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implants, implanted, implanting

Synonym: embed, engraft, imbed, plant,


To have set up on a long-term basis
established set up founded instituted formed initiated created based incorporated assembled inaugurated enacted launched started up built constructed started stationed centered ensconced entrenched erected grounded organized put in place rooted secured setted brought about centralized got going landed lodged moored planted positioned put set down centralised centred consolidated domiciliated embedded fixed fixt installed organised placed stuck constituted introduced structured set ingrained enrooted imbedded engrained bedded sticked intrenched instilled infixed impacted found inculcated inserted impressed anchored settled imprinted ground grafted engraved etched buried branded caught engrafted become settled fixed in place put down roots offset become fixed authorized legislated predicated laid foundation ratified corroborated built up authorised decreed invested originated putten seated located infused printed inseminated stamped delved sown sowed bred wedged ingrafted struck fastened fortified dug imbued inlaid grubbed indoctrinated become implanted radicated become established protected dinned in defined anchored itself become stuck became settled become caught become embedded confirmed laid the foundations of drilled in inscribed taught become anchored became fixed fenced offsetted embedded itself fixt into constructed defences designated hammered in strengthened burrowed holed up come to rest drummed in bred in the bone kicked off dug in dug trenches drummed into got something working cemented sunken sunk sank gotten going got moving gotten moving sowed the seeds driven home drove home sown the seeds taken took sown the seeds of sowed the seeds of stricken gotten stuck became implanted became anchored became caught became stuck became embedded got stuck came to rest grew roots grown roots taken root became established took root set in motion put in motion developed instigated pioneered commenced began produced begun made innovated brought into being effected put together generated set off engendered opened effectuated ushered in inducted catalyzed caused started off invented catalysed triggered ordained incited hatched set about brought on spawned set the ball rolling appointed formulated devised induced activated occasioned fostered prompted invoked opened up started the ball rolling forged precipitated embarked on kick-started provoked elicited sparked off put in brought designed laid the first stone of instated actualized engineered gave rise to enkindled passed affected composed laid down cast triggered off come up with come out with brought into existence brought to pass translated into put into force contrived executed spearheaded anointed fashioned put in force put through promoted fathered crowned kindled crafted put up fabricated yielded inspired actuated set forth authored brought in floated materialized whipped up masterminded given rise to got something functioning gotten under way got under way gotten off the ground got off the ground rendered set a trend made up entered into set upon set going dictated shaped discovered proclaimed materialised cooked up contributed to ordered begot begat begotten enthroned consecrated blazed a trail framed machinated got in operation stirred up came up with came out with knocked up knocked together launched into worked up dreamt up jumped into made a start on revolutionized got underway got the ball rolling led the way laid the cornerstone of sanctioned moulded conceived molded concocted conceived of transpired heralded voted in carried through turned out crystallized revolutionised made into law ushered tackled commanded evoked unveiled commissioned evolved trailblazed compelled entered lay down sparked yolden yold ruled shope brought forward directed prepared drafted baptized planned programmed set in admitted led off thought up delegated started on mustered did imposed led to taken up took up come into existence fired up come into being bowed entered on got things rolling gotten things rolling got going with crystallised accomplished got the show on the road set out blazed put into practice set an example dealt with embarked baptised burst into hit the ground running mapped out got stuck into embarked upon draughted fixed up put forward admitted into office put your foot down paved the way got cracking on started ball rolling entered upon got off made the first move struck into put into operation realized realised broken new ground broke new ground rigged pieced modernized issued germinated threw together drew up exercised practised practiced got going on sworn in gave birth to started out gotten going on modernised announced knocked off given birth to swore in done appeared emerged eventuated occurred broached emanated dawned initiated things resulted surfaced happened presented proposed arranged unfolded erupted manifested led leaded offered fomented undertaken undertook run manufactured laid the foundation coordinated started ball rolling on approved coined enjoined provided advanced brainstormed spurred necessitated scheduled empowered brewed picked abetted raised fermented imagined validated arrived sprouted orchestrated choreographed cultivated prepared the way stimulated laid the first stone made a start called pronounced mandated prescribed accepted blueprinted administrated chartered mobilized conducted managed made for started to implemented legalized improvised beared kicked in become apparent come to pass come out preceded prefaced sketched proceeded with tore into torn into deputed made law conjured OKed marshalled charted marshaled projected made to happen made happen drawn up thrown together debuted came into existence came into being vamped revved had a crack at made possible voted favorably touched off endorsed dealt sorted out had a shot at mounted gotten show on road fallen to scratched the surface legalised colonized turned one's hand to got to brought to bear introed got up parented made arrangements for drawn on mobilised threw up broke in blessed gotten off ventured into achieved phased in called forth jammed through procreated got weaving on sketched out steamrolled knocked out explored laid the groundwork on gotten one's feet wet laid down the law laid railroaded through blest patented blocked out laid the groundwork for foresaid fell to budgeted for motivated setted in place schemed out commenced on broken the ice timetabled ringed up the curtain on wrought broken in drew on had a go at got show on road brought out pushed the envelope facilitated worked got weaving railroaded admitted to office plunged got down to prepared the way for settled down to rang in gotten down to knocked down got one's feet wet laid out made laws elected colonised looked after multiplied walked heavy straightened out strategized about brought into effect lit the way brought up the curtain on determined jacked up licked into shape took the lead in opened the door broke the ice rolled out setted the ball rolling on performed taken the lead in concerted hashed out leaded the way for plunged into transacted adjudged went ahead gone ahead nominated brought up arose arisen broke ground broken ground ran driven drove wrote written risen rose bore borne drew drawn rung in thrown up gotten up administered an oath to taken the first step took the first step took the initiative taken the initiative came out came to pass became apparent gone about went about took on taken on got up to speed gotten up to speed sprung up sprang up broken the seal broke into broken into broke the seal gotten down to business gotten cracking got cracking got down to business gotten ball rolling took action on broke the ice on taken action on got ball rolling broken the ice on engagde in gone into went into engaged in were responsible for was responsible for gotten together been responsible for taken care of saw about took care of seen about got together lay out seen to saw to given the seal of approval to gave the seal of approval to gave the green light to gave the thumbs up to given the OK to given the go-ahead to got the floor gave the go-ahead to given the green light to given the thumbs up to gotten the floor gave the OK to went ahead with got on with gone ahead with gotten on with gotten to taken the lead on showed the way on broken through shown the way on showed the way taken the initiative in took the initiative in broke through shown the way went out in front took the lead on gone out in front taken the lead took the lead


