Synonym of in a faint


Dead or apparently dead
lifeless dead deceased cold defunct extinct departed late gone demised unconscious asleep breathless comatose exanimate fallen inanimate inert low perished stiff insensate insensible brute desert faint limp motionless no more passed away passed on unmoving unresponsive waste not living out cold out for the count dead as a doornail dead to the world as dead as a doornail lost expired lamented killed slaughtered slain murdered at peace with God pushing up daisies six feet under bygone nonextant under the sod insentient unanimated spiritless not breathing vanished bereft of life resting in peace checked out done bypast buried nonexistent bought the farm done for no longer extant having breathed one's last dead as a dodo bitten the dust casualty stone-dead disintegrated retired turned to dust in the grave laid to rest dear departed much lamented no longer living late lamented still wasted invalid outdated out-of-date redundant kaput cadaverous down mortified erased former finished offed silent reposing liquidated had it down the drain out of commission not existing at rest out of one's misery gone to meet maker cut off gone to reward kicked the bucket bit the dust pushing up the daisies gave up the ghost extinguished inactive exterminated destroyed obsolete quenched doused out died out wiped out passé abolished void terminated no longer existing archaic unknown snuffed out ended superseded dead and gone outmoded disappeared no longer known inexistent vanquished past forgotten earlier ancient olden long-ago foregone old-time gone by of old of yore dated concluded lapsed old primeval primordial prehistoric immemorial antediluvian primigenial primaeval no longer with us long gone irrelevant faded missing ruined over demolished effaced eradicated obliterated wrecked annihilated extirpated run devastated crushed frittered at an end dead and buried a thing of the past ancient history in the past over and done with remote pristine long past long ago long departed previous antiquated one-time completed erstwhile sometime quondam old-fashioned belated forepassed long-gone oldfangled past recall in oblivion out of date sunk in oblivion down memory lane water over the dam water under the bridge

Antonym of in a faint

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