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Synonym: historical,


Famous or important in history, or potentially so
consequential momentous significant celebrated famous important notable extraordinary outstanding red-letter remarkable epoch-making earth-shattering famed groundbreaking headline landmark memorable renowned big earthshaking eventful ground-breaking major material meaningful monumental much substantial tectonic unforgettable weighty earth-shaking of importance well-known of consequence of significance serious crucial critical pivotal noteworthy far-reaching considerable decisive key grave vital heavy fateful great exceptional urgent striking prominent life-and-death special signal influential high-priority distinguished portentous impressive heavy-duty illustrious determining paramount fundamental all-important essential conspicuous principal arresting distinctive worthwhile glorious telling acute appreciable exciting pressing dire epochal large-scale grand indelible extensive of great consequence of moment powerful earnest cardinal haunting catchy big-time apocalyptic large notorious earthshattering sensational marked ponderous life-changing world-shaking world-shattering not to be forgotten never to be forgotten especial overriding eminent central main pronounced noble sizable salient leading capital heavyweight front-page interesting milestone burning intense imperative newsworthy mighty of great import high-level major-league vivid cherished lasting breakthrough spectacular treasured enduring relevant brilliant tremendous deciding rememberable remembered wonderful immortal pioneering supreme core deep innovatory innovative revolutionary profound pertinent intrinsic uppermost radical bright preeminent prestigious good climacteric primary prime conclusive fixed in the mind useful super strong severe imposing exigent out of this world tough noticeable valuable impactful foremost of great moment big-league high-profile of note big league forceful exalted now or never hefty emphatic active lively busy full dramatic persistent event-filled strenuous meaty hectic action-packed singular stunning devastating valid purposeful requisite germane necessary dynamic invaluable difficult pithy indicative worthy topical solemn preponderant obvious rare resonant keynote worthy of attention carrying a lot of weight quantum uncommon generous glaring unusual extreme unordinary ponderable potent particular eye-catching focal sententious major league sombre super colossal hard mammoth strategic no joke sober no laughing matter somber buzzworthy pre-eminent testing integral sweeping page-one prodigious unmissable redoubtable gratifying trying searching settling astral star arrestive luminous psychological of import indispensable immediate top-priority pointed instrumental almighty well known out of the ordinary of substance triumphant august fulfilling ill-fated doomful of great importance unlucky determinative direful inauspicious ominous resultful top-level overshadowing dangerous grievous of concern life and death desperate clamorous heroic uplifting proud huge of vital importance life-saving vitally important extremely important life-or-death life or death touch and go hanging by thread touchy on thin ice insistent showdown climatic sizeable resplendent honourable magnificent marvellous satisfying honorable splendid marvelous venerable heart-warming rewarding pleasing respected acclaimed solid senior world-class revered noted trendsetting top dominant dominating predominant chief regnant big-wheel high-powered big-name popular puissant sovereign big-shot hot-dog winning seminal admired high-ranking feted big-gun governing storied cheering shining sublime pleasurable real substantive firm respectable sturdy sound durable healthy massive ample superabundant abundant vast steady big-deal unfading timeless perpetual everlasting undying eternal imperishable enthralling superlative observable dazzling thrilling standout surpassing mind-blowing stamped on your memory sedate staid humourless humorless no-nonsense big deal authoritative superior underlined uncomic effective efficacious eloquent top-ranking honoured honored cogent well thought of of high standing effectual suggestive compelling convincing expressive commanding affecting persuasive tidy premier reasonable head elevated immense reputable enormous stimulating esteemed arch high astronomic astronomical top-notch forcible goodly titanic inducing responsible high profile highly regarded skookum of repute high-up of mark in the public eye something else of distinction top-drawer executive trusted utmost needed overwhelming drastic recognized egregious fair glum colossal stern measurable detectable perceptible visible big time gloomy dour grim decision-making iconic dignified austere stiff quiet downbeat sad cold sober historical formidable recognised public exceeding ultra whopping whopping great matter of life and death surprising unexpected steep biggish upper ranking exorbitant gargantuan of influence kenspeckle inordinate whacking productive impactive presiding ruling high-grade lofty lead celebrious giant immeasurable profuse whacking great humongous voluminous gigantic monstrous dynamite solid gold super-duper much touted to the max something unreal mondo highly rated fab fat well received doozie first supereminent widespread priceless precious inspiring inspirational inestimable motivating wide-ranging broad plausible irresistible irreplaceable moving stirring rousing touching loaded blanket all-embracing overarching helpful choice competent provocative vigorous swaying capable enticing contributory encouraging operative motivational energetic robust able impelling animating hard-hitting swayful formative guiding successful controlling alluring masterful efficient seductive reasoned credible unanswerable charged meaning serviceable far-flung expansive comprehensive ambitious extended wide rangy pervasive wholesale rational logical lucid compulsive orderly systematic articulate coherent methodical well founded clear revealing sly enigmatic cunning hip far-ranging in-depth across-the-board extremely helpful beyond price extremely useful worth its weight in gold of the utmost importance imaginative revelatory apposite well reasoned apt justified satisfactory suasive well-grounded consistent convictive fitting across the board impish wise teasing speaking mischievous playful inventive creative original well organized rich fecund pregnant redolent knowing most important


