Synonym of itching

Alternative for itching

itches, itched, itching

Synonym: craving, desire,


Impatient, or having a great desire or enthusiasm for something
eager keen longing raring impatient avid agog dying burning spoiling inquisitive aquiver atremble mad keen spoiling for enthusiastic hungry desirous excited anxious yearning thirsty pumped voracious solicitous crazy juiced ardent enthused antsy stoked hopped-up hot wild athirst geeked gung ho hepped up nuts greedy zealous aching craving hankering intent ready gagging raring to go willing fervent champing at the bit passionate great appetent pining keen as mustard ambitious determined desiring wishing ready and willing wholehearted interested hot to trot vehement intent on thirsting as keen as mustard chomping at the bit fervid exuberant vivacious desirous of exhilarated ebullient animated committed lively sprightly dedicated spirited devoted thrilled pleased motivated energetic animate fanatical titillated driven high-spirited keyed up psyched hoping desperate earnest restless game itchy bursting breathless straining at the leash wishful inclined rarin' to go dying to in a hurry bright-eyed and bushy-tailed waiting with bated breath in want of hankering after striving expectant impetuous restored refreshed revitalized lusting hopeful edgy revitalised amenable prepared ripe heated restive disposed lacking wanting set on bent on on pins and needles on tenterhooks self-starting on the edge of one's seat chafing straining psyched up full of enthusiasm bone-dry cottonmouthed sapless juiceless warm vigorous up urgently requiring hearty blazing feverish set chafing at the bit partial to crazy for itching for wild for consumed with desire dying for dry as dust fain rabid obsessed minded fiery dynamic in urgent need crying out in great need of up for it fascinated passional zestful up for in the mood on for of a mind favourably inclined pysched up covetous rhapsodic aflame nutty wacky perfervid forceful tantalized industrious concerned afire unqualified intense active diligent assiduous conscientious gaga turnt gone on tantalised full of beans red-hot bugged zesty warmblooded insatiable inflamed aroused predatious ravenous gluttonous edacious hoggish rapacious ravening piggish unsatisfied hungered intemperate swinish esurient unfilled insatiate with an appetite covetous of lusting after with a yen in need of inspired moved fired up delighted stirred acquisitive stimulated awakened beside oneself worked up elated unquenchable electrified unappeasable prodigious engaged glad charged high happy uncontrollable aspiring lustful hung up wolfish piggy gutsy gannet-like grasping pumped up juiced up geared up cranked up on fire in suspense approving touched atingle aspirant wannabe would-be curious enthralled diehard aggressive proactive bullish banzai for ok with sympathetic habitual longful daydreaming take-charge can-do extremely enthusiastic all agog all a-gog impassioned mad potty supportive quenchless longing for hoping for unreluctant daft dotty enamoured of nutso hot for smitten with infatuated with devoted to keen on anxious for yearning for eager for ambitious for unslakable inextinguishable inappeasable in love with enamored of very keen on hooked on ready for willing for avid for importunate clamorous insistent crying pressing urgent unsatisfiable exigent limitless demanding joyful buoyant joyous jovial aspiring towards prehensile amorous keen for hopeful for envious never satisfied encouraged excitable enlivened euphoric enraptured ecstatic overjoyed in favour in favor thirsty for craving for greedy for ravening for wishing for hungry for jolly roused exultant uncontrolled giddy piqued peppy elevated tickled tickled pink sparky on cloud nine intoxicated unable to be satisfied turned on aspiring to omnivorous compulsive blissful jubilant tumultuous alive anticipatory devouring waiting expecting cock-a-hoop starving empty starved gorging dog-hungry gross sating awaiting anticipant anticipating agape watchful apprehensive very hungry starved to death on edge with bated breath alert looking for anticipative vigilant waiting on


Feeling or expressing great anger
