Synonym of honeyed

Alternative for honeyed

Synonym: dulcet, honied, mellifluous, mellisonant, sweet, syrupy,

honeys, honeyed, honied, honeying

Synonym: beloved, dear, dearest, love, loved one,


Melodiously soothing in nature
melodious dulcet musical melodic mellow harmonious euphonious mellifluous tuneful lyrical mellifluent soft symphonious euphonic pleasant songful symphonic sweet-sounding sweet sweet-toned silvery smooth lilting soothing clear harmonic flowing lyric liquid resonant rich silky agreeable birdsweet bell-like golden silver-toned pleasing euphonous well-pitched sonorous easy on the ear pleasing to the ear light refined unctuous fluent pure pretty graceful clarion distinct melting seraphic angelical in tune silver-tongued orotund rotund pleasant-sounding canorous harmonizing consonant rhythmical harmonising rhythmic tuned fluid sweet-flowing full deep vibrant ringing fruity full-bodied strong booming reverberant reverberating resounding balanced concordant round reverberative eurythmic eurhythmic orchestral powerful loud full-toned congruous expressive catchy well-tuned plangent rounded phat chantlike in chorus in unison in concert blending chiming choral operatic in harmony chant-like sing-song song-like poppy foot-tapping easy-listening silvery-toned euphonical bright eloquent significant assonant accordant classical listenable instrumental philharmonic ensemble enjoyable vocal well tuned poetic vibrating sounding pulsating ariose sonorant baritone chanting rhapsodic songlike echoing full-voiced loud-voiced singsong singing singable carrying bardic emotional passionate poeticized poetical big throaty robust personal subjective plummy inspired sentimental soulful romantic deeply felt prominent polyphonic pear-shaped


Excessively sweet or flattering in one's speech or words
fawning flattering ingratiating adulatory unctuous complimentary sycophantic praising applauding obsequious bootlicking commending cajoling sugarcoated smooth persuasive pleasing sweet toadyish honey-tongued silver-tongued soft-soaping sweet-talking sweet-sounding sugary laudatory fulsome encomiastic appreciative oily oleaginous glowing saccharine smarmy encomiastical acclamatory eulogistic admiring servile commendatory favourable enthusiastic gushing gushy cloying favorable nauseating rave hagiographical soapy hagiographic highly favourable worshipping worshipful reverential blandishing flannelling blarneying rhapsodic lionizing slavish crawling gratifying creeping lionising worshiping toadying extravagant excessive inordinate overdone immoderate lavish profuse extensive liberal ample generous over-appreciative sickening effusive buttery insincere rapturous approving OTT gross magniloquent hypocritical bombastic slick grandiloquent slimy mealy-mouthed canting glib coarse suave overgenerous wheedling sanctimonious congratulatory over the top panegyrical eulogizing positive friendly good approbatory laudative plauditory well-wishing polite courtly civil gracious honoring respectful honouring fair-spoken celebrating praiseful kind eulogising approbative highly favorable with high praise with highest recommendation grovelling full of praise sucky subservient adoring saponaceous glorifying groveling idolizing cringing idolising plausible smug humble deferential unrestrained ebullient expansive unreserved lyrical exuberant mushy sentimental emotional brown-nosing smooth-talking over-effusive smooth-tongued compliant over-enthusiastic ass-kissing Uriah Heepish hyped up laid on with a trowel recommendatory sympathetic supportive sleek condign satisfied receptive extolling panegyric celebratory ecstatic raving blubbery hammy voluble prostrate abject supple bland insinuating coaxing uncritical excellent great fine keen fetishistic highly complimentary supreme arse-kissing very happy hero-worshipping high brownnosing suckholing sycophant submissive parasitic bowing kowtowing sniveling scraping spineless cowering idolatrous snivelling bowing and scraping urbane greasy maudlin overemotional mawkish nostalgic slippery overacted bathetic icky corny affectionate moonstruck jejune inane demonstrative languishing overenthusiastic impressionable affected dreamy idealistic insipid phoney creamy pinguid creepy phony loving self-abasing arse-licking smooth-spoken apple-polishing forelock-tugging dewy-eyed lovey-dovey


Excessively sentimental or emotional


Delicious and pleasing to taste
luscious delicious succulent delectable juicy palatable sweet yummy appetising appetizing lush mouth-watering scrumptious tasty toothsome ambrosial savoury choice flavourful flavoursome rich dainty delish flavorful flavorsome moreish mouthwatering nummy savory scrummy tasteful toothy ambrosian nectarean nectareous yummo adorable divine exquisite mellow moist nectarious piquant rare sumptuous tempting finger-licking sapid flavorous inviting yum-yum heavenly spicy delightful enticing tender ripe soft full-flavoured nectarous good tangy appealing ripened lekker saporous aperitive plump sweetened mature sugar-coated good-tasting mellowed peng enjoyable pleasant-tasting pleasant well-prepared attractive very palatable very enjoyable comestible satisfying nice delicate flavory out of this world lip-smacking full-flavored fit for a king softened edible agreeable deliciously light deliciously tender gratifying eatable drinkable nutritive titillating pleasing desirable tantalizing tantalising gorgeous fair saporific home-cooking relishing cool passable peachy A-OK magnificent pungent full of flavor zestful finger-lickin' enchanting wonderful melt-in-your-mouth ready well-seasoned heavy seasoned creamy fatty full-bodied buttery fragrant ready to eat aromatic fattening highly-flavoured filling perfumed nourishing cloying calorific comfort nutritious unhealthy oily sustaining scented indigestible highly flavored aromal balmy redolent odoriferous odorous perfumy fragranced sweetly perfumed pleasant-smelling sweet-scented sweet-smelling strong zesty peppery sharp highly seasoned hot tart biting spiced digestible salty fresh wholesome harsh acerb zippy fiery poignant harmless nippy esculent snappy highly-seasoned zingy eating fit to eat fit strongly flavoured engaging sharp-flavoured acid bitter acidic sour ingestible briny vinegary highly flavoured strong-flavored gingery safe to eat consumable pert stinging eatworthy fit to be eaten good to eat fit for human consumption brusque severe well-flavored critical with a kick heady culinary fit to be consumed dietary fit for consumption safe kosher fruity big well-matured robust picante lusty plush bold full deep muscular potent concentrated intense warm powerful herbaceous curried full of flavour red hot well seasoned


