Synonym of hippest

Alternative for hippest


Involving modern or contemporary methods or concepts
red-hot contemporary current designer hot mod modern modernistic new newfangled new-fashioned present-day space-age state-of-the-art ultramodern up-to-date up-to-the-minute fresh latest new age newest au courant recent fashionable up to the minute advanced avant-garde trendy modish progressive in vogue now leading-edge high-tech contemporaneous present trendsetting voguish in fashion topical a la mode cutting-edge up to date stylish with it cutting edge brand-new futuristic in popular happening extant ultra-modern innovative latter-day neoteric leading edge revolutionary today innovatory hi-tech just out chic all the rage ongoing novel cool forward-looking instant faddish existent modern-day hot off press updated nouvelle radical flash snazzy nifty coeval present-time twenty-first-century immediate hip leading modernised modernized avant newly discovered up highly developed ground-breaking contempo trailblazing abreast groundbreaking bang up to date pioneering recently developed in-thing never-before-seen à la mode forefront SOTA timely with-it supermodern sexy popularized popularised twenty-first century surrealistic high-style nontraditional ahead of its time automated ultra modern concurrent late coincident synchronous complex sophisticated 21st-century landmark breakthrough du jour forward future culty brand new coexistent high-end bleeding edge simultaneous coexisting just released just issued coincidental gimmicky hot off the press coetaneous common knowledge in the news de nos jours in the mainstream live alive on front burner burning coterminous in style coextensive unique synchronic smart mystic occult balanced holistic planetary Age of Aquarius crystal healing astrological supernaturalist alternative spiritual quite recent swinging natty go-ahead kicking existing latter kicky tony fly spiffy sassy stylin' plugged-in nowadays started prompt being begun commenced already at this moment for the time being just now even now in duration going on in process under consideration ad hoc innovational creative original inventive different ingenious unfamiliar unconventional imaginative unprecedented unusual unorthodox uncommon experimental strange unknown out-of-the-box left-field the latest singular untried originative prevailing disruptive off-centre unaccustomed out of the ordinary unheard-of relevant newborn rare untested surprising exotic of late clever offbeat atypical visionary hot off the fire unhackneyed inspired artistic breaking new ground today's period young concomitant prevalent evolved developed higher improved artful last word newsworthy transformational technologically advanced zeitgeisty deviceful variational Promethean twenty- first century refined neat groovy unexplored far out modernist unexampled pathbreaking way out inspiring special refreshing distinctive funky peculiar far cry seminal odd occurring recently fundamental vital pressing important drastic appearing recently high buzzworthy game-changing world-shattering up-and-coming later recognized set usual common nominal thematic subjective interesting immediately prior just completed just done immediately prior to just finished rampant ordinary pervasive established widespread accepted ubiquitous general far along well ahead far ahead well along universal avant garde recognised reigning unwonted in force out of the common this season's new-fangled more recent most recent


