Synonym of hurting

Alternative for hurting

hurts, hurting

Synonym: bruise, damage, distress, grieve, harm, impair, injure, offend, pain, wound, wrong,

Antonym: cure, heal,


Affected with, or causing, physical discomfort or pain
sore painful aching achy nasty afflictive stinging smarting throbbing tender raw inflamed sensitive excruciating hurtful burning sharp bruised agonizing biting troublesome piercing irritated severe uncomfortable nagging agonising hurt injured wounded prickly gnawing chafed red in pain searing pounding caustic twingeing tingling reddened afflicted pained grievous battered incapacitated disabled gammy damaged discoloured discolored black-and-blue distressing acute vexatious tingly suffering stiff delicate keen tired harrowing abscessed ulcerated beaten grazed scratched impaired weakened lacerated mangled gashed marred broken cut harmed agonised ruptured stricken bleeding agonized mutilated mauled disfigured hit scarred scraped nicked struck crushed busted up irritating shooting injurious unpleasant difficult intense hypersensitive stabbing cutting aculeate buffeted tortured warped shot oversensitive penetrating bitter bad crook game knackered killing feeling tender feeling uncomfortable playing up giving someone gyp giving someone trouble distressed smartful laborious achy breaky arthritic maimed deformed rheumatic violent fierce crippled debilitated handicapped lame infirm exquisite gut-wrenching physically challenged swollen limping hobbling racking extreme exhausted weary halt insufferable unendurable unbearable torturous fractured creaky ailing smashed shattered defective tight rheumaticky taut limp rigid inflexible unbending frail spoilt spoiled gimp sidelined gimpy feeble on the sick list weak enfeebled shrewd footsore knifelike drilling paralyzing paralysing


Feeling sad or heartbroken
sad down brokenhearted heartbroken blue low unhappy despondent disconsolate downcast glum gloomy melancholy downhearted crestfallen woebegone dispirited dejected desolate morose bad moody melancholic spiritless dragged low-spirited heavy-hearted down in the mouth down in the dumps bummed out fed up in the pits miserable depressed forlorn sorrowful doleful mournful wretched woeful joyless inconsolable saddened sorry heartsick heavyhearted droopy pessimistic lugubrious heartsore wistful grim hangdog dull crummy dysphoric destroyed bleeding weeping tristful ripped cast down in the dumps in pain let down torn up in a blue funk taken down cast-down down and out on a downer in the toilet low-down at sob story dark elegiac plaintive nostalgic lamenting dismal disheartened discouraged cheerless bleak dolorous demoralized disappointed crushed abject black choked mopey mopish broody dashed shamefaced clouded drooping dampened sagging atrabilious demoralised broken-hearted chap-fallen all torn up cheesed off brassed off in the doldrums long-faced sick as a parrot shot down dreary sombre depressing somber sullen dour saturnine distressed saddening drab funereal comfortless solemn drearisome uninviting austere unwelcoming depressive disheartening gray dire dim dingy bare godforsaken morbid drear dispiriting cold inhospitable stark darkening oppressive plutonian chill murky rueful tenebrous tenebrific bland sepulchral grey clinical lonely lonesome pathetic dejecting draggy elegiacal dreich uncomfortable sunless impersonal cloudy wintery mourning afflicted wintry heartbreaking piteous jarring Cimmerian institutional teary heartrending tearful down-and-out mirthless humourless humorless heavy depressant oppressed hopeless sunk in gloom dismayed despairing defeatist daunted in low spirits in despair have the blahs listless brooding down-in-the-mouth chapfallen sunk troubled weighed down singing the blues as sick as a parrot


