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Synonym: diachronic, historic,


Belonging to the past
ancient bygone old past former prior of yore from the past historic antique background conservative established ancestral traditionalistic orthodox folk familial family brassbound paleoconservative lineal ultraconservative archconservative standpat traditional unprogressive reactionary old-fashioned unwritten long-established oral button-down buttoned-down old-school handed-down old-world old-line old-style mossbacked outmoded outdated die-hard hidebound out-of-date conventional traditionalist diehard right bourgeois conformist Tory fogyish illiberal rightist right-wing dyed-in-the-wool inflexible unimaginative strait-laced unchanging retrograde stuffy timid fuddy-duddy unadventurous firm uncreative narrow-minded vintage stable quaint sober quiet guarded controlled steady redneck undaring unchangeable obstinate constant fearful unreconstructed square straight middle-of-the-road backward-looking old-time classical blimpish common old line old guard white bread holding to not extreme hard hat ordinary unrepentant inveterate unapologetic nostalgic right of center in a rut suburban rigid ultra-conservative staid parochial retrospective unreformed archaic uncompromising formal antiquarian middle-class strict obsolete dated prudent cautious unenterprising careful accepted alt-right retro old-timey oldfangled mainstream predictable safe intolerant Birchite intransigent philistine obscurantist boring proper correct retrogressive regressive counterrevolutionary fundamentalist small-town doctrinal Pooterish ceremonious dogmatic stick-in-the-mud bien pensant extremist convinced immovable middle-England petit-bourgeois moderate contemplative recollective reflective pensive classic time-honored ethnocentric purist true-blue picturesque temperate counter-revolutionary wary universal gentlemanly courteous medieval prehistoric unreceptive mediaeval bigoted unreasonable circumspect tentative cagey stick in the mud obsolescent antiquated passé chary hesitant chivalrous courtly gallant craft set in one's ways socially acceptable timorous unexciting restrained stay-at-home limited anachronous anachronistical behind the times shy uptight decorous provincial property-owning genteel stodgy respectable puritanical commonplace Biedermeier conforming ceremonial early time-honoured heritage anachronistic materialistic shopkeeping propertied comme il faut straight-laced of the old school olden veteran old style parish-pump Victorian received narrow prejudiced approved biased popular recognized normal regular set fanatical puritan official authoritative usual customary jaundiced intractable individualistic prevailing standard authorized prevalent canonical unoriginal familiar acknowledged unheretical small-minded routine derivative well established well-established kosher religious sanctioned admitted recognised pious punctilious legitimate rightful sound authorised petty-minded close-minded hard-line set in your ways straight arrow in line set in one's opinions fixed in one's views by the numbers according to the book


Concerned with what is actually the case (based on facts)
factual true objective documentary literal hard nonfictional matter-of-fact accurate authentic exact fact-based precise correct truthful unvarnished real verifiable realistic actual bona fide veracious genuine unerring faithful veritable unexaggerated unembellished veridical unadulterated unquestionable valid undoubted honest credible certain as it really happened word for word telling it like it is documented well-founded historically veracious reliable provable demonstrable true to life historically faithful down-to-earth logical confirmable cogent evident sure lifelike unadorned fair legitimate real life verbatim legit circumstantial concrete existent very verisimilar veristic absolute dinkum effective unprejudiced scientific kosher unbiased straight from horse's mouth de facto true-to-life true-life sure-enough on the level card-carrying historically accurate simple plain strict bare straightforward undistorted gospel stark narrow natural ordinary apparent unembroidered scrupulous written usual verbal critical methodical not figurative case so unelaborated undeniable proper unfaked spot-on what really happened on the mark spot on what actually happened on target on the money in accordance with reality as true as I'm sitting here as true as I'm standing here manifest substantial confirmed verified indisputable indubitable tangible definite naked fundamental bald pure obvious clear patent positive categorical substantive certified certifiable unmistakable cold attested palpable clear-cut honest-to-goodness basic frank unimaginary existing implicit physical tacit transparent straight brutal unequivocal explicit direct harsh unambiguous sheer implied virtual essential unacknowledged non-fictional for real honest to God sure enough real live upfront undisguised unqualified authenticated real-world proven final irrefutable believable incontestable real-life inescapable demonstrated established incontrovertible validated substantiated blunt dry warts and all solid discernible perceptible distinct material appreciable firm striking observable intelligible measurable quantifiable detectable perceivable sensible well documented well-grounded well defined


