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honours, honoured, honouring

Synonym: abide by, accolade, award, honor, laurels, observe, pureness, purity, respect, reward,


A feeling or expression of reverence and adoration
worship reverence praise adoration devotion glory respect worshipping glorification homage honour veneration adulation exaltation revering adoring deification honor laudation love praising regard thanksgiving venerating admiration exalting extolling extolment glorifying idolatry idolization prayers worshiping dulia esteem honoring latria lionisation lionization magnification awe beatification benediction genuflection prostration supplication -olatry hero-worship praying to hero worship apotheosis tribute obeisance deference acclaim recognition high regard commendation appreciation plaudits acclamation elevation applause approbation compliments estimation affection fealty favour favor accolades attachment approval passion idolizing blessing eulogy credit accolade lionizing fondness submission loyalty tributes magnifying kneeling thanks flattery kudos celebration panegyric fidelity allegiance lionising idolising idealization infatuation crush warmth sycophancy ardor weakness wonder astonishment amazement ardour distinction prestige liking wonderment eulogium repute idealisation gratitude popularity consideration canonization salutes congratulations lauding compliment attention grace respectfulness prayer admiring faithfulness props obsession abasement hero-worshipping fanaticism duty fawning encomium hankering bow care pash amore yen shine paean bootlicking pride tenderness kowtowing high esteem hymn citation piety fervor fear intimacy feeling acknowledgement fervour great respect puppy love acknowledgment devotedness sentiment bowing fame delight puff reputation aggrandizement renown court marveling greatness merit name importance nobility cachet illustriousness dignity pumping up marvelling pats on the back immortalization notability privilege eminence surprise ovation bouquets paeans commemoration trust aggrandisement falling down good image good name high standing good reputation pat on the back translation fetishization worshipfulness paying homage ennoblement loving thankfulness appreciativeness vengeance wrath repayment idolism kowtow exaggerated respect breathless adoration puja kindness intense love pleasure salutation service dithyramb eulogies blandishments account high opinion blandishment eulogiums closeness familiarity endearment friendliness good opinion testimonial puffing up salute troth extravagant flattery audation valuing prizing thought concept aroha servile flattery fulsome praise deifying putting on a pedestal uplifting obsequiousness devoutness religiousness puffery dread terror obedience ingratiation boost cheering hurrah cheer recommendation bravo rave plaudit cry horror invocation unctuousness cajolery sweet talk toadyism gratification like good word big hand false praise soft soap soft-soap honeyed words consternation shock apprehension stupefaction fright friendship ideolatry taste amour involvement inclination amity relish emotion enchantment rapture zeal cherishing partiality flame case enjoyment rogation communion litany soft spot ardency romance orison wuv luv laurels sun laud bays note cheers standing pre-eminence bouquet celebrity status brownie points a pat on the back memorial lustre luster prominence remembrance self-respect preeminence consequence stardom steadfastness self-esteem character commitment constancy dedication superiority reward supremacy mention staunchness fastness welcome adherence faith opinion trustiness authority adhesion mark felicitations integrity significance big up stature rank rave review prominency respects weight pat on the head image toast excellence greetings self-image ego observance excellency éclat self-worth eulogizing reliability trueness self-regard dependability trustworthiness eulogising ceremony face patriotism perfection support value notice réclame bond noteworthiness award firmness testament congratulation rep true-heartedness best wishes transcendence dominance clapping steadiness amour-propre principle hat tip primacy prestigiousness paramountcy calibre stroking stroke points prepotency preponderancy preponderance mark of respect amour propre caliber strong praise loftiness round of applause honourable mention power influence famousness validation monument choiceness first-rateness superbness primeness suit ascendancy success triumph gift commendations regards courtship addresses immortality memorialization courtesy endorsement capitulation complaisance awards honours decorations sympathy pledge health present offering mana notoriety thoughtfulness good report encouragement prize PR strokes salutations blessings hail memory reminiscence trueheartedness plug symbol statement token shouting salvo commemorative blarney sanction kudo attentiveness treasuring bonding inviolability enthusiasm good wishes credibility position special mention shot in the arm honorable mention raves charge bidding acceptance eminency station flattering remark acknowledgement of recognition of celebration of honors decoration acceptability rap reputability izzat positive reception social position hand jubilation standing O roar loud homage warm fuzzy honeyed word buttering up trade last down drink shingle proposal report monumentalization memorial service blue ribbon gold star death anniversary feather in cap decency resolution pat on back pat on head perseverance doggedness tenacity determination resoluteness fixedness supereminence resolve morale morals principles self-importance sensibilities application obstinacy uprightness single-mindedness eagerness honesty unfailingness staying power decision abidingness certainty earnestness truthfulness surety obligation virtue consecration self-love quality worth goodness self-identity pridefulness worthiness standard good level repletion desert grade talent self-confidence self-trust deservingness meritoriousness pride in oneself faith in oneself capability plus point skill ability accomplishment arete pro high quality redeeming feature aptitude belief in one's worth pride in one's abilities

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