Experiencing pain
suffering miserable tormented distraught troubled afflicted sad upset anxious dejected depressed despondent disconsolate distressed hurt unhappy wretched agitated bitter bothered broken cheerless desolate devastated discomposed disconcerted disquieted doleful dolorous heartbroken heavyhearted inconsolable melancholy morose perturbed ruffled shaken sorrowful tortured traumatised traumatized unnerved vexed aflutter anguished bereaved concerned despairing discombobulated discountenanced down flustered grieved grieving harassed heartsick irked mournful overwhelmed plagued rueful saddened uptight weeping wrecked agonised agonized bugged crushed dolesome gutted harrowed haunted mourning pained shook spooked woeful wounded aching antsy bemoaning bewailing jumpy persecuted sorrowing unglued wailing brokenhearted broken-hearted bummed out cut up grief-stricken shook up strung out all torn up angst-ridden in pain woebegone heavy with grief in a stew in a tizzy overcome with sorrow racked with pain racked with suffering gloomy forlorn dismal glum blue joyless downcast crestfallen downhearted cast down low down in the dumps sorry melancholic hangdog heartsore droopy low-spirited down in the mouth bleak dreary somber solemn sombre dispirited lugubrious tearful grim sullen depressive bad heavy-hearted comfortless funereal drear lonesome lonely long-faced elegiacal fed up black chap-fallen destroyed regretful depressing dire morbid tenebrific cold sepulchral plutonian tenebrous godforsaken saturnine gray dreich elegiac grey chill Cimmerian darkening in a blue funk in the pits drab abject earnest sedate discouraged humourless dispiriting humorless grave stern disheartened hopeless dour weighty severe piteous choked spiritless sober unsmiling serious staid ruthful heartrending dragged bowed down mirthless out of sorts sourpuss stony-faced down and out bleeding tragic muted no-nonsense subdued in the dumps poker-faced ripped on a downer lamenting remorseful mortified overcome pining chapfallen bereft downbeat sorry for yourself grumpy lachrymose teary painful disappointed demoralized down-in-the-mouth shot down let-down not happy murky sunless lorn dark cloudy companionless in low spirits forbidding austere acheronian unwelcoming troubling dolent full of sorrow sick at heart in mourning tear-jerking singing the blues affecting in sorrow torn-up brassed off unsatisfied unconsolable as sick as a parrot cheesed off discontent in the doldrums demoralised pathetic pitiful moody pessimistic pitiable poor worthless oppressed daunted very sad low in spirits let down crummy taken down cast-down emo weighed down in the toilet torn up low-down heartbreaking powerless calamitous helpless bummed down-and-out downtrodden sour hapless luckless strained discontented dull ailing racked lamentable plaintive distressing defeatist in despair funeral plangent weepy deploring emotional saddening in tears desperate oppressive disheartening unfortunate aggrieved deplorable mopey dismayed grievous base tristful sick as a parrot down-hearted drearisome uninviting resigned displeased dim inhospitable dingy bare stark bland clinical sobbing draggy dejecting uncomfortable impersonal poignant sunk whimpering wintry jarring wintery institutional blubbering disturbed snivelling wistful moving listless touching in grief in doldrums paltry mean harrowing sniveling scurvy vile compassionate stirring commiserative arousing shabby beggarly suicidal disturbing gut-wrenching worried crying shattered sinister disillusioned disgruntled horrible foreboding ominous distressful discouraging weary disenchanted greeting shocked negative long-suffering blubbing larmoyant at the end of your tether down in dumps blubbery bawling dysphoric close to tears languorous triste moist howling watery languid wet sulky on the verge of tears lousy heart-rending lame prostrate with grief fraught heavy unable to be comforted unable to be consoled stricken beside oneself with grief merciful derisible meagre disgraceful to be pitied meager small brooding in distress at wits' end intimidated impaired cursed bearish tear-filled doomed uneasy in anguish angry annoyed cross frantic unmitigable down in mouth pensive cheap inadequate despicable contemptible insignificant languished having the blahs crabby having blue devils Eeyorish griefstricken damp no-win cynical strabilious apologetic sick atrocious up the creek without hope sensitive teary-eyed mawkish maudlin with tears in your eyes can't win careworn bummed-out not a prayer in the soup in shock at end of one's rope sore burned contused ground down anxiety-ridden guilt-ridden afraid worn down worn out hag-ridden dissatisfied frustrated discomfited chagrined miffed aghast beaten knocked for six dazed knocked sideways stunned confounded worsted vanquished baulked objecting balked disconcerting unpleasant disappointing horrific difficult displeasing dismaying awful shocking unnerving ghastly unlucky testing unwelcome worrying alarming dreadful parlous upsetting regrettable unfavorable unfavourable mephitical hellish irritable unpropitious unkind repellant repellent bewildering loathsome vexing agonizing appalling off-putting annoying abhorrent troublesome galling perturbing agonising perplexing distasteful frightening unpalatable revulsive frustrating macabre daunting unamusing inauspicious aggravating uncongenial irritating unpleasing irksome disagreeable repugnant


Extremely offensive, harsh and insulting
opprobrious abusive insulting offensive scurrilous vitriolic vituperative contemptuous contumelious defamatory scandalous disparaging invective pejorative calumniatory damaging denigratory deprecatory derogatory scornful derisive hateful libellous libelous scurril scurrile slanderous truculent venomous vituperatory aspersive calumnious insolent abasing censorious critical damning debasing defaming denigrating depreciative derogative despicable despiteful detractive disapproving disgracing dishonouring dishonoring dismissive excoriating humiliating injuring injurious libelling libeling malevolent malign malignant maligning offending reproachful reproaching reviling shaming spiteful vile vulgar malicious vilifying rude traducing sarcastic disrespectful belittling denunciatory disdainful scathing mud-slinging upbraiding false untrue scolding castigating uncomplimentary slighting calumniating dirty backbiting foul obloquious aspersory unfounded degrading nasty detracting reproving castigatory vicious misrepresentative lying sharp-tongued catty deprecating satirical invidious saucy impertinent cheeky brazen forward malapert sassy impudent brash pert pushy poisonous affronting demeaning depreciatory maledictory scandalmongering muckraking harsh virulent withering unflattering blasphemous maledictive slurring diminishing deflating unfavourable sardonic discrediting negative obnoxious violent berating rough unmannerly ranting censuring personal hurtful mean decrying derisory discreditable denigrative condemnatory damnatory condemning fault-finding aspersing minimizing unfavorable minimising obscene low infamous coarse salacious gross indecent ribald scabrous groundless raunchy lewd vituperous smutty filthy outrageous shameless reprobative admonishing slating reprobatory knocking Rabelaisian unsubstantiated baseless uncorroborated unwarranted foul-mouthed insupportable unsupported unjustified unjustifiable ill-founded