Superlative for fashionable and in style
coolest trendiest hottest sharpest biggest grooviest chicest deffest fliest freshest funkiest kickiest sassiest smartest snappiest spiffiest swellest swishest toniest currentest faddiest modernest nattiest newest snazziest swankest classiest swankiest dapperest niftiest dressiest neatest triggest sprucest poshest trimmest best-dressed ritziest best-groomed excellentest suavest slickest fabbest sleekest largest fanciest gnarliest finest showiest wickedest earthiest crispest sexiest youngest nicest smoothest swishiest grandest plushest dopest liveliest best flashiest sportiest cleanest jazziest steeziest jauntiest savviest best-tailored shiniest best-known widestspread best-informed cleverest strangest wonderfullest greatest loveliest richest courtliest plushiest lavishest comeliest stateliest highest best-off glitziest pleasantest splashiest prettiest seemliest cutest gayest daintiest dictiest best-bred primmest foxiest dandiest splendidest sightliest best-looking fittest fairest highest-quality comfortablest pizzazziest pizazziest artiest brightest loudest glossiest leafiest spivviest breeziest snobbiest elitest vainest sauciest sublimest winsomest willowiest shapeliest superbest politest dishiest spraunciest plummiest choicest hunkiest likeliest spunkiest augustest robustest strongest tastiest best-mannered hollowest prissiest stuffiest snootiest best-behaved most fashionable most in most happening most popular most downtown most exclusive most hep most in fashion most modish most stylish most supercool most voguish most with-it most au courant most chichi most contemporary most sophisticated most trendsetting most elegant most up to date most up-to-date most swinging most up-to-the-minute most dashing most on fleek most debonair most favored most favoured most faddish most red-hot most upscale most culty most avant-garde most de rigueur most flash most state-of-the-art most favorite most attractive most glamorous most high-class most rakish most prevalent most sought-after most prevailing most usual most genteel most new-fashioned most cutting-edge most unconventional most massive most high-toned most far-out most tasteful most in demand most progressive most advanced most customary most modernistic most polished most innovative most forward-looking most innovatory most offbeat most presentable most styleworthy most understated most flattering most informed most versed most knowledgeable most familiar most cosmopolitan most aware most alive most perceptive most apprehensive most knowing most conscious most groomed most inspired most recent most original most experimental most go-ahead most novel most groundbreaking most modernised most exciting most cutting edge most plugged in most inventive most ultramodern most plugged-in most brand-new most trailblazing most futuristic most new age most unfamiliar most clean-cut most formal most youthful most fashion-conscious most impressive most appealing most flippant most upmarket most sumptuous most deluxe most on trend most swaggy most present most glorious most spirited most active most distinctive most fancy-pants most immediate most charming most beautiful most pretentious most ostentatious most urbane most celebrated most topical most awake most observant most vivacious most spick and span most wanted most preferred most legendary most desirable most up on most thrilled most successful most creative most unique most abreast most acquainted most excited most touched most elated most animated most moved most unknown most different most visionary most innovational most far out most imaginative most unexplored most unaccustomed most ingenious most artistic most unheard-of most proficient most experienced most witting most learned most sentient most skilled most practiced most cognizant most percipient most versant most sensible most leading most revolutionary most bohemian most off-centre most eccentric most unorthodox most conversant most practised most fired up most worked up most new wave most radical most beat most underground most liberal most fantastic most terrific most au fait most luxurious most expensive most graceful most opulent most handsome most select most refined most ornate most exquisite most coveted most majestic most stunning most fetching most cultivated most dressed up most cultured most dignified most gorgeous most distinguished most agreeable most foppish most discerning most flamboyant most elaborate most respectable most dandified most decorous most alluring most enviable most bewitching most fascinating most aesthetic most seductive most delicate most affected most gracious most captivating most beguiling most noble most magnetic most dazzling most irresistible most engaging most tantalizing most esthetic most la-di-da most personable most tantalising most well-heeled most striking most fanciable most pleasing most beauteous most ravishing most taking most nice-looking most pulchritudinous most swankish most peacocky most poised most quality most passing most executive most streamlined most crucial most colorful most flowing most aerodynamic most marketable most colourful most required most becoming most spiffing most dandyish most raffish most salubrious most valuable most covetable most merchandisable most vendible most merchantable most salable most famous most confident most welcome most eligible most wantable most casual most devil-may-care most self-obsessed most entrancing most glamourous most smashing most beddable most curvaceous most telegenic most adorable most tempting most radiant most enticing most statuesque most physically attractive most easy on the eye most ideal most symmetrical most delightful most dollish most sheen most eye-catching most voluptuous most sensual most showstopping most angelic most divine most photogenic most resplendent most charismatic most enchanting most classic most luxury most coxcombical most courteous most proper most mannerly most intriguing most rare most virile most lovesome most correct most elfin most aristocratic most overdone most stylized most recherche most well-proportioned most athletic most bonnie most bonny most gentlemanly most civil most civilized most ladylike most prestigious most righteous most accomplished most couth most befitting most decent most punctilious most prudish most discreet most condescending most straitlaced most patronizing most civilised most artificial most intolerant most pompous most precious most priggish most snobbish most chivalrous most patronising


Superlative for having information typically not available to others


Superlative for not objectionable
biggest commonest coolest fairest largest pleasantest swellest trendiest finest best fittest comfortablest soundest safest mildest tamest amplest wholesomest snuggest happiest luckiest usefullest brightest ablest plentifullest duckiest most unobjectionable most acceptable most adequate most admissible most agreeable most A-OK most average most copacetic most decent most delightful most harmless most hep most innocuous most inoffensive most kosher most okay most passable most pleasing most respectable most standard most sufficient most tolerable most unexceptional most welcome most right on most up to snuff most moderate most satisfactory most OK most reasonable most in order most serviceable most appropriate most middling most unexceptionable most commensurate most proper most competent most jake most suitable most palatable most correct most fitting most up to standard most valid most copasetic most solid most unremarkable most presentable most plenty most minimal most vanilla most satisfying most run-of-the-mill most faultless most permissible most allowable most peaceable most mediocre most accepted most ordinary most commensurable most undistinguished most tolerated most fine and dandy most convenient most uncontroversial most innocent most unprovocative most commonplace most indifferent most abundant most riskless most proportionate most requisite most neutral most recognized most legitimate most providential most prosperous most fortunate most congruous most cromulent most recognised most apropos most apposite most plenteous most bounteous most bountiful most copious most necessary

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