inflamed hot sore angry red swollen infected raw chafing reddened septic angered angry-looking apoplectic ballistic burning choleric enraged festered foaming fuming furious hopping horn-mad incensed indignant infuriate infuriated irate ireful itchy livid mad outraged painful rabid rankled riled riley roiled shirty smarting steaming stinging tender ticked wrathful wroth festering fevered puffed up sensitive blistered bloodshot burnt chafed cheesed off irritated scalded steamed up teed off enflamed hopping mad hot under the collar fit to be tied bent out of shape in a huff going crook in a fume in a pet blue in the face raging boiling seething cross tooshie up in arms incandescent annoyed choked foaming at the mouth beside oneself exasperated in high dudgeon wild on the warpath vexed beside yourself frenzied provoked aerated off the air piqued in a temper upset raving steamed ranting maddened browned off in a frenzy very angry irked miffed resentful nettled as cross as two sticks seeing red aggrieved ticked off ropeable peeved crook soreheaded frantic aggravated snaky displeased heated in a lather in a paddy in a bate put out with all guns blazing suppurating passionate hacked offended purulent frustrated bummed out waxy spare hacked off peed off blazing disgruntled vex dissatisfied desperate insane corybantic demented crazed maniac irrational bent unreasonable smoking hurt affronted pained acrimonious up the wall huffy irascible antagonized narked roused splenetic bugged stroppy perturbed scandalized antagonistic hostile scandalised shocked storming ill-humored dark antagonised not best pleased burned up pushed too far worked up in a rage bad-tempered in a towering rage at boiling point hot-tempered fed up raging mad all steamed up overcome with anger ill-tempered blown a gasket wound up boiling mad in a filthy temper beside yourself with rage ill-humoured sombre sullen somber fiery scalding steamy piping air-to-air flying ballistical surface-to-air airborne poisonous pink bitter agitated berserk maturating gathering ulcerated rousted rancorous bothered black flaming galled dogged uptight buffaloed stung ruffled embittered as black as thunder raving mad bloody rubbed the wrong way at end of one's rope hot and bothered eggy grieved hoha out of control flaming mad blazing mad very upset in a wax full-on all-out uncompromising breakneck energetic concerted manic red-rimmed acrid afflicted weighty grieving brassed off hard annoying distressing troubled extremely angry excited peeling disturbed unhappy distressed discontented gory poisoned putrefying chagrined nasty putrid putrefactive scornful p.o.'d bloodstained ensanguined scarlet aching aroused blistering severe diseased pus-filled toxic exacerbated gangrenous violent vehement fierce vicious frenetic rage sunburned bursting sulky crabby testy sour surly grumpy peevish insulted wounded malcontent moody irritable snuffy petulant injured slighted morose miffy spiteful touchy glowering churlish hateful ratty crabbed glum discontent vitriolic out of humour dour malevolent brooding disappointed unfriendly frowning disgusted gloomy aggressive grouchy querulous dirty cantankerous in a bad mood gnashing one's teeth needled out of sorts pouting grudging rattled anguished unforgiving vindictive tetchy pouty unsociable mopey menacing threatening scunnered malicious uncivil sourpussed unresponsive uncommunicative narky flustered waspish joyless sulking unmannerly snappy venomous belligerent malignant salty prickly malign gruff het up filthy cranky unglued impatient harsh ferocious ill-disposed out of joint hate-filled at daggers drawn hard done by short-tempered quick-tempered in an uproar defiant good and mad mad as hell worried unjustifiably resentful unjustifiably offended unsatisfied unpleased dishonored humiliated snubbed crazy reproachful umbrageous dishonoured ready to be tied disrespected crackers burning with excitement anxious harried wronged harassed hassled smouldering abrupt curt contemptuous disdainful disaffected begrudging snitty harmed tense wrath ill-used woeful saddened jaundiced virulent brusque terse chippy persecuted oppressed victimised depressed victimized cynical sardonic irreconcilable caustic crotchety grousing malcontented crabbing bellyaching uncontent out of temper griping kvetching kicking ungratified critical scathing bilious savage pugnacious mean butthurt impetuous hotheaded unindulgent revengeful scowling smoldering with chip on shoulder grudge-bearing with a chip on one's shoulder forbidding envenomed hurtful catty pernicious censorious huffish bad tempered having short fuse hot under collar stern evil wicked full of hate full of dislike grim impassioned maleficent baleful unkind ill-natured contentious inhospitable temperamental foreboding ominous cheerless intense louring malefic intimidating frightening spirited animated evil-intentioned lively fervid stormy tempestuous overactive overwrought hectic full-hearted feverish hyperactive perfervid passional avid fervent ardent


