Synonym of ill favoured


Not handsome or beautiful or appealing
hideous plain ugly unattractive unsightly fugly unlovely homely repulsive unappealing drack huckery unprepossessing no oil painting ugly looking short on looks plain as a pikestaff not much to look at ill-favored grotesque monstrous unpretty unhandsome unbeautiful unpleasing vile disgusting uncomely deformed plain-featured revolting displeasing unpleasant plain-looking nasty horrid repellent unalluring gruesome disagreeable ghastly offensive disfigured horrible gross repugnant frightful beastly repelling uninviting ordinary-looking bad-looking as ugly as sin as plain as a pikestaff not beautiful awful-looking frightful-looking grisly shocking ordinary mousy unaesthetic animal terrifying terrible detestable loathsome horrendous morbid macabre sickening abominable weird bestial misshapen drab lacklustre lackluster unshapely dull grim foul hard on the eyes not striking awful unseemly not pretty reptilian hard-featured hard-favoured ugly-looking distasteful objectionable unpalatable unappetizing unsavoury unsavory obnoxious off-putting uninteresting yucky undesirable insipid unwelcome nauseating icky yukky dislikable odious unsuitable bad rotten sour hateful abhorrent inedible tasteless uneatable flavourless dreadful unlikable flavorless unflattering unbecoming ill-suited unsuited bitter uncongenial harsh wicked despicable dreary unnatural bland distorted malformed abnormal brackish freakish incongruous unenticing frightening sick-making flat banal unwanted rebarbative annoying obscene grody unpopular not much for looks unwished-for ill-fitting scuzzy unsympathetic hatable untempting noisome dismal inhospitable joyless unwelcoming comfortless depressing cheerless bleak charmless horrific horrifying nightmarish disheartening discouraging forbidding dispiriting daunting intimidating dismaying demoralizing uncoveted unbeauteous subfuscous trite hellish mutant miscreated fearsome shapeless teratoid yucko fiendish not appealing formidable vapid painful difficult unadorable uncaptivating savorless stinky uncomfortable demoralising unenviable uniform savourless distressing upsetting regrettable unacceptable unlovable odd bizarre lamentable unchanging monotonous unvarying unvaried fanciful strange outlandish fantastic wishy-washy regimented insufferable whimsical misproportioned twisted weak appalling deplorable reprehensible dreaded intolerable contemptible disliked mutilated gnarled mangled functional governmental institutional bromidic utilitarian jejune rudimentary corporate prosaic dry elementary humdrum pedestrian noxious disgustful loathly nauseous peculiar freaky exceptionable unsatisfactory unsought loathed adverse inconvenient shunned useless incommodious disadvantageous scorned uninvited troublesome inexpedient outcast inadmissible defective beyond the pale rejected bothersome detrimental rum standard issue to be avoided unwished for for the birds strictly for the birds out of place surrealistic uncanny surreal flamboyant aberrant absurd extreme antic queer laughable extravagant perverted eerie

Antonym of ill favoured

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