Synonym of incendiary

Alternative for incendiary


Tending to stir up conflict
inflammatory seditious provocative rabble-rousing subversive agitational insurrectionary insurrectionist revolutionary stirring arousing contentious controversial dissentious aggressive dangerous demagogic malevolent rousing treacherous wicked causing trouble inciting troublemaking instigative provoking inflaming exciting offensive annoying galling agitating aggravating vexing irritating exasperating maddening goading insulting fomenting insurgent stimulating infuriating affronting charged instigating piquing edgy rebellious agitative disturbing mutinous in-your-face riotous vexatious tiresome irksome tormenting distressing obstructive frustrating irking underground treasonous undermining destructive disruptive insubordinate dissident rebel perfidious overthrowing unpatriotic renegade disloyal discrediting corruptive corrupting harmful perversive fiery destabilizing ruinous destabilising traitorous anarchic explosive rabid hate-mongering passionate intemperate emotive emotional seditionary inspiring incitive challenging outrageous incensing stimulant influential intoxicating pushing heady confrontational inspirational spurring like a red rag to a bull exhilarating interesting thrilling thought-provoking moving electrifying gripping invigorating refreshing appealing breathtaking energizing hair-raising lively envigorating titillating bracing spine-tingling adrenalizing hectic energising stimulative enlivening animating motivating restorative encouraging tonic galvanizing intriguing motivational exhilarant fascinating galvanising vitalizing persuasive vivifying quickening inspiriting impelling spirited uplifting affective meaningful touching renewing reinvigorating innerving roborant galvanic exhilarative electric kicky sexy mind-blowing riveting mind-bending soul-stirring mind-boggling heart-stopping rip-roaring affecting striking triggering awakening captivating absorbing cordial reviving rejuvenating vital inviting trendy fashionable troublesome bothersome impassioned strong powerful heartening memorable dynamic impactful dramatic potent animated impressive poignant energetic exalting anthemic trying compulsive enchanting elating enthralling hallucinogenic eye-popping mind-altering vibrant enthusiastic vigorous hearty emotion-charged sparkling entertaining piquant exalté giving one food for thought


Likely to injure or damage
harmful damaging dangerous detrimental hurtful pernicious baleful baneful deleterious injurious noxious destructive unhealthy evil hazardous unwholesome risky toxic unsafe bad deadly dicey maleficent nocent parlous perilous precarious threatening wounding adverse crippling disadvantageous inimical lethal negative nocuous painful poisonous unfavourable calamitous cancerous cataclysmic catastrophic corrupting counterproductive dire disastrous fatal ill malefic malevolent malicious malign malignant mischievous murderous prejudicial prejudicious ruinous sinister subversive undesirable unfavorable unfortunate annihilative corrosive critical devastating eradicative extirpative harassing insalubrious internecine lethiferous menacing noisome pestiferous pestilential sinful slaughterous suicidal undermining venomous virulent wicked wrackful wreckful corroding environmentally unfriendly unpropitious untoward inopportune inexpedient corruptive afflictive hard hostile imperiling insidious imperilling mortal nasty awful dreadful grievous terrible vicious distressing cruel cataclysmal spiteful bitter fateful life-threatening foul contaminated terminal deathly damning tragic grave woeful pestilent death-dealing mephitic septic unlucky violent infectious offensive ominous serious severe evil-intentioned mean rancorous vindictive vitriolic direful lamentable hateful catty annihilatory devastative disturbing troublesome appalling diseased unhealthful savage abusive black shocking fell impure unfriendly insanitary unhygienic unsanitary inauspicious unkind incurable killing unpleasant unsound disease-ridden disagreeable alarming skanky festy miserable objectionable antagonistic killer gross dirty rotten infective unnutritious ill-fated brutal filthy unclean vital unconducive polluted vengeful vile crushing ravaging homicidal infested repulsive repugnant agonizing fierce horrible deplorable distasteful forbidding destroying poison despiteful jeopardizing germ-ridden germy costly harrowing heartrending disquieting upsetting unwelcome mortiferous regrettable obnoxious rancid dark ill-natured acute shattering heartbreaking harsh jeopardising frightful ill-boding agonising difficult apocalyptic messy sickly unsympathetic antipathetic disgusting carcinogenic counter frightening acrimonious infected minatory repellent iniquitous revolting contagious ruining abhorrent displeasing wretched abominable corrupt horrid envenomed excruciating sickening nauseating insecure viperous consumptive defamatory bodeful nefarious odious ill-starred ugly poisoned spoiled minacious sharp hapless mortuary ill-disposed unsavoury unpalatable detestable tragical distressful rank execrable yucky tough off-putting uncertain stinking bothersome galling toxicant immoderate wasteful unsalutary hairy beastly jeopardous spoilt morbid chilling unsavory high-risk treacherous venturesome worrying chancy dodgy ill-omened foreboding touchy touch and go dismal aggressive tainting contaminating uncontrollable bad for you unbeneficial aching hurting cantankerous reprobate nullifying invalidating annulling counteractive neutralizing miasmatic miasmic afflicting contrary opposed dirtied feculent intimidating invasive final mortifying hate-filled oncogenic tumorous carcinomatous loss-making artful untimely causing death desolating annihilating intimidatory disease-causing morbific metastatic irremediable toxiferous splenetic climactic climacteric wild necrotic louring aspersive sacrificial capital rapacious unadvantageous resentful heavy tormenting torturous thorny troubling spreading peccant full of hate neutralising rough withering cutting bad-natured unwelcoming peracute unnourishing dead untreatable concerning of evil intent blighting earth-shattering shrewish unpromising erosive cutthroat scathing stinging slighting innutritious very dangerous not conducive oppugnant inimicable inimic disaffected at odds unpredictable cussed low impetuous maddened intemperate unrestrained epidemic communicable significant infelicitous catastrophal impoverishing extravagant depleting draining exhausting barbed insulting portentous slaying bloody bloodthirsty ruthless cannibalistic uncool ornery envious petty predictive prophetic revealing oracular junk tainted catching sordid touch-and-go iffy sticky tricky intense evil-minded raging maniacal furious creepy eerie unsuccessful mighty vexatious irksome gnarly caustic stained sullied dusty squalid tarnished scungy grimy muddy soiled sloppy abortive doomy scary evil-looking spooky eldritch decayed pathological trying icky yukky annoying unappealing uncomfortable lousy uncongenial unlovely irritating unpleasing plague-like vituperative hot fraught with danger haphazard shameful outrageous heinous pathogenic doomed luckless sinistrous minatorial crashing invidious grody fearful acid trenchant mordacious pointed acerbic ill-intentioned atrocious glaring egregious pesky sour suggestive of evil doomful dishonest perverse blackhearted lowering scarring gut-wrenching monstrous unbearable flagrant intolerable terrifying flagitious weighty villainous heart-rending pathetic pitiful taxing mind-blowing horrifying disheartening gloomy straitened dour discouraging sombre hard-pressed lurid inhospitable joyless hopeless shadowy discommodious tortured morose troubled full of hardship doubtful glum gray mournful strained exacting doleful austere grey oppressive nightmarish bleak pressing comfortless grim desolate exigent solemn rocky somber sad depressing very bad cheerless loathsome malodorous fetid traumatic putrid uninviting nauseous ghastly smelly vulnerable repellant hideous sick-making scandalous God-awful bogging horrendous fulsome obscene reeking niffy yucko disgustful loathly olid exposed defenceless insalutary foetid immoral unstable threatened unreliable unprotected on the nose explosive unsteady erratic fearsome ticklish slippery defenseless undependable wobbly untrustworthy tottering rickety on a limb on thin ice hanging by a thread open to attack


A person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims
terrorist bomber revolutionary gunman assassin guerrilla radical arsonist desperado hijacker alarmist anarchist cyberterrorist goon guerilla insurrectionary insurrectionist subversive extremist fanatic kidnapper rebel saboteur thug urban guerrilla freedom fighter suicide bomber urban guerilla revolutionist insurgent mutineer agitator resistance fighter partisan revolter traitor renegade malcontent frondeur bioterrorist ecoterrorist agroterrorist narcoterrorist irregular rioter paramilitary red seditionist Zapatista Montonero underground fighter subverter protester irregular soldier member of the resistance soldier fighter dissident resister demonstrator anarch turncoat quisling troublemaker objector antagonist opponent overthrower recreant deserter campaigner demagogue secessionist thief robber disectarian seditionary deviationist nihilist collaborator insubordinate fifth columnist commando mercenary bushfighter Bolshevik carjacker member of the underground skyjacker professional soldier soldier of fortune apostate dissenter separatist betrayer heretic iconoclast schismatic defector tergiversator marcher nonconformist resistance innovator independent experimenter experientialist individualist Judas double-crosser rat snake backslider renegado outlaw double-dealer runaway striker back-stabber informer serpent backstabber activist picketer two-timer deceiver conspirator tattletale whistle-blower sneak squealer treasonist spy snitch fink snake in the grass protest marcher double agent stool pigeon Benedict Arnold counterrevolutionist seceder renegate reformist leftist lefty counterrevolutionary separationist runagate reformer progressive picketers picket convert militant heckler human chain crazy disrupter lobbyist supporter boycotter abandoner refugee turnabout escapee forsaker exile fugitive viper colluder miscreant fizgig scab fraternizer intriguer traditor frenemy snitcher wolf impostor traducer hypocrite

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