Synonym of insoluble

Alternative for insoluble

Synonym: unsolvable,

Antonym: soluble,


Impossible to solve
baffling impenetrable unsolvable inexplicable mysterious mystifying obscure unfathomable insolvable enigmatic inscrutable perplexing puzzling unanswerable unexplainable unresolvable indecipherable unaccountable difficult inextricable intricate irresolvable unconcluded unresolved unsolved unable to be solved without a solution incomprehensible strange bewildering arcane abstruse unknowable unintelligible peculiar odd cryptic recondite dark esoteric mystic mystical enigmatical weird curious bizarre inexplainable uncanny insuperable oracular ambiguous confusing secret equivocal deep murky hidden elliptical veiled occult elliptic secretive hard double-edged beyond comprehension undefinable indescribable queer wildering beyond understanding concealed unexplained opaque sibylline sphinxlike oblique nebulous cabalistic covert Delphic unclear vague fuliginous coded really hard hard to understand as clear as mud unrealizable unattainable impossible hopeless undoable unascertainable unexcogitable answerless unusual astonishing unparalleled freakish freak extraordinary freaky fluky subtle paradoxical rum spooky very hard complex uninterpretable riddling convoluted involved unheard-of unwonted uncommon abstract hermetic clandestine uncertain Delphian apocryphal teasing profound stickling cabbalistic doubtful evasive hermetical stumping far-out clear as mud complicated Greek to me not easily understood clear as dishwater inconceivable illegible technical incredible indecisive illogical off the wall little known funny unnatural unknown stealthy cagey subjective abnormal dubious supernatural irregular eerie anomalous atypical out of the ordinary unexpected questionable suspicious unfamiliar quaint different unique rare preternatural aberrant deviant creepy oddball eccentric indefinite quirky singular outlandish offbeat indistinct incongruous shadowy remarkable hazy fishy unorthodox out-of-the-way untypical unconventional kooky kookie unearthly unreal uncustomary other-worldly debatable ghostly bizarro unaccustomed magical way-out erratic suspect whacky crazy queerish exceptional fathomless wild outré beyond one difficult to understand shady off-kilter labyrinthine paranormal indeterminate dodgy wacky unco fantastic screwy elusive funky weirdo foreign kinky shifty eldritch scary spaced-out off-the-wall surprising spookish haunting out of the way knotty misleading inexplicit imprecise off-centre zany cranky over one's head transcendental wacko metaphysical frightening clouded eery unrevealed spine-chilling chilling spiritual hair-raising unsettled incognizable disreputable aberrated idiosyncratic phenomenal confounding undetermined heavy novel undefined supernormal uncharacteristic inconclusive unexplored problematical dishonest exotic spectral phantom transcendent grotesque ungraspable corrupt Byzantine open to question otherworldly fraudulent undisclosed sinister recherché disconcerting impossible to understand orphic incalculable inexact blood-curdling ghastly befuddling scaring terrifying indistinguishable extrasensory unimaginable petrifying intangible ludicrous ridiculous dubitable disputable tenebrous psychic prodigious doubtable confused disparate original shaky insubstantial unrepresentative undecided involuted problematic shonky telepathic indiscernible exceeding especial magic beyond one's grasp extraordinaire unworldly unthinkable alien droll clairvoyant ill-defined daggy not quite right unheard of indefinable underhand shrouded unscrupulous left-field private rarefied out there cloaked above your head up in the air phantasmal phantasmic fanciful miraculous bent criminal haunted dishonorable bemusing macabre obfuscated ineffable stupefying black intriguing dishonourable distinct unplumbed acroamatic superhuman disorienting devious unpredictable deceitful irrational unestablished ghostlike Greek thorny anagogic foggy surreal ethereal illusory unsure ominous unascertained contradictory subliminal duplicitous beats me inner astounding ambivalent arguable ghoulish devilish bamboozling speculative vacillating numinous monstrous unlike contrary jarring divergent newsworthy isolated flakey flaky uncomprehensible out of place iffy gnomic fearful two-edged unsounded unrecognized amphibological mind-bending psychical outre unnerving out of line under suspicion involute supersensory undecipherable equivocating not kosher open to debate open to argument dilly in doubt unapprehended weird and wonderful unperceived unrecognised unordinary immaterial tricky with a sixth sense imponderable in the balance new tenuous unreadable classified encoded enciphered ulterior amazing undiscoverable weighty serious indirect religious mysterial dense little-known pedantic Alexandrian scholarly academic cryptical stunning eye-popping staggering unbelievable rummy polysemous polysemic polysemantic hypermetric offhand nonrational non-rational out of the common wraithlike multivocal secreted out-there Daedalian Gordian inconsistent off-key signal whimsical nubilous purblind imperceptive unsavoury blurred unconfirmed inaccessible challenging outstanding unprecedented shrouded in mystery muddling beyond you distinctive comical dissimilar marvellous wonderful wondrous unfathomed dim inexpressible nameless borderline disconsonant inapropos irrelevant incongruent incoherent distinguished avant-garde loner cool disquieting hard to follow eidolic apparitional holy divine cadaverous deathlike corpselike wraithy wan pale vampiric full of surprises characteristic custom customized specialized exclusive signature personalized distinguishing individual particular too deep seedy awesome uneasy awful horrific dreadful nefarious crafty unprincipled awkward periphrastic prevaricating circumlocutory circuitous blurring unsettling potentially illegal potentially dishonest unsavory unhinged touched demented mad unbalanced superstitious crawly deviative supermundane marvelous superior uncouth whacko supernal blurry roundabout muddled absurd fantastical foolish cockamamie nonsensical insane slang preposterous breaking new ground remote uninvestigated alternative crooked blear unidentified muddlesome mistakable interesting untried newfangled unforeseeable random slippery scandalous sly sketchy sneaky furtive unethical inglorious untrustworthy unanalysable fugitive gray grey unlawful illegal unexplicit muzzy open fuzzy extraterrestrial undiscovered off unreliable phony hesitant muffled cloak-and-dagger awe-inspiring farfetched way out off-beat off the rails bugged out dicey wavering irresolute weak guileful untold all Greek to someone all Greek to you double Dutch too hard to understand too difficult to understand phoney limited improbable unlikely implausible far-fetched undivulged of doubtful honesty rings untrue won't wash too much open to doubt unanalyzable mind-boggling hard to solve byzantine vexing rambling elaborate advanced hard to explain fiddly troublesome full of twists and turns sophisticated detailed fancy gnarly entangled tangled thought-provoking spiritualistic necromantic transmundane telekinetic spine-tingling unspecified unfixed not of this world nightmarish yet to be decided special personalised specialised customised pending deceptive supersensual with second sight supersensitive stargazing out-of-body supersensible disturbing demoniac appalling fiendish heavenly sublime sepulchral funereal inappropriate hyperphysical unnoted noteless double-dealing elusory unbeknownst unnamed anonymous ticklish inspired supranormal in limbo taxing unspecific fallacious spiny worrying very strange barbarous barbaric fugacious transient shy fleeting greasy transitory stonewalling volatile evanescent incorporeal undescribable discarnate unbodied gothic psychal imperceptible to the touch airy impalpable unable to be touched hard to describe fine hard to define unobservable unsubstantial thin unperceivable delicate disembodied unapparent mental anomalistic scarce nonstandard off-base off-color like nothing on earth


