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Deserving or causing public disgrace or shame
disgraceful shameful humiliating discreditable sorry undignified abject disreputable inglorious mortifying dishonourable embarrassing despicable dishonorable ignoble infamous louche notorious opprobrious scandalous shady shoddy shy unrespectable humiliatory indecorous miserable pitiful wretched debasing degrading discomfiting offensive reprehensible shaming demeaning unworthy contemptible belittling lowering cheapening improper unbecoming unseemly blush-making derogatory infra dig barro toe-curling cringe-making chastening appalling shocking questionable blameworthy unsuitable corrupt low immoral unladylike ungentlemanly base shabby unprincipled suspect unbefitting unfitting dubious unrefined unceremonious bad outrageous scornful disparaging derogative decrying pejorative derisory depreciative contemptuous denigratory slighting uncomplimentary depreciatory deprecatory disdainful detractive denigrative untoward inappropriate unacceptable cringeworthy indecent dishonoring dishonouring discrediting menial bringing shame hateful abominable unheroic unsuccessful failed indelicate tarnished wicked indiscreet detestable derisive depreciating patronizing condescending sneering tasteless vulgar patronising crass culpable deplorable unjustifiable objectionable wrong regrettable unfortunate indefensible exceptionable remiss in bad taste inelegant humbling crushing disgracing beneath you lacking dignity deflating squashing quashing beneath your dignity corrupting downgrading mean bringing low bringing down dishonest villainous rascally disconcerting upsetting untrustworthy unscrupulous vicious seedy disorderly distressing unsavoury of bad reputation suspicious seamy crooked sleazy slippery vile unwholesome awkward uncomfortable shifty dodgy fishy licentious dissolute lewd pitiable beggarly unsavory cheap scurvy sordid lowly libidinous flustering compromising delicate sensitive confusing tricky in bad no good discountenancing disturbing agitating touchy troublesome discomposing in low esteem in the doghouse cringey discommoding perplexing trying unpropitious equivocal inopportune inconvenient bewildering excruciating troubling incommodious exasperating impossible disagreeable rattling discommodious distracting puzzling worrisome uneasy abusive scurrilous insulting rude vituperative disrespectful insolent contumelious impertinent defamatory hurtful slanderous libelous libellous difficult vitriolic thorny sticky ticklish invective dicey vexatious problematic knotty scurril vituperatory truculent scurrile wounding impudent affronting discourteous hairy uncivil unpleasant damaging personal catty calumniatory injurious critical calumnious disapproving spiteful censorious despiteful malevolent reproachful maligning irritating annoying displeasing restless nervous tense provocative vexing provoking galling unmannerly anxious embarrassed untimely problematical painful censurable crude obnoxious impolite coarse venomous gnarly saucy pert pushy cheeky brazen forward malapert sassy brash unflattering detracting aspersive diminishing unfavourable libeling denigrating dismissive injuring excoriating hurting offending abasing malign defaming libelling reviling malignant reproaching damning negative nasty vilifying blasphemous traducing mud-slinging biting repulsive ridiculing fault-finding deprecating malicious aspersing minimizing sarcastic unfavorable minimising


Contemptuous of what is right, decent or honorable
contemptible despicable vile base heinous ignoble low wretched currish detestable dirty disgraceful dishonourable dishonorable execrable infamous low-down low-minded mean nasty paltry scandalous shabby shameful snide sordid villainous wicked rotten disreputable reprehensible abominable discreditable abject odious scurvy disgusting unprincipled loathsome deplorable immoral degenerate abhorrent unworthy corrupt bad sorry offensive hateful foul shoddy unscrupulous cheap lousy shocking beastly nefarious depraved appalling shady atrocious monstrous iniquitous unsavoury worthless vicious degraded sinful outrageous debased unsavory dishonest revolting repugnant evil scummy wrong distasteful horrible servile degrading louche treacherous egregious obscene opprobrious crooked dreadful vulgar unspeakable miserable unpleasant criminal flagitious notorious obnoxious dastardly uncharitable sleazy menial