Synonym of hoisted

Alternative for hoisted

hoists, hoisted, hoisting

Synonym: boost, elevate, lift, raise,


Past tense for to consume a liquid
drank drunk quaffed guzzled swigged swilled imbibed gulped supped sipped slurped knocked back slugged down belted down pounded down tossed off tossed down swallowed put away downed consumed chugged necked gulped down scarfed down drained slugged lapped sloshed ingurgitated belted hit the bottle wet one's whistle scarfed snarfed tippled boozed nipped sucked bibbed glugged tost tossed swilled down snarfed down bolted toped inhaled indulged bevvied hoovered caroused irrigated dissipated sopped gargled thirsted killed hit washed down put back scarfed up snarfed up sunken sunk sank partook partaken partook of partaken of tasted sampled wolfed gobbled devoured sponged toasted draughted absorbed absorpt spooned swashed swayed drafted choked gasped ingested extracted savored savoured nursed finished dropped poured dispatched englutted disposed chugalugged attacked taken took shifted emptied knocked off had gorged overindulged skolled sotted murdered drank up drunk up got outside soaked up finished off taken a drop choked down polished off disposed of poured down your gullet bent the elbow raised a few got tanked up lapped up swallowed down took a drop forced down tossed back tanked up lushed up got outside of pulled on wolfed down got down liquored up cracked a bottle ate eaten drank slowly drunk slowly extraught took in taken in drunk in drank in overdrank overdrunk hitten drunk down taken alcohol threw back thrown back drank down taken to the bottle drunk like a fish drank like a fish took alcohol took to the bottle hoist scoffed put down gobbled up feasted on tucked away tucked in chowed down gorged oneself on wassailed munched chomped ate up eaten up fed on demolished tucked into scoffed down knocked a few back snacked on crammed in hit the booze stuffed your face siphoned hat stuffed engorged gormandized slopped nibbled manducated fed feed crammed glutted chowed snacked drunk alcohol drank alcohol assimilated licked up soaked syphoned suckled suctioned washed something down with engulfed destroyed ravened grazed on swallowed up cleaned out had a drink got soused washed up mowed down bolted down mealed on pigged oneself on rammed down got plastered drawn drew taken a drink took a drink took strong drink taken strong drink taken over took over went on the piss went on a binge gone on the piss gone on a binge gotten drunk got drunk


Past tense for to warn or reprimand someone firmly
admonished reprimanded chid chided rebuked censured reproved berated scolded upbraided reproached castigated chastised lambasted carpeted criticised criticized lectured told off cautioned checked pulled up ticked off blew up blown up bollocked dressed down laced into laid into pitched into took to task taken to task trimmed bawled out chewed out gave someone a telling-off given someone a telling-off hauled over the coals objurgated rated reprehended tore into torn into dinged forewarned gave someone a dressing-down given someone a dressing-down gave someone an earful given someone an earful gave someone a roasting given someone a roasting gave someone hell given someone hell glued growled noticed rapped read the riot act reamed out gave someone a rollicking given someone a rollicking had a go at let someone have it rapped over the knuckles called down gave someone a bollocking given someone a bollocking gave someone a mouthful given someone a mouthful gave someone a wigging given someone a wigging gave someone some stick given someone some stick gave someone what for given someone what for jacked up sat on spoke to spoken to strongly criticized talked to drew the line drawn the line gave a rocket given a rocket gave someone a rating given someone a rating rapped on knuckles slapped on wrist called on the carpet came down hard on come down hard on gave a going over given a going over slapped down tore off a strip torn off a strip told a thing or two gave a piece of one's mind given a piece of one's mind sent someone away with a flea in their ear

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