Past tense for to sow or place in one's consciousness
inculcated sowed sown instilled planted infixed bred enrooted infused injected inseminated insinuated introduced impressed imprinted lodged rooted sowed the seeds of sown the seeds of drilled programmed imbued brainwashed ingrained indoctrinated engendered imparted dinned drummed into suffused broke down worked over inoculated impregnated taught schooled fixed inspired seeded instructed promoted fostered produced induced trained engrafted hammered convinced grounded ground initiated influenced propagandized dinned something into drilled into impressed upon hammered into drummed in drummed propagandised taught over and over again drove into driven into breathed steeped added broken down endued invested engrained reseeded diffused generated indued fertilised pollinated fertilized promulgated transfused disseminated interjected inserted intermixed infiltrated drubbed driven drove hammered in forced in disciplined lessoned moulded tutored proselytized persuaded educated conditioned shaped up coached radicalized fanaticized proselytised extremized radicalised molded sowed the seeds sown the seeds driven home drove home repeated permeated pervaded saturated hammered home reiterated filled charged bathed rammed down one's throat pounded hammered away penetrated leavened afflicted choked overspread spread out spread through spread over spread throughout said over and over harped on infected knocked affected tinctured informed loaded interpenetrated laden inundated force-fed tinged percolated covered riddled taught repeatedly to clogged interspersed dinned in heaped into passed on animated diffused through ground into drubbed into packed breathed into crammed into percolated into crowded piled into imbued with fortified




