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Synonym: back, rear,


A person who behaves in an offensive manner
clown boor chuff churl lout peasant beast bleeder blighter bounder buzzard cad clodhopper creep cretin crud crumb cur dirtbag dog fink heel hound jerk joker louse pill rat reptile rotter schmuck scum scumbag scuzzball skunk sleaze sleazebag sleazeball slime slimeball slob snake so-and-so stinkard stinker swain swine toad varmint vermin yahoo yokel bucolic bumpkin gawk hayseed hick jake mucker oaf rube rustic stupid rat fink son of a gun scoundrel pig knave scrote weasel dastard blackguard wretch snake in the grass rogue varlet dingo spalpeen cheat sleeveen hillbilly barbarian provincial reprobate skank vagabond lowlife clod worm bad lot villain swindler stinkpot brute countryman vulgarian nasty piece of work cornball chawbacon bogman culchie trickster fraudster charlatan country bumpkin wastrel good-for-nothing rascal philistine rapscallion SOB miscreant yob yobbo lummox butthole country cousin mother mofo redneck wrong 'un bad egg unprincipled person degenerate weirdo dork idiot buffoon goon scuzzbag slimebag slimebucket bosthoon rake village idiot ocker hoon countrywoman pervert dirtball boob jackass schlub scalawag bear bum ratfink dip deviant prick bushy farmer liar carl lubber rounder no-good kuri daughter of the soil reprehensible person sly person dastardly person son of the soil cootie maggot dolt traitor serpent betrayer turncoat plonker twit dipstick Judas quisling double-dealer double-crosser riff-raff refuse rabble garbage trash unpleasant person back-stabber viper informer shyster numskull trog dirt undesirable two-timer rass despicable people rats despicable person recreant apostate backstabber country clodpoll kern bad person black sheep ne'er-do-well hooligan ruffian dirty dog dregs of society thug country dweller unsophisticated person chav pond scum lowest of the low roughneck clodpole loudmouth rowdy savage brawler low-life ape toughie Neanderthal rough lump bogan bruiser gorilla cougan plowman boot shoe ploughman primitive monster tough scozza oik bully boy lager lout hard man countryman/woman booner bevan ryot paysan muzhik paisano campesino fellah contadino Hodge kulak villein backblocker crofter labourer sharecropper laborer peon planter country-dweller cropper farmworker villager cottier rural mountaineer country boy countryperson backwoodsperson farm hand hired hand renegade defector evildoer deserter baddy baddie meany meanie deceiver devil collaborator tergiversator scamp fiend caitiff scallywag renegado fifth columnist scapegrace Benedict Arnold heavy nazi snitch evil-doer criminal sneak double agent conspirator crook backslider incorrigible treasonist bad guy fraternizer colluder rebel whistle-blower profligate wrongdoer squealer tattletale tyrant traditor spy psychopath sociopath imp stool pigeon mischief-maker evil person nasty person bad character fraud hypocrite thief delinquent heretic scab mischiefmaker fizgig outlaw snitcher bully libertine schismatic antagonist animal shark misfeasor malfeasant false friend hood bad news enfant terrible seceder oathbreaker riffraff skelm sympathizer renegate sleveen dissembler ratbag troublemaker sympathiser cozener rorter grifter sadist demon ogre git scally monstrosity bogeyman nonconformist dissenter con man stoolie nark mole recusant grass telltale supergrass tattler talebearer canary informant nose deep throat narc renouncer deconvert withersake mutineer malefactor outcast dissident runaway offender lawbreaker felon turd convict supervillain sinner robber brigand gangster transgressor bandit mugger racketeer pirate terrorist escapee insurgent iconoclast refugee turnabout forsaker abandoner exile fugitive hoodlum poltroon derelict ronion bezonian pauper scullion horror pariah looser beggar jagoff cullion pilgarlic ingrate con crim hellion desperado cheater infractor monkey antihero nointer urchin gunman jailbird nasty gaolbird mischief traducer intriguer frenemy wolf impostor mean person cruel person limb of Satan black hat

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