Synonym of highbrowed

Alternative for highbrowed


highly cultured or educated


Having a penchant for intellectual pursuits
intellectual intellectualistic cerebral intellectualist eggheaded geeky highbrow nerdish nerdy blue longhair long-haired academic learned intelligent scholarly bookish erudite studious lettered brainy donnish clerkly intellective widely read well read educated egghead wise bluestocking well informed clever knowledgeable literary enlightened civilized sophisticated cultured psychologic scholastic rational cultivated creative genius inventive thoughtful civilised well educated very smart well-read pedantic discerning smart swotty sharp bright brilliant literate gifted keen alert exceptional fast serious supersmart ultrasmart hyperintelligent well-informed quick accomplished able astute quick-witted sapient nimble sharp-witted sage sagacious perspicacious whip-smart precocious knowing earnest formal talented acute expert ingenious penetrating profound well-educated deep pedagogic book-loving ivory-towerish impractical pedagogical schooled esoteric recondite experienced well versed illuminated crack skillful elite masterly adept skilful taught assiduous excellent virtuoso eager trained versed superior choice whip perceptive scientific instructed logical Einstein whiz kid first-rate first-class in the know sensible very intelligent didactic formalistic precise dry obscure educational pointy-headed inkhorn schoolish schoolmasterly classical belletristic bookly savvy into book-learned wise up doctrinaire labored percipient competent genial prudent insightful heady laboured informed apt meditative diligent reflective hard-working canny thinking resourceful tutored sedulous understanding all there know how many beans make five imaginative having a good head on one's shoulders having no flies on capable responsible calculating alive witty together comprehending quick on the uptake ready original whiz polished contemplative bookworm determined grubbing busy coached discriminating nurtured professional formed fitted developed shaped enriched acquainted corrected prepared finished initiated skilled well-versed intellectually aware well-taught solid philosophical grounded posted abstruse philosophic well-rounded judicious well-grounded conversant omniscient sound polymath solemn grave studied pansophic professorial book smart


Amusingly ingenious
clever witty nimble-witted sharp-witted snappy amusing droll facetious flippant funny glib humorous quick-witted tactful comical cutting entertaining jocular mirthful mischievous playful quick quick on the draw quick on the uptake risible scintillating sharp slapstick smart-aleck smart-alecky snazzy spirited teasing tongue-in-cheek waggish whimsical ironic jocose profound racy sparkling ingenious cheeky pointed sassy smooth adept incisive sarcastic highbrow smart bantering brazen flip saucy apt nimble bold nifty agile fresh cute insolent ready cool jesting smarty-pants lively brilliant comic stimulating chucklesome diverting exciting bright joshing pleasant gay campy hilarious laughable fascinating animated dazzling vibrant vivacious ebullient piquant effervescent coruscating exhilarating enjoyable invigorating interesting crazy ridiculous joking merry engaging farcical pleasing absorbing enthralling jokey ludicrous envigorating cheerful light-hearted blithe engrossing lighthearted wacky fun priceless camp appealing side-splitting relaxing radiant original irreverent satirical epigrammatic wisecracking fanciful putting one on pulling one's leg dry not serious riotous uproarious comedic humoristic hysterical penetrating screaming keen piercing intelligent zany killing wry gripping absurd sidesplitting hysteric antic ribald rib-tickling too funny for words tongue in cheek jolly compulsive jovial unputdownable roguish rewarding easy to read inviting easy eloquent worth reading well written readable well-written gratifying satisfying worthwhile sportive jocund ludic cheery blithesome laughing sunny frolicsome gleeful festive glittering happy flakey frivolous good-humoured silly good-humored daffy flaky joyous boffo joculous delightful glimmering sprightly glinting charming pleasurable gagged up for grins cheering enchanting agreeable captivating beguiling nice congenial compelling recreative intriguing riveting scream striking moving entrancing inspiring stirring provocative riot be a ball fun-filled thrilling affecting enticing gas impressive restorative rousing poignant

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