Synonym of inborn

Alternative for inborn

Synonym: hereditary, innate, instinctive, natural,

Antonym: acquired,


Natural to a person or animal
inherent inbred innate natural hereditary ingrained inherited native congenital instinctive constitutional connate deep-seated immanent built-in connatural constitutive deep-rooted engrained essential hardwired inbuilt indigenous ingrain instinctual integral intrinsic intuitive hard-wired unlearned existing from birth indwelling ingenerate in the family unacquired bred in the bone in your blood fundamental basic elemental organic characteristic underlying central in one's blood in-built in the blood latent original genetic key ineradicable vital rooted radical inveterate indelible inseparable fixed permanent internal core intimate natural-born material ingrown natal deep-down quintessential gut structural distinctive untaught born real implicit entrenched genuine subjective ineffaceable confirmed elementary true main profound primal chronic inner inmost necessary focal indispensable dyed-in-the-wool part and parcel frequent spontaneous compelled native-born regular standard normal typical brassbound incorporated embedded implanted wild inwrought temperamental genetous congenite included base unlearnt particular complete utter thorough instilled infused important principal mother primary in one's genes rudimentary en suite cardinal chief critical inexpungible dominant prime salient resident unalienable inward individual integrated staple foremost pivotal predominant root foundational primitive capital bottom-line firm settled deep bred-in-the-bone persistent unshakeable irremovable established secure hard-core intrenched abiding subconscious longtime well established lingering habitual longstanding long-lasting deep down lodged in one's brain deeply felt crucial major first leading paramount premier supreme overriding preeminent master greatest arch grand overbearing basal highest overmastering number one numero uno sovereign big great sovran ruling prior pre-eminent number-one introductory prominent beginning significant ultimate outstanding lead rudimental prevailing head top uppermost controlling meat-and-potatoes primordial presiding abecedarian topmost supereminent utmost decisive high commanding overruling definitive initial noteworthy defining requisite earliest final influential keynote notable must-have primeval prevalent weighty causal star stellar determining substratal underived arch- aboriginal momentous especial primaeval pristine of prime importance of greatest importance needed constituent special foundation simple strategic operative serious conclusive settling deciding axial alpha senior superior popular nuclear No. 1 urgent big-time preponderant guiding initiative top-priority chad major league telling potent consequential champion effective in demand nitty-gritty directing compelling noticeable signal pronounced remarkable striking conspicuous arresting intervening of supreme importance first and foremost superseding of greatest significance absolute shaping responsible evaluative certain strongest actual maximum supporting sustaining substrative axiomatic grass-roots theoretical bottom axiological groundlaying obvious marked immediate transcendental sublime categorical moving intrusive arrestive projecting pertinent protruding famous jutting relevant obtrusive impressive second-to-none firsthand direct empyrean empyreal unmediated bog-standard ancient prehistoric early antediluvian antique most proto- autochthonous lower ur- oustanding nascent autochthonic embryonic primigenial better majority greater larger bulkiest biggest largest best lion's share uncivilised old uncivilized underivative unevolved uncomplicated coarse barbaric most important most prominent most influential most significant


Of, or relating to physical, needs or desires
animal physical bodily carnal fleshly natural sensual biological brutish corporal corporeal feral innate intuitive mammalian visceral wild animalistic beastly bestial instinctive instinctual organic somatic subconscious untamed appetitive brute coarse fleshy gross material mortal beastlike earthly earthy inhuman subhuman uncultured unrefined human substantial actual tangible sexual unspiritual erotic lascivious lustful voluptuous lewd lecherous real libidinous sensuous licentious worldly venereal sexy concrete randy salacious prurient raunchy steamy luscious lush unchaste wanton lubricious ferine terrestrial mundane genital earthbound base swinish brutal temporal secular anatomical normal objective phenomenal sensible materialistic profane earthborn sublunary terrene epicurean mindless unthinking senseless lay incarnate of this world reproductive basic sybaritic luxurious hedonistic personal non-spiritual voluptuary Dionysiac procreative violent arousing moving heavy physically gratifying hot hedonic stirring exciting sharpened pleasing X-rated stimulating rough tactile debauched sensory delightful sex genitive generative amorous impure vulgar self-indulgent pleasure-seeking indulgent decadent pleasure-loving lotus-eating extravagant immoderate bacchanalian dissolute overindulgent intemperate unrestrained fast-living lavish greedy horny libertine abandoned pleasurable coital pampered champagne passionate dissipated gratifying excessive sensualistic profligate self-gratifying parsimonious effete lusty provocative luxury-loving Lucullan desirable attractive enticing hedonist appealing comfort-seeking aesthetic rich intimate miserly sumptuous easy sensorial affective sordid opulent aesthetically pleasing primrose intense esthetic deep of the flesh hot-blooded sensualist depraved gourmandizing louche sinful gluttonous shameless saturnalian binge-eating foodie gourmand connoisseur


