Synonym of ineffective

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Antonym: effective,


Not producing any significant or desired effect
unproductive unsuccessful futile useless fruitless ineffectual unprofitable vain unavailing abortive inefficacious profitless bootless non-successful worthless failed feeble idle inadequate inefficient inept pointless purposeless barren empty lame otiose weak inutile unfructuous unfruitful anticlimactic defeasible emasculate forceless indecisive inferior innocuous inoperative limited neutralised neutralized nugatory null paltry slack-spined spineless unable unavailable void withered to no avail no go not effective no way to no effect valueless in vain impotent hopeless meaningless pathetic to no purpose hollow trivial spiritless unrewarding insignificant sterile trifling thwarted counterproductive senseless of no use poor wishy-washy powerless inconsequential aimless effete good-for-nothing unusable soft foiled impractical tame feckless nerveless unimportant wet vapid weak-kneed doomed invertebrate incompetent unsatisfactory lacklustre lackluster wimpish no-good wimpy Sisyphean cowardly lifeless flat without success frustrated insufficient unpurposed insipid insubstantial weakling chicken no dice puny characterless milk-and-water namby-pamby of no avail petty junky limp-wristed wasted waste miserable timid bungled timorous defeated baulked mediocre unremunerative bland for nought irresolute enervated expendable balked frail weakened no use impracticable yellow-bellied no-account unprolific chaffy half-hearted frivolous not worth the candle on a treadmill wasteful trashy uninspiring wretched unassertive unconvincing boneless cheap craven bogus nothing ignoble abandoned unessential apathetic gutless lily-livered faint-hearted thin misfired unworkable nonfunctional thankless wussy unfunctional disastrous listless sissified sissy hamstrung inexpedient flimsy botched uninspired scrap dysfunctional yellow dull unimpressive lazy exhausted implausible silly pale stillborn measly unimaginative blocked negligible stupid disadvantageous dry forlorn slight piddling needless flabby pants inane unreal delusive irrelevant unsuitable footling banal unreliable etiolated bloodless gainless no good unsubstantial wavering vacillating faltering anemic anaemic lost a dead loss without rhyme or reason abject drossy despicable contemptible base disorganized ne'er-do-well impuissant failing pallid bungling unanimated lustreless muted scant miscarried uneconomic vigourless stymied halfhearted save one's breath null and void unsalable ruined spoiled disorganised unserviceable hindered stonewalled obstructed nonproductive uncreative slow unyieldly motiveless nonpractical cramped frustaneous unlucrative insincere spoilt boring unuseful inoperable broken dead inactive flaccid shallow niggling picayune minute nominal piddly pimping piffling inconsiderable peanut time-wasting stale of no earthly use messed up no-win misleading unnotable shuck delusory for naught limp not useful uninteresting meek weak-willed fickle passive shiftless irresponsible absurd nonsensical off jejune arid tedious commonplace going nowhere dithering spinning one's wheels wild goose chase of no value unneeded resultless not a prayer in vicious circle fouled up dreary drab unstimulating prosaic monotonous humdrum flavourless watered-down flavorless sapless languid helpless impossible non-functioning indeterminate pusillanimous undetermined fallible groundless de minimis Mickey Mouse insane fatuous slothful indolent unlikely transparent vacuous vacant unfilled clear defective deficient chicken-hearted corruptible supine hemming and hawing waffling undependable yielding unsure no good to gundy foolish poxy wanky rubbishy nickel-and-dime purportless unnecessary redundant nongermane not pertinent superfluous half-baked fustian unenterprising reckless unambitious incautious lousy uncareful carefree careless wild baseless ill-fated bleak of no benefit casual easily led weedy not in use out of use silent turned off not working out of service rubbish rambling unfounded unhelpful hard to swallow faulty unpersuasive hard to believe unpleasing beyond remedy unachievable despaired of two a penny not much cop drippy lacking foundation a dime a dozen nerdy daft chicken-livered pigeon-hearted not worth a hill of beans fearful without grounds without foundation not serious poor-spirited candy-assed