From or relating to a previous era
ancient antique bygone historical old past old-fashioned early old-time traditional oldfangled outmoded dated primitive olden out-of-date aged antiquated antediluvian vintage quaint immemorial age-old retro old-world retrograde old-school old-timey prehistoric former hoary archaic superannuated venerable remote rusty primeval primordial time-worn moth-eaten old as the hills passé classical heritage ancestral outdated obsolete veteran primaeval time-honoured enduring ageless anachronistic creaky mouldy clunky mossy moldy old hat as old as the hills horse and buggy classic timeless long-ago obsolescent medieval outworn old-fangled fossilized elderly out of date mediaeval out of the ark past its sell-by date antwacky past one's sell-by date fossilised behind the times folk antiquarian old-style old style established lasting first ritual oldie hoar ritualistic earliest decrepit long-established long-standing long-lived tried and true tried and tested of long ago very old sometime relic stale decayed old as Methuselah worn-out quondam unoriginal erstwhile of old pristine timeworn onetime late done of yore unfashionable once hackneyed demode aboriginal original cast-off crumbling demoded moribund neolithic Noachian kaputt kaput dead Stone Age defunct prehistorical extinct musty superseded out past it out of fashion fusty vieux jeu dateless square out of style old-hat démodé out-of-style backward-looking olde worlde not with it horse-and-buggy disused discarded discontinued unhip cobwebby has-been tired unstylish old-fogeyish feudal dowdy picturesque mature corny odd abandoned forgotten gothic dusty dinosaur geriatric passe grey-haired grizzled getting on senescent older vanished crusted neglected rococo disapproved no longer in use fallen into disuse of olden days out of it not modern not current grown old of the old school longevous rinky-dink backward worn square-toed advanced in years expired long in the tooth conservative over the hill overused done to death faded behindhand worn out out-of-fashion gone obscure deprecated fossil well-established period nostalgic past its prime anachronous parachronistic gentlemanly courteous white-haired silvery-haired silver-haired grizzly barbaric having seen better days frumpish backwards frumpy dry as dust previous old fashioned chivalrous ceremonious courtly gallant craft fogeyish crusty had it done for evocative fixed rooted back number redundant one-time long-gone retrogressive of yesteryear dead and gone lapsed boring dull atavistic forever time-honored of an advanced age unremembered unrecalled ex- lot of mileage charming old as Adam in period style old world wiped out bypast centuries old way back way back when latter-day lost lost and gone lost in time consigned to oblivion rooted in the past unemployed stagnant nonextant ended colonial Victorian artful cute baroque ingenious Gothic appealing enchanting captivating affected pleasing pretty exhausted bent unusable grey senior out of commission out of use grey-bearded centenarian doddery aging octogenarian nonagenarian over-the-hill septuagenarian unyoung doddering senile ageing gray shot matured ripened senior citizen been around no spring chicken not as young as one was not long for this world worse for wear not as young as one used to be


Great in importance, extent, or size
monumental outstanding prodigious awesome classic grand important lasting majestic significant awe-inspiring enduring enormous impressive memorable stupendous unforgettable immortal remarkable striking ambitious large-scale magnificent marvelous marvellous astronomic astronomical Brobdingnagian bumper colossal cosmic cosmical cyclopean distinguished elephantine epoch-making exalted galactic gargantuan giant gigantesque gigantic herculean heroic heroical Himalayan huge humongous humungous immense jumbo king-size king-sized leviathan mammoth massive mega mighty monster monstrous mountainous oceanic oversized pharaonic planetary super super-duper supersize supersized titanic transcendent tremendous vast vasty walloping whacking whopping abiding permanent fantastic king size lofty mortal overwhelming towering great substantial big large hulking ginormous thumping epic considerable extensive whopping great whacking great hefty thumping great weighty Herculean extraordinary heavy sizable bulky gross imposing very large very big major serious stellar consequential immeasurable sizeable notable terrific almighty material brobdingnagian momentous lavish oversize voluminous handsome meaningful extreme excessive ample inordinate very great solid critical boundless behemoth abundant Bunyanesque goodly extravagant exorbitant grandiose far-reaching high profuse noteworthy eventful decisive generous ponderous blimp pythonic appreciable phenomenal infinite crucial tall marked limitless expansive powerful exceptional outsize substantive outsized emphatic staggering princely whale of a mastodonic tidy