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Antonym: animate,


Lacking the qualities of living beings
inert lifeless dead defunct extinct insensate insentient inorganic mineral motionless cold exanimate inactive non-organic soulless abiotic quiescent spiritless apathetic azoic deceased dull idle impassive inoperative lethargic listless nonanimal nonliving nonvegetable unresponsive vacant without life not alive insensible senseless unconscious comatose numb out cold dead to the world out out for the count knocked out passed out spark out numbed stupefied stunned anaesthetized anesthetized soporous soporose blacked out out of it unfeeling benumbed zonked asleep departed desensitized gone late desensitised demised low breathless fallen kayoed torpid not living laid out out like a light lacking sensation lacking feeling zonked out mechanical wooden nerveless sensationless deadened man-made dazed lacking physical sensation collapsed immobile prostrate chemical manmade artificial expired catatonic flattened unarousable entranced bombed paralyzed cataleptic KO'd paralysed drowsy not natural out on one's feet keeled over on the canvas flaked out down for the count in a trance in a coma bygone nonexistent not organic lost had it done for invalid outdated down the drain out-of-date redundant out of commission kaput stiff perished unmoving no more passed on desert faint waste passed away brute limp dead as a doornail as dead as a doornail in a faint insensitive immobilized blank deadpan inexpressive incapacitated crippled immobilised frozen expressionless empty indifferent useless frigid glazed flat paralytic stolid dispassionate emotionless unsympathetic unemotional hollow inhuman callous stony withdrawn rigid introspective lukewarm glassy insipid quadriplegic tetraplegic paraplegic still toneless monoplegic paraparetic paretic hemiplegic palsied disabled


At rest, stationary, immobile, not moving
motionless still stationary immobile unmoving inert static lifeless stagnant frozen standing stopped fixed paralysed transfixed halted stable dead paralyzed torpid immovable numb deadlocked stalled unmoved firm immotile petrified steadfast unmovable stock-still at rest at a standstill rooted to the spot not moving a muscle deathly still nonmoving immobilized immobilised like a statue parked inactive unstirring not moving pat nailed down at a halt moored dormant steady unmoveable anchored nailed immutable permanent perfectly still quiescent sessile fixed to the spot as if turned to stone at a stop without moving constant unvarying changeless stuck format latent gridlocked sticky stabile unfluctuating rigid passive standing still idle sluggish quiet rooted slack lethargic dull fallow riveted attached in place not active stale brackish suspended unresponsive impassive unreactive as if rooted to the spot without moving a muscle phlegmatic staunch unwavering statuelike not working turned to stone slow flat declining stopped dead in your tracks depressed stagnating moribund dying stock still as still as a statue unable to move secure silent serene peaceful smooth resting safe drowsing slow-moving deactivated asleep slumbering undisturbed calm in abeyance placid tranquil inoperative sleepy fast balanced gentle unruffled unagitated secured solid sure unshakeable braced jammed cemented unused tied unshaking sturdy settled set unshaken unoccupied vacant free unemployed disengaged solid as a rock set in stone abeyant mothballed off on hold low-key turned off not in use in holding pattern out of use


Showing a lack of emotion
blank expressionless vacant impassive deadpan empty inexpressive wooden emotionless inscrutable unexpressive stony dull stolid numb vacuous lifeless catatonic unresponsive fixed glazed hollow uninterested inane stupid vague immobile masklike meaningless noncommittal stiff uncommunicative poker-faced straight-faced absent unemotional unreadable dead glassy flat motionless absent-minded stoic undemonstrative unimpassioned bland cold dumb unintelligent fish-eyed lacklustre lackluster lusterless soulless devoid nobody home dreaming dreamy thoughtless abstracted idle indifferent ditzy unthinking incurious uncomprehending foolish vapid witless silly daydreaming dispassionate apathetic torpid insensitive inert phlegmatic unfeeling passionless spiritless lethargic stoical unexcitable frigid calm heavy insipid impassible affectless dry remote unsympathetic passive callous cold-blooded listless blah reactionless glassy-eyed fishy unsmiling serious po-faced pokerfaced withdrawn rigid introspective benumbed asleep inhuman numbed anesthetized lukewarm senseless impenetrable enigmatic paralyzed still toneless anaesthetized paralysed matter-of-fact mysterious cryptic placid controlled cool uncanny mystic occult deep enigmatical arcane supine inactive restrained impersonal self-controlled clinical sphinxlike static reserved level-headed businesslike collected cool-headed hard-headed tedious drab unexciting hidden sphinx-like indecipherable unruffled sober rational serene unmoved unagitated unsentimental slow colourless dreary boring monotonous wearisome equable unimpressionable distant detached composed tranquil impossible to interpret pointless mechanical sluggish lacking vitality uninspired unconcerned objective thick-skinned disinterested quiet chill coldhearted obdurate reticent marble hard-hearted hard-boiled uncompassionate heartless glacial laid-back aloof two-dimensional characterless uninspiring draggy slothful pabulum zero nothing colorless prosaic prosy spent uninteresting along for the ride going with the flow rolling with the punches cool, calm and collected


