Synonym of hitched up


Past tense for to join so as to form a longer or larger whole
yoked coupled hitched harnessed joined linked connected fastened catenated chained compounded concatenated conjugated hooked interconnected interlinked tethered tied bracketed inspanned teamed associated buckled combined conjoined fixed secured spliced strapped tacked wed wedded joined up saddled put in harness bridled spanned span united knit paired bound annexed bonded put together brought together married knitted matched welded mated linked up unified clamped affixed fused locked affiliated merged joined together appended glued meshed allied amalgamated interweaved sticked stuck integrated interlocked interlaced entwined clasped added banded melded blended blent cemented coalesced dovetailed matched up hooked up come together intertwined tacked on fit together pinned bridged leagued cohered engaged incorporated mixed interfused paired up tagged on slapped on interfaced fit put interwove interwoven become one adjoined aligned caught adhered installed buttoned lashed subjoined soldered hitches on hitched on put in twinned consolidated put on espoused intermeshed weaved slotted in intermixed intermingled tagged homogenized related lumped emulsified pooled hooked on networked conflated commingled came together synthesized jumbled make fasted homogenised synthesised tied together knitted together lumped together stuck together folded in grafted fitted injected included trussed roped braided plaited became one placed inserted taped knotted fitted in cleaved pegged bolted rivetted clipped riveted closed hasped intertwisted collaborated gripped worked in grappled interrelated intersected mortised communicated partnered added on correlated cooperated balanced grouped strung assimilated piggybacked woven wove joined forces fraternized leashed assembled mingled juxtaposed teamed up pasted clenched confederated entangled married up interdigitated harmonized massed suffused fraternised moored concorded fixed together gotten together got together comingled embodied accommodated met converged tied up paired off fastened together held together conglomerated solidified melted alloyed subsumed commixed composited absorbed immingled absorpt strengthened immixed built on worked together pooled resources clubbed together harmonised interblended agglutinated compacted interpenetrated interblent concentrated cojoined melded with tied in with plugged into gathered together desegregated pinned down coordinated melted into linked together hung together made one strapped up formed an alliance mixed up closed ranks yoked together fitted into place grouped together pegged down symphonized run into putten screwed banded together molten threw in together thrown in together ran into drew together drawn together


Past tense for to add something to the end

Antonym of hitched up

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