Having or encouraging an excessive interest in lustful matters
prurient lewd lascivious salacious licentious lustful indecent obscene dirty lecherous smutty raunchy vulgar libidinous bawdy crude pornographic lubricious degenerate concupiscent sensual depraved erotic suggestive unchaste debauched dissolute carnal horny offensive hot titillating dissipated unwholesome immodest steamy libertine sexual desirous fleshly voyeuristic hankering longing unhealthy orgiastic X-rated wanton passionate randy impure sexy amorous goatish lubricous satyric ardent naughty amatory hypersexual itchy aphrodisiac lickerish aphrodisiacal ruttish craving hircine hot-blooded loose immoral coarse promiscuous sinful wicked corrupt profligate ribald perverted filthy fast gross rakish decadent unclean abandoned intemperate profane reprobate blue foul shameless impassioned degraded nasty improper voluptuous warped debased loving vile sick torrid unprincipled evil demoralized perverse jackleg unrestrained rakehell rakehelly trashy gutter porny unprintable stag romantic rude aroused demoralised disgusting incontinent sordid locker-room erotogenic sizzling racy spicy sensuous pervy earthy animal uninhibited raw erogenous adult physical indelicate venereal low scatological scatologic hot and heavy porno lusty gamy bad unvirtuous vicious stimulated wild red-hot voluptuary scabrous bodily excited of easy virtue turned on sybaritic base louche erotical saucy off-color scurrilous bestial fruity raffish fast-living intimate self-indulgent lovesick gone bad infatuated enamoured amative dishonourable near the knuckle turned-on kissy corporeal enamored wayward tender wrongful hedonic lovey-dovey swinging unconstrained sleazy defiled indecorous arousing unseemly easy risqué rank barnyard explicit dishonorable miscreant rotten fast and loose wolfish disorderly in the fast lane off colour affectionate gone to the dogs toey in the gutter hedonistic luscious lush flirtatious titillated frisky profaned sultry impious coital unscrupulous disreputable desecrated squirrelly whorish low-down sentimental corrupted provocative juicy spoony smoochy stimulating iniquitous animalistic hot to trot amoral nefarious sportive heavy unrighteous vitiated riotous loathsome shocking noisome sickening repugnant villainous venereous indulgent kinky tasteless taboo hideous atrocious horrible purple rough sexed up Rabelaisian foul-mouthed salty off sexually explicit violated deteriorated drunken open crass gamey cheap light porn off-colored nudge-nudge pleasure-seeking high living near the bone night owl lacking restraint in bad taste zipless sullied sex-hungry sexually excited uncontrollable freethinking material somatic corporal broad uncontrolled idolatrous uncleanly private uncurbed scungy red-blooded warm-blooded love unblushing genital unruly lax unmoral relaxed degrading unworthy fornicatory epicurean touchy-feely personal irreligious ungodly unholy blasphemous Fescennine uncouth not pure ithyphallic Cyprian unethical avid obsessive enthusiastic beyond the pale excessive of the flesh illicit adulterous abased lowbrow lowbred luxurious roughneck rugged dishonoured dishonest warm wistful scorching rousing rough-hewn close to the bone low-minded mushy icky corny colorful colourful lovesome maudlin sloppy hard-core scandalous unconventional questionable appetitive Dionysiac unspiritual monstrous boorish baneful flagitious deleterious infamous dishonored wrong fervent yearning wooing rapturous unconscionable fraudulent unfair underhand morally wrong devious moving stirring exciting tactile sensory delightful physically gratifying sharpened pleasing deviant foxy inflamed vice-ridden fervid desiring crooked shady cutthroat Machiavellian dodgy black unlawful unsavory dark anacreontic flagitous brutal twisted criminal unsavoury saturnalian unjust graceless sexually aroused sexually arousing sexually stimulating sicko unnatural mean not cricket sexually exciting in heat hard up hot and bothered on fire toey as a Roman sandal dirty-minded vehement intense fond doting immoderate in love attached goo-goo hellbent gone to seed boy crazy sweet for lovey dovey sweet on girl crazy have a crush on


Defiantly aggressive or bad-tempered
