Synonym of in quantity


Extensive or indiscriminate
wholesale extensive total blanket comprehensive sweeping wide-ranging all-inclusive broad far-reaching mass widespread indiscriminate large-scale outright thorough across-the-board bulk complete general overall quantitative in bulk in the mass universal wide all-embracing full inclusive pervasive across the board global overarching deep common exhaustive prevalent generic extended thoroughgoing expansive worldwide all-encompassing international rangy absolute broad-brush far-flung unlimited catholic all-round rife rampant pervading umbrella profound epidemic overwhelming boundless nationwide popular major wall-to-wall pandemic countrywide unconditional unmitigated unrestricted coast-to-coast straight-out company-wide unqualified panoramic one-size-fits-all oversimplified over-general exaggerated panoptic everything all encompassing without exception imprecise overstated overdrawn significant important vast momentous broad in content including all members including all categories radical large great huge broad-based ambitious life-changing big sizable long expanded lengthy non-selective protracted massive humongous consequential influential far-ranging weighty in-depth scopious comprising interdisciplinary multidisciplinary hefty scopic of moment of significance cross-disciplinary unexclusive of great import of consequence wall to wall ubiquitous prevailing permeating predominant inescapable omnipresent diffuse outspread preponderate out-and-out on a large scale all-around all over the place all-out

Antonym of in quantity

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