Not producing any significant or desired effect
inefficient ineffectual inadequate inefficacious feeble powerless unfit useless impotent inept poor weak counterproductive feckless hamstrung incapable incompetent inexpedient lame pathetic unsuccessful hopeless worthless inferior no good inexpert unqualified unskilled unproficient unskillful inapt deficient unfitted unskilful substandard lousy untrained unable wanting insufficient lacking faulty inexperienced unequipped not good enough bad a dead loss not up to scratch amateurish rotten unapt duff bungling rubbish not much cop blundering unprofessional not cut out for not up to snuff not equal to floundering unsatisfactory unsuitable amateur maladroit improvident awful appalling atrocious dreadful terrible lacking ability undependable unsuited abysmal dire defective ineligible inproficient shooting blanks disqualified unprepared leaving much to be desired unable to do something for toffee imperfect limited ham-fisted cack-handed frightful mediocre inappropriate unreliable pants incapacitated improper ill-suited pitiful uncool unhandy very poor very bad not up to it incompatible disappointing not up to unacceptable below par a load of pants can't hack it slovenly disorganized slipshod slack half-baked extravagant prodigal careless improficient sloppy bum noneffective unequal unthrifty ruinous unworkmanlike disorganised unable to do something to save one's life cowboy skill-less clumsy not proper raw bush-league awkward helpless uninitiated unadapted unpracticed not much chop no great shakes not cut out incapable of ill-equipped unqualified for untrained for incompetent at unable to do something out of one's element can't make the grade less capable unproductive junk inconsistent out to lunch not have it broken flimsy unadvantageous futile underwhelming sorry anticlimactic unsatisfying ropy unfulfilling unworthy bathetic distasteful displeasing falling short failing not all it's cracked up to be disagreeable second-rate uninteresting disillusioning reduced suboptimal subpar little flawed low insubstantial restricted inappreciable meager abject inconsiderable sparing meagre paltry execrable miserable shabby dismal lamentable shoddy piddling deplorable diabolical subnormal wretched low-grade dissatisfactory untoward incorrect indecorous infelicitous perverse malapropos inapposite incongruous unbecoming unhappy amiss wrong unseemly unbefitting under-strength ineligible for unequipped for unprepared for inharmonious ill-adapted not good enough for inapplicable discordant graceless unsuited to inadequate for unworthy of ill-suited to unsuitable for unfitted for out of place inappropriate to not designed not designed for ill-adapted to below standard losing naive vulnerable dependent frail butterfingers unequal to the task not up to something not equal to something out of one's depth not know one's arse from one's elbow dilettante crude dilettantish bumbling nonprofessional gauche jackleg unpractised botched green slapdash ham-handed fumbling bush crummy laughable horrible punk poxy junky rubbishy trashy cheap trumpery sucky hapless bodged untaught lay butterfingered unaccomplished ignorant heavy-handed untalented off wack uncultivated sour fumbled unschooled negligent all thumbs crumby low-rent cheesy common schlock schlocky gimcrack coarse all fingers and thumbs sleazy cheapjack grim cut-rate bargain-basement chronic el cheapo hack inadept backwards insipid rude botching unsophisticated loser talentless unstudied inoperative handless left-handed non-qualified regrettable unco inelegant mutton-fisted immoral unfitting dishonourable dishonorable nonexpert unsound unfortunate not prepared can't cut it disgraceful abominable impaired stinking low quality unpolished without finesse woeful pits God-awful lacking finesse egregious couldn't organize a piss-up in a brewery ill second-class not up to par third-rate untutored desperate unspeakable two-bit piss-poor dime-a-dozen unversed unacquainted uninformed non-technical tinhorn bodger unchartered uneducated unlicensed uncertificated stupid outrageous for the birds unwelcome harmful non-professional new of a sort untamed illiterate undisciplined novice nescient wild strictly for the birds not trained


Not working or taking effect