Lacking in material possessions or financial wealth
impoverished poor destitute needy poverty-stricken impecunious indigent penniless penurious ruined bankrupt pauperized broke insolvent beggared broken crippled hard up skint strapped bust in want necessitous beggarly boracic cleaned out dirt-poor distressed down-and-out famished flat broke in distressed circumstances in need in reduced circumstances in straitened circumstances needful straitened threadbare wiped out down and out on the breadline stony broke boracic lint clean deprived disadvantaged flat have-not low-income strapped for cash underprivileged on skid row stone broke without a bean without a sou on one's uppers without a red cent as poor as a church mouse without two farthings to rub together without two pennies to rub together badly off moneyless in Queer Street dirt poor unable to make ends meet out at elbows in penury out of pocket down on luck down at heel without a penny without two brass farthings to rub together short short of money in the red unprosperous without a brass farthing homeless on the rocks in debt stony-broke pinched depressed wanting busted lacking hard-pressed bad off stone-broke shabby in Chapter 11 unable to keep the wolf from the door stony fortuneless up against it reduced dead broke truly needy on one's beam-ends tapped out without two pennies farthings to rub together vagrant bankrupted unlucky unfortunate out of money low meager meagre on the streets suffering rundown derelict indebted seedy failed struggling cashless neglected in distress handicapped empty-handed lost in need of in the gutter gone under in administration in receivership low-paid gone bust behind eight ball on the bread line without a penny to one's name in Carey Street in a bad way gone to the wall on one's beam ends without a shot in one's locker poor as a church mouse in the hands of the receivers economically deprived financially disadvantaged unfavored unaffluent requiring help extremely poor workless unemployed laid off jobless between jobs redundant living rough sleeping rough idle base scanty unmoneyed impencunious stranded down to last cent of no fixed address of no fixed abode severe difficult stripped totaled divested deficient vile out of a job resting signing on unprivileged miserably poor very poor financially poor down-at-heel overdrawn over a barrel on last leg without a dime discriminated against deprived of devoid of played out wretched despicable mean on the dole in dire circumstances in great need beaten vagabond economically disadvantaged defeated outcast finished down to last penny craptastic spent squalid miserable pathetic shoddy foul sordid smashed hindered impaired ill-fated hapless ill-starred on the wallaby track in arrears owing money pitiful unpleasant abject belly up exhausted depleted on the skids out of funds in the poorhouse contemptible in financial difficulties not having two pennies to rub together not having two farthings to rub together financially distressed financially embarrassed without means of support short of cash without money in dire straits cleared out liquidated denuded bereft out of business forlorn dispossessed slummy defaulting ghetto ghost shanty foreclosed collapsed undone run down skid row run-down unable to pay one's debts financially ruined belly-up in Chapter 13 taken to the cleaners