Incapable of being realized, achieved or solved


Not able to be dissolved


Detailed and complicated in design and planning, involving many carefully arranged elements
knotty complex complicated intricate difficult hard involved baffling convoluted tangled thorny tricky troublesome awkward mystifying perplexing Byzantine involute problematic puzzling taxing tortuous baroque byzantine complicate daedal elaborate labyrinthian labyrinthine obscure sophisticated unanswerable unfathomable impenetrable involuted problematical effortful formidable Gordian mazy ramified reticular terrible uphill confounding mind-bending challenging bewildering gnarly incomprehensible confusing insolvable undecipherable hairy enigmatic spiny entangled abstruse confused detailed Daedalian cryptic fancy recondite serpentine inscrutable mysterious difficult to understand fiddly jumbled inextricable inexplicable mixed up paradoxical esoteric ticklish winding mixed ravelled unaccountable cumbersome raveled dense wildering tough interlaced unclear beyond one ambiguous deep messy opaque mixed-up full of twists and turns hard to understand devious maze-like circuitous disconcerting multifarious variegated heterogeneous hidden concealed worrying impossible dark advanced muddled drawn-out high-tech knotted long-drawn-out multifaceted fathomless refined bamboozling surprising oracular Daedalean hi-tech enigmatical mystical scrambled chaotic mazelike unwieldy arduous intertwined interwoven labyrinthial labyrinthical labyrinthal labyrinthiform labyrinthic indivisible inseparable subtle composite compounded miscellaneous multiplex mosaic mingled multiple manifold multiform conglomerate motley compound frustrating bemusing delicate plotty beyond you full of surprises problem long-winded trying fiendish strange odd kittle weird peculiar devilish clever gimmicky new funny oblique indissoluble impossible to separate very devil of a devil of a unintelligible abstract hard to follow inaccessible mind-boggling hard to solve profound vexing beyond comprehension rambling beyond one's grasp unsolvable hard to explain above your head hazy thought-provoking over one's head weighty murky serious secret uncanny heavy veiled befuddling sinuous twisted thorough ornate clandestine untold rococo nuanced particularized painstaking shadowy extensive full particular studied covert shrouded as clear as mud laboured exact precise perfected careful minute skillful prodigious labored circumstantial skilful imposing gingerbread clouded cloaked can of worms secretive overworked particularised many-faceted overdone arcane unrevealed anagogic mystic occult cloak-and-dagger black Delphic recherché highly wrought high tech cabalistic blow-by-blow nebulous


(physics, of two or more liquids) Not mutually soluble or mixable


Hard to control or deal with

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