inoperative broken broken-down defective down unserviceable faulty kaput useless invalid non-functional bust ineffectual inoperable jiggered kaputt knackered malfunctioning nonfunctional nonfunctioning nonoperating not functioning not working out of order shot unworkable wonky acting up conked out in disrepair inefficacious nonactive gone haywire gone kaput gone phut not in working order null and void on the blink out of commission out of service broken down hors de combat out of action out of whack out of use on the fritz duff busted dud done for failed unsound damaged impaired worthless flawed imperfect inactive valueless finished done sunk ruined doomed dead off on its last legs no good in a state of disrepair non-functioning playing up out of kilter unusable conked-out out disabled gone run-down worn out up the spout worn-out in need of repair had it dilapidated bad injured blemished spent haywire hurt spoiled marred screwed up beat-up fallen apart gone to pieces in the shop on the shelf spoilt given up the ghost gone bust stopped working packed up old rumpty inoperational clapped out wrecked done in bonkers kerflooey unoperational incapacitated crashed unavailable debilitated harmed unfunctional not functional non-operational unproductive unavailing not in operation dysfunctional scrap bootless abortive not in service not in use unavailable for use doesn't work wracked scratched dented smashed exhausted unsatisfactory weak feeble buggy bent flubbed dinged totaled snafued coming unglued coming unstuck gone to pot in smithereens loused up messed up in poor condition fouled up mucked up wounded no go glitched deteriorated decayed run down ramshackle battered tumbledown crumbling gone to rack and ruin ill-maintained badly maintained poorly maintained falling to pieces worse for wear


Possessing or acting with the desire to do noble and romantic deeds, without thought of realism and practicality
quixotic idealistic romantic visionary impracticable starry-eyed unrealistic utopian absurd extravagant imaginary unbusinesslike unworldly chimerical chivalrous dreamy fanciful fantastical idealist impossible impractical impulsive inoperable non-viable perfectionist quixotical starry unworkable Utopian dreaming foolish impetuous ineffectual inefficacious unserviceable useless unfeasible improbable wild speculative head-in-the-clouds theoretical otherworldly optimistic ivory-tower idealized unusable idealised illogical abstract unreal out of touch with reality naive fairy-tale unattainable inapplicable infeasible nonviable nonfunctional irrealizable unnegotiable unreasonable no-go won't fly not a prayer out of the question silly far-sighted abstracted radical half-baked daydreaming illusory imaginative airy-fairy nonrealistic prophetic delusory lofty grandiose ambitious pretentious hopeful nonpractical unlikely unwise unpractical not sensible ivory-towered on cloud nine unrealizable unviable castle-building out there unachievable perfect ideal vague fantasizing irrational senseless airy fantasy dream sentimental dreamlike over-optimistic far-fetched crazy potty fantasising exaggerated idyllic high-flown fantastic arcadian model transcendental supreme pie-in-the-sky ultimate best ideological nonsensical reachy gone floating whimsical fabulous fictitious legendary not applicable blue sky made-up Micawberish Panglossian happy hoping creative inventive inspired prescient insightful innovative perceptive discerning penetrating ingenious intuitive enterprising clever shrewd resourceful sharp gifted wise talented hypothetical exalted astral introspective musing noble original in the clouds with your head in the clouds


Having a pale or unhealthy skin tone
waterish pale anaemic anemic ashen ashy blanched bleached bloodless cadaverous colourless colorless deathlike dim doughy dull faded faint feeble ghastly gray grey haggard inadequate ineffectual insubstantial livid lurid pallid pasty poor sallow sick sickly spectral thin unsubstantial wan washed-out watery waxen waxlike weak white whitish pasty-faced milky drawn whey-faced jaundiced chalky washed out paled peaky tired-looking sapped ghostly mealy discoloured deathly peaked drained etiolated wheyfaced listless down depressed forceless like death warmed up worn bilious white as a sheet low discolored chalk-white ashen-faced waxy peakish lymphatic pinched deathly pale peely-wally corpse-like leaden insipid green as white as a sheet as white as a ghost white-faced white as a ghost unhealthy-looking flat alabaster sickly-looking