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without limits in extent or size or quantity


Impervious to limitation, without limit
unlimited infinite limitless immeasurable unbounded boundless unending endless eternal bottomless fathomless horizonless immense immensurable indefinite measureless never-ending unfathomable vast without end amaranthine ceaseless constant continual continuous countless deathless enduring everlasting immortal incalculable incessant indeterminate inestimable interminable monotonous multitudinous numberless overlong perpetual self-perpetuating unbroken undivided undying uninterrupted unsurpassable untold without limits no end of no end to inexhaustible great cosmic without limit unceasing abundant extensive unfailing unfading lasting permanent huge unfathomed perdurable sempiternal innumerable imperishable abiding indeterminable unrestricted indestructible perennial myriad ageless immutable tremendous enormous incomprehensible timeless no strings dateless abysmal persistent forever immemorial continued always undefined unconfined unplumbed unflagging abounding unnumberable innumerous unsounded deep profound large extreme wide open beyond measure no holds barred ongoing unchanging continuing very deep termless priceless invaluable unbottomed uncalculable copious wide-open unconstrained uncontrolled unchecked unrestrained unspecified unknown precious unconditional absolute unbridled bountiful no catch classic changeless prodigious valuable uncertain undetermined undecided unfixed unresolved unsettled lavish total unvarying invariable never-changing impenetrable yawning no strings attached full utter nonstop gaping chasmic cavernous far down plumbless plummetless agelong atemporal beyond price stellar uncounted supertemporal wide million all-embracing stupendous not stopping having no end round-the-clock non-stop with no holds barred never dying full-out all-out all-encompassing full-blown full-scale complete totalitarian universal unmeasured unplumbable without number soundless on tap ad nauseam jillion umpteen unreckonable uncountable massive colossal unmeasurable zillion considerable unremitting crawling with alive with relentless steady unrelenting sustained unabating unrelieved running unfaltering repeated regular frequent recurrent chronic prolonged unwavering habitual persisting consecutive unabated undeviating long-lasting around-the-clock long protracted recurring day-and-night always-on indissoluble solid lengthy untiring long-drawn-out indefatigable lingering unwaning staying repetitive inextinguishable durable unyielding reliable steadfast boring tedious oft-repeated without respite stable unchangeable extended round the clock long-winded dogged persevering unwearied tireless unswerving rambling connected aeonian interminate nagging indelible fast incorruptible dependable consistent lifelong periodic long-lived drawn out drawn-out fixed stretched out unalterable periodical never-ceasing successive spun out dragged out on a treadmill wearisome neverending unwearying undisturbed long-term dragging laborious ponderous assiduous diligent niggling lengthened meandering wordy verbose abyssal outstretched uniform standing even ineradicable irreversible without interruption longish returning incomputable untroubled profuse numerous firm intermittent straight gnawing elongated strung out immovable manifold prolix many various several direct longstanding old unnumbered without stopping day and night in for the long haul steady-going turgid immensurate unintermitted unstoppable without ceasing undiminished remorseless unsparing inexorable closed unflinching memorable 24/7 pushy regularised regularized standardised unalleviated hard stern sedulous harsh static settled stationary unchanged fresh unspoiled youthful implacable sustainable chasmal maintained never-dying standardized deep-rooted surviving remaining long-standing inveterate supreme sunken ingrained secure established undestroyed all day and all night at all times resolute soporific immeasurate yearlong annual yearly seasonal smooth unfluctuating deep-set real unended rhythmic invariant seemingly endless sound predictable inexpungible with no let-up for ever and ever without surcease without a break nonrandom traditional all day long progressive straightforward in succession unruffled through unbreakable death-defying ever living on an even keel all-year-round unbound looped dull very great phoenixlike undeadly extendable viable extending far down till the cows come home irreparable world-without-end shatterproof sure unsummed set infallible that will never die that will live forever resistant unforeseen erratic unpredictable unforeseeable capricious whimsical fluctuant chancy iffy haphazard hit-or-miss perduring renewable replenishable time-consuming omnipresent repetitious repeating reoccurring not to be reckoned heavy-duty hard-wearing toughened sturdy nonperishable non-breakable stout never-failing certain for keeps plentiful ubiquitous slow marathon going on set in concrete set in stone forever and a day voluminous diffuse fail-safe loyal surefire faithful true can't-miss unerring long-drawn adamantine infrangible wall-to-wall all-pervasive remote stretched tall stretch expanded delayed distant faraway stringy high stretching far-off elongate towering lanky gangling enlarged rangy lofty far-reaching staunch multifold rife generous superabundant bounteous rock-solid irrefragable nonbreaking inexterminable unwreckable reinforced made to last armored undestroyable undestructable unruinable armoured irrefrangible inextirpable 24-hour circumlocutory circuitous windy far same tried-and-true delivering there come-through trustworthy dyed-in-the-wool unshakable teeming diverse varied multiple legion assorted prevalent ample digressive verbal discursive pleonastic spread out periphrastic tiresome wandering maundering garrulous logorrheic familiar common overflowing liberal plenteous rich sundry multifarious multiplied reiterated multiyear multiday circumlocutionary ambagious redundant logorrhoeic tried and true rock solid tried and tested counted on thick on the ground miscellaneous well-provided large-scale motley populous mixed disparate rampant replete well-supplied reiterative thick iterated flowery millions of loads of a good many a great many very many quite a few lots of heaps of masses of quite a lot of occurring often dozens of hundreds of thousands of full of verbiage