Tending to cause great distress or anxiety
lamentable tragic woeful dreadful terrible awful wretched dire deplorable distressing appalling miserable unfortunate grievous heartbreaking sad rotten disastrous pitiful regrettable hopeless calamitous shameful execrable heartrending harrowing upsetting unlucky mean distressful egregious grave sorrowful mournful unfavourable dirty tragical unfavorable ignominious intolerable melancholy desperate afflictive inexcusable meager meagre gut-wrenching god-awful pathetic poor sorry dismal lousy atrocious frightful shocking bad pitiable horrible nasty abysmal disgraceful unpleasant crummy inadequate catastrophic very bad vile grim abominable chronic horrendous abject piteous ruinous heart-rending unsatisfactory direful contemptible unhappy inferior despicable cataclysmic paltry God-awful foul pants devastating offensive scurvy useless disagreeable doleful hideous pits poxy disappointing painful cheerless gloomy ghastly detestable affecting monstrous reprehensible moving abhorrent rueful duff disgusting saddening odious traumatic depressing poignant a load of pants horrifying joyless agonizing beastly diabolical forlorn horrific fatal substandard base horrid adverse unwelcome laughable heinous loathsome disturbing rubbish destructive agonising comfortless shabby sickening repulsive distasteful godawful afflicted gruesome repugnant cataclysmal cruel touching wrong unacceptable scandalous disheartening outrageous dishonourable displeasing bitter low wicked sordid dishonorable obnoxious repellent ugly unspeakable gross obscene unpropitious black dark undesirable tear-jerking cheap worthless harmful dreary untoward bleak inopportune alarming revolting ill-fated crippling desolate sombre unbearable fateful somber drear objectionable sucky stinking solemn discouraging yucky punk excruciating frightening hapless feeble evil grisly crushing plaintive blameworthy dolorous lame drab disquieting damning immoral ill-starred severe damaging ignoble cruddy morose hateful deadly nauseous harsh troublesome tearful serious unpalatable inept shoddy uncomfortable hellacious shattering infelicitous funereal icky hurtful cursed forbidding nightmarish lurid macabre awkward destitute unbecoming difficult critical mediocre detrimental ill-advised nefarious sinful inauspicious grubby scummy ratty scabby stirring catastrophal iniquitous suffering distressed noisome ropy depressive unworthy unprincipled nauseating repellant glum rubbishy worrying uncharitable vicious sullen third-rate lethal godforsaken trashy too bad tormenting ruined unsavory stressful vexatious insufferable uninviting fearful discomposing yukky disreputable annoying dastardly afflicting sour anguished uncongenial unlovely unpleasing terrifying dread parlous discomforting low-down lugubrious snide second-rate extreme troubling heart-wrenching currish luckless low-minded unnerving forsaken doomed unprosperous fearsome redoubtable jinxed terrific unsavoury scary intimidating formidable galling heart-breaking spine-chilling hair-raising out of luck in a bad way injurious untimely tough unpopular sneaking disadvantageous undesired hard rancid fulsome noxious dispiriting compassionate commiserative arousing beggarly deleterious underhand unsettling treacherous squalid hostile unpromising melancholic disconsolate dangerous to be pitied dejecting opprobrious disconcerting damnable mortal villainous bum ridiculous derisible sober faulty ruthful concerning overwhelming flagitious devastative lachrymose mortifying taxing unwanted indigent scungy impoverished sepulchral irritating hairy nerve-racking annihilatory depraved irksome criminal unsought grody humourless humorless derisory irretrievable weak grotty undignified ominous baleful torturous crying morbid bodeful cowardly servile degraded menial inelegant off-color merciful pained stricken shattered troubled broken unsuccessful star-crossed unsuitable inappropriate burdened insignificant desolating unattractive brutal well below par unforgivable bungling emotional teary senseless inglorious preposterous demoralizing demoralising wet unadvantageous outcast stark brackish unappetizing ill-chosen worrisome unpardonable unconscionable foolish indefensible petty dicey mirthless dispirited oppressive dolesome perturbing daunting loss-making tricky beseeching entreating supplicating imploring commiserable grieving insupportable discreditable glaring agitating heavy pressing crucial measly negligible insufficient from hell degrading agonized small inimical cold depressed unjustifiable unkind dejected despondent absurd ludicrous sedate troublous unendurable fraught urgent flat costly sacrificial blue tortured racked agonised despairing wanky insubstantial unstable dodgy uncool unappealing drastic unfair dingy plangent pensive grewsome great nightmare savage annihilative flagrant regretful monumental filthy feel-bad deathly vexing dismaying not up to snuff dreich saturnine not much cop trying exacting terribly bad hazardous perilous risky precarious acute portentous exigent off-putting nail-biting extremely bad nerve-wracking blighting earth-shattering pernicious messy sunless plutonian tenebrous lonesome tenebrific elegiac elegiacal unforgiving oppressing fierce scowling dreaded Cimmerian poverty-stricken foolish-looking silly weighty corrupt sleazy bloodcurdling strange shuddersome creepy eerie astounding unearthly sinister ghoulish sublime tremendous lewd beyond contempt grief-stricken a pity dilapidated inconvenient petrifying excessive subpar wanting bush crumby suboptimal junky deficient dissatisfactory rejected ungodly wrongful unrighteous irreligious sacrilegious profane impious unholy blasphemous common schlock tenth-rate excluded uninvited sinistrous baneful erring fallen impure irredeemable flimsy shlocky wack unsightly schlocky gimcrack off cheapjack cheesy seedy shlock coarse trumpery accursed cringe-making ill-favoured exceptionable inadmissible murderous dishonest fiendish diabolic barbarous godless unscrupulous defective confounded dissolute crooked infamous underhanded reprobate notorious degenerate perverted unwished for unwished-for illegitimate shady sullied tainted roguish bent illicit unlawful lawless illegal ill-omened ill-boding run down bush-league cut-rate low-grade low-quality low-rent el cheapo bargain-basement down at heel scoundrelly warped inequitable rascally malfeasant not wanted ill-favored peccable caitiff black-hearted not cricket morally wrong haunting nagging confronting downer bummer menacing chilling threatening spooky startling scaring inhuman foreboding unutterable unhealthy toxic unfriendly wounding maleficent prejudicial negative onerous unwholesome malignant suicidal cancerous nocuous indescribable sick malicious eradicative disgustful loathly malefic violent grotesque ill sick-making spine-tingling intense spartan awesome subversive austere prejudicious rough apocalyptic ghostly awe-inspiring corrupting counterproductive poisonous corroding venomous extirpative incendiary undermining inhospitable gut-churning life-threatening blood-curdling bothersome gory virulent mischievous ravaging nocent corrosive ferocious straitened rigorous arduous wrackful vulgar punishing sore mean-looking unsafe weird sobering problematic environmentally unfriendly bloody sticky tight profound thorny prickly delicate rugged inexpedient challenging knotty intensive impressive perplexing inexpressible problematical ticklish chancy iffy burdensome hardhanded powerful brooding imposing malign consequential unrelenting searing stiff dubious questionable suspect peracute harassing terrorizing pestilential lethiferous pestiferous internecine wreckful slaughterous gnarly eldritch malevolent terrorising hellish festy yucko gray grey bewildering shadowy causing fear strenuous unamusing death-dealing bloodthirsty feared bone-chilling eery enormous untold Kafkaesque undescribable blood-and-guts sanguinary blood-and-thunder apocalyptical fire-and-brimstone climactic climacteric explosive exquisite blistering keen almighty heavy-duty vehement deep furious unwelcoming sanguine thrilling nightmarey phantasmagorical unreal discommoding evil-looking overpowering inordinate tortuous scabrous stern inexorable stringent annihilating stupefying mighty strong frozen exciting breathtaking erosive cutthroat consumptive heartstopping unsuited pitiless murky hellfire dour insalubrious aggressive unapproachable pressuring browbeating bullying testing staggering stunning astonishing amazing significant considerable fell callous lou corruptive spookish striking afraid massive earnest glowering surprising all-powerful shameless like death warmed up death-obsessed insidious imperilling imperiling mephitical irritable aggravating revulsive frustrating major predictive prophetic revealing oracular gnawing blood-stained biting resolute doughty indomitable invincible commanding suggestive of evil unbelievable inconceivable inapt unseasonable far-reaching discommodious hair-curling cliff-hanging extraordinary suspenseful pulse-pounding unimaginable grinding big toilsome very great abortive valiant controversial sensitive ill-suited hard-pressed doubtful jeopardous rocky full of hardship strained ineffable shivery shuddery vomitous tasteless putrid unlikable causing excitement raunchy grungy surfeiting bogging sleazeball squicky rebarbative cloying skanky scuzzy brave imminent courageous beyond words preternatural undefinable snakebitten snakebit blighted yecchy beyond the pale vomit-inducing stomach-churning stomach-turning very unpleasant indescribably bad indescribably wicked beyond description indescribably evil accident-prone ruthless relentless merciless tough luck down on luck behind eight ball bad break hard luck too horrible for words remorseless intemperate inclement provoking withering hard-hearted immoderate impoverishing extravagant depleting wasteful draining exhausting