unhealthy wishy-washy lusterless ivory cream creamy milk-white dulled ghostlike pastel achromatic lacklustre lackluster murky emaciated off-color not shiny unwell yellow poorly wabbit greyish grayish light opaque languid washy light-coloured light-colored lustreless drained of color dingy looking as if one has seen a ghost striped yellowish corpselike frail exsanguinous bland pale-faced infirm jaundiced-looking neutral uncolored drab achromic monochrome milk-and-water namby-pamby banal grey-faced gloomy dusky grisly characterless enervated ash-colored muddy greenish-yellow deathful deadly deadened unwholesome anaemic-looking tired muted clouded shopworn subdued matte stonewashed cloudy fair the worse for wear matt subfusc nacreous snow-white off-white without color tarnished sullied mat ill pearly misty fair-skinned light-skinned bad indisposed crook ill-looking translucent opalescent lacteal opaline frosted lactescent lacteous liverish queasy nauseated nauseous funny out of sorts rough peculiar off colour under the weather off awful rotten crummy grotty seedy punk sickened not oneself dreadful lousy ropy unsound run-down ailing terrible run down peelie-wally below par not up to par green about the gills in poor shape


Repeated often to the point of being stale or commonplace
threadbare hackneyed tired stale trite banal stereotyped conventional corny stock overused commonplace platitudinous vapid well-worn common derivative dull overworked unoriginal cliche clichéd cliché-ridden cobwebby familiar hack hackney humdrum moth-eaten musty obligatory pedestrian routine run-of-the-mill shopworn timeworn bromidic cliché hacky truistic worn out bathetic boring everyday imitative old hat played out set tedious uncreative worn-out prosaic uninspired flat worn ordinary stereotypical warmed-over cornball unimaginative hokey exhausted jejune familiar tune chain drained mildewed stereotypic platitudinal used-up ready-made time-worn cliched hoary predictable antiquated overdone dime-store obsolete dead out of date old outdated dreary outmoded frayed repetitious uninteresting defunct out-of-date insipid stupid nowhere ho hum out of the ark well worn formulaic ragged shabby mundane monotonous tiresome archaic dated ancient warmed-up tattered drab lifeless unvaried wearisome passé zero faded nothing unexciting old-hat tame characterless stodgy stuffy tripe weary colorless spiritless dry arid irksome plebeian uneventful outworn ho-hum bland colourless past their sell-by date orthodox cliché standard silly standardized conventionalized quotidian old-chestnut old-saw played-out mass-produced typecast scruffy tatty inane tarnished standardised lined aged decrepit vieux jeu vanilla worn thin weathered broken-down rundown mind-numbing dog-eared wrinkled interminable bomb drudging bummer drag cloying drear tiring facile cornfed pabulum trivial noplace square dumb blah battered used foetid past mawkish zestless fetid yesterday's out bent effete dull as dishwater old-fashioned superannuated gone off disused the worse for wear like a dinosaur weariful unfashionable lackluster uninspiring obsolescent unhip lacklustre unremarkable medieval neolithic prehistoric fossilized Noachian mossy moribund mediaeval demoded prehistorical rusty kaputt behind the times kaput featureless nondescript jading mechanical leaden heavy sterile bog-standard soulless lame fossilised out of style out of fashion Stone Age wishy-washy gray stiff deadening passionless unspirited anemic yawnsome grey monochromatic unstimulating as dry as dust wooden dry as dust anaemic nothing to write home about no great shakes lacking excitement lacking interest unrelieved slow ponderous wearying numbing dusty plain weak bloodless vacuous workaday repetitive feeble dim plodding barren limp unvarying torpid deadly watery unexceptional undistinguished turgid samey prosy mediocre draggy unchanging neutral matter-of-fact pallid unanimated apathetic soul-destroying common or garden soporific usual tasteless plain vanilla average milk-and-water innocuous dullsville flavourless conservative flavorless heavy-going staid depressing sombre normal unadventurous lustreless serious pointless dismal laboured inoffensive empty listless banausic unmemorable somber vacant antiseptic middle-of-the-road fuddy-duddy ornery expressionless dull as ditchwater labored unentertaining unenjoyable straight sedate toneless grim muted desolate simple