truculent belligerent aggressive combative bellicose contentious defiant pugnacious hostile antagonistic bad-tempered argumentative confrontational cross quarrelsome scrappy ill-tempered obstreperous sullen feisty fierce rude surly uncooperative violent agonistic assaultive brawly chippy discordant discourteous disputatious gladiatorial ill-natured militant stroppy unpleasant warlike aggers arsey bolshie browbeating bullying caustic cowing cussed deadly destructive ferocious fractious frightening harsh hateful insolent intimidating mean mordacious mordant ornery scathing sharp terrifying terrorising terrorizing trenchant vituperous ready for a fight spoiling for a fight cantankerous contrary threatening on the warpath unfriendly rebellious hot-tempered irascible inimical difficult adversarial fiery captious irritable oppugnant refractory warring nasty recalcitrant fighting choleric malevolent inhospitable contumacious litigious petulant touchy unruly angry quick-tempered antipathetic battling adverse unkind disobedient rancorous unsympathetic offensive negative malicious disputative spiteful militaristic vitriolic disruptive provocative perverse dissenting challenging froward balky polemical factious disorderly cavilling hawkish loudmouthed bitter controversial polemic restive turbulent rowdy insubordinate grumpy warmongering undisciplined wrangling sabre-rattling wayward unmanageable uncontrollable bickering wrathful biffo martial disapproving virulent narky willful uncongenial rough caviling catty jaundiced unsociable unreceptive awkward have chip on shoulder have a bone to pick testy grouchy pettish mutinous snappy jingoistic wild vicious riotous crabby huffy snarly troublesome prickly active wilful unwelcoming resistant ungovernable spirited courageous spunky gutsy noisy unrestrained bloodthirsty intractable untoward rebel recusant incompliant dissentious bold venomous alien adversary excitable raucous querulous tempestuous enthusiastic hot-blooded pushy unpropitious maleficent biting malefic malignant ructious hot flip ardent out of hand salty brawling contending war thin-skinned military out of control dour viperous sour cold errant misbehaving peevish badly behaved at loggerheads on the outs have it in for ill-disposed ready to fight having a chip on one's shoulder up in arms sulky bloody-minded pigheaded thrawn ratty shirty unhelpful acrimonious plucky determined contrarious obstructive soldierly gung-ho naysaying disagreeable battleful sanguinary attacking dissentient poisonous spiky opinionated splenetic abusive miffy exasperated cruel hurtful resentful vindictive nonconforming wrestling tilting skirmishing opposing self-assertive itching to fight assertive snappish cranky fretful mighty peppery soreheaded vigorous ill troublemaking under arms irregular hotheaded opposed oppositional short-tempered radical unsettling disturbing upsetting arguesome ultra-active two-fisted forceful extremist extreme combating impassioned passionate churlish attention-seeking dissident conflicting fanatical zealous embattled distracting declinatory refusing divergent impatient objecting declining warrish revolutionary assertory unwilling adversative accusatorial allergic opposite reluctant at odds oppugning divisive in arms out-of-line disrupting out-of-order off-base looking for trouble noncompliant dysfunctional loud delinquent boisterous uncontrolled tough obstinate foul sensitive naughty ill-disciplined mischievous causing trouble non-compliant vociferous uproarious socially impaired bad trying self-willed impudent tiresome erratic disturbed badly-behaved whiny pesky roguish undisciplinable ill-behaved problematic demanding troublous incorrigible maladjusted exasperating unrestrainable stubborn irksome uncompliant rascally uncontainable devilish wearisome indocile clamorous rampaging daring resisting audacious lawless rambunctious mettlesome lively alive energetic bubbly peppy gritty frisky gutty zestful game hearty intransigent irrepressible roisterous unbridled rackety tumultuous rip-roaring rumbustious full-blooded go-getting high-strung full of pep rampageous roistering subversive piercing screaming booming strepitous blusterous raising Cain disregardful cheeky insubmissive reckless dareful sassy resistive raising the roof malign evil pernicious baleful wicked critical injurious cutting unfavourable evil-intentioned unfavorable harmful acid damaging prejudicial wounding waspish savage despiteful detrimental acerbic corrosive deleterious menacing vengeful counter sarcastic dangerous disadvantageous mortal disparaging dirty barbed tart stinging sardonic sinister noxious astringent bilious low devastating acrid pungent dark acidulous brutal snide evil-minded inconsiderate baneful hate-filled