Synonym of incognizant

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(often followed by `of') not aware


Lacking knowledge or awareness (of information or facts)
ignorant unaware unknowing unmindful oblivious unsuspecting nescient clueless insensible unacquainted unconscious unenlightened uninformed unwitting innocent in the dark unfamiliar heedless uninstructed blind inconversant deaf naive blind to inattentive deaf to uneducated unobservant inexperienced oblivious to impervious to unconversant with undiscerning strange to a stranger to in the dark about unknowledgeable unconversant careless forgetful negligent unacquainted with unaffected by unaccustomed to unaware of unconscious of new to unused to caught napping uninformed about inexperienced in unenlightened about ignorant of unperceptive benighted mindless misinformed unaffected unnoticing unrecognizing neglectful unschooled impercipient dense witless thick impervious green unresponsive unbriefed insensitive daydreaming not aware uninitiated indifferent to unfamiliar with ill-informed unmindful of unschooled in uninitiated in out of it out to lunch not told not informed fresh to nescient of unapprised incurious regardless blank unseeing astigmatic unaccustomed unheeding unwary disregardful disregarding not observant strange comatose haphazard coincidental aimless undesigned numb senseless not knowing insensible to untutored in unwatchful indifferent stupid simple unintelligent removed from taking no notice detached from unconcerned by regardless of disregardful of inattentive to in ignorance lost to unfeeling apathetic untouched unused unversed unskilled at not associated out of contact not versed in unpracticed unversed in unskilled in unpractised in unskilled neglectful of unheeding of slow dim incompetent dumb unintellectual impassive unmoved unimpressible imperceptive taking no notice of paying no heed to dopey obdurate unperceiving unlearned illiterate mindless of dozy impractical dull cretinous unread shallow untaught apprenticed uncultured imbecilic uncultivated birdbrained untrained unlettered moronic obtuse insensitive of unmoved by unresponsive to without knowledge of careless of negligent of untouched by unsusceptible slow on the uptake half-witted simple-minded unknown new alien foreign unconcerned mooning spacey doped not cognizant out cold not all there not in the loop in a daze having never met uninformed of uninitiated about unknowing of without knowledge green about inexperienced of naive about out of the loop of innocent about clueless about innocent of unwitting of not knowing the first thing about not having the faintest about


Having an innocent or credulous nature
innocent naive ingenuous simple trusting credulous unsophisticated unsuspicious unworldly guileless gullible artless naïve unsuspecting unwary trustful unknowing unpretentious unwitting confiding impressionable inexperienced oblivious unaffected unaware unguarded unmindful unsceptical clueless green ignorant insensible unacquainted uninformed childlike naif naïf primitive uncritical unfamiliar nescient raw unconscious unpretending unschooled unstudied youthful over-trusting simpleminded easily deceived easily led easily taken in born yesterday as green as grass wet behind the ears heedless dupable deceivable exploitable overtrusting unwarned unquestioning callow immature swallowing undoubting believing accepting imprudent easy mark wide-eyed over-trustful readily taken in readily falling for readily swallowing whole taken in off guard easy susceptible dewy-eyed dewy foolish fleeceable unskeptical biting aw-shucks silly gullable natural jejune vulnerable exploitive exploitative exploitatory fresh optimistic indiscriminating open spontaneous down-to-earth frank uninhibited green as grass overcredulous without airs fictile defenceless tender idealistic infant juvenile unfledged tenderfoot adolescent young malleable sucker mark uninitiated genuine easily influenced easily exploited easily controlled tumbling for kidding oneself swallowing whole folksy corn-fed country uncool unartificial clean taking the bait being a sucker defenseless babe in woods falling hook line and sinker superstitious prone to superstition fond unwise virginal uncorrupted virgin cute quaint shallow unjaded plain uneducated untaught countrified Panglossian simple-minded starry-eyed like a babe in the woods

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