static not up to much unimpassioned stilted verbose quiet depressed monotone miserable run of the mill solemn big yawn safe drivelling driveling namby-pamby typical unpalatable no-nonsense sluggish garden-variety dreich lacking variation lacking variety weighty lusterless downcast anodyne flat tire dowdy circumspect cautious prudent constant factual sad repeated dispiriting chary wary day-to-day difficult treadmill inactive bleak deadly dull timid careful desiccated tepid pedantic iterative unsentimental non-stimulating dulled uniform unenterprising ceaseless reiterative insistent continual unobjectionable monochrome undistinctive hollow droning uninterested fatiguing limited mild forced clear unexceptionable bourgeois stern laborious white-bread literal sapless savorless unsavory sleepy unnoteworthy sullen intense regular unseasoned beige dour severe sour mournful pathetic customary backwoods generic passive lacking in vitality heavy going indifferent unromantic derived uninventive subdued indecisive deadpan unamusing grave strait-laced unembellished unadorned humourless unsmiling humorless uncomic antediluvian one-horse unsavoury yawn stick-in-the-mud unmoved earnest sober slothful indistinctive faceless noncommittal a dime a dozen fogeyish clean gloomy deep glum dingy dark cheerless homely forlorn joyless shadowy tenebrous depressive macabre funereal lonely serious-minded dolorous morbid endless similar pompous menial down-to-earth usual thing long-winded indistinct over-serious literal-minded puerile duplicative unlively unpassioned lethargic trying frustrating clumsy unnatural awkward artificial not fun second-rate unmodulated undemonstrative yawn producing level-headed hard-headed prolix drawling unshareable least Milquetoast unspecial stolid garden variety crude meagre simplistic meager formal unartistic inert unfateful noneventful inconclusive raw wintry wintery sorrowful damp oppressive windy poor half-hearted inadequate disheartening unsatisfying demoralizing unfulfilling unfeeling mat unexpressive matte unexcited cold half-pie OK so-so cardboard uninflected straightforward unvarnished unpoetic nitty-gritty terrestrial unemotional soft nebbish fatuous tenuous slight backward inexpressive emotionless lacking vitality general useless waterish nerdy wimpy unappealing whitebread blind watered-down thin unimpressed heavy-handed stagnant comatose not so hot two-dimensional futile attentive extinct tentative cagey cut-and-dry businesslike cut-and-dried standard-issue vain profitless hard to digest unappetizing spent lacking personality lacking charisma blank lead balloon gingerly considerate heedful calculating unflavoured savourless hesitant peaceful unrewarding devoid of feeling devoid of emotion demoralising phoned in antwacky incomprehensible inarticulate incoherent cut and dried accustomed unproductive fruitless run-of-the mill worthless hicksville deadsville dragsville timorous traditional diddly practical lowly actual dead-and-alive practicable prose neither one thing nor the other benumbed unpleasurable distasteful aimless valueless unprofitable purposeless small-town provincial parochial dense unreadable frequentative leery stay-at-home restrained narrow-minded backwater unsophisticated ineffectual otiose unavailing unsuccessful bootless inefficacious abortive conformist without spice big zero badly written not amounting to much matter-of- fact parish-pump insular inward-looking blinkered middle-class traditionalist diehard shy uptight unfruitful unfilled unprolific harmless mainstream halfhearted diluted backward-looking crusty languid garden unenthusiastic creaky mouldy old-fogeyish boiled down without punch slow-moving rural country suburban droopy Pooterish button-down antique fusty moldy past it old-time meek irresolute bog standard submissive melancholic languorous dejected spineless languishing enervated melancholy dispirited lackadaisical despondent mopy low blending into the background blue down cowardly disconsolate gutless dopey inanimate unconcerned broken downhearted drippy unkempt down in the mouth down in the dumps cast down folksy humble inelaborate pure and simple unpretentious normophilic uncluttered unornamented austere rustic your basic modest unostentatious uncomplicated unelaborate elementary undecorated frumpy unstylish styleless cheesy frumpish unattractive

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