(somewhat rare) Belonging to or characteristic of a past historical time, especially in style or design
period dated retro old bygone former outdated outmoded passé past vintage antiquated archaic nostalgic quaint retrograde rusty oldfangled passe prehistoric superannuated retrogressive old-fashioned old-fangled old-time out of date old hat old-school out-of-date old-timey antique old-world evocative passé backward-looking of yesteryear olde worlde old world in period style ancient obsolete behind the times traditional unfashionable historic obsolescent outworn antediluvian medieval demoded mossy mediaeval out of fashion picturesque out of the ark classical old-style out heritage veteran frumpish frumpy anachronistic fusty olden primitive fossilized square mouldy creaky clunky musty démodé antwacky fossilised unstylish old-fogeyish moth-eaten moldy out of style out-of-style old-hat fogeyish cobwebby courteous gentlemanly remote aged courtly chivalrous gallant craft ceremonious folk antiquarian ancestral early time-honoured elderly primeval primordial immemorial old style primaeval classic enduring timeless past its sell-by date past one's sell-by date as old as the hills horse and buggy ageless age-old charming conservative defunct dead crusted feudal unhip gothic horse-and-buggy rinky-dink square-toed corny vieux jeu odd past it rococo dowdy disapproved neglected extinct last year's colonial enchanting Victorian captivating artful cute baroque affected pleasing ingenious pretty Gothic appealing of olden days out of it of old not modern not current not with it grown old of the old school prehistorical superseded unpopular moribund neolithic crusty kaputt Noachian kaput Stone Age


Of or relating to a person's life or an account of a person's life, as told by the subject


Having influence or power
important influential eminent powerful prominent extraordinary great outstanding worthy celebrated commanding controlling dominant eventful formidable head highest highly regarded notorious predominant pre-eminent premier prestigious prevailing prime prized renowned respected supreme top-level valued well-connected all-important alpha aristocratic authoritative big chief cogent deciding dignified distinctive distinguished elevated eloquent esteemed exalted fabled famed famous first-class foremost four-star glorious grand high-level high-powered high profile high-ranking high-up honorable honoured honored honourable illustrious imposing incomparable integral leading magnific magnificent majestic marvellous marvelous memorable mighty noble notable noted of influence of note oratorical phenomenal potent preeminent puissant recognised recognized reputable rich royal seminal senior signal successful superior top-ranking towering trusted upper upper-class VIP well-known good iconic resonant principal primary key noteworthy cardinal consequential central pivotal arch acclaimed focal fundamental material serious prodigious essential core public well known well thought of far-reaching in the public eye of mark of great consequence top venerable august significant star major revered admired of high standing big-time redoubtable lofty conspicuous major-league big-name of repute high lionized name high-profile estimable lionised big-league legendary astral remarkable popular impressive exceptional bright paramount peerless major league main reputed respectable highly rated luminous considerable first visible storied excellent big league of distinction highest-ranking top-drawer brilliant topmost finest top-notch well-regarded stately momentous lauded monumental acknowledged vaunted venerated world-class heroic heavy-duty greatest heavy applauded feted infamous matchless unequalled unsurpassed well received strong much touted much vaunted highly esteemed highly thought of high-minded splendid unequaled capital unforgettable established superstar celeb historic professional proud surpassing unrivalled big-shot sublime resplendent widely known transcendent number one much-publicized inflated talked about intellectual front-page elite ruling regal immodest exaggerated excessive competent critical crucial unrivaled efficient arresting lordly striking effectual regnant marked fine special arch- portly staid vital celebrious redoubted supereminent big-gun solemn lead superb high-status salient appreciated sovereign laureate immortal epic extolled well-thought-of large pompous shining uplifting much-admired wonderful far-famed big name having made a name for oneself highly praised much publicized up there skookum worth mentioning stellar praised number ideal requisite intrinsic of considerable importance decorated ranking worthiest prizewinning executive beloved reliable indelible vivid catchy haunting indispensable necessary needed presiding high-grade magnanimous familiar eye-catching fearless tenacious high-end glamorous substantial self-important overblown superlative triumphal idealistic learned not to be ignored higher widely knowbn numero uno earnest high-priority weighty known best pronounced common in spotlight in limelight singular energetic dynamic heavyweight instrumental kingly everyday of consequence something else of importance grandiloquent landmark fateful gratifying noticeable arrestive underlined especial big-wheel responsible high-power grave upmarket conferring prestige expensive big time crack apical peak crowning tiptop maximal first-rate culminating five-star outside imperial hallowed valorous overbearing unparalleled gifted prior primal unexcelled first rate of the first rank nonpareil to be reckoned with top-tier dominating hot-dog high up high-flying in the limelight on the map decision-making trendsetting winning governing not to be forgotten never to be forgotten meaningful groundbreaking triumphant fulfilling higher up awe-inspiring heroical massive grandiose gallant baronial Homeric worthy of mention worthy of note stand-out unmatched inimitable consummate out of this world talked of strictly business playing hard ball well paid marquee highfalutin' satisfying epochal red-letter heart-warming rewarding pleasing higher-level a hard nut to crack effective cheering pleasurable higher-ranking formal greater reigning imperious demonstrative assertive domineering ceremonial ceremonious leonine lionlike page-oner courtly capable decisive able efficacious emphatic official hard better upward above uppermost overhead fearsome invincible portentous reverential conventional high-octane starchy in control mythical fabulous mythic mythological fairy-tale fictitious unreal folkloric imaginary apocryphal traditional fictional fantastic hypothetical imagined proverbial allegorical parabolic symbolic fanciful storybook made up enchanted magic make-believe magical more important more elevated most important


Actually being or existing
real actual existent concrete factual true tangible palpable corporeal genuine material physical intrinsic legitimate non-fictional non-fictitious veridical bodily current effective indubitable living substantial substantive unimaginary unimagined valid corporal de facto embodied evident existing firm incarnate irrefutable live perceptible positive present rightful sensible solid sound dinkum authentic objective certain bona fide absolute verifiable unquestionable very indisputable veritable definite realistic carnal categorical sure-enough undeniable confirmed legit hard clear fleshly verified visible accurate earthly honest tactile touchable undoubted phenomenal manifest certified demonstrable somatic kosher credible mortal incontrovertible documented animal unmistakable literal fact-based human conclusive attested temporal worldly unequivocal for real precise reliable unambiguous secular faithful proper cogent truthful correct nonfictional documentary natural well-founded clear-cut matter-of-fact logical convincing authoritative honest-to-goodness incontestable definitive circumstantial good proven mundane noticeable plain compelling sheer detectable unembellished established substantiated exact non-spiritual sublunary appreciable terrestrial unvarnished measurable obvious unexaggerated earthborn terrene earthbound quantifiable anatomical unadulterated patent confirmable sure decisive plausible certifiable fleshy fair authenticated persuasive unerring gross on the level unqualified sure enough word for word nonfiction out-and-out empirical provable tactual biographical down-to-earth pure sensual honest-to-god discernible distinct express especial quantitative empiric of this world striking observable intelligible profound deep intense twenty-four-carat nonspiritual lay inescapable demonstrated perceivable existential observational experiential experimental organic normal unspiritual biological simple explicit real live honest-to-God straight official assured materialistic ponderable strict unfailing infallible guaranteed corroborated well defined inevitable honest to God bare foolproof irrevocable chronicled considerable well documented gospel stark straightforward undistorted veracious fixed recognized surefire doubtless resolute for-sure no buts about it real stuff on the up-and-up sure-thing really-truly well-grounded decided significant narrow archival secure determinate fundamental essential lifelike unadorned detailed reasonable transparent recognised inerrant questionless safe failsafe recorded verbatim apparent unembroidered written usual verbal ordinary scrupulous critical methodical justifiable admissible just strong forceful demonstrative veristic verisimilar unconditional unbiased unprejudiced scientific fail-safe in the bag sure-fire can't-miss as sure as eggs is eggs set in stone supportable coherent tenable sincere sustainable acceptable reasoned defensible sober unarguable dependable not figurative historic commemorated classical historial antique important trusty appropriate grounded justified pragmatic lucid warranted believable congruent warrantable viable workable true-to-life weighty irrefragable true-life card-carrying emphatic unassailable understandable rational accepted resounding telling it like it is straight from horse's mouth as it really happened serious pukka in truth acknowledged beyond doubt beyond question well grounded beyond dispute one hundred per cent

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