high-priority heavy-duty spectacular urgent whaling plentiful worthwhile key superabundant severe vital plenteous massy telling heavyweight grave special pivotal behemothic earthshaking sky-high prominent principal earnest intense much influential complete dirty great dramatic resounding noticeable statuesque arresting conclusive fundamental healthy profound conspicuous wide wonderful pronounced respectable thundering earth-shattering broad amazing immoderate splendid stunning life-and-death copious fabulous all-important formidable long landmark profitable unusual full largish biggish roaring mondo incredible good sensational paramount illustrious insane elevated eminent soaring unmistakable sky-scraping central essential multistorey deep portentous astounding cardinal moving incalculable skyscraping impactful rip-roaring big-time of consequence breathtaking altitudinous measureless out of this world stately astonishing prosperous disproportionate famous steep wondrous super-colossal towery celebrated renowned titan advantageous sufficient startling lucrative commanding entire unwieldy whole unbelievable unlimited unbounded dire core headline distinctive noble cumbersome signal preeminent extra-large acute unreasonable especial overriding full-size prime intrinsic leading exigent overgrown main dynamic salient tough pressing capital tectonic burning of great consequence useful strong of great import of moment luxurious great big forceful unqualified major league fateful big league glorious high-rise high-level major-league of significance inspiring super colossal out-and-out thorough high rise endless eternal rising raised indelible Homeric stiff miraculous interminable high-reaching mind-blowing illimitable groundbreaking awful Gargantuan exaggerated mind-boggling ascending cracking kingly bold extremely large extremely big august catchy haunting abnormal undue excellent famed sweeping unconscionable overmuch showy comprehensive Cyclopean prolific plethoric outrageous cumbrous jumbo-sized capacious overdue overweening intolerable integral barn door overextravagant devilish uppermost giant-size eye-catching pertinent bountiful purposeful surpassing superior larger-than-life pre-eminent mahoosive primary determining somber sober sublime intemperate unmeasurable spacious upraised alpine commodious uplifted ground-breaking difficult socking great whopper mastodontic steady sombre solemn absorbing newsworthy sumptuous front-page milestone bounteous requisite arrestive valuable brilliant hard foremost instrumental well known beautiful megalithic big-league life and death good-size good-sized never to be forgotten not to be forgotten ridiculous stirring no joke a whale of a magnific no laughing matter touching affecting necessary rousing potent confounding adequate not to be sneezed at rewarding reasonable lumbering daunting laborious paying booming deafening ear-splitting thunderous ear-piercing superhuman clumsy Moby thrashing pleasing wicked crashing Brobdignagian remunerative gainful very loud elephantic extended decent rich flabbergasting widespread irresistible fine appalling dreadful desperate loud fantabulous red-letter expanded terrible frightful fearful featureless immovable impenetrable intractable faceless characterless detailed mundo unfathomable fathomless persistent spanking relevant ominous through the ceiling consistent monolithic lank strategic valid never-ending breakthrough heightened increased escalated jacked up imperative invaluable focal stretched-out far-flung spread-out remembered cherished rememberable singular treasured meaty liberal measurable fat hulky thick germane earth-shaking giant-sized catholic cosmogonic interstellar intergalactic interplanetary cosmopolitan empyrean global cosmogonal space ecumenical jaw-dropping man-size fair-sized family-sized economy-size life-size swelled roomy of considerable size husky family-size man-sized fair-size economy-sized all-inclusive above average intensified well-known of importance pioneering admirable palatial dignified eye-popping humbling eye-opening stupefying immediate top-priority pointed ostentatious real innovatory innovative revolutionary indicative pithy fixed in the mind penetrating firm sturdy sound preponderant obvious keynote glaring particular rare resonant worthy of attention carrying a lot of weight quantum uncommon unordinary ponderable climacteric grievous top-level overshadowing life-changing dangerous of concern high-profile of note amazeballs something else surprising top seminal radical audacious immodest sententious durable supreme resplendent exquisite fantastical out of sight dreamy unmitigated far-out splendorous fascinating electrifying perfect sightly dazzling noted dominant trusted reputable elaborate lordly cool baroque fancy unmerciful big-deal imperious crazy unreal high profile high-up indispensable top-notch honorable top-drawer of high standing honourable honoured big time top-ranking high-powered highly regarded puissant needed high-ranking skookum honored daring impassioned exciting swell groovy dandy first-rate superb delicious bad first-class primo divine like wow far out hunky-dory thrilling unwarranted unrestricted unbridled superfluous unrestrained airy fanciful imperial spiring aerial unmatchable ultimate ballsy adventurous zealous wild gratuitous needless extortionate surplus uncontrolled profligate wanton prodigal improvident indulgent overabundant imprudent dizzying redundant wasteful dissipated uncurbed unmissable page-one unhampered unchecked supernatural overkill overgenerous extra unnecessary silly more preposterous recrementitious stratospheric overindulgent ludicrous overboard unfettered uninhibited vivid self-indulgent too many O.T.T. too much OTT over the top out of all proportion over the odds way out uncalled for a bit much of great moment of import prestigious notorious redoubtable sedate staid glum stern persuasive astral luminous bright star gloomy grim humourless dour effective competent provocative responsible contributory motivational energetic robust stimulating animating motivating swayful formative inspirational convincing masterful efficient forcible efficacious effectual vigorous compelling swaying capable enticing encouraging operative able inducing impelling hard-hitting guiding authoritative cogent successful controlling alluring seductive austere quiet downbeat sad humorless underlined uncomic cold sober of great importance no-nonsense matter of life and death big deal most important


