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not able to be destroyed or rooted out


Of root, too deep to remove
confirmed enduring indelible ineffaceable lasting permanent stubborn unforgettable accepted accustomed chronic deep-rooted deep-seated dyed-in-the-wool entrenched firm firmly established fixed habituated hardened hard-shell inannihilable ingrained inured inveterate irradicable long-established proved seasoned set settled staid valid worn rooted persistent established incurable abiding inbred obstinate habitual lingering hard-core bred-in-the-bone lifelong persisting deep constant continuing long-standing inborn perennial unshakeable continual long-lasting ceaseless intrenched tenacious ever-present continuous unyielding long-lived usual recurrent recurring unabating implanted well established routine unmitigated protracted embedded radical irremovable indestructible innate obsessive compulsive incorrigible deep-set unfading imperishable fast deep-dyed inexpungible inextirpable fundamental profound basic infixed built-in secure inbuilt prolonged inherent subconscious obsessional haunting irredeemable longtime sustained true staunch steadfast uncompromising immutable inexorable diehard undestroyable unremovable deeply felt through and through well-established ground-in planted long-l long-drawn-out instinctive intrinsic gut val slow dragging longstanding driven in congenital resistant addicted rigid remaining indurated old sworn adamant radicated customary driven hooked pathological grounded deep down irresistible inerasable memorable spun-out drawn-out based on unexpungeable lodged in one's brain impulsive uncontrollable prevalent rememberable unerasable stirring besetting committed thorough devout resolute devoted loyal ardent fervent earnest faithful vehement dedicated stalwart unwavering complete wholehearted fiery torrid unshakable unreformable fanatical intransigent supreme thoroughgoing zealous unapologetic impenitent unashamed serious incessant definite explicit not to be forgotten never to be forgotten sicker severe hard-line all-consuming bona fide card-carrying red-hot die-hard unending acute dangerous instilled endemic fortified unchangeable alarming extreme dire grave never-ending out-and-out dug in out and out through-and-through true blue full-fledged deeply ingrained deep-down set firm familiar conventional stable regular certain expected universal typical acknowledged proven mainstream recognized standard vested time-honored eternal determined precise wonted prevailing recognised historic defined express exact time-honoured inflexible durable unchanging invariable steady hard unbending frozen determinate final flat inexpugnable cast-iron hard and fast hard-and-fast ritual ritualistic folk ancestral old-world age-old old-time strict concrete hardheaded solid stiff unvarying immovable lifetime well-set hidebound solid as a rock ironclad pigheaded stiff-necked bound locked in jelled set in stone unflappable livelong lifetime's all-time long-running for all your life for life long-term perpetual everlasting undying immortal traditional unfailing ongoing uninterrupted dateless endless ageless timeless orthodox official unceasing deathless never-changing annual perdurable returning yearlong yearly seasonal common normal general decided agreed arranged preset predetermined allotted specified prearranged popular decreed prescribed unalterable classical incommutable planned inalterable classic resolved undeviating unblinking irreversible acceptable widely used widespread sure writ in stone in the bag still stated not subject to change unmovable unqualified unmodifiable definitive stipulated never-failing approved old-fashioned traditionalistic old-style sound stock officially recognized sanctioned


Naturally as part or consequence of something
inherent intrinsic natural essential innate native basic immanent inborn ingrained fundamental instinctive congenital inbred central connate hereditary inbuilt underlying elemental inherited organic structural characteristic constitutional constitutive engrained hardwired implicit indelible indigenous ineffaceable inexpungible inseparable instinctual integral permanent connatural distinctive elementary fixed genetic indispensable individual indwelling ingrain inner integrated internal intimate inward latent original resident subjective unalienable built-in deep-rooted in-built deep-seated hard-wired in one's blood part and parcel in your blood rooted inveterate brassbound real true genuine radical chronic confirmed vital key necessary material particular core inmost in the blood deep-down intuitive unlearned in the family primal primitive unacquired bred in the bone primary rudimentary principal quintessential important cardinal typical main foundational chief primordial critical root natural-born pivotal capital natal regular gut incorporated standard existing from birth prime crucial ingrown normal basal involuntary intuitional untaught focal staple diagnostic idiosyncratic primeval ingenerate rudimental symptomatic salient beginning introductory requisite representative born primaeval bottom-line appropriate local contained spontaneous entrenched embedded congenite genetous implanted wild inwrought compelled included temperamental dominant base foremost predominant needed infused instilled in one's genes frequent en suite dyed-in-the-wool native-born complete utter thorough predictable archetypal habitual usual archetypical average classic in character first initial exclusive specific symbolic special peculiar meat-and-potatoes abecedarian personal unique singular indicative particular to individualising characteristic of especial discriminating proper individualizing differentiating individualistic peculiar to typical of signature emblematic exclusive to distinguishing found only in marked discriminative profound ultimate significant paramount deep supporting sustaining substratal substrative axiomatic grass-roots theoretical major bottom underived axiological groundlaying most important


Not able to be destroyed
indestructible imperishable unbreakable durable lasting enduring everlasting immortal inextinguishable permanent shatterproof abiding incorruptible indelible resistant deathless hard-wearing heavy-duty indissoluble non-breakable nonperishable stout sturdy toughened undying unfading endless perennial adamantine infrangible long-lasting armoured armored eternal firm immutable inexterminable inextirpable irrefragable irrefrangible made to last nonbreaking perpetual reinforced rock-solid unalterable unchangeable undestroyable undestructable unruinable unwreckable unyielding continuing dateless forever perdurable never-ending timeless ageless ongoing undiminished unforgettable sempiternal constant persistent without end never dying unchanging unending invariable indefinite irreversible changeless fixed lifelong irreparable standing ceaseless immovable set steadfast perduring undeviating continual for keeps set in concrete set in stone forever and a day in for the long haul unceasing infinite incessant unfailing interminable continuous persisting steady uninterrupted unremitting amaranthine never-changing continued unwavering relentless sustained remaining unvarying stable unbroken unfaltering surviving non-stop illimitable immemorial always boundless termless undecaying regular chronic unrelenting unabating never-ceasing prevailing unrelieved classic unquenchable solid irrepressible fast sustainable limitless inexhaustible long-term long-standing unshakable long-lived recurrent returning old longstanding running recurring unabated nonstop prolonged renewable persevering dogged round-the-clock binding tenacious inseparable never-dying memorable undestroyed unsuppressible agelong atemporal unended unspoiled youthful fresh non-corroding non-biodegradable strong nonbreakable rugged traditional deep-rooted inveterate even uniform death-defying ever living ingrained secure established repetitious repeating reoccurring intermittent phoenixlike undeadly consistent brass-bound hard resilient tough tight invulnerable living not decaying annual yearlong yearly seasonal predictable unflagging unwaning frequent going on dependable habitual repeated tireless inexpungible reliable consecutive uncontrollable that will never die that will live forever stationary invariant unchanged long-established untiring indefatigable current sustaining advancing pursuing maintaining progressing long-running staying monotonous repetitive always-on unstoppable in progress unswerving interminate round the clock around-the-clock unwearying oft-repeated same rigid equable inflexible static stabile unfluctuating till the cows come home uncorrodable carrying on extendable viable unconstrained unmanageable unrestrainable uncontainable insuppressible unrestrained replenishable bountiful incorrigible intractable inexorable wild out of control

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