Past tense for to praise or compliment, typically excessively or insincerely
flattered adulated stroked blarneyed overpraised massaged puffed belauded soft-soaped hero-worshipped buttered up spread it on played up to laid it on thick brownnosed bootlicked sweet-talked inveigled sucked up to praised fawned cajoled groveled grovelled wheedled blandished charmed courted toadied softened worked over built up worked on coaxed humoured persuaded fawned on beslavered snowed salved crept to crawled to humored oiled jollied glorified sold conned catered to sweetened up laid it on with a trowel rubbed the right way kowtowed complimented flanneled flannelled admired truckled commended soaped cowered palavered brown-nosed expressed admiration for panegyrized pandered to lauded paid tribute to paid blandishments to waxed lyrical about paid court to made much of curry favored with curried favour apple-polished snew snown said nice things about talked into puffed up prostrated oneself to kept someone sweet sweet talked curry favored slavered rubbed up the right way got next to toadied to abased oneself to truckled to curry favoured with bowed and scrape to softened up complimented excessively made up to got round fell all over gotten next to danced attendance on fallen all over grovelled to prevailed on sucked up kowtowed to smooth-talked demeaned oneself to ingratiated oneself with gotten on the right side of got on the right side of overdid it overdone it enticed tempted beguiled wooed lured induced seduced influenced won over swayed urged fawned over put on a pedestal manoeuvred convinced maneuvered allured brought round decoyed revered ingratiated bantered worshipped gushed over worshiped tantalized elevated entrapped tantalised got made attracted invited prest pressed incited instigated solicited kissed feet fawned upon cultivated licked someone's boots moved tried to get on the good side of sought the favour of provoked tried to win over put someone up to something drawn drew deceived pushed duped deluded misled crowded talked adored caressed spoilt patted fussed over petted indulged babied spoiled pampered mollycoddled cosseted wormed buttered up to venerated prodded argued lionized pressurized reasoned pressured coerced handed a line exalted stroked one's ego soothed gotten around argued into got around raved over pressurised finagled gotten gat led on baited betrayed made a fuss of roosed lionised captivated tolled laid it on brought pressure to bear on encouraged crawled inspired submitted to sucked in smoodged to turned on talked someone into brought around deferred to exerted influence on prostrated yourself whetted cajoled into converted wheedled into led astray pandered triggered coaxed into steamrolled twisted one's arm humbled yourself prodded into brought wiled actuated prevailed upon sold one on cringed stimulated motivated flattered into prompted squeezed bulldozed dangled a carrot in front of ingratiated yourself prostrated oneself before humiliated yourself impelled activated appealed to drawn in drew in batted eyes at eaten humble pie abased yourself eaten crow ate humble pie ate crow abased oneself


Past tense for to lure or entice by temptation
tempted lured enticed beguiled inveigled baited betrayed decoyed solicited entrapped drew drawn mousetrapped coaxed dared hooked led on drew out drawn out made mouth water whetted the appetite of made your mouth water dangled something induced wiled attracted roped in sucked in seduced deceived deluded allured duped misled ensnared put one over on tricked hoodwinked gulled strung along wheedled trapped wooed fooled suckered conned led astray persuaded cajoled led up the garden path invited steered sweet-talked bamboozled snared tolled misinformed misguided snookered bluffed hoaxed cheated cozened gaffed shafted snowed hornswoggled double-crossed scammed set up juggled had gammoned humbugged burnt burned spoofed buffaloed caught rooked faked out had on imposed on pulled a swifty on pulled a fast one on led up garden path put on the wrong track put on an act put up smoke screen put on false front put on took in taken in maneuvered manoeuvred took for a ride taken for a ride pulled entranced charmed enchanted framed bribed dazzled spellbound blinded hypnotized captivated mesmerized bewitched won over soft-soaped convinced come on to swept off one's feet smooth-talked diddled shilled touted ensorcelled fascinated distracted befooled buttered up finessed manipulated gypped jockeyed sticked mesmerised exploited stuck chiseled chiselled shaved hypnotised flimflammed played snew snown misdirected turned on fitted up come on disinformed prevaricated misstated prevailed on hosed bilked swindled egged one on illuded misrepresented lied defrauded bunked fabricated distorted outfoxed propagandized fudged perverted kidded played for a sucker laid a trap for victimised entangled outwitted overreached propagandised victimized enmeshed jived pulled one's leg ripped off pulled wool over eyes covered up sent on a wild goose chase pulled the wool over someone's eyes wrong steered played trick on dangled a carrot in front of leaded one down the garden path pulled the wool over one's eyes pulled the wool over somebody's eyes came on to appealed to came on taken shove took advantage of shave taken advantage of shaven took batted eyes at gave someone a bum steer given the wrong impression took someone in took someone for a ride taken someone in thrown off the scent gave the wrong impression done a number on gave wrong information to given wrong information to taken someone for a ride given someone a bum steer lain to lay to did a number on threw off the scent

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