Synonym of imploring

Alternative for imploring

implores, implored, imploring

Synonym: appeal, beg, beseech, entreat, plead, pray,


Deserving or arousing pity
piteous affecting heartbreaking miserable pathetic pitiable pitiful wretched distressing grievous heart-rending lamentable moving plaintive poignant poor sad dismal harrowing abject deplorable doleful forlorn heartrending mournful rueful sorrowful sorry touching woeful beseeching commiserable distressful dolorous entreating gut-wrenching melancholy ruined supplicating tragic to be pitied cheerless unhappy joyless saddening gloomy desolate painful upsetting disconsolate comfortless melancholic glum tear-jerking disturbing tearful unfortunate agonizing afflicted woebegone depressing dejected lugubrious sombre depressed morose dire stirring solemn agonising despondent somber dreary distressed low grim crestfallen funereal bleak blue grief-stricken cast down disheartening depressive drear heartbroken dark drab sullen terrible calamitous heartsick bad elegiac uncomfortable hopeless lonesome downcast traumatic grieving downhearted down uninviting broken-hearted godforsaken regrettable inconsolable worthless despairing brokenhearted heartsore saddened dispiriting heavyhearted droopy hangdog base vile sepulchral low-spirited lonely bitter awful elegiacal dreadful unlucky scurvy dejecting paltry down in the mouth anguished down in the dumps appalling stark spiritless impressive heavy-hearted emotional unpleasant dispirited morbid cold disappointing tender oppressive dingy mourning saturnine black tenebrific plutonian tenebrous impactful shabby dreich compassionate sunless suffering lachrymose down-and-out teary Cimmerian in the dumps mean excruciating hapless dull sordid regretful lousy disastrous tragical plangent drearisome sorrowing ruthful austere unwelcoming mirthless discouraging dour gray dim bare inhospitable troubling chill murky bland grey darkening emotive clinical heart-wrenching draggy mopey impersonal cloudy heart-warming dolent wintery institutional wintry jarring melting arousing commiserative meager meagre wistful beggarly despicable contemptible atrocious mortifying ill-fated nostalgic squalid horrendous gruesome dolesome disgraceful sentimental ill-starred agonized shameful derisible shocking catastrophic execrable inferior disagreeable helpless agonised indigent scungy impoverished displeasing detestable crushing rotten vexatious destitute long-faced hurting bereft out of sorts discomposing in pain full of sorrow in mourning in sorrow merciful inadequate insignificant cheap feel-bad disquieting desolating warming intense outcast evocative lame useless puny petty intolerable demoralising demoralizing difficult agitating expressive perturbing passionate degrading powerful horrible hideous ghastly troublesome stunning mind-blowing sympathetic responsive weepy afflictive bowed down luckless afflicting heavy uplifting telling soul-stirring hurtful dirgeful troubled cruel tortured racked feeble abominable unsightly nasty repulsive gross threnodic dirge-like sick at heart singing the blues fatal deadly ruinous horrific horrifying pensive frightful offensive misfortunate cataclysmic affective haunting heartwarming galling devastating lost forsaken forgotten abandoned homeless emotionally moving friendless uncared-for adverse lethal mortal small fateful deathly destructive oppressed destroyed dragging cynical defenceless fruitless solitary defenseless pessimistic alone arousing affect fed up down and out weighed down foul unpromising trashy shoddy filthy derisory devastated funeral weeping aching deploring bewailing bemoaning wailing poverty-stricken choked grousing cranky crabby grumpy bellyaching beefing lamenting cantankerous gutted powerless bummed downtrodden sour cut up in the pits chap-fallen discouraged disheartened disappointed upset moody in low spirits grave demoralized crushed demoralised dragged bummed out chapfallen remorseful serious humourless in the doldrums contrite shamefaced repentant brassed off humorless penitent cheesed off apologetic conscience-stricken sick as a parrot grieved bereaved hurt sheepish ashamed sulky sober in tears down-hearted crummy distraught sobbing guilty compunctious bleeding attritional self-reproachful in a blue funk tristful defeatist guilt-ridden severe tormented pained cast-down stern sedate all torn up surly dismayed staid chastened Eeyorish earnest penitential weighty aggrieved foreboding subdued unsmiling broken sniveling negative shot down no-nonsense downbeat dirgelike snivelling as sick as a parrot blubbering crying daunted heavy with grief dysphoric horrid in grief in doldrums unfavorable unfavourable sunk in gloom ripped bawling crabbed in despair ominous inauspicious weary torn up on a downer broody mopish moping taken down listless very bad God-awful sickening dry perturbed bothered defeated glowering concerned shaken churlish sapped overwhelmed abashed uptight discombobulated straight boring tedious whimpering enervated bugged shook flat maudlin traumatized antsy shattered down-in-the-mouth sinister sneaking unamusing angst-ridden wounded adust unacceptable abysmal uncomic overcome with sorrow shook up diabolical afraid unpropitious strained sourpuss muted lurid traumatised unconsolable bummed-out monstrous damp down in dumps worrying loathsome harsh scandalous ugly forbidding repugnant stony-faced poker-faced low-down let down nightmarish in sackcloth and ashes self-condemnatory objectionable undesirable cruddy in the toilet revolting shadowy triste dishonourable dishonorable howling chilling low in spirits hard blue funk full of regret serious-minded heavy-going languorous unbearable languid opprobrious atoning penitentiary unamused displeased regretting scowling threnodial worried blubbing prostrated in distress daunting Stygian hollow obscure sorry for oneself heart-sick lovesick grouchy overcast undermined withdrawn apathetic in anguish disturbed cowed cringing browbeaten lorn mortified huffy ill-humoured funebrial exequial deathlike companionless without energy burned sore contused guilty-looking furtive ill-humored disadvantageous disenchanting acheronian emo overcome pining desperate down in mouth depressant intimidated embarrassed sunk brooding atrabilious clouded dampened drooping dashed sagging repining frowning taciturn disillusioned taken aback deflated portentous bowed lowered torn-up discontent unsatisfied prostrate with grief griefstricken blubbery moist tear-filled wet watery off sluggish uneasy cowering humiliated anxious have the blahs sorry for yourself unable to be consoled unable to be comforted let-down not happy having blue devils having the blahs vexed agitated disconcerted ruffled disquieted unnerved discomposed with a long face peed off ticked off teed off browned off gloom-ridden beside oneself with grief languished longing in a funk harassed irked wrecked flustered discountenanced aflutter plagued discontented fatalistic dreamy reflective yearning spooked harrowed haunted ailing close to tears persecuted jumpy unglued contemplative musing dreaming meditative larmoyant strung out thoughtful hostile on the verge of tears full of gloom feeling down looking as if one had lost a pound and found a penny inexcusable racked with suffering in a tizzy racked with pain in a stew tough daydreaming propitiatory alarmist distrustful doubting suspicious reprehensible unforgivable chilly unenthusiastic unsatisfactory easily moved unfriendly hard-pressed unwelcome harmful doubtful exacting treacherous injurious pressing precarious exigent jeopardous apocalyptic rocky straitened discommodious perilous dangerous full of hardship threatening ill-omened direful ill-boding parlous messy egregious outrageous inglorious preposterous senseless desirous wishful self-incriminating scabby substandard grubby scummy dirty ratty ridiculous unpardonable unconscionable indefensible unspeakable sinful foolish abhorrent grisly in floods of tears with tears in your eyes ignominious ignoble immoral discreditable heinous disreputable iniquitous insupportable disgusting wicked odious chronic frightening unearthly self-accusing on one's knees unjustifiable blameworthy downer bummer faulty godawful stinking overwhelming insufferable criminal beyond contempt eerie ghostly terrifying gory grotesque in a reverie fearsome terrific pitiless grewsome nightmare weird shady spooky macabre spookish scary unhealthy sick death-obsessed