shameless beyond contempt cruel deceitful unfair inglorious terrible unforgivable unethical horrid filthy unrespectable awful diabolical impure grubby lame shy gross ratty scabby poor indecent blameworthy improper unseemly repulsive no-good squalid pitiable knavish repellent despisable pitiful dissolute inexcusable tawdry disagreeable underhanded debauched cowardly nauseating coarse lamentable unlawful underhand sneaking cruddy horrifying scungy reprobate petty ugly untrustworthy unbecoming humble objectionable disdainable slavish indefensible perverted malicious sad unkind malevolent beyond the pale dark unrighteous intolerable pathetic grovelling groveling undignified common caitiff beggarly lewd thoughtless sneaky deceptive mercenary sickening crass stinking malignant slimy inconsiderate not cricket off-color fraudulent blackguardly lowly devious spiteful good-for-nothing illegal rude perfidious miscreant exceptionable perverse seamy seedy rascally humiliating unconscionable undesirable ungentlemanly scoundrelly venal subservient bent inferior outcast unfriendly illegitimate meanspirited callous sleazoid inequitable abandoned yucky diabolic fiendish illicit warped black yucko indelicate disrespectful no-account unpardonable barbarous insupportable inelegant graceless malign mean-spirited frightful vindictive hurtful catty hostile noisome noxious God-awful despiteful virulent low-life dirty rotten hard-hearted ill-natured doggish opprobious putrid shaming crude debasing useless uncouth poxy base-minded smutty traitorous ill-famed dissipated craven unhealthy ill-reputed questionable unsuitable inappropriate slipshod amoral shiftless off-putting trashy plebeian unchivalrous ungodly wrongful detested execrated unrefined ungenerous irreligious sacrilegious profane impious unholy blasphemous despised incompetent feckless embarrassing erring fallen vitiated wanton unbefitting indecorous immodest ribald intemperate flagrant unclean drunken carnal profligate hateworthy measly insensitive decadent accursed godawful abominated hated loathed abhorred gut-churning hellish icky sick-making damnable devilish tragic peasant ordinary reproachful modest simple plain swinish murderous godless vomitous sick bogging scurrilous faithless out of place narrow-minded unskilled unacceptable senseless grievous unfortunate preposterous grody hateable avaricious skanky disgustful loathly good-for-naught meritless no-count sullied tainted roguish lawless selfish stingy natty miserly bribable ridiculous foolish maggot low-status boring out of keeping malfeasant calculated covetous abysmal dire disastrous peccable heartless vomit-inducing in poor taste dull routine unjustifiable calamitous distressing grim regrettable rancid repellant hideous horrendous fulsome nauseous unfeeling uncaring coldhearted unsympathetic black-hearted humdrum inhumane cold-blooded savage brutal not nice sadistic inhuman harsh crummy woeful unbearable heartbreaking mournful insufferable morally wrong meek gloomy dejected deferent dismal hangdog humiliated self-effacing desperate red hot backbiting highly improper maligning vilifying traducing detractive untrue gossiping crying detracting self-seeking demeaning fawning very bad low-grade sycophantic obsequious blue-collar unsporting crafty baseborn basic tedious obeisant double-dealing abusive sly cunning wily churlish Machiavellian cheating shifty conniving designing calculating guileful surly poisonous venomous deceiving unsportsmanly shrewd unsportsmanlike wounding annoying cantankerous slick scheming ornery ruthless sarcastic ill-humored ill-gotten ill-tempered evil-minded ill-humoured bad-tempered below the belt Janus-faced out of order against the rules beneath contempt below contempt infernal ghastly two-faced sinister dodgy barbaric brutish merciless off unwarranted uncalled for butcherly brute truculent furtive raunchy unjust felonious fast maleficent unjustified fierce grisly gruesome ferocious macabre remorseless bestial salacious nightmarish bawdy licentious lustful pornographic prurient unchaste tricky corrupted lascivious grewsome horrific terrific nightmare X-rated secret surreptitious cutthroat clandestine covert pitiless lurid promiscuous suggestive loose slippery indictable secretive backstairs back-alley hugger-mugger shrouded cloak-and-dagger hidden veiled indirect hole-and-corner murky conspiratorial libertine sensual pernicious incontinent harmful injurious under the table rough unsatisfactory unreasonable bloodthirsty exploitative conscienceless unnecessary wrongdoing transgressing ruffianly unconscientious not on out of turn thievish casuistic recreant arrant culpable peccant ignorant blue a bit much uncultured unlettered irreverent wolfish dangerous guilty baneful deleterious prejudicial detrimental bad news incorrigible nocuous adverse wayward damaging mischievous baleful ill over the fence a bit thick unvirtuous stupid blithering cursed flaming footling confounded porny stag gutter locker-room unprintable whorish saturnalian rakish no good corruptible grafting swindling gone to the dogs extortionate buyable suborned profiteering unfaithful open hollow-hearted fast and loose on the take of easy virtue randy sensational stealthy undercover concupiscent libidinous graphic exaggerated private raw hard-core orgiastic voluptuous fleshly soft-core bodily steamy artful underground lubricious melodramatic explicit duplicitous stealth goatish privy startling on the QT under wraps behind-the-scenes sneak sub-rosa on the quiet hush-hush concealed dubious two-timing harrowing gory sensationalist extravagant overdramatized colourful rubbishy unrestrained horny biased prejudiced tasteless kitschy pulp insidious subtle evasive fishy snidey foxy cagy beguiling cute cagey hot lubricous satyric ruttish passionate itchy pervy hypersexual cacodemonic facinorous partial one-sided partisan violent slim shonky insincere naughty lickerish lusty hairy fearful errant obliquitous oblique gimmicky grotesque shock-horror tacky unearthly vivid juicy morbid lecherous influenced discriminatory yellow full-frontal faking one out playing politics put on playing games not straightforward hot and heavy weighted preferential fiery salty deep bloody terrifying striking colorful purple extreme sanguine racy distinct garish demonic unmerited undeserved slanted bigoted fixed excessive rancorous wrathful satanic shadowy bad-hearted


Tending to cause great distress or anxiety
lamentable tragic woeful dreadful terrible awful wretched dire deplorable distressing appalling miserable unfortunate grievous heartbreaking sad rotten disastrous pitiful regrettable hopeless calamitous shameful execrable heartrending harrowing upsetting unlucky mean distressful egregious grave sorrowful mournful unfavourable dirty tragical unfavorable intolerable melancholy desperate afflictive inexcusable meager meagre hurting gut-wrenching god-awful undesirable unpopular unwelcome undesired unacceptable unpleasant displeasing objectionable untoward distasteful offensive unpalatable disagreeable blameworthy ill-advised disappointing reprehensible too bad disgraceful unsought unwanted agonizing disturbing traumatic agonising dismal painful heart-rending shocking pathetic disquieting bad saddening grim tormenting sorry pitiable difficult unhappy gloomy troublesome atrocious unsettling poor depressing stressful affecting cheerless piteous uncomfortable frightening frightful lousy hostile hurtful monstrous afflicting bitter doleful severe inopportune nerve-racking excruciating cruel poignant harmful catastrophic worrying horrible horrendous troubling disconcerting unbearable bleak sombre gross solemn somber devastating horrific horrid irksome worrisome discomforting uninviting joyless shattering hard concerning detestable forbidding revolting loathsome daunting horrifying torturous perturbing plaintive abominable ghastly agitating foul harsh vile nasty gruesome tear-jerking impoverished heart-breaking troublous fraught macabre hairy nightmarish grisly anguished hellacious savage galling desolating wrong moving outrageous heinous regretful glaring heart-wrenching touching iniquitous nefarious flagrant oppressed pitiless vicious stark brutal merciless ruthless poverty-stricken a pity untimely adverse cataclysmic flagitious overwhelming crushing afflicted grieving inauspicious weighty villainous taxing disconsolate agonized scarring unpropitious disadvantageous injurious unadvantageous ruinous tortured racked agonised feeble paltry extremely upsetting demoralising demoralizing cataclysmal fatal tough detrimental unpromising inimical destructive damning black deadly infelicitous catastrophal fateful damaging crippling alarming dreary desolate fearful haunting nagging squalid godforsaken confronting ill-fated humourless sober crummy odious repellent unnerving irritating annoying unsavory mortifying humorless repulsive repugnant discomposing drab dark sordid unsatisfactory icky stinking unendurable vexatious hideous lurid disgusting nauseating sedate abysmal sickening obnoxious diabolical disheartening sullen morose drear unappealing repellant uncool awkward yukky grotty yucky godawful abhorrent grody ugly sour nauseous inferior abject unsavoury beastly uncongenial unlovely unpleasing glum indigent scungy depressive forlorn sepulchral comfortless scurvy off-putting nail-biting extremely bad nerve-wracking


