Synonym of in succession


One after another


Following, in succession, without interruption
consecutive succeeding successive sequential straight continuous successional uninterrupted chronological progressive running following nonstop sequent serial seriatim solid connected constant continuing ensuing repeated serialised serialized seriate succedent unbroken in turn back-to-back in a row in order in sequence on the trot going on one after another one after the other end-to-end continual sustained through quick-fire rotating alternating rapid-fire unrelieved automatic subsequent next subsequential in line following after next up next off steady undisturbed unceasing incessant unremitting perpetual smooth ceaseless continued untroubled non-stop never-ending unending straightforward direct endless interminable without stopping relentless persistent eternal everlasting ongoing unfaltering round-the-clock permanent unrelenting unabating regular unflagging timeless unchanging perennial around-the-clock unwavering recurrent unfailing unvarying prolonged unabated untiring enduring round the clock unwaning indefatigable lasting persisting day-and-night undeviating staying repetitive chronic oft-repeated recurring unwearied dateless aeonian frequent dogged persevering monotonous unswerving tireless without end undivided even stable unyielding always-on without interruption amaranthine interminate unwearying 24/7 day and night on a treadmill without respite cursive protracted lengthy long consistent flowing fast sound extended closed rhythmic boundless remorseless diligent assiduous unsparing inexorable unruffled profound deep all day long extensive without ceasing immortal drawn out drawn-out total fluent maintained habitual undying ageless sedulous unalleviated hard harsh stern stretched out abiding at all times all day and all night rapid fluid frictionless uniform invariable imperishable unhindered never-ceasing long-lasting world-without-end free express one-way opened no end to with no let-up no end of for ever and ever without a break without surcease steady-going 24-hour

Antonym of in succession

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