Synonym of intermittently

Alternative for intermittently


in an intermittent manner


At uneven or varying rates or intervals
irregularly erratically haphazardly fitfully unevenly anyhow occasionally spasmodically unmethodically patchily sporadically aimlessly anyway anywise desultorily discontinuously eccentrically episodically haphazard helter-skelter inconsistently jerkily randomly unsteadily unsystematically variably willy-nilly aperiodically disconnectedly inconstantly interruptedly off and on piecemeal unpunctually at irregular intervals infrequently on and off periodically slapdash uncertainly uncommonly hit or miss in fits and starts at intervals by turns in snatches any which way by fits and starts now and again out of sequence spottily casually cyclically choppily catchily recurringly recurrently now and then oddly sometimes brokenly scatteredly rarely on occasion at times isolatedly every so often alternately fragmentarily from time to time once in a while on occasions frequently repeatedly regularly every now and then seasonally every now and again on the odd occasion scarcely every once in a while continually habitually once in a blue moon isochronously isochronally unstably unusually repetitively sparsely unsettledly rhythmically changeably capriciously incidentally constantly seldomly disjointedly unequally unfrequently seldom waveringly unreliably limitedly hardly exceptionally bittily continuedly semioccasionally unpredictably epochally serially chaotically fluctuating volatilely not often restlessly partially unaccustomedly gradually scantly little ramblingly scantily steadily impulsively unwontedly entropically persistently indiscriminately at one time or another disorganizedly perennially sparingly shakily ever and anon iteratively metrically hardly ever fractally not regularly disorganisedly discretely ever so often once and again impermanently incompletely intermittent not every time reiteratively chronically convulsively uncustomarily on-and-off very seldom variable not consistently aberrantly loosely sketchily wanderingly abnormally anomalously atypically twitchingly unthinkingly arbitrarily fractionally troubledly nonuniformly gapingly disorderedly unconnectedly inchoately incoherently consistently unconventionally uncharacteristically surprisingly unexpectedly especially specially specifically exclusively particularly accidentally centennially annually routinely orbitally unorthodoxly uniquely temporarily flukily fortuitously contingently designlessly vacillating once or twice ever and again here and there off-and-on at random once in awhile purposelessly not always when the mood strikes mutably meagerly temperamentally mercurially fickly changefully waywardly meagrely fluidly skittishly vacillatingly alternatingly vagariously flightily variationally irresolutely peakily slowly inchmeal piece by piece gradationally in stages bit by bit in steps in bits little by little by degrees step by step a little at a time proteanly whimsically movably kaleidoscopically flakily confusedly moodily jumpily bipolarly sleeplessly wakefully fragmentedly tremulously paroxysmally scrappily jumbledly bumpily uncontrollably excitably irrepressibly floatingly chameleonically turbulently iffily irrationally actively giddily elastically directionlessly dubiously undirectedly suddenly abruptly shiftily disorderlily violently uncoordinatedly freakishly quirkily slipperily chancily inexactly untrustworthily ephemerally transitorily doubtfully suspectly ambiguously unsoundly watchfully uncomfortably ungovernably faddishly wildly frivolously jarringly crotchetily fleetingly transiently momentarily twitchily uncontrolledly roughly versatilely dividedly quiveringly bouncily rovingly vicissitudinously quakingly meanderingly nomadically incalculably fuzzily coolly vagrantly indecisively irresponsibly commutatively revocably agitatedly transitionally reversibly rockingly dodderingly staggeringly wobblily ricketily totteringly rockily


At some unspecified or unknown time
sometime eventually finally someday ultimately yet erstwhile former formerly late occasional once one day periodically previous quondam some day sooner or later at a future date at a future time in due course by and by in the long run one of these fine days at some time in the future in the fullness of time at some time or other one of these days at some point in the future at length in time in the end after a while subsequently in the future at last after some time when all is said and done hereafter in due time after a bit in time to come one fine day after a long time at some point slowly but surely after a period of time at long last at the end of the day in the course of time sometime or other one time or another in a time to come at a later time later anytime later on not now one time at some time beyond this at some future time on a day some time belatedly tardily in future climactically conclusively at a later date at some stage as time goes on as time goes by in a while lastly in conclusion in the final analysis when push comes to shove as a conclusion in the sequel in consummation at the close in spite of all in the eleventh hour at the last moment despite delay when all was said and done at the end at the last somewhen with time latterly next afterwards after that afterward then thereafter ensuingly following this following that thereupon next off before long soon after when the time is ripe followed by towards the end consequently after infra thenceforth behind thence duly from then on the next day after this and then next day after the event after while at a subsequent time from there on down the line in the aftermath down the road thenceforwards next time on the next day thenceforward

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