Traditionally, or generally, recognized and accepted
established traditional accepted orthodox official settled dyed-in-the-wool inveterate usual customary time-honored common normal set entrenched fixed general habitual prevailing accustomed well-established confirmed familiar wonted popular expected routine classical regular universal acknowledged long-established typical classic conventional proven stable acceptable deep-rooted ingrained mainstream widely used widespread recognised recognized standard approved officially recognized old old-fashioned old-style sound stock time-honoured traditionalistic rooted sanctioned true permanent secure unshakable vested ancestral folk ancient age-old old-world enduring lasting ritual ritualistic long-standing long-lived old-time historical past bygone from the past respected venerable vintage taken for granted tried and true tried and tested perennial background former conservative prior familial family ultraconservative standpat reactionary brassbound paleoconservative lineal archconservative unprogressive unwritten oral button-down buttoned-down old-school handed-down of yore old-line mossbacked outmoded outdated out-of-date die-hard hidebound deep-seated ineradicable firm ordinary chronic everyday abiding seasoned natural hardened bred-in-the-bone unshakeable deep long-lasting hard-core indelible commonplace persistent intrenched inbred incurable average habituated prevalent innate well established prescribed staid stubborn firmly established run-of-the-mill staunch household valid quotidian basic proved implanted frequent fundamental workaday inured going current daily congenital garden-variety built-in characteristic inherent inbuilt hard-shell regulation unremarkable unexceptional cut-and-dried constant explicit through and through intrinsic embedded complete durable radical authorized incorrigible infixed diehard steadfast irredeemable ineffaceable uncompromising inborn irremovable day-to-day prescriptive authorised ceremonial deep-set methodical prosaic cut-and-dry deep-dyed systematic bona fide plain well worn formal irradicable definite steady absolute express instinctive thorough proper long-term committed thoroughgoing dedicated profound loyal faithful devoted worn unwavering correct received legal unapologetic unashamed lifelong ubiquitous understood favourite favorite ceremonious obstinate representative lawful longtime fashionable out-and-out legitimate public subconscious lingering instilled common or garden unreformable compulsive impenitent immutable inexorable unchangeable essential native constitutional true blue orderly immanent rigid card-carrying through-and-through standard-issue inexpungible full-fledged deep-down hereditary vanilla deeply felt bog-standard typic integral indigenous hardwired constitutive deeply ingrained matter-of-course ingrain mechanical automatic out and out undistinguished garden variety indwelling in-built long-living unfading determined precise time-hallowed gut unforgettable indestructible undestroyable unremovable surviving long-existing comfortable defined exact utter driven in certain longstanding strict unswerving unrepentant full-bore unfaltering sworn adamant radicated continuing indurated persisting right-down arrant regimented documented authoritative inannihilable staple majority overall genuine archetypal archetypical agreed mad keen shameless certified traditionary ruling boilerplate canonical deep down sop stipulated wont keen as mustard ground-in planted mimetic uneventful humdrum stereotyped reprobate ceremonialistic formalistic lodged in one's brain to the core mimic endorsed admitted one-size-fits-all same old imitative predominant unadventurous conformist obdurate unregenerate apish standard operating procedure playing it safe by the numbers in a rut in the groove according to Hoyle touted endemic doctrinal immemorial stated required unoriginal unopposed passed legit okayed preferred slavish well-known epigonic epigonous agreed upon appropriate obligatory mandatory compulsory fitting canned val emulative resolute devout in vogue tried and trusted arrived at inalienable repeated periodical periodic fervent earnest vehement stalwart wholehearted ardent unyielding formulaic methodic overused fiery torrid fanatical zealous obsessive intransigent supreme repetitious practised practiced reiterative iterated ongoing addicting iterative disciplined perfunctory consistent cyclic sicker central connate underlying elemental inherited organic structural hard-line implicit instinctual inseparable engrained unalienable inward distinctive indispensable subjective resident genetic intimate latent internal connatural individual inner elementary integrated original red-hot all-consuming predictable in one's blood in your blood hard-wired part and parcel fortified plastic rife white-bread so-so grind simple in the blood grounded dug in set firm based on


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