A request made in an earnest manner
prayer appeal plea supplication entreaty petition suit request solicitation adjuration conjuration cry desire imploration invocation pleading suppliance communion devotion obsecration application begging benediction beseeching chant contemplation devotions grace hope imprecation litany meditation observances prayers rogation service supplications wish worship answer adoration request for help holy rites call requisition demand orison claim bid importunity overture question impetration address urge obtestation recourse earnest request cry from the heart exhortation proposition submission proposal bidding behest inquiry urgent request enquiry insistence cri de cœur memorial ave intercession importuning enjoinment begging request round robin soliciting asking requesting de profundis calling out query market summons humble request petitions invocations responses offer commercial beseech postulation invitation set words liturgical prayers dua ultimatum requirement order imposition want pressure mandate stipulation command clamour need condition provision dictate urging hest drive charge counterclaim arrogation pursuit big ask exaction must-have interest interrogation entreatment clamor dun suggestion instruction tender direction prompting presentation injunction motion decree purchase order plan appetite recommendation instigation directive draught approach draft invite instance edict indent scheme will programme word say-so advance right pretension pretence pretense dibs proffer program run on rush on game plan pitch feeler persuasion task encouragement assignment auction stress investigation dictum impulse incitement ask proffering fiat call to action precept do rule imperative ruling commandment run exigency rescript calling bell form pressing letter PO rush notice canon beck paper insistency arm-twisting petitioning lien purchase requisition expressed desire determination perseverance persistence resolve subpoena doggedness firmness levy project rights terms reclamation toll beck and call privilege entitlement manifesto design fee pass big idea outline scenario idea layout setup angle picture brain child payment preemptive declaration dueness first dibs contribution extortion


