spate mountain profusion bushel myriad mess yard boatload pack bucket ton pot oodles volume provision basketful reams passel wad fistful multiplicity sight shipload plentitude lashings truckload sheaf plenitude barrel loads lode potful carload tonne scads good deal batch assemblage mound concentration ocean bulk jumble gobs much hill haul congeries scad great deal deal lashins plateful dozen hundred peck gathering cargo sum ream jillion band lots block rick trillion whole million thousand total fullness harvest aggregate group clutch constellation battery huddle parcel knot grouping suite clot package accrual bing accretion rickle drift mint a lot muster jumb multitude concretion hummock masses quantities shedload pyramid cloud tons piles heaps cornucopia swag oceans superabundance shock great amount large quantity large amount tonnes acquisition cumulus kit lodgment lodgement caboodle combination


The act of concealing or hiding something
concealment hiding disguise camouflage suppression caching secretion stashing cover misprision whitewash beard blind covering covering up curtain dissimulation front hide-out hushing up keeping hidden mask obliteration obscuration occultation veil wraps cover-up keeping secret fig leaf red herring smoke screen cloak guise shroud screen censorship veil of secrecy withholding silencing masquerade costume veneer mantle smokescreen façade facade hood pretense pretence conspiracy of silence layer false front squashing disguisement burial pretext hush-up envelope placing under wraps -gate seal of secrecy outfit pall cloud ambush lurking false appearance get-up blanket banning stifling non-disclosure gagging muzzling smothering shadow canopy coverture gloom sheet lying in wait outlawing proscription restriction disguising stonewalling darkness penumbra cope cloth column robe wall subterfuge coverup shade faking masking deceit semblance show appearance pose charade affectation face smoke and mirrors image gloss outward appearance cloud of smoke put-on wall of smoke shield display exterior posture impression illusion window dressing deception snivel simulation air colour act color feint window-dressing surface diversion decoy shawl wrap false colors expression look attractive appearance scheme presentation shell outside showing closeting character smoke-screen simulacrum role excuse claim identity part personality figure artifice posturing false show posing hokum travesty parody pretentiousness garb ruse wile portrayal impersonation self personage person performance playacting persona airs public face assumed role outward display false colours


The place where someone or something is
whereabouts location position site place spot locale locality locus placement point situation vicinity address bearings home neighborhood neighbourhood orientation venue scene setting area emplacement region station where ground section post part joint direction zone seat sector fix turf plot house dwelling residence pad stage domicile habitation lodging habitat space flat apartment abode tract headquarters district possie environment range layout dwelling place geography haunt place of residence mise en scene hangout sphere sense of direction corner stretch movements set latitude arena quarter reference longitude footing destination band circuit X specific location topography surroundings stead quarters wherever lay slot neck of the woods geographical location way base X marks the spot track digs lodgings diggings accommodation aim course rooms hearthstone hearth roof fireside casa den flop sanctuary condo co-op homestead roost crib hole bearing place of habitation crash pad number street angle viewpoint perspective side point of view vantage point point of observation vantage ground point of vantage eye view living quarters box number ZIP code place of business territory domain patch province terrain belt realm land stomping ground precinct field demesne manor expanse country community division enclave colony kingdom dominion state barony stamping ground ward estate nabe purlieu block bailiwick environs empire county fief property jurisdiction area of land tract of land parish resort parts pitch clime ghetto neck department world lands holding vicinage rendezvous retreat constituency hang-out borough backyard corridor dominions inner city meeting place hidey-hole local compass walk assigned position fiefdom firmament milieu soil favourite spot area of duty medium neck of woods stomping grounds thrust facility sweep tillage preserve commune wing parcel stationing placing positioning coordinate natural home beat geographical area administrative division home park lodgment platform electoral district orbit weather purlieus lodgement specialty discipline branch element circle business game line front lookout precincts setting up radius speciality dimension purview local area surrounds matter tune conditions circumstances temperature surrounding district surrounding area landscape bar watering hole gathering place niche trysting place cubbyhole lair clubhouse surround putting in place hood ballpark around observation post dependency possession protectorate scope jungle shire clearing suburb backdrop contexture nation town township pretty near this neck of the woods geomorphology chorography atmosphere mise-en-scène climate extent exclave mandate native environment familiar territory customary territory landform countryside going profile contour land shape favorite gathering place pocket slum zoo source barrio quartier old town skid row

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