Causing, likely to cause, or capable or causing, physical harm or injury
hurtful damaging detrimental harmful injurious pernicious destructive deleterious baleful baneful cruel nasty wounding adverse bad dangerous disastrous evil ill inimical maleficent malicious nocuous noxious ruinous unfavorable unfavourable wicked malefic prejudicious aching afflictive deadly ominous poisonous unwholesome malignant prejudicial calamitous disadvantageous mischievous fatal venomous toxic virulent unfortunate lethal undesirable malevolent negative malign unhealthy corrupting nocent sinister dire devastating cancerous crippling threatening hostile catastrophic menacing cataclysmic mortal pestilential counterproductive hazardous vindictive vicious annihilative subversive spiteful pestiferous undermining eradicative suicidal unsafe noisome perilous parlous environmentally unfriendly critical untoward corrosive unpropitious corroding extirpative corruptive incendiary murderous viperous antagonistic painful mean unfriendly dicey inopportune inexpedient rancorous risky abusive evil-intentioned unconducive pestilent distressing iniquitous unlucky savage wrackful cataclysmal violent annihilatory devastative brutal corrupt frightening damning mephitic fierce minatory death-dealing miasmatic minacious contrary invidious antipathetic poison bitter counter unsympathetic catty immoral unjust wrongful opprobrious lethiferous internecine wreckful slaughterous vitriolic forbidding inauspicious vile ravaging intimidating life-threatening toxiferous disturbing fateful killing ruining destroying fell intimidatory bodeful septic hard infective peccant insidious nefarious woeful ill-boding foreboding dark mephitical morbid toxicant hateful foul opposed reprobate cantankerous offensive miasmic despiteful hate-filled acrimonious deathly terminal aspersive scathel dreadful mortifying louring annihilating desolating grievous grave jeopardizing imperilling imperiling erosive cutthroat consumptive unwelcoming ill-disposed unsound final homicidal incurable inimicable inimic not conducive disaffected repugnant at odds oppugnant severe serious troubling thorny jeopardising jeopardous killer causing death vital shattering ill-timed treacherous precarious necrotic mortuary mortiferous crushing withering inconvenient costly wild disquieting dysfunctional untimely objectionable disparaging derogatory detracting pejorative debit-side troublesome dyslogistic depreciative slighting uncomplimentary depreciatory unprofitable downside unhelpful immoderate impoverishing draining extravagant exhausting wasteful depleting insalubrious harassing sinful portentous vengeful aggressive feral harsh grim black alarming direful creepy eerie maladjusted disordered doomy ill-omened scary evil-looking spooky eldritch untamed dodgy brutish barbaric barbarous vituperative unbalanced unstable disturbed sinistrous minatorial ill-natured monstrous desperate depraved uncivilised serpentine uncivilized villainous fiendish abandoned uncontrollable abhorrent rowdy terrible ferocious ill-intentioned on the debit side suggestive of evil doomful dishonest perverse lowering obnoxious apocalyptic blackhearted socially impaired