A characteristic particular to something
unique characteristic distinctive particular exclusive specific original peculiar special symbolic emblematic indicative individual individualistic signature distinguishing representative singular differentiating discriminating discriminative idiosyncratic innate personal symptomatic typical inbred inherent local marked especial essential exclusive to particular to peculiar to characteristic of diagnostic found only in individualising individualizing native typical of appropriate ingrained proper distinct respective patent disparate regular categorical intrinsic standard habitual predictable usual true archetypal archetypical separate own personalized inimitable recognizable individualized recognisable personalised different exceptional unmistakable notable individualised subjective patented privy average normal classic in character private idiomatic identifying diagnostical express independent identifiable intimate particularized particularised customized extraordinary customised one-to-one restricted endemic one-on-one precise set remarkable concrete select distinguished diacritic demonstrative noteworthy uncommon conspicuous discrete reserved suggestive quintessential prototypical direct single monogrammed tailor-made sole impressionistic determining unusual internal claimed several relevant corresponding various resident fixed natural privately owned privately-owned very own each selflike warning signalling exceeding offbeat striking prominent distinguishable outstanding familiar salient custom indicatory denotive indicating associated evidential designative denotative significant dissimilar perceptible specialised refreshing unofficial face-to-face head-to-head signaling specialized informal definitive nonconformist noticeable detectable decipherable pointing to copybook illustrative model vintage paradigmatic textbook classical exemplary stock ideal stereotypical non-official prime stereotyped prototypic prototypal archetypic stereotypic patterned typic perfect non-public hands-on in the trenches in the front line in amongst it at the coal face most typical


Having an exaggerated perception of one's positive qualities
egotistic conceited egoistical pompous prideful proud self-important stuck-up vain vainglorious assured biggety biggity bigheaded complacent consequential egoistic important overweening self-conceited self-opinionated self-satisfied smug swellheaded affected aloof autocratic boasting egotistical haughty idiosyncratic individualistic inflated ingrained inherent inner-directed intimate intrinsic introverted isolated obsessive opinionated personal self-admiring snobbish subjective superior swollen puffed up arrogant supercilious pretentious cocky snooty uppity imperious presumptuous overbearing uppish lofty boastful bumptious lordly condescending cavalier patronizing high-and-mighty disdainful sniffy swaggering highfalutin high-handed high and mighty huffy hifalutin patronising toplofty narcissistic self-assertive high-hat toploftical snobby snotty swollen-headed toffee-nosed chesty domineering hoity-toity huffish immodest overconfident self-asserting self-centered stiff-necked contemptuous bragging self-centred peremptory ostentatious pontifical full of oneself assumptive scornful masterful insolent presuming forward egocentric self-congratulatory audacious big-headed impudent full of yourself stuck up bloated brash selfish snippy confident know-it-all self-contented la-di-da elitist self-assured too big for your boots self-righteous magisterial bossy puffed-up grandiose fancy-pants cocksure strutting self-affected self-promoting self-adulatory self-glorifying self-engrossed self-confident assuming pushy bold hubristic blustering brazen sententious cheeky pleased with oneself holier-than-thou above oneself persnickety dismissive swanky self-loving self-serving impertinent orgulous pleased with yourself vaunting smart-alecky blusterous stiff cool showy wisenheimer pontificating mocking self-regarding scoffing sneering braggart loudmouth brassy smarty bombastic self-applauding highfaluting cold-shoulder saucy self-pleased self-approving self-aggrandizing rude wise guy jumped up proud of oneself full of hot air on an ego trip putting on airs stuffy crowing posh pleased content portentous exclusive egomaniac peacockish flaunting flatulent puffy ritzy aristocratic potty windbag on high horse self-absorbed officious self-respecting la-de-da high-minded in love with oneself remote tony high pert fresh goody-goody high-flown sassy stuck on oneself think too highly of oneself contumelious think a lot of oneself well pleased sure have an excessively high opinion of oneself too big for one's britches on your high horse too big for one's boots too big for one's breeches braggy self-complacent unreserved self-flattering self-gratulatory self-dramatizing authoritarian blustery dominating extroverted extraverted uninhibited puffed egomaniacal self-opinioned self-obsessed priggish hotshot nervy blowhard loud obnoxious despotic tyrannical wrapped up in oneself la-dee-da complaisant big-mouthed swanking flushed bullish on a high horse splendid exaggerated grand spectacular flowery magnificent overstated nose in the air jaunty big exultant reserved distant detached indifferent blowing one's own horn too big for your breeches too big for your britches cliquish dictatorial offensively self-assertive smart think one is the cat's pyjamas think one is the cat's whiskers think one is God's gift flip wise pushful unabashed free familiar overbold unblushing boldfaced barefaced procacious malapert on one's high horse on ego trip hot stuff overfamiliar rash impolite throwing one's weight about well-pleased I'm all right, Jack flushed with success proud of yourself like a cat that has swallowed the canary like the cat that's got the cream impetuous uncivil previous premature overhasty hasty foolhardy precipitate presumptive inconsiderate disrespectful improper inappropriate shameless happy gratified satisfied contented serene swollen with pride gloating triumphant unconcerned obsequious high falutin easy-going self-possessed resting on your laurels like the cat that got the cream brag boast ham phony gall conceity phoney snot-nosed blowing one's own trumpet big talking arbitrary offhand poncey windy elitist oppressive highhanded ambitious refined undemocratic heavy-handed curt casual willful rigid wilful inflexible anti-democratic repressive honourable gracious honorable insouciant uninterested unceremonious discourteous ironhanded dominant abrupt brusque glib terse cursory perfunctory off ungracious take-it-or-leave-it pococurante offish careless

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