(of a habit, belief, or attitude) Firmly fixed or established
ingrained deep-rooted deep-seated entrenched established fixed rooted settled abiding dyed-in-the-wool enduring firm ineradicable inveterate stubborn unfading unshakeable gut inbred instinctive intrinsic driven in embedded deep confirmed bred-in-the-bone radical hard-core intrenched rigid grounded firmly established deeply felt based on planted infixed ground-in permanent inexpungible indelible ineffaceable inborn persistent chronic innate incurable obstinate habitual long-standing perennial inherent unyielding lifelong fundamental inbuilt built-in long-lasting continuing long-lived usual basic natural lingering unabating constant continual well established congenital ceaseless lasting profound persisting staunch routine ever-present recurrent steadfast tenacious continuous recurring unmitigated extreme diehard uncompromising protracted irremovable true essential constitutional set hereditary native integral immanent hardwired constitutive indigenous ingrain long-established deep-set deep-dyed indwelling in-built dedicated committed ardent intransigent fervent earnest secure devout hardened torrid zealous serious vehement wholehearted seasoned subconscious fiery fanatical thorough genuine explicit resolute severe acute devoted hard-line faithful immutable irredeemable longtime supreme inexorable prolonged unshakable thoroughgoing engrained die-hard accustomed habituated bona fide instilled grave organic all-consuming red-hot through and through well-established in the blood sustained deep-down long-drawn-out longstanding incessant obscene pornographic X-rated slow dragging incorporated implicit determined unwaivering deep down unending dangerous inseparable remaining lodged in one's brain alarming dire included connatural endemic indurated old sworn adamant radicated customary spun-out drawn-out haunting never-ending infused intense core characteristic underlying en suite part and parcel primal central internal instinctual heartfelt strong impassioned intimate material intuitive genetic avid fervid powerful abject passionate burning elemental base inmost honest enthusiastic sincere heightened exceptional consuming unfeigned keen extraordinary in your blood natural-born hard-wired bred in the bone inheritable genetical heritable stirring inflamed warm rousing excessive great connate incorrigible loyal proved stalwart unwavering complete brassbound obsessive unreformable compulsive unapologetic impenitent unashamed inherited definite staid inured passed down in the genes handed down sicker card-carrying hard-shell fortified unchangeable deeply ingrained out-and-out out and out full-fledged dug in through-and-through true blue set firm


Innate or instinctive to a person or thing
native innate intrinsic ingrained inherent instinctive natural inborn inbred inherited natal congenital hereditary intuitive original immanent instinctual connate connatural constitutional constitutive engrained essential hardwired integral fundamental inwrought wild built-in deep-seated natural-born bred in the bone deep-rooted hard-wired in the blood in the family indigenous ingrain basic inbuilt unlearned indwelling elemental characteristic organic underlying in your blood gut central rooted typical spontaneous vital primitive regular in-built unacquired untaught key normal latent habitual genetic involuntary automatic radical impulsive unthinking intuitional inseparable quintessential visceral ingrown indelible permanent distinctive subjective ineradicable structural true intimate internal core primal material mechanical unpremeditated deep-down mechanic robotic unconscious unprompted real unmeditated inveterate subconscious implicit standard accustomed ineffaceable genuine emotional knee-jerk existing from birth fixed second-nature by seat of one's pants elementary primary particular born inner ingenerate main diagnostic idiosyncratic necessary inmost focal profound cardinal indispensable individual symptomatic representative root foundational part and parcel appropriate local native-born primeval animal incorporated mother compelled primaeval congenite genetous frequent entrenched embedded important brassbound included principal confirmed chronic in the genes rudimentary complete utter base infused instilled thorough chief dyed-in-the-wool critical en suite dominant prime salient basal staple foremost pivotal predominant inexpungible uncultivated resident unalienable inward integrated untamed meat-and-potatoes bottom-line capital untouched undomesticated remote reflex predictable archetypal usual archetypical average classic unconditioned subliminal in character exclusive specific symbolic special peculiar indicative individualistic signature emblematic personal unique singular particular to individualising characteristic of especial discriminating proper individualizing differentiating peculiar to typical of exclusive to distinguishing found only in marked discriminative crucial major first leading paramount premier supreme overriding preeminent master greatest arch grand overbearing highest overmastering number one numero uno sovereign big great sovran ruling prior pre-eminent number-one introductory prominent beginning ultimate outstanding significant lead rudimental prevailing head top uppermost controlling primordial presiding abecedarian topmost supereminent utmost high commanding overruling initial noteworthy requisite decisive earliest defining keynote notable must-have prevalent weighty star stellar influential definitive substratal underived arch- aboriginal momentous causal pristine final determining of prime importance of greatest importance needed constituent foundation simple strategic operative serious axial alpha senior superior popular nuclear No. 1 urgent big-time guiding initiative preponderant chad major league telling potent consequential champion effective in demand nitty-gritty directing top-priority noticeable signal pronounced remarkable striking conspicuous compelling absolute intervening of supreme importance first and foremost superseding of greatest significance strongest actual maximum deep supporting sustaining substrative axiomatic grass-roots theoretical bottom axiological groundlaying obvious deciding immediate transcendental sublime categorical conclusive moving intrusive arrestive projecting pertinent protruding famous jutting relevant obtrusive impressive second-to-none firsthand direct shaping settling responsible evaluative certain empyrean empyreal unmediated arresting bog-standard ancient prehistoric early antediluvian antique most proto- autochthonous lower ur- oustanding nascent autochthonic embryonic primigenial better majority greater larger bulkiest biggest largest best lion's share uncivilised old uncivilized underivative unevolved uncomplicated coarse barbaric most important most prominent most influential most significant

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