(somewhat rare) Bringing harm or injury to
annoying harming injuring crippling damaging bruising impairing maiming mangling molesting scathing traumatizing wrecking abusing blemishing crushing marring mutilating spoiling tarnishing vandalizing vitiating wounding breaking defacing deforming disfiguring ruining wrenching traumatising vandalising undermining destabilizing weakening sabotaging compromising subverting jeopardizing hindering diminishing debilitating impoverishing destroying ravaging disrupting deteriorating disabling incapacitating enervating impeding trashing corroding afflicting annihilating blighting dismantling corrupting depressing devitalizing tainting sapping inconveniencing blasting endamaging crossing up debasing crabbing withering shocking smashing shattering scorching enfeebling torpedoing bloodying flawing battering taking out screwing up roughing up causing detriment to wreaking havoc on destabilising doing harm to throwing a monkey wrench into putting out of commission lousing up messing up shaking up detracting from fouling up putting out of action mucking up jeopardising interfering with smashing up devastating defiling demolishing despoiling desecrating totalling totaling poisoning pillaging polluting wasting sacking plundering staining desolating ransacking distorting spoliating looting contaminating depredating scuppering razing raiding perverting sullying scarring laying waste gutting fouling rifling scotching robbing marauding undoing reaving infecting thwarting putting the kibosh on profaning raping depraving decimating soiling warping queering stripping adulterating dirtying devouring touching dashing ravishing disfeaturing blowing debauching befouling prejudicing reducing lessening devaluing foiling sinking wearing away pulverizing creaming nixing prostituting blotting consuming nuking demoralizing playing havoc with making a mess of scratching doing in tearing down degrading bringing to naught demoralising pulverising blowing a hole in twisting contorting rusting darkening upsetting violating burning frustrating levelling leveling extinguishing dishonouring botching vaporizing dishing banjaxing cutting stymieing wracking overwhelming eroding cruelling dishonoring putting paid to pulling down vaporising putting a damper on disintegrating threatening discolouring besmirching hamstringing cheapening gnawing lacerating eating away cankering foraging discoloring euchring putting an end to scourging smirching decaying rotting invalidating stealing from alloying bastardizing brutalizing marking brutalising throwing a spanner in the works of wiping out bringing down doing for bastardising rubbing out throwing a monkey wrench in the works of crumbling demeaning blackening abasing laming hacking abrading quashing disgracing torturing worsening eating dissolving charring fleecing uglifying weathering mauling paralysing bending defeating misshaping prostrating blunting fretting nibbling ruinating paralyzing dilapidating disqualifying denting wearing down outraging unfitting breaking up shooting down watering down bringing to ruin attenuating laying waste to wasting away putting a stop to putting the lid on biting tearing apart bringing to an end leaving in ruins biting at running through exhausting leaving desolate spiking deflating misusing burgling buckling butchering squinching shaming affecting screwing misapplying malforming ending misemploying cramping overcoming harrying smearing gnarling preventing quelling squashing wronging emasculating hampering depreciating stewing stifling overcooking overturning obliterating fading dismembering stopping radioactivating pirating diluting immobilizing shaking tearing overrunning denuding reiving putting at risk knotting coloring subduing flattening skewing seducing restricting scuttling inactivating making impure bleaching bodging bestializing busting havocking decomposing cutting up tweaking dinging knocking down spreading to wincing overthrowing stabbing spreading among scouring chipping away at handicapping gnawing away at knocking out hacking up gnawing away doctoring colouring wearing making unattractive throwing monkey wrench in burning through pinioning making useless hocking taking apart driving a nail into the coffin of wreaking havoc overdoing sticking up muzzling knocking off burning into slashing taking advantage of animalizing kiboshing razing to the ground rendering incapable playing merry hell with raining on someone's parade making ugly detracting doing mischief to laying in ruins appropriating immobilising biting into unbracing hogtying hogtieing making a hash of distressing eating away at unstrengthening doing damage to using up plaguing shivering indisposing bringing about the downfall of oxidizing depopulating clobbering tagging torpefying spray painting messing whittling busting up bowing branding blaspheming mullering wiping off map stamping out muddying speckling blotching disfashioning rendering powerless making unfit making powerless massacring hog-tying castrating gimping truncating disserving marauding over nicking dampening nipping in the bud cleaning out bringing to nothing reducing to rubble depleting reducing to nothing wreaking havoc upon endangering bending out of shape making misshapen distorting the shape of fragmenting perishing tarring dumping on handling roughly assaulting committing sacrilege dragging down mongrelizing imperilling imperiling liquefying worn through melting dissipating restraining curbing inhibiting smothering rending treating sacrilegiously insulting souring oxidating scoring dispossessing scraping beating pinching costing causing the loss of resulting in damage to resulting in harm to leading to the end of causing the sacrifice of forcing knackering littering toxifying making filthy infesting treating with disrespect blaspheming against making lose face committing sacrilege against rustling depriving humbling humiliating grieving tormenting paining stinging waxing piquing drawing blood aggrieving bowdlerizing expurgating censoring streaking oxidising flaking troubling freebooting cutting to pieces amputating bowdlerising tearing limb from limb hashing up impacting striking doing burglarizing toppling discrediting becoming rusty influencing perturbing embezzling confiscating invading trespassing arrogating squelching neutralizing moving diseasing enthusing overbaking bedding chopping crumpling mortifying bankrupting eradicating harshing misrepresenting misinterpreting falsifying deflowering sexually assaulting lowering chastening reducing in quality reducing in value decreasing prevailing occurring obstructing canceling out cancelling out aging ageing limiting steaming mugging stiffing rendering ineffective spotting garbling mishandling exploiting burning to a cinder burning to a frazzle burning to a crisp desensitizing dehumanizing indecently assaulting forcing yourself on having your way with sexually abusing impinging halting slicing carving slaying chopping up hashing flaying mashing cutting about separating slitting seasoning whittling away disempowering cutting down dehumanising desensitising disparaging running down slamming bemeaning cutting down to size taking down a peg derogating casting down lowering the status of panning belittling putting down decrying bringing shame to taking down misconstruing diverting manipulating skinning working against crazing outmaneuvering outsmarting overreaching outfoxing neutralising unbuilding crimping abolishing ballsing up outmanoeuvring having offsetting abating making waves prevailing over impinging upon impacting on making dirty tingeing tinging casting a gloom upon digging out overshadowing softening casting gloom over knocking the bottom out of tunnelling bringing a note of sadness to sandbagging challenging dragging through the mud queering the pitch of tunneling poking full of holes digging mining hollowing out clipping one's wings jamming breaking into holding up turning over knocking over relieving preying lofting ripping off grabbing moonlight requisitioning foraying liberating kipping lifting prowling requisitioning striking at striking down fudging misrelating misstating deflecting slanting cooking felling ill-using disenabling deactivating freezing conditioning having an effect on exerting influence on taking hold of attacking having an impact on crashing dynamiting washing out clamping nullifying devaluating taking bombing exploding smiting mellowing tampering with banging up splitting causing injury cracking maltreating knocking preventing from moving preventing from working making inoperative rendering inactive tying rendering inoperative actioning bringing to a standstill bringing to a halt disarming arresting glitching up disappointing mistreating brainwashing salting steering changing altering faking veering doctoring up watering blowing to bits blowing sky-high blowing up breaking down blowing to pieces losing strength grimacing chipping scraping away exterminating eating into grinding down simulating age in trampling