Dull, sluggish, or ugly
bovine slow stupid dense sluggish thick unintelligent dim-witted dull-witted half-baked ignorant imperceptive inert lifeless stolid vacuous blockish doltish lumpish mindless obtuse phlegmatic placid torpid witless wooden dim dozy dumb somnolent thickheaded blockheaded boneheaded chuckleheaded dopey dull dunderheaded heavy lamebrained birdbrained daft divvy glaikit inactive lethargic listless muttonheaded pea-brained pig-ignorant wooden-headed chowderhead dotish hebete slothful unresponsive slow on the uptake thick as two short planks dead from the neck up not the full shilling slow-witted simple brain-dead oafish brainless half-witted moronic cretinous dopy airheaded knuckleheaded pinheaded lunkheaded softheaded bubbleheaded empty-headed unsmart fatuous thick-witted imbecilic idiotic dorky senseless bonehead gormless weak-minded foolish opaque lamebrain simple-minded vapid fat-headed soft in the head dunce-like soft naive dof gullible crazy barmy dippy insensitive as thick as two short planks thick-skulled imbecile chowderheaded asinine boorish crass feebleminded simpleminded uncomprehending feeble-minded woodenheaded blind Boeotian thick as mince dimwitted daffy cloddish unthinking numskulled not with it slow on uptake thick-headed unperceptive unimaginative ill-mannered blundering duncelike coarse gross limited numbskulled clownish braindead impassive fatheaded silly unrefined purblind goofy thick-skinned insensate scatterbrained shallow not bright backward unintellectual halfwitted inane log-headed indelicate unreasoning loggerheaded clottish deficient not intelligent very stupid mentally deficient mentally handicapped nitwitted unhinged deranged insane mad touched nutty crackers nuts cracked mental unenergetic apathetic sleepy languid cuckoo batty bonkers indolent weary lazy passive fatigued drowsy tired idle heavy-eyed enervated brainsick cranky kooky bughouse loony crackbrained psychotic looney slang fruity unbalanced demented wacky haywire bats crazed gaga lunatic loco maniac screwy wacko wud maniacal moonstruck unsound bedlam scatty whacky crackpot whacko kookie meshugge psycho potty meshuga balmy certifiable sluggardly slow-moving yawny neurasthenic asthenic quiescent lacking in energy dotty lymphatic half asleep logy flakey giddy bedlamite not quite right not all there looney tunes flaky loony tunes fried draggy sleepyheaded stiff comatose hebetudinous slumberous down languorous leaden mooney sullen off sluggard laid-back blah drippy non compos mentis in the ozone off the wall out of one's gourd unwise absurd ridiculous thoughtless nonsensical harebrained tomfool hare-brained damfool ludicrous imprudent preposterous featherheaded ill-advised unreasonable injudicious pointless laughable risible sappy foolhardy inept rash ill-considered fool irrational jerky indiscreet irresponsible impolitic puerile unschooled clueless reckless screwball cockeyed zany incautious loopy uneducated vacant illogical untutored feather-brained unaware illiterate derisible untaught childish bizarre immature retarded impractical inexperienced flighty green unworldly unlearned benighted nonliterate unread unlettered madcap inadvisable analphabetic idiotical uninstructed frivolous credulous inappropriate weak misguided farcical superficial comical cockamamy addle-brained unmindful uninformed careless infantile innocent pie-faced know-nothing meaningless insipid out to lunch short-sighted off the air in the dark wet behind the ears childlike crude unstudied uncomplicated slumberish doolally stupefied anencephalic anencephalous surd unconsidered invalid notional nonrational boobish fallacious unreasoned buffoonish purposeless rude dark fantastic dummy nerdish feeble shortsighted ignoramus callow bone-headed idiot rattlebrained donkeyish obstinate outrageous addle-pated negligent soppy empty fanciful fantastical extravagant impracticable dappy forgetful neglectful without thought foolishly stupid complacent featherbrained ditzy dizzy skittish untrained unknowledgeable unworkable unpractical ill-conceived idiotish squirrelly trifling futile worthless mooning daydreaming inattentive spaced-out out moony derisive derisory unreal mentally slow smoothbrained unenlightened unsophisticated unscholarly unknowing unwitting cockamamie pathetic improvident eccentric as daft as a brush incompetent nescient oblivious out of it unqualified funny feather-headed wild lacking knowledge unconversant vain wishy-washy flat innocuous incognizant insensible unacquainted weird peculiar unconventional odd quirky uninitiated cock-eyed pea-brain strange avant-garde outlandish off-centre unconscious devoid of intelligence amusing oddball light-hearted comic a brick short of a load as green as grass two sandwiches short of a picnic hilarious waggish chucklesome diverting smooth-brained ill-informed dim-bulb kinky dilly hasty joshing in left field humorous way out out there camp witty campy ill-judged inexpedient spur-of-the-moment unguarded tactless inconsiderate ill-timed undiplomatic brash hot-headed graceless wrong-headed wrong unsuitable impulsive undesirable

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