Lower in rank or status
inferior lesser lowly minor humble mediocre menial secondary second-class subordinate unpretentious base insignificant junior low-ranking second-string small subservient subsidiary unassuming undistinguished unimportant ancillary bottom common degrading demeaning inglorious little lousy low low-grade meagre meager measly middling miserable ordinary paltry puny reduced second-fiddle second-rate smaller contemptible humdrum ignoble lower lower-ranking petty pitiful plebeian poorer sad scrubby servile shabby slighter sorry wretched bush-league dinky low-born lower in rank lower in status mean minor-league small-fry small-time subjacent third-string undersized back seat below someone beneath someone bottom-rung entry-level less important lower-class not so important not very important second-banana under someone's heel baseborn proletarian lowborn lumpen vulgar unwashed low-life prole trivial less slight inconsequential inconsiderable trifling negligible marginal poor piddling light obscure dependent under two-bit casual accessory peripheral working-class picayune lower-level simple peasant declassed second nugatory nickel-and-dime fiddling minute frivolous incidental lower-grade low-class minus Mickey Mouse déclassé supplementary auxiliary modest penny-ante meek submissive obsequious inessential niggling piffling footling popular blue-collar subject irrelevant foolish subaltern tributary peanut shoestring younger tacky of little account limited plain below the mark average diminished low-bred gentle mild unworthy immaterial commonplace dutiful docile nether non-essential supplemental lowlife satellite mundane withdrawing everyday retiring reverential prosaic supporting sub- nominal blue-singlet deficient twopenny-halfpenny reserve insubstantial slavish piddly pimping no-account chicken worthless unsubstantial pettifogging tiny low-level plebby beggarly collateral lower rung cast down sub scratch shallow de minimis cheap inconsequent not worth mentioning zero useless zilch nothing of no account of low birth unknown lightweight second-best dishonourable dishonorable tinier crude little-known petite cloth-cap lessened beneath bourgeois restricted little known baser philistine substandard subalternate minimal bush tangential democratic people's grassroots underprivileged smalltime declassé minuscule token unrefined severe rough unremarkable substract inappreciable derisory unskilled unsophisticated traditional banal conventional pedestrian second class second choice pathetic mingy poxy exiguous sparse slender uncouth unfit sordid a notch under associate boring low-status small-bore alternative routine dull fewer unconsiderable not worth bothering about lower than spare alternate backup substitute fallback attendant shortened extra relief of low rank of lesser importance than less important than abject negative depressed declined feeding shoot side youngest assistant vile fawning not so great deprived grovelling sycophantic extraneous fall-back vice- not so much pointless superficial not as great frothy meaningless of little consequence of little importance of no importance tinpot nonessential zip of no moment of no consequence null indifferent unnecessary tedious basic groveling obeisant second best captive subjugated no great shakes not worth speaking of potty controlled neither here nor there beside the point of no great concern governed obedient enslaved ruled diminutive liable vulnerable accountable disposed susceptible pint-sized stunted frail weak feeble dwarfish underfed pygmy weakly at one's feet in danger of bound by fun size sickly underdeveloped undernourished Lilliputian undeveloped undersize pocket-sized pocket delicate half-pint pocket-size shrimpy pint-size toylike fine fragile smallish bantam subnormal weedy peewee wee unsound scrawny runt infirm small time shrimp unconsequential

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