The condition of someone who suffers
suffering pain torture agony distress misery torment affliction anguish discomfort hardship hurt ordeal sorrow adversity grief sadness woe trauma tribulation unhappiness wretchedness angst dolour heartache heartbreak dolor hell martyrdom misfortune stress difficulty passion travail hell on earth despair desolation anxiety pang depression despondency sorriness dolefulness dejection excruciation straits rack worry throe cross purgatory dole rue calvary dark night of the soul bitterness gloom remorse melancholy deprivation heartsickness poverty heartbrokenness doldrums Gehenna horror gloominess melancholia murder nightmare moroseness blues dumps heavy heart broken heart low spirits worriment stitch twinge squalor ache headache bad news anvil chorus trouble disaster mishap reverse trial misadventure catastrophe calamity tragedy shock upset accident setback reversal crisis hardness asperity rigor buffet blow ill burden vicissitude danger jam drag hassle contretemps mischance travails crunch issue clutch downer poison nakba jinx rigour knock skids bummer ill-fortune hard times tough luck ill-luck hard knocks dire straits ill luck bad break ill fortune bad luck harsh conditions trials and tribulations stroke of bad luck deep water stroke of ill luck pain in the bum kiss of death pain in the backside tough situation pain in the rear evil eye the worst reversal of fortune can of worms pain in the neck problem cataclysm failure debacle disappointment casualty inconvenience curse visitation scourge plight harm hard luck disadvantage rotten luck loss emergency dilemma annoyance predicament blight pickle exigency mess complication bother hot water infelicity bane ruin nuisance load strain quandary car crash vexation unpleasantness privation upheaval reverse of fortune whammy hard time apocalypse albatross hitch fiasco ruination grievance struggle unluckiness austerity cross to bear collapse destitution need defeat injury crash hazard devastation evil quagmire snag extremity havoc muddle unluck labor labour penury meltdown indigence want haplessness persecution downfall infliction sticky situation lapse wreck spot of bother strait tight spot scrape impasse pinch blunder bind mire conundrum imbroglio perplexity plague drama slip encumbrance drain toil drudgery oppression tight corner millstone damage crucible exertion test check bale waterloo weight sad state critical situation train wreck tricky situation tight situation difficult situation doom unfortunateness destruction tension tough break discouragement holocaust lack mischief stew untowardness hole turmoil uphill battle fix pressure disturbance hindrance entanglement disorder shambles harshness grind error severity miscalculation worst-case scenario hang-up battle big trouble sorry condition awkward situation problematic situation unfortunate situation no-win situation difficulties mishappening detriment challenge impoverishment curtains neediness commotion gauntlet disease fire frustration rout beggary bad thing mishanter demands wrong pest gantlet mistake impecuniousness impecuniosity abyss knot non-success crux painfulness difficult task jolt evil fortune evil chance obstacle tinderbox tall order drawback disservice urgency holy mess unholy mess uphill struggle tough grind tough assignment aggravation cancer hold-up contamination hiccup impediment barrier embarrassment smash chaos disarray rainy day pollution body blow botheration farce pestilence hurdle canker humiliation unfortunate incident obstruction handicap corruption bad experience severe test trying time to-do trammel confusion undoing kick in the teeth one in the eye sad event heavy blow thorn in the flesh debasement annihilation bitter pill catch-22 faux pas stumbling block spanner in the works hot potato double trouble thorn in one's side fly in the ointment dreadful thing awful thing terrible thing endeavor effort rotten break devil's own luck hard cheese raw deal slog hardshi heat necessity case ills malice long haul hard work endeavour irritation disquiet cumber sordidness tumult condition failing cruelty mischanter agitation letdown comedown jar punishment breakdown boo-boo offense prejudice offence ill-treatment matter down dud Dunkirk spot juncture head crossroads conjuncture crucifixion devastating blow ticklish spot spectacle disbenefit lot blue ruin botched situation inclemency intolerance obduracy roughness bath stormy seas derangement outburst traumatization total pileup smashup incident fuss ill chance retribution repulse breaking point flash point zero hour boiling point crunch time collision worst case business circumstance occasion adventure row scene melodrama affair turnabout vanquishment conquering unpredictable outcome lack of success thrill fracas sensation excitement troubles pressure cooker extreme suffering worst outcome stroke vengeance penalty difficult time flood fall worst possible outcome worst that could happen worst comes to worst bad fortune stack-up crack-up fender-bender wrack-up difficult going hard going strife rear-ender trials pitfall grievous blow peril serious accident duress conflict fatigue rough going dispute act of God blast irritant Cancer hydra exasperation besetment tear-jerker bad trot fell stroke burdens exertions care shit show rough situation wronging mix-up monkey wrench in the works vexed question question mark gremlin rub source of difficulty hornets' nest source of trouble catch menace double whammy hard knock mildew contagion fungus pass infestation glitch nervous tension pressure of work brutality barricade sweat deadlock shipwreck messiness bust puzzle monstrosity situation bomb disorderliness financial distress Herculean task overthrow ruthlessness eyesore withering dump sight delay holdup holdback rough seas inhumanity harassment crimp inefficacy savagery block cramp bafflement blot on the landscape vicious circle rabbit hole a stew a jam a scrape a spot a hole a fix dead end a pickle unseating deposition ousting vanquishing conquest toppling overturn end elimination shame disgrace death relentlessness nemesis Waterloo labefaction knock-back impairment piece of bad luck bit of trouble monkey wrench exactingness trip destroyer omission last straw loss of power stumble misstep bad omen flaw fumble final straw fault subversion mutilation toughness disfigurement vandalism defacement wreckage scarring vandalization defilement desecration acerbity vitiation erosion deterioration wrecking friction shattering battering attrition crushing severeness ruining abuse abrasion adulteration spoilage knockout detrition wear and tear illness outrage degeneration bruise waste wound cave-in depreciation marring blemish corrosion breakage ravage


