Synonym of incredulous

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Antonym: credulous,


Too unlikely to be believed
incredible unbelievable inconceivable implausible unthinkable unimaginable fantastic fantastical unconvincing uncompelling unconceivable improbable unlikely doubtful impossible preposterous dubious absurd fanciful ridiculous extraordinary far-fetched full of it questionable weak hard to swallow beyond belief unrealistic thin unsubstantial fishy incogitable cock-and-bull flimsy suspect staggering unreasonable won't wash scarcely credible full of holes hard to believe unimagined reachy astonishing strange farfetched rare mind-boggling outlandish amazing mind-blowing singular too much won't hold water for the birds out of the question cock and bull astounding ludicrous puzzling incomprehensible problematic obscure unknowable breathtaking unsound debatable tall unheard-of insupposable strained laboured phony unplausible labored shallow phoney insubstantial unreal unique unordinary unheard of exceptional uncommon far out highly unlikely not likely cockamamie not in the least likely hard to take beyond the bounds of possibility difficult to believe shaky illogical not on unusual insupportable beyond possibility untenable phenomenal specious unpersuasive uncredible harebrained infeasible reaching trifling feeble lame flakey kooky scatterbrained flaky cockeyed lamebrained screwy ineffable remote unsatisfactory inadequate pathetic transparent forced ponderous ineffectual rings phony eye-popping past belief open to doubt jaw-dropping unspeakable untold unutterable poor unimpressive not able to hold water fabulous indescribable inapprehensible undreamed-of overwhelming unthought of half-baked not convincing undreamed of not understandable beyond one's wildest dreams beyond the realm of reason wild extravagant irrational nonsensical eccentric odd insane bizarre crazy weird peculiar whimsical imaginary mad curious illusory foolish queer comical grandiose oddball visionary erratic misleading wacky romantic artificial zany capricious ambitious illusive daft extreme barmy hallucinatory suppositious different potty outré out of sight off-the-wall off the wall hare-brained make-believe cock-eyed imcomprehensible extremely implausible extremely doubtful extremely unlikely beyond reason extremely difficult to believe won't fly not to be thought of remarkable silly kookie whacky nutty freakish senseless funny abnormal quirky loony fatuous idiotic unconventional asinine lunatic offbeat stupid outrageous out-of-the-way farcical out of the ordinary inane rum far-out witless incongruous kinky brainless crackpot anomalous preternatural dotty laughable cuckoo left-field freaky prodigious funky looney weirdo dippy daffy unwise quaint way-out cranky unearthly bizarro wondrous spaced-out off-kilter wacko sensational atypical balmy uncustomary spectacular imbecilic aberrant out there queerish risible pointless half-witted grotesque miraculous unnatural uncanny marvelous marvellous supernatural unorthodox unfamiliar stupendous imprudent awesome wonderful slang mystifying unaccountable superhuman mysterious surprising irregular freak crackbrained unprecedented screwball foolhardy monstrous unwonted unaccustomed unexpected deviant featherheaded impracticable jerky tomfool cockamamy inexplicable goofy way out ill-conceived idiosyncratic magical transcendental transcendent batty derisory simpleminded especial loopy unco other-worldly exceeding extraordinaire lunkheaded bubbleheaded aberrated ghostly moronic sappy weak-minded unworkable false exaggerated unintelligent baffling out of the way incoherent irresponsible stunning perplexing contrived surreal injudicious puerile impractical mindless sublime superb incautious novel daggy ill-considered unbalanced distorted shocking supernormal brilliant striking ill-advised out of this world arresting outstanding imaginative untypical inept fool paranormal scatty quixotic derisive off-centre short-sighted original derisible madcap simple unrepresentative alien exotic uncharacteristic chimeric suspicious chimerical fabricated reckless infantile giddy inconsequential glorious dubitable nuts elaborate deranged demented unhinged crazed certifiable deviating bonkers special tremendous mental psychotic comic slight otherworldly spooky cracked bats meaningless loco gaga recondite creepy equivocal iffy invalid crackers non compos mentis meshuga eerie metaphysical mystical gonzo unapt maniac maniacal fruity haywire whacko psycho amazeballs indiscreet noteworthy brainsick wud bedlam meshugge bughouse moonstruck unknown unworldly heavy spectral looney tunes loony tunes supermundane superior numinous eldritch isolated spookish fresh haunting out of the common off the air perverted off your head off your trolley scary nerdy doltish something else softheaded up the pole feebleminded utopian conceptual unicorn radical divine splendid terrific blinding thaumaturgic enigmatic tenuous vacuous overblown awe-inspiring dopey foreign doolally vague flawed rummy dazzling new hilarious overdone hokey romanesque glamourous glamorous embellished dishonest untruthful untrue dilly imposing impressive formidable supreme contemptible out in left field out to lunch faint exorbitant contradictory faulty nebulous unsubstantiated inconclusive burlesque droll shady hyperbolic extremely foolish off beam stupidly irresponsible inconsistent foolheaded feather-brained sick dope contrary untoward gelastic awful unparalleled portentous providential eye-opening alternative disputable undependable untrustworthy embroidered histrionic arguable unreliable unsustainable unsupportable sketchy irreconcilable indefensible spurious groundless hollow signal scarce excellent divergent infrequent caricatural blown up over the top outside chance less likely wayward stupefying wonderworking supranatural airy illegitimate unreasoning vain inconsequent nonrational fallacious unfounded unreasoned beyond your ken little known unexplored uninvestigated untried weird and wonderful O.T.T. a bit much OTT mercurial outre arcane thin on the ground nondescript startling egregious few and far between few the utmost wackadoodle bewildering nonconformist crazy-ass wackadoo ill complicated perverse nonstandard malformed unhealthy warped twisted doubtable unbelieveable aberrational devious fictitious dreamlike self-contradictory heterodox anomalistic heteroclite corrupt deviate undecided unconfirmed uncertain speculative unsettled unsure deviative occult not normal off-color unnormal crash hot out of line heteromorphic off-base fablelike non-typical very good eery other specific particular mythical fictional on thin ice touch-and-go long shot fat chance beyond all reason bird-brained out of all reason inappropriate mythic notable momentous extraterrestrial ethereal quizzical errant specialized interesting nonconforming off-key unconforming discordant specialised unharmonious inspired inexplainable very strange supranormal ghoulish secret devilish unforgettable eye-catching frantic unstable frenzied raving distracted scaring spine-chilling unnerving superstitious petrifying disconcerting terrifying crawly frightening sinister hair-raising chilling ghostlike blood-curdling fearful uneasy conspicuous disturbed distraught manic hysterical mentally ill delirious not together psychopathic sectionable serious stark mad bananas sick in the head flash gnarly forby of unsound mind schizoid mad as a hatter away with the fairies round the bend foaming at the mouth barking raving mad stark raving mad buggy phantom spiritual amusing unpredictable clownish never to be forgotten unpractical rash dumb Bohemian touched nutso off beaten path not right upstairs nutty as a fruitcake not quite right in the head off your rocker not all there unsafe have kangaroos in the top paddock have bats in the belfry nutsy out of one's mind bushed panic-stricken yampy as daft as a brush squirrelly porangi stark staring mad not the full shilling mad as a March hare round the twist barking mad have a screw loose off one's nut not right in the head thoughtless make believe made-up nonmaterialistic celestial extramundane religious abstract flighty supersensory daydreaming dreamy astral daydreamy incorporeal acting crazy


