Synonym of in a rush


At a fast pace
rapidly quickly fast like the wind briskly speedily swiftly hastily expeditiously promptly posthaste precipitately apace fleetly presto pronto abruptly quick hurriedly snappily hotfoot like blazes like crazy like mad like the clappers at speed in haste in short order at full speed at warp speed in a hurry at a rate of knots at the speed of light flat-out in a flash like a shot like lightning very quickly at a gallop lickety-split post-haste at full tilt by leaps and bounds double quick double-quick full tilt at full throttle at the double chop-chop hell-for-leather fast and furious hell for leather a mile a minute like a bat out of hell like a bomb like a streak like gangbusters like greased lightning like wildfire like a madman like a madwoman with dispatch like nobody's business like the deuce like billy-o like a scalded cat PDQ helter-skelter hurry-scurry cursorily precipitously at top speed at a run at a lick as fast as possible in double quick time on the spur of the moment agilely nimbly busily pell-mell headlong with alacrity with urgency rashly without delay swift at breakneck speed at high speed immediately like an arrow from a bow nippily on the double like a flash madly instantaneously very fast in less than no time with all speed straightaway instantly soon directly wildly straightway hot suddenly at once in a jiffy in no time in an instant like a whirlwind at a fast pace in a trice with all possible haste before you can say Jack Robinson recklessly heedlessly forthwith incontinently at full pelt instanter ekdam forthright in a split second here and now tout de suite quick as lightning straight away at a stroke in a moment on the instant then and there that minute in the twinkling of an eye in a wink this very minute there and then in two shakes in a fraction of a second this instant in a second all of a sudden that instant toot sweet in the blink of an eye as fast as one's legs can carry one double-time that very minute this minute in a minute right away in double time before you know it subito unpremeditatedly like a bullet out of a gun now ventre à terre dangerously fast express presently right plumb bang on spur of the moment too quickly as swift as an arrow without losing time as fast as your legs can carry you spontaneously first off on a dime right now right off on the spot straight off hurried furiously energetically in high gear chop chop vigorously excitedly ludicrously absurdly foolishly at maximum speed full sail full speed ahead full speed open throttle full steam ahead full throttle hammer and tongs senselessly nonsensically unreasonably irrationally tumultuously stormily devotedly distractedly desperately turbulently hard violently passionately rabidly psychotically dementedly impetuously carelessly impulsively frenetically frenziedly amuck berserkly hectically amok anyhow harum-scarum frantically berserk wild something fierce in two shakes of a lamb's tail about as quickly as possible jumbled random tumultuous topsy-turvy incautiously irregular higgledy-piggledy cluttered muddled hit-or-miss unmindfully around disorderly unhesitatingly like all get out in confusion at random any which way meteorically in the wink of an eye in a jiff in no time at all very soon before you can say knife

Antonym of in a rush

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