(literally or figuratively) Very great in size, amount, degree, intensity, or extent
vast wide elephantine humongous mighty astronomical colossal enormous expansive gigantic grand huge immense incalculable massive monstrous monumental prodigious substantial tremendous big eternal gargantuan ginormous mega mountainous stupendous unlimited ample boundless broad comprehensive considerable endless epic extensive giant great humungous immeasurable infinite large limitless super voluminous astronomic capacious gross herculean mammoth sizable sizeable almighty cosmic grandiose heavy hefty inordinate measureless monster terrific titanic weighty whopping widespread awesome bulky cosmical excessive exorbitant expanded extreme formidable generous gigantesque heroic imposing interminable leviathan oceanic overwhelming towering unwieldy walloping whacking abundant bumper commodious cyclopean detailed galactic Gargantuan handsome heroical hulking jumbo mundo overgrown oversized pharaonic planetary plenteous prolific spacious sweeping thumping unbounded vasty Brobdingnagian Herculean supersize Himalayan king-size king-sized never-ending supersized thumping great very big very great very large whacking great whopping great far-flung far-reaching spread-out stretched-out super-duper whale of a all-inclusive king size stellar brobdingnagian countless multitudinous unfettered tidy wide-ranging global wholesale exhaustive wide-reaching mass nationwide universal husky intercontinental roomy copious leading good awash major fat worldwide international all-encompassing mondo strapping whopper thundering significant important large-scale bull full heavyweight oversize ponderous chock-full brimming burly packed across-the-board crowded stuffed healthy heavy-duty a whale of a super colossal


almighty all-knowing all-seeing boundless celestial deathless deific divine enduring eternal everlasting godlike godly heavenly immortal infinite omnipotent omnipresent omniscient pervading holy goddesslike immaculate spiritual angelic supernatural beatific mystical seraphic supreme saintlike mystic sacred deitylike superhuman empyreal blissful cosmic saintly hallowed blessed ethereal transcendent supernormal deistic preternatural empyrean deiform paradisaical unworldly transcendental transmundane ambrosial metaphysical cherubic rapturous blest incorporeal supernal extraterrestrial superterrestrial otherworldly ghostly astral elysian immaterial extramundane unearthly beyond human unfleshly virtuous other-worldly unphysical out of this world all-powerful sublime glorious paradisiacal paradisal lovely delightful sweet entrancing ravishing excellent wonderful beautiful paradisical paradisiac enjoyable alluring exquisite scrumptious lush adorable yummy luscious delectable delicious darling paradisaic Elysian magical pure exalted superlunary numinous joyful rapt idyllic Arcadian perfect paranormal occult phenomenal uncanny miraculous utopian ineffable angelical innocent ecstatic serene golden ideal non-material non-materialistic socialist reforming progressive angel-like happy charming Erewhonian Edenic Olympian empyral enchanting awe-inspiring uplifting moving inspiring inspirational magic beneficent humble righteous devout self-sacrificing angelly kind radiant angellike archangelic caring appealing weird intangible nonmaterial nonphysical discarnate platonic refined airy disembodied devotional rarefied asomatous more than human

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