grim severe derisive calamitous cynical uncharitable snarky satirical inauspicious scalding defamatory discouraging scornful tetchy acidic satiric incisive poor forbidding acerb withering rival searing ill-humored ill-humoured uncomplimentary ruinous murderous smart-alecky contemptuous bad-natured mocking vile jeering scorching disavowing furious indignant taunting smart-mouthed moody implacable vexatious ominous snarling nocuous hard dire blistering barbarous unlucky stern inopportune mean-spirited untimely awful smart-aleck revengeful unflattering invasive obnoxious ironical combatant black lousy sneering competing derogatory at war wretched envenomed crabbed objectionable shrewish grudging vituperative undermining unfeeling crotchety dyspeptic grievous unfortunate disrespectful frowning contumelious ruthless joyless distressing keen liverish backhanded horrid scoffing brusque needling scurrilous saucy carping beastly bothersome hazardous repugnant twitting chaffing arrogant austere dodgy disillusioned morose perilous quarrelling clashing weisenheiming regrettable cheerless belittling inimic annoyed hellish censorious disobliging backbiting poison murder unpromising expansionist disaffected irate displeased unadvantageous rotten insensitive tricky infelicitous despicable merciless cataclysmic embittered slanderous pitiless disagreeing offended contemptible damning unforgiving aggrieved enemy inexpedient callous disastrous louring shabby uncaring quarreling intimidatory woeful inconvenient deplorable filthy tight glowering catastrophic brooding sticky minatory heartless ireful terrible pejorative inhuman minacious base relentless thoughtless glum hard-hearted thorny delicate bleak curmudgeonly unappeasable eggy annoying unsafe insidious gross enraged foreboding boot-faced full of hate hairy worrying onerous arduous knotty taxing ungenerous peckish stark coldhearted crippling waxy execrable ignominious dishonorable detestable currish accidentally on purpose inhumane cold-blooded sadistic dishonourable low-down problematical ticklish punishing precarious chancy worrisome concerning iffy not nice low-minded dubious questionable spartan suspect unsparing prejudicious counterproductive spleenful squint-eyed stabbing razor-edged smouldering bearish of evil intent coruscating burning scowling artful grumbling bodeful scathy strident viperish toxicant ignoble paltry sordid divided split invading compassionless corrupting atrabilious peeved aspersive corruptive sulphurous sulfurous cold-hearted ill-timed corrupt colonialistic imperialistic insulted begruding sore treacherous complaining scratchy dripping venom wrought up prepared for war in the midst of battle at swords' points uncool envious petty unkindly unamiable uncivil ill-intentioned vexed irked piqued irritated carnivorous discontented crusty full of spleen full of gall gloomy temperamental aggravated short-fused on a short fuse incursive hardhearted unchristian galled provoked smoldering avenging sorehead whingy whingeing extremely critical invalidating trigger-happy outraged not conducive inimicable pointed snaky disharmonious insurrectionary seditious sectarian schismatic lamentable dyslogistic depreciative unprofitable depreciatory slighting downside detracting debit-side sparring striking unhappy sharp-tongued on edge unaccommodating uptight discrediting irreconcilable anti assaulting assailing fire-eating headstrong at daggers drawn paramilitary soldierlike battle-hardened lethal incendiary imperilling unhealthy unwholesome imperiling afflictive toxic undesirable feral punitive grudge-bearing unwelcome tragic fuming malcontent estranged insurgent alienated partisan unrelenting unreasonable abrasive serious steely somber unsocial distasteful unacceptable asocial obdurate mulish capricious against on the debit side untamed brutish ill-boding barbaric retaliatory fatal cataclysmal angerful ranting bristly raving psyched up frenzied tense in a temper gruff convulsed arch odious renitent full of dislike loathsome intrusive rapacious humourless humorless desperate nefarious villainous serpentine monstrous depraved uncivilised fiendish abhorrent uncivilized abandoned thirsting for revenge out for revenge tragical heartbreaking distressful heartrending miserable contrariant nonconformist paradoxical pervicacious uncompromising inflexible hardline remorseless inexorable at variance macho sociopathic on the attack wrongheaded converse sombre solemn unfair reproachful condemnatory deprecatory catastrophal dreadful bull-headed pig-headