Synonym of humped

Alternative for humped

humps, humped, humping

Synonym: bulge, bump, hunch, ridge,


Having a hump or humps
bent bowed hunched rounded arched curved humpbacked hunchbacked crookbacked curviform embowed kyphotic deformed misshapen crooked twisted convex sinuous domed gibbous stooped distorted malformed contorted disfigured warped tortuous hooked arced concave vaulted curvilinear arciform crippled turned looped round out of shape bulging protuberant gnarled camelback wry thrawn cavernous hemispheric serpentine twisty crescent wavy sweeping curvy undulating curving meandering curling arcuate devious aquiline crazy curled falcate twisting bending winding windy falciform declinate S-shaped flexural swirly circular wreathed coiled curly incurved loopy skewed curvaceous compass arrondi enbowed elliptical incurvate biflected snaky circumflex sigmoid irregular angled inclined twined kinky pretzeled stooping kinked drooping slouchy droopy limp slumped wilted doubled over flexuous snaking turning semicircular beaked hemispherical arching hook-shaped circuitous hook-like zigzag indirect anfractuous angular meandrous recurved convoluted roundabout arcuated deviating coiling misproportioned mangled buckled marred sinuate bandy shapeless abnormal zigzagging serpentiform mazy awry askew disjointed twisting and turning lowered curvilineal bendy pointed sharp procumbent sickle-shaped prominent beaklike Roman-nosed eaglelike high bow-legged bow-shaped recurvate snakelike bandy-legged slinky wavering spiralling bowing spiraling twining veering warping rambling folded crescentic crescentiform hornlike crescent-shaped outward-curving wiggly grotesque ugly furled spiraled wound wandering hamate uncinate beaky monstrous ill-proportioned ogee unshapely ungainly ill-shaped unsightly asymmetrical ill-made excursive squiggly lithe unciform hooklike outcurved involute voluted blemished damaged disproportionate deviative vagrant flowing rippled ambiguous remote detouring digressory erratic misleading obscure errant confusing removed confounding straying out-of-the-way digressing diverting crinkly spiralled rolled cambered swelling rolling undulated undulate plangent unstable vermiculate bumpy undulatory waving undulant mutilated misbegotten biconvex bulgy U-shaped raised bulged knotted curved outwards


Past tense for to apply great and continuous effort
toiled slaved worked wrought strove strived striven struggled sweated sweat drudged slogged endeavoured endeavored plodded travailed labored laboured grubbed moiled strained ploughed plowed plugged hustled tugged pegged away beavered away dug away banged away grinded ground plugged away grafted sweated blood slogged away killed oneself worked like a Trojan exerted oneself worked hard worked like a dog knocked oneself out kept at it worked your fingers to the bone ground away put yourself out kept your nose to the grindstone put one's back into something persevered bullocked worked day and night slaved away grubbed away plodded away tried hard bore down borne down leaned over backwards poured it on worked oneself to the bone exerted yourself pulled out all the stops made every effort leant over backwards pushed hammered drave driven druv drove skivvied fought trudged lumbered mucked staggered overworked overwrought soldiered on grappled busted a gut buckled down knuckled down went for it gone for it made an effort bent over backwards ruptured yourself applied oneself gave it your all made an all-out effort ploughed through given it your all kept your head down burnt the candle at both ends sweated away pegged along dragged oneself burned the candle at both ends worked like a slave plugged along suffered gone all out banged on went all out broke one's back broken one's back pegged cultivated tended exerted performed pounded dug pushed yourself tolled foughten schlepped groveled grovelled grafted away hiked trailed dragged trampled drug persisted went for broke gone for broke pushed oneself did your damnedest pushed oneself to the limit kept nose to grindstone worked fingers to bone done your damnedest kept going spared no effort overworked oneself pressed on done your best made a great effort did your best gave it your best shot worked very hard pegged away at did all one can tried very hard worked one's butt off made a supreme effort given it your best shot fallen over backwards strained every nerve worked your guts out done all one can headed-down carried on fell over backwards applied oneself to broken your neck broke your neck driven oneself to the limit went for the doctor gone for the doctor drove oneself to the limit hammered away tried aimed sought attempted battled ventured moved heaven and earth scrambled aspired put one's back into it assayed essayed applied had a crack at undertaken undertook waded footslogged concentrated did your utmost done your utmost drudged away studied hard buckled to committed oneself devoted yourself put up a fight against left no stone unturned fought your way made a run at had a shot at done one's best did one's best had a go at had a crack made effort went hard gone hard had a stab at put in effort put to the test set out worked one's socks off used some elbow grease put one's back in it went ham put one's shoulder to the wheel put effort gone ham put effort into something hit the ball busted chops put in work persevered with worked away toiled away persisted with got your head down gotten your head down taken on took on trekked trawled given your all gave your all soldiered on with chipped away kept on with taken pains took pains applied yourself devoted traipsed stumbled tramped rolled up one's sleeves shaped up soldiered pulled up one's socks committed endured puttered bumbled blundered clumped floundered yomped trogged dedicated campaigned withstood purposed wheeled competed contended gotten down to it got down to it addressed moved with difficulty stood up to paid attention shown dedication shown commitment showed dedication showed commitment jockeyed directed bended bent offered tackled kept on limped clambered sputtered battled one's way tried one's hardest had a swing at had one's nose to grindstone studied tried for jumped through hoops made one's way with difficulty shinnied killed oneself with toiled away at shot for got stuck in gotten stuck in kept at done all you can did all you can proceeded with difficulty ground out tried out rattled had a go pulled out all stops broke sweat had at it broken sweat plodded along driven oneself emptied the tank gave it a whirl dug in gave all one's got given all one's got stuck at rolled made an attempt at rolled along dived in gone hammer and tongs trundled given best shot given it a whirl drove oneself had a shot worked one's way embarked on pitched in stuck with it went hammer and tongs plowed away worked through proceeded laboriously gave best shot worked hard to taken care took care taken great pains took great pains given gave bellied up to the bar got your act together gotten your act together gone to war went to war acquited oneself pluged away at plugged away at given old college try gave old college try gone all-out for went all-out for went all-out went the whole nine yards gone the whole nine yards gone all-out taken a whack at taken it on oneself taken a stab at took it on oneself took a whack at took a stab at went for the jugular went the limit gone the limit gone for the jugular gave it all one has given it all one has