Caused to feel surprised or taken aback due to an unexpected event
surprised astonished amazed flabbergasted shocked staggered stunned astounded bewildered nonplussed speechless startled stupefied confounded dazed dumbfounded floored perplexed dumbstruck flummoxed gobsmacked stumped agape bemused overcome addled aghast awed awestricken awestruck confused disconcerted overwhelmed thunderstruck unnerved alarmed benumbed discomposed dumfounded frightened jolted shaken wonderstruck bowled over open-mouthed shell-shocked taken aback wide-eyed blown away goggle-eyed openmouthed shaken up taken by surprise at a loss at a loss for words in amazement knocked for six lost for words unable to believe your eyes caught on the hop caught on the wrong foot filled with amazement filled with astonishment filled with awe filled with wonder unable to believe one's ears overawed marveling marvelling wondering paralysed paralyzed petrified dismayed rooted to the spot struck dumb left speechless disbelieving unbelieving affected emotional moved struck in disbelief choky disturbed taken defeated swept off your feet buried blown-away run-over overthrown verklempt unable to continue swamped bowled-over puzzled baffled thrown agog befuddled bamboozled fuddled at sea mystified bushed horrified thrown off balance muddled discombobulated disoriented terrified afraid bedeviled distracted wildered befogged mazed bedevilled at sixes and sevens discomfited dumb tongue-tied troubled clueless fazed flustered staring impressed fearful addlepated cowed in shock spellbound intimidated daunted wonder-struck wonder-stricken reverential awe-stricken rendered speechless beat buffaloed rattled lost appalled foxed vexed beaten fogged uncertain dopey dizzy dopy in a dither mixed-up perplex in awe thunder-struck eager expectant electrified shattered abashed fascinated admiring embarrassed awe-inspired hard-pressed enthralled completely surprised numbed discountenanced hard put frustrated dazzled disorientated stuck nonplused giddy gaga hazy breathless licked knocked staring in amazement knocked for a loop off-balance awe-struck off balance owly-eyed moon-eyed saucer-eyed knocked out knocked sideways preoccupied spooked scared pixillated engrossed addle silly slaphappy spaced pixilated muzzy spacey punchy zonked-out muddleheaded raddled spaced-out punch-drunk spacy zonked absent-minded fuzzy ajar open yawning had their heads messed with uncomprehending besotted confusticated got caused to be at a stand gravelled graveled thrown off made to scratch their head mute inarticulate mum voiceless silent wordless uncommunicative muted obmutescent mumchance dumbstricken reserved unable to get a word out cool as cucumber aphonic taciturn buttoned up not saying boo hit for six mom bereft of speech tight-lipped clammed up cool close-mouthed unflappable


Characterized, or marked, by much busy (or stressful) activity
wild overcome frantic frenzied overwhelmed affected delirious mad overawed struck stunned distraught frenetic furious hysterical maniacal manic nuts rabid uncontrolled violent berserk crazed crazy deranged feverish overpowered devastated beside oneself destroyed in a frenzy not knowing what to do with oneself agitated excited fierce raving ferocious overwrought hectic insane hyper swivel-eyed fraught raging out of control demented panic-stricken hyperactive worked up fevered confused corybantic unscrewed wired desperate energetic distracted keyed up intense turbulent flipped out unhinged uncontrollable unglued restless unzipped in a tizzy wigged out shook up weirded out beside yourself fanatical unrestrained riotous freaked out tumultuous chaotic exciting distrait berko hysteric nervous overexcited fast and furious angry weird zonkers in a state strong forceful like one possessed hot under the collar hot and bothered spazzed out at wits' end in a stew distressed anxious postal off your head heated worried fervid confusing vehement unbalanced boisterous obsessive panicky irrepressible panic-struck overactive lunatic on the rampage neurotic disturbed nutty passionate busy high-strung convulsive demonic flipped maniac carried away rampant spasmodic batty barmy disordered unsettled out of one's mind in a panic in a lather around the bend at the end of your tether very upset madding running amok phrenetic furibund abandoned rioting rampaging destructive lost it ebullient full-on overwhelming overpowering uninhibited enthusiastic demoniacal null aroused gay irresistible sectionable zealous ungovernable fired up upset unstoppable unmanageable uncontainable unquenchable psychotic up freaky high emotional incoherent bothered troubled impatient unrestrainable unruly irrational babbling perturbed rattled flustered discomposed perfervid passional concerned fiery impetuous impassioned maddened driven to distraction blazing tempestuous incensed fuming seething unnerved possessed tormented muddled turned out hopped up shattered thrown lightheaded hot hallucinating aberrant deviant light-headed rambling bewildered wandering hallucinatory unreasonable disarranged deviate harassed verklempt pained nonplussed addled mental in a fit animated out of one's wits worked-up lively wrought-up ape amok out of your mind bananas bonkers like a chicken with its head cut off spare bats out of one's head out of one's skull barro crook porangi crackers excitable flurrying up the wall off the deep end through the roof flustering off the air rumbustious buzzing brisk bustling off your rocker out to lunch vibrant woolly wooly nutsy zoolike jungle hassle madhouse crowded burning jumpy jittery hyperexcitable skittery fiddle-footed fluttery skittish spooky hyperkinetic flighty rip-roaring very busy very active like Piccadilly Circus hell broke loose overzealous excessively active uptight wound up in a flap het up in a tizz having kittens in a cold sweat last-minute in a flat spin


Questioning or suggesting puzzlement
quizzical bantering curious mocking questioning sardonic supercilious teasing amused arch baffled chaffing derisive enquiring fooling funning inquiring jesting joking joshing kidding mystified perplexed puzzled rallying razzing ribbing sceptical amusing aporetic disbelieving eccentric inquisitive ironic odd probing quaint queer searching show-me skeptical surprised suspicious unbelieving unusual flippant lighthearted humorous playful funny jokey facetious distrustful mistrustful doubting suspecting negativistic interrogative nosy prying inquisitorial jocose light-hearted sportive whimsical waggish frolicsome jocular flip witty frivolous merry tongue-in-cheek comical roguish glib comic mischievous gay in jest blithe in fun jolly droll unserious high-spirited jovial mirthful chucklesome jocund tongue in cheek laughable impish entertaining puckish gleeful sunny ludic cheerful as a joke to tease festive blithesome laughing lively joyous smart clever for a laugh silly pleasant satirical fun wisecracking not serious putting one on pulling one's leg irreverent superficial ill-considered inane shallow thoughtless fatuous senseless non-serious farcical dry daft flirtatious pixieish tricksy sly leprechaunish rascally risible scampish pixy pixie devilish prankish knavish wicked elvish clowning snappy kittenish bubbly gamesome spirited jaunty good-natured sprightly capering wry hilarious diverting cheery happy flakey crazy good-humoured good-humored camp daffy campy wacky flaky boffo joculous ludicrous gagged up for grins


Of or relating to atheists or atheism
atheistic skeptic sceptic disbelieving faithless freethinking godless heathen infidel irreligious nonbelieving unbelieving agnostic atheistical atheous doubting humanistic nonreligious nontheistic nullifidian paganistic ungodly unreligious pagan profane impious non-theistic blasphemous unholy sacrilegious irreverent sinful wicked idolatrous non-believing immoral sceptical iniquitous heretical depraved heathenish corrupt evil skeptical satanic barbarian barbarous disrespectful unhallowed unrighteous devilish fiendish demonic bad infernal diabolical reprobate iconoclastic apostate perverted impure irreverential religionless degenerate unprincipled vile vice-ridden debauched morally wrong dissolute dissipated decadent erring fallen intemperate sullied peccable tainted indecent desecrating recusant unsanctified wrongful wrong criminal nefarious base adiamorphic undogmatic polytheistic apostatical paganish heathenistic dishonest heinous miscreant misbelieving obscene foul dirty violating filthy without religious faith malevolent undecorous indecorous improper indelicate unseemly rough debased ignoble unblessed culpable unconsecrated guilty secular blameful savage uncivilized barbaric ignorant natural uncultured rude Neandertal primitive uncultivated uncivil Neanderthal unenlightened philistine wild hypocritical undutiful unregenerate disobedient defiling deceitful canting unfaithful wayward pietistical hardened diabolic unethical desecrative contrary unctuous scandalous sanctimonious brutish uncivilised nonbeliever not religious undevout unspiritual free-thinking vicious villainous monstrous atrocious dark shocking odious despicable hellish cruel unlawful abominable horrible black unspeakable unsavory egregious black-hearted flagitious dastardly dishonourable shameful unsavoury outrageous execrable damnable rotten cacodemonic Mephistophelian crooked demoniac dreadful dishonorable malicious contemptible appalling reprehensible inhuman shady bent terrible sinister demoniacal detestable hateful abhorrent unscrupulous infamous beastly amoral loathsome horrifying accursed malignant hideous mean contemptuous low-down stinking warped murderous disgraceful demonian Luciferian awful lawless nasty wanton sordid impertinent ghastly offensive demonical malfeasant illegal insulting illicit bestial pernicious underhanded disreputable maleficent disparaging scornful disdainful heartless scoundrelly impolite discourteous felonious serpentine ruthless gross unfair unconscionable not cricket horrendous impudent derisive shadowy treacherous facinorous injurious harmful vulgar low underhand illegitimate roguish rancorous wrathful spiteful implacable unreasonable brutal rascally wretched forward presumptuous insolent insubordinate blameworthy possessed notorious indictable flagrant opprobrious naughty out-of-line cocky abusive aweless crusty lippy bold errant blamable censurable pitiless bloodthirsty merciless hellacious smutty devious unfeeling inhumane sadistic delinquent crude incorrigible unjust risqué shameless unpleasant salacious profligate Hadean bad-hearted Stygian knavish demonlike demonly demonish from hell demeritorious amiss sinning aberrant perverse glaring putrid nightmarish horrific frightful unearthly mephistophelean ignominious uncharitable undignified abject unbecoming deconsecrated cowardly inequitable lawbreaking unworthy good-for-nothing cheeky lamentable caitiff disgusting snide servile scurvy currish shabby degraded inelegant menial paltry LaVeyan unsacred ferocious under-the-table condemnable against the law butcherly brute truculent low-minded crazed frenetic mad maniacal dangerous abandoned worthless execrative imprecatory execratory profanatory swearing cursing off-color deleterious damaging baneful hurtful prejudicial nocuous adverse noxious mischievous baleful detrimental ill violent horrid licentious self-indulgent unkind vitiated callous forbidding exploitative hard-hearted libertine slippery mean-spirited crafty scrofulous sly evil-minded self-seeking vengeful grisly conscienceless cold-blooded tyrannical two-faced squalid shifty objectionable dodgy defiled despiteful unconscientious scheming harsh virulent inexorable questionable vindictive corrupted gruesome nauseating unbearable steep sickening not sacred immoderate exorbitant insupportable unendurable intolerable insufferable excessive uncouth coarse bad news unwarranted extravagant maddening exasperating impossible OTT distressing preposterous boorish O.T.T. godawful extortionate unsophisticated depraving debasing contumelious scurrilous too great shaming disgracing extreme debauching over the top very bad uneducated unpolished suggestive unrefined ill-bred blue earthy ribald lewd Rabelaisian benighted loutish ill-mannered thuggish churlish raunchy pornographic steamy illiterate unmannered yobbish slobbish saucy nudge-nudge fruity off colour in a state of nature beyond the pale crass uncontrolled mannerless rugged near the knuckle near the bone unconventional unequitable malodorous unrightful flippant discreditable repugnant no good

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