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a characteristic (habitual or relatively temporary) state of feelinga message whose ingenuity or verbal skill or incongruity has the power to evoke laughter(Middle Ages) one of the four fluids in the body whose balance was believed to determine your emotional and physical statethe liquid parts of the bodythe quality of being funnythe trait of appreciating (and being able to express) the humorous


put into a good mood


Present participle for to be kind and indulgent to
indulging accommodating pampering spoiling cosseting gratifying mollifying coddling flattering mollycoddling overindulging bowing to catering to placating satisfying soothing yielding to adapting to complying with giving in to giving way to pandering to fawning on going along with humoring pleasing fulfilling babying petting nursing dandling cockering wet-nursing favoring favouring spoon-feeding wrapping in cotton wool waiting on hand and foot treating regaling fostering nannying spoiling rotten taking care of making a fuss of obliging rewarding abetting benefiting facilitating benefitting honoring honouring mothering gladdening caressing cuddling overprotecting cherishing serving treating well doing a kindness doting on smiling upon showing consideration showing beneficence doing right by putting oneself out for making much of pandering wrapping up in cotton wool fussing over appealing to posseting cocooning cottoning fussing relieving feeding fondling nursemaiding appeasing pacifying satiating quenching slaking yielding tickling making over playing up to nourishing assuaging killing with kindness sparing the rod providing for catering to your every whim catering loving sympathizing going easy on treating gently protecting sympathising ruining entertaining killing by kindness lambing coshering sheltering feasting waiting on making a fuss over helping outfitting featherbedding ministering to doing everything for giving in running around after dancing rocking supporting cradling tossing bouncing nurturing amusing comforting tending worshipping worshiping jiggling riding enshrining cultivating embracing sustaining hugging sporting shaking jogging toying stroking nuzzling playing rubbing caring for toying with giving a knee ride riding on knee


Present participle for to praise or compliment, typically excessively or insincerely
flattering complimenting praising blarneying cajoling soft-soaping sweet-talking flanneling flannelling admiring commending puffing blandishing courting adulating belauding buttering up fawning hero-worshipping honeying massaging overpraising stroking wheedling expressing admiration for fawning on inveigling lauding pandering to panegyrizing paying tribute to beslavering bootlicking brownnosing charming conning crawling to creeping to glorifying grovelling groveling humoring jollying making much of oiling paying blandishments to paying court to playing up to salving selling snowing softening sucking up to toadying waxing lyrical about laying it on thick saying nice things about building up catering to complimenting excessively falling all over sweetening up working on working over getting next to spreading it on laying it on with a trowel rubbing the right way patting babying fussing over cosseting mollycoddling indulging petting spoiling pampering making a fuss of coaxing persuading brown-nosing fawning over revering palavering worshipping worshiping gushing over elevating smooth-talking soaping prevailing on talking into getting round ingratiating oneself with making up to kissing feet putting on a pedestal slavering puffing up buttering up to sweet talking overdoing it softening up adoring fawning upon roosing stroking one's ego exalting soothing venerating kowtowing to toadying to abasing oneself to keeping someone sweet currying favour curry favoring with demeaning oneself to sucking up truckling to bowing and scrape to rubbing up the right way dancing attendance on curry favouring with curry favoring getting on the right side of prostrating oneself to grovelling to lionizing raving over lionising manoeuvring beguiling seducing luring enticing tempting wooing entrapping influencing tantalizing deceiving urging pushing deluding inducing maneuvering misleading duping crowding bantering decoying arguing into tantalising handing a line getting around


Present participle for to make happy or give pleasure to
pleasing delighting contenting gladdening gratifying satisfying amusing fulfilling humoring pleasuring charming entertaining indulging cheering obliging overjoying suiting thrilling exciting titillating warming tickling diverting enchanting enrapturing rejoicing delectating gladding making happy cheering up agreeing with appealing to tickling pink giving pleasure to turning on hitting the spot making someone feel good giving a buzz giving someone a kick going over big making somebody's day making someone content making someone glad making someone pleased enthralling tickle to death exhilarating uplifting elating bewitching captivating entrancing enamoring fascinating heartening wowing enlivening alluring ravishing regaling sending arriding attracting grooving brightening up bowling over making content buoying up bringing joy to pleasing greatly bucking up giving someone pleasure giving a lift getting one's kicks warming the cockles of the heart making a hit with someone knocking dead beguiling mesmerizing spellbinding absorbing gripping enticing engrossing feasting magnetizing arresting transfixing dazzling bedazzling witching enamouring ensnaring rapturing magnetising mesmerising slaying gassing babying favouring requiting favoring recompensing pampering coddling giving pleasure jubilating scoring exulting glorying freaking out knocking out doing one proud making a hit doing the trick filling the bill hypnotizing rivetting riveting drawing wiling grabbing killing hypnotising owning catching up carrying away sweeping off feet making a hit with getting under someone's skin

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