Present participle for to beg urgently or earnestly
begging beseeching entreating soliciting importuning supplicating conjuring praying asking impetrating petitioning requesting besieging enjoining exhorting pleading with pressing pushing urging appealing appealing to bidding calling on craving encouraging obsecrating obtesting pleading pleading to praying to craving of going on bended knee going on bended knee to demanding suing seeking adjuring requisitioning invoking requiring applying to calling for calling ordering calling upon desiring questing asking for inviting proposing lobbying insisting applying asking earnestly bespeaking appealing for putting in for insisting on directing telling commanding pestering inquiring exacting suing for pleading for counseling counselling enquiring advocating hitting up raising praying for coaxing canvassing bracing claiming goading prompting charging crying asking urgently clamouring speaking for prodding requesting earnestly stipulating invocating expecting nagging clamoring egging on pressing for hitting on applying for looking for summoning begging for petitioning for whistling for prigging necessitating taking cajoling forcefully suggesting recommending forcefully impelling persuading plaguing blandishing wheedling referring instructing prescribing promoting mobilizing working on making a plea to propositioning submitting crawling referencing contesting addressing advancing reciting saying challenging wooing abjuring worrying suggesting requesting urgently bossing around campaigning squaring things fundraising mobilising crying for baying pursuing calling to making an urgent request resorting making an earnest request making a plea calling forth sending for copping a plea making up for wishing obligating strongly recommending badgering bidding for counting on filing for drumming bugging nudging speaking hustling sponging advising asking forcefully asking brusquely making a claim asking authoritatively placing an order putting in putting in an order holding out putting in a plea putting in an application trying to persuade stipulating for clamouring for pestering for pushing for coercing compelling clamoring for badgering for nagging for baying for holding out for forcing inquiring about laying claim to obliging arrogating postulating querying questioning pressuring bumming cadgin cadging drumming up passing the hat obtaining attracting getting gathering collecting rounding up beckoning securing engaging dictating mandating decreeing warning appointing buying trying to obtain insisting upon inspiring bringing to pass inciting provoking inducing bringing on prearranging pleasing extorting extracting imposing filing electing ordering beforehand registering constraining aspiring barking spieling canvasing making bearing hailing auditioning summonsing putting in a claim for putting dibs on touting asserting oneself causing trying investigating exploring paging drumming up support making a pitch for going after booking acquiring enquiring after making an entreaty making application fetching reserving campaigning for submitting an application discovering going in commissioning hiring freeloading imploring for lobbying for digging up putting in an order for placing an order for sending away for sending off for writing off for contracting for leeching mooching accepting donations asking people to give panhandling for scabbing ordaining needing bludging borrowing tasking succeeding in finding subpoenaing authorising authorizing ruling scrounging calling the shots giving orders forcing upon giving the command to giving the order to giving orders to giving directions laying down the law imposing on putting foot down sorning on someone for touching someone for


Present participle for to demand earnestly or pressingly
pushing pressing pressuring pressurising pressurizing urging encouraging influencing persuading advising compelling admonishing driving hustling obliging promoting begging bothering hounding inciting spurring advocating constraining expediting harassing badgering browbeating bullying forcing pestering beseeching inducing inspanning prodding soliciting hassling intimidating motivating nagging recommending harrying inspiring making obligating prompting railroading adjuring coercing dragooning goading nudging propelling entreating exhorting impelling insisting steamrolling keying up speeding up trying to persuade pushing around putting the screws to strong-arming press-ganging putting up to railroading into dragooning into pouring it on prevailing on insisting on pushing for steamrollering into bulldozing into turning on appealing to firing up selling on egging on exerting influence on using pressure on going to town on putting the heat on bearing down on browbeating into putting pressure on putting the screws on using strong-arm tactics on enjoining counselling counseling warning charging cautioning bidding pleading stimulating calling on leaning on preaching pricking suggesting prescribing forewarning calling upon requesting appealing instigating moving maneuvering sanctioning asking manoeuvring proposing wheedling countenancing commending rationalising conjuring advancing tempting rationalizing twisting someone's arm psyching up instructing directing commanding touting pressing for calling for guiding ordering demanding requiring tipping steering telling ordaining decreeing exacting dictating claiming imposing giving direction to tipping off giving pointer giving guidance to giving advice ruling questing giving two cents wising one up appointing endorsing favouring favoring espousing championing extolling supporting pleading with stipulating for giving the order to clamoring for bossing around giving the command to plugging nominating backing furthering indorsing opining rooting for lobbying for stumping for arguing for speaking for campaigning for vouching for subscribing to putting forward offering recommendation beating the drum for going on record for speaking favorably of speaking in favor of

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