A strong desire
craving desire longing yearning hunger urge hankering appetite thirst wish yen passion lust itch pining need hope drive fancy appetency want ache aspiration thirstiness goal letch greed jones aim burning hungering appetition addiction munchies cacoethes the munchies inclination eagerness liking ambition love avidity propensity relish fondness weakness ardor covetousness dream enthusiasm appetence ardour proclivity penchant voracity impulse fervor infatuation fervour predilection taste keenness rapaciousness lustfulness greediness cupidity prurience zeal concupiscence eroticism craze libido mania avidness will lasciviousness libidinousness excitement ravenousness attraction fascination lechery compulsion motive salacity preference pruriency partiality impatience disposition desirousness obsession amativeness erotism objective whim lustihood rapture thing stomach intent intention bent purpose soft spot salaciousness horniness pursuit demand druthers hots fire in the belly zest willingness rapacity lech leaning tendency frenzy solicitude devotion motivation predisposition doting plan target object design endeavor endeavour vision eros mission use resolve affection idea holy grail end sweet tooth avarice pretension bourne bias Holy Grail raison d'être object of desire desired result acquisitiveness gusto instinct graspingness interest favour favor admiration gluttony mercenariness requirement hungriness impetus palate daydream avariciousness tooth aphrodisia yearn materialism strong interest big eyes requisite necessity mind possessiveness resolution like randiness nympholepsy fire in belly eyes for shine humour determination humor urgency ideal scheme calling vocation push destination bourn expectation mark direction love affair desideratum adoration strong desire thirsting aridity coveting strong want panting faithfulness loyalty prayer estimation restlessness fixation indulgence preoccupation licentiousness carnality lewdness hang-up esurience vacancy deprivation void impulsion temptation sexuality sensuality predatoriness money-grubbing selfishness food shortage bottomless pit aching essential lecherousness wantonness sexual desire raunchiness sexual appetite money-grabbing insatiableness Mammonism grabbiness pleonexia a stomach for ambitiousness sexual passion sexual longing biological urge sex drive notion grail sensualism envy animalism the hots go-getting chocolate addiction sugar craving turn proneness aptitude gluttonousness itching voraciousness dearth needfulness scarcity cry out call support occasion absence necessitude drought focus imperative deficit scarceness exigence scantiness market exigency prejudice velleity devices habitude readiness bone genius affinity gulosity edacity list whimsy fantasy drift pleasure capability trend type aptness idiosyncrasy capacity temperament movement feeling persuasion susceptibility groove attachment edaciousness piggishness insatiability cup of tea turn of mind caprice ideation thought vagary illusion gourmandism envisagement chimera eccentricity delusion phantasy phantasm imagination contrivance kink quirk reverie hallucination fantasm imaginativeness whimsey conceit peculiarity picture figment inventiveness envisioning self-indulgence romancing mirage fabrication chimaera pipe dream fool's paradise castle in the air pie in the sky megrim freak bee crank vagrancy unreality maggot nonentity flight of fancy appreciation castle in Spain invention crotchet enjoyment visualization creativity visualisation originality foible fiction image wishful thinking daydreaming castle in the sky bee in your bonnet bubble fad head trip inclining favoritism mood nightmare favouritism dreaming impression choice speculation conception option mental picture pretence mental image twist goodwill pretense make-believe approval kindness blessing commendation esteem friendliness castles in the air oddity figment of the imagination air castle singularity respect regard grace rainbow pick benevolence approbation imprimatur account selection romance false hope flash fetish way apparition semblance self-delusion airy hope self-deception imagining golden dream unreal hope bag mindset kind regard prepossession unrealistic hope flight of imagination eggs in moonshine sham fanciful notion discretion amorousness good opinion imaginative faculty spectre wraith trance incubus specter hobby sport fit eye tilt tic individualism quiddity trick quip erraticism mannerism curiosity sudden notion whim-wham loving unrealizable dream dish imagery understanding favorite sympathy orientation heart set on nonsense production extemporisation extemporization hunch actuation appeal excitant lash impellent influence openness phantasma fantastic notion liking for lovingness creation sudden idea sentiment weakness for thing for fable passing thought trait falsehood conceiving utopia perception imaginative power command favourite concoction favorite activity besottedness sex enamoredness cognition mind's eye creation of the brain improvisation empty wish captivation power of invention mind trip fitfulness fickleness changeableness inconstancy creative thought fond hope cloud cuckoo land product of someone's imagination musing apprehension lie clutch unreasonable expectation foolish expectation irrational expectation unrealistic expectation vein temper jerk inconsistency rib contrariety caper gag perversity adulation mental vision mental visualization folly crochet crush castle in the skies fond illusion unrealistic goal dreamscape jam tomorrow out-of-body experience sequence of images answer contingency fallback put on fool notion enchantment care concept fantasizing daydreams sweven conceptualization solution alternative sexual love plans hopes illusions having as one's type prospect election muse imago ideality go-to avoidance distraction wool-gathering relaxation entertainment escape diversion conceptualisation volition play-acting charade pretending appearance liberty escapism fantasising pipe dreams possible course of action flights of fancy deception first choice free choice masquerade castles in Spain fallacy simulacrum misperception imitation disguise pretentiousness pageant dissimulation story role-playing playacting game fakery false impression false appearance deceptive appearance fairy tale

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