Past tense for to engage in carnal activity


Past tense for to move very quickly
bombed rushed raced sped speeded dashed hurried ran run shot shotten careered flew flown hurtled tore teared torn zoomed bolted scurried hastened zipped hared belted scooted scuttled barrelled barreled pelted blasted buzzed whisked bustled whirled trotted drove drave driven druv bundled careened blazed hied breezed rocketed hustled blew blown bowled chased coursed motored jetted rustled darted hurled ripped sprinted sprant sprunt cannonballed nipped jumped charged highballed streaked stepped stept whizzed travelled traveled rammed galloped flashed whipped scrambled boogied swept bucketed posted zapped stampeded whooshed scudded clipped clipt scuttered winged fleeted wheeched shifted hightailed swooped scorched hotfooted it cracked on legged it went hell for leather gone hell for leather went like lightning gone like lightning burned rubber burnt rubber spanked along bowled along rattled along got the lead out gotten the lead out laid rubber went like the clappers gone like the clappers went like a bat out of hell gone like a bat out of hell cut along scampered barrelled along made haste bounded bound stepped on it put on some speed hightailed it beetled got a move on gotten a move on sprung hasted put your foot down skipped made tracks flitted moved beat it jogged pounded accelerated speeded up sped up quickened dived plunged steamed burnt burned flung expedited hurried up fast-tracked rolled gotten cracking got cracking sprang fluttered tripped gone fast went fast boiled raged spurted moved quickly went like the wind gone like the wind pushed lost no time dispatched shook a leg shaken a leg whipped along really moved fussed loped jogtrotted doubled skedaddled dogtrotted tooled proceeded cantered skittered skirred bulleted ambled dove split lashed leaped leapt vroomed stirred beelined spurred surged fled skimmed pressed on paced burst put foot smoked bestirred dusted prest pressed sailed made time bombed along belted along stepped on gas moved along covered ground gone went pattered torn along tore along gotten your skates on got your skates on catapulted cannoned stepped lively pushed on rolled along retreated roared skited flowed streamed gushed left scatted vamoosed made a run for it rid rode ridden rushed at made it snappy cascaded swooshed run off run away bugged out outstripped waltzed broke broken brake poured yeeted sallied whished lunged hopped it progressed kited passed got moving gotten moving expressed dug in got a wiggle on moved fast cleared out slooshed tumbled flooded turned on steam run fast rushed headlong made short work of went like a bullet gone like a bullet went like a bomb gone quickly bowled over run like mad wasted no time moved rapidly made oneself scarce whipped around hopped along pumped moved forward moved apace went quickly not lost a minute gathered momentum rushed around stepped along geared up passed by plunged ahead slipped away gone like a bomb gone briskly went briskly got on it gotten on it ran away ran off bursten brast went away gone away tore out torn out ran fast drove fast went rapidly driven fast gone rapidly gone all out went all out ran like mad took wing taken wing gone by went by gone like greased lightning teared up the miles tore up the miles went like greased lightning gone at breakneck speed went at breakneck speed cut and run advanced stepped up revved up escaped picked up speed decamped precipitated increased speed made off gathered speed put on a spurt lit out departed absconded thrust put pedal to metal put on afterburners cut out picked up the pace put on speed put on a burst of speed dogged it went faster gone faster got faster gotten faster romped revved stormed impelled gained momentum moved faster run like the wind fired up sent forward launched oneself gamboled gambolled frolicked cracked plowed scrammed turned tail scramed beat a retreat festinated run for it cleared off scarpered budged sped away rushed off started pranced frisked opened it up bucked up wound gusted winded levanted skipped off locomoted hooked it stepped on the gas got a wriggle on racked hurdled strode railroaded forced headed heaved pitched floated hove thrusted launched run very fast opened up the throttle steamrollered made a break for it headed for the hills exerted peeled out surfaced made a quick exit beat a hasty retreat fired opened up peeled rubber geed up chucked it down showed a clean pair of heels got lost passed rapidly milled about sent rapidly shot through exerted yourself kicked rocks booked it got out gotten out ploughed ran like the wind went headlong gone headlong thrown oneself threw oneself drove faster driven faster beaten a retreat taken flight took flight went at top speed gone at top speed gone like lighting went like lighting stridden ran very fast ran for it taken off took off beaten a hasty retreat gotten going got going did a bunk gotten lost did a runner flew the coop did a fade took a powder been through done a runner done a bunk taken a powder gone through flown the coop went through done a fade


Past tense for to bother or annoy someone
nettled irritated annoyed vexed vext irked exasperated riled galled aggravated provoked piqued peeved angered bugged ruffled bothered narked upset infuriated needled displeased miffed got gat gotten chafed incensed grated disturbed rankled rasped enraged offended hassled persecuted harassed spited ate eaten frosted rode rid ridden griped grope gripen gravelled graveled pestered itched goaded affronted fretted exacerbated teased roiled disgruntled bedeviled bedevilled disgusted insulted stung niggled gnawed gnew gnawn huffed petted stewed tiffed put out hacked off got to gotten to burned up burnt up wound up ticked off rubbed up the wrong way drove up the wall driven up the wall gave someone the hump given someone the hump hacked you off got on your nerves gotten on your nerves rubbed the wrong way got on one's nerves gotten on one's nerves got across someone wore on worn on got your goat sticked in one's craw setted one's teeth on edge got across maddened antagonized bummed out antagonised teed off gotten across made angry made someone see red made cross inflamed put your back up got in your hair got at baited plagued driven to distraction drove to distraction pricked rankled with drove crazy driven crazy driven mad drove mad put someone's nose out of joint agitated drove round the bend driven round the bend nagged got under your skin gotten under your skin outraged badgered worried burnt burned taunted grated on jarred on made waves prodded driven round the twist drove round the twist got on your wick gave someone the pip given someone the pip raised your hackles frustrated gotten at madded enflamed ired rattled troubled harried worked up egged on steamed up tried your patience got your dander up rubbed you up the wrong way hit where one lives made somebody's hackles rise ruffled one's feathers got your back up gotten your back up roused embittered wound wounded spurred sent into a rage mortified bummed steamed hacked perturbed molested incommoded excited heckled hazed acerbated nudged distressed henpecked grabbed ignited attracted awaked absorbed absorpt motivated quickened interested tried tried the patience of abraded beleaguered examined tweaked hectored quizzed questioned chided chid tormented soured distempered made your blood boil turned off heated up cheesed off fired up het up worked on riled up made an enemy of somebody asked for it run up the wrong way drove you up the wall driven you up the wall rattled someone's cage broke broken brake awoken awoke eaten at ate at given someone grief gave someone grief given the business gave the business gotten on the wrong side of got on the wrong side of ran up the wrong way gave a hard time given a hard time got a rise out of gotten a rise out of eaten away at ate away at got your hackles up driven bananas gotten your hackles up drove bananas gotten up someone's nose got up someone's nose gotten on someone got on someone hurt hounded disquieted discomposed fazed pained beset discomfited picked on disconcerted flustered dismayed perplexed cut to the quick afflicted bullied unsettled stirred up dogged depressed ailed fussed put someone off their stroke hurt somebody's feelings incited aggrieved alarmed unnerved flurried dissed discombobulated unhinged distracted grieved agonized discountenanced tortured discommoded stirred put off concerned injured agonised frazzled discomforted confounded derailed alarumed hagrid exercised put into a flap set off put down weirded out freaked out gnawed at set on dissatisfied saddened bit mithered slighted stimulated shocked moved confused browbeat intimidated chagrined criticized disrupted embarrassed aroused disobliged scared sickened crossed tantalized urged tantalised empurpled criticised made anxious bewildered instigated got someone gotten someone keyed up whipped up thrown threw ribbed victimized ragged ridiculed chaffed interrupted chivvied gibed devilled deviled daunted inconvenienced encouraged prompted chivied bored disheartened scandalized impelled excruciated horrified repelled cut frightened nauseated jarred cowed stressed disrespected racked besieged triggered pressed prest induced fuddled curst cursed anguished zinged jolted oppressed inspired startled nonplussed picked at pecked at started put made unhappy disordered grumbled at strained browned off grilled harrowed floored made uneasy scandalised caused offense hagridden hagrode umbraged victimised challenged shook up shaken up pushed undone undid disarranged thrown off balance threw off balance caused someone to lose their composure spooked crazed spurred on rattled one's cage psyched out fomented raised hell put up to set back put the wind up turned on cut up upset the applecart made you see red put through wringer bitten browbeaten shaken shook guyed mocked nipped got someone's wick poked penetrated carped jeered discouraged tyrannized scolded domineered razzed demoralized pursued booed barracked dispirited devastated affected impeded hindered influenced unmanned tired prickled shouted down discriminated against rattled someone's chain made nervous scorned unbalanced repulsed galvanized bore hissed discontented disaffected festered got on the nerves of caviled cavilled berated intruded upon imposed on harmed taxed blustered frilled flummoxed furbelowed stumped bent someone's ear lambasted dejected caused sorrow bled nagged at caused anguish mourned caused suffering breathed down someone's neck carped at got in the hair of pressurized winged capped curdled forced disappointed sounded revolted cooled pressured coerced mispleased enticed foiled slapped thwarted bristled destabilized electrified wearied despaired burdened snubbed constrained initiated persuaded wigged whipped dragooned pushed the buttons of disarmed jibed at shouted at downed deranged displaced demented jumbled turned disorganized rummaged disarrayed slurred animated waked humiliated awakened exhilarated wakened mixed up tyrannised singled out boiled sparked impassioned kick-started made punished swayed wrung boned abused crabbed begrudged grudged dispraised confronted slandered chilled stupefied stunned panicked importuned weighed down tested took aback taken aback found fault thrown into a tizz threw into a tizz given offence to gave offence to lashed titillated rousted pressurised sicced inspirited bestirred destabilised played dirty made game of butted in caused resentment to made you angry caused annoyance to brought about procured kindled actuated prevailed upon harped on at moaned at thumbed nose at made fretful pothered muddled pushed one's buttons made someone fed up strapped teared martyred indisposed dunned desolated gotten going got going messed dumped on rubbed salt in wound made sore messed with sapped made wretched made discontented had a down on magnified bowled over revived loused up mounted heightened worked into lather deepened aroused hostility in made fun of plotted lashed at fired the imagination of pushed someon's buttons undermined enlivened threw off schemed shouted catcalls at pushed buttons weighed on tempted redoubled made a scene galvanised leaded someone a merry dance sweated out become bored lied heavy on enfeebled rooted on vivified made miserable demoralised suggested enervated hinted hung up insinuated rabble-roused aroused anxiety in rallied caused anguish to surprised lost one's temper found fault with pulled the rug out from under whetted weakened innervated enhanced had it in for innerved revved up lost patience grated at made it tough for obsessed planned kept complaining to caused suffering to pepped up caused anxiety to intensified lit a fire under had had enough originated intensated played cat and mouse buffaloed fired the enthusiasm of thrown off pulled the rug from under driven nuts drove nuts took the mickey taken the mickey driven drove drave druv taken the piss out of took the piss out of worn wore woke woken putten drove on driven on smote smit wringed smited smitten wrang driven insane drove insane torn tore nit-picked blew up blown up threw into tizzy thrown into tizzy became bored done a number on did a number on gotten even got even ate up eaten up uncalmed gave a turn given a turn gave a bad time given a bad time took a rise out of taken a rise out of added fuel trod on someone's toes trodden on someone's toes given offence gave offence given a zinger given the cold shoulder gave a zinger gave the cold shoulder threw into confusion threw into disorder threw into uproar thrown into confusion thrown into disorder thrown into uproar

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