Synonym of industrial strength


Evoking a strong or stimulating mental sensation
pungent acid bitter piquant sour spicy aromatic hot tangy tart peppery strong seasoned sharp stinging acrid biting pert poignant salty savory savoury spiced vinegary zesty zingy acerb fiery effluvious nosey odoriferous overpowering racy rich sharp-tasting snappy stinking whiffy highly flavoured acidic acerbic acetic harsh acidulous acetous acidulated astringent unsweetened zestful tartish sourish perfumed fragrant distasteful highly seasoned scented unpleasant sweet tasty burning vinegarish odorous flavoursome redolent appetizing keen ambrosial flavorful flavorsome zippy appetising lively nippy severe spirited acidy caustic sweet-smelling fresh sparkling vigorous balmy witty briny active flavourful flavorous sapid musky gingery acetose amaroidal with a kick camphoraceous sharp-flavoured stiff effluvial pointed cutting acute peppered lemony citrus sarcastic penetrating piercing rotten colourful rough picante noisome unsavory unpalatable unsavoury yukky yucky smarting humorous aromal herbaceous curried dry soured green absinthian absinthal punchy red hot well seasoned colorful strongly flavoured recalling indicative smelling suffocating strong-smelling austere highly-seasoned sweet-scented brusque well-flavored critical fragranced animated energetic aromatized vivacious sprightly mettlesome animate springy perky peppy airy spanking frisky exciting kinetic pizazzy jazzy sparky brisk bouncing pizzazzy vital entertaining gay dramatic jaunty stimulating sexy buoyant heady exhilarating forceful clever sportive bright distinctive playful forcible


Significant or extreme in degree or intensity
heavy-duty acute almighty blistering deep dreadful excruciating explosive exquisite fearful fearsome ferocious fierce frightful furious ghastly hard heavy hellacious intense intensive keen profound terrible vehement vicious violent durable forceful heavyweight long-lasting tough extreme severe strong powerful great serious concentrated agonizing sharp burning searing agonising raging unbearable insufferable excessive consuming flaming vigorous very great harsh heightened uncontrollable piercing overwhelming unendurable frenzied thorough full grievous passionate total major drastic close extraordinary fervent strenuous exceptional earnest fiery energetic hellish torrid hot ardent heated wild urgent marked harrowing all-consuming penetrating racking potent torturous deep-seated cutting overpowering tormenting biting bitter forcible devastating shrill storming poignant stormy turbulent desperate volcanic tumultuous tempestuous blustery real right impossible proper sound grave pronounced intolerable diabolical awful inexcusable dire unforgivable reprehensible indefensible relentless unstoppable disgraceful shameful parlous very bad transcending compelling fervid zealous impassioned eager fanatical heartfelt shooting stabbing sincere significant emotional wholehearted feverish distressing perfervid peracute abject sudden finely tuned boiling baking scorching critical heartrending cut-throat warm-blooded deep-rooted deepest deeply felt hearty sizzling roasting sweltering blazing tropical parching withering resounding ungovernable inordinate typhonic chaotic inclement blustering restless roaring menacing rough boisterous swirling cyclonic volatile choppy thundery gusty rugged destructive squally bumpy stormful thunderous windy savage howling exhaustive scalding rabid rampaging uncontrolled rampant intemperate riotous unrestrained uncurbed immoderate inflamed unchecked unbridled unmanageable unfettered emphatic complete blazing hot blistery baking hot broiling red-hot convulsive paroxysmal out of control dynamic painful outrageous full of force aroused enraged ruinous coercive peppery gale force enormous supreme all-out in-depth detailed comprehensive concerted high boiling hot very hot all-inclusive all-absorbing all-encompassing thoroughgoing painstaking demanding protracted intensified unqualified like a furnace undue diligent exaggerated assiduous conscientious all-embracing meticulous scrupulous methodical minute strained vivid pungent stinging mother of all sedulous sweeping extensive searching high-pressure elaborate determined widespread resolute rigorous careful out-and-out persistent accelerated fast insistent speeded-up radical particular encyclopedic absolute encyclopaedic exact royal efficient whole-hog full-dress hard-hitting from A to Z blow-by-blow active aggressive mettlesome spirited far-reaching enthusiastic laborious specific blunt dedicated considerable compendious consummate cyclopedic embracive punchy panoramic universal inclusive omnibus arduous taxing cover-all all-in broad-gauge broad-gauged in-your-face thoughtful pulling no punches exacting weighty difficult circumstantial soup to nuts clocklike particularized itemized all the way plenty slam-bang plucky all out thoroughpaced particularised itemised systematic technical leaving no stone unturned crash telescoped expert focused functional utter personal immediate intricate experienced positive true perfect arrant specialized focussed specialised exclusive unmitigated fair firsthand direct complex onerous complicated labored confused abstruse te formidable oppressive recondite solemn knotty round-the-clock total-immersion customary unmistaken specially designed essential elemental full-scale bad hazardous sobering big worrying perilous dangerous toilsome threatening disastrous punishing brutal life-threatening consequential bleak precarious ugly grinding usual special intimate categorical full-blooded muscular assertive first-hand exhausting brisk umbrella definitive global clean laboured wall-to-wall full-blown catholic confronting the word thought-provoking no stone unturned attentive accurate punctilious fastidious provocative reflective confrontational challenging insightful fussy precise deliberate judicious orderly heedful industrious provident strict faithful circumspect cautious finicky solid observant regardful concerned religious prim selfdisciplined correct loving discreet picky chary pernickety persnickety nice perfectionist by the numbers by the book going to great lengths more than one can bear more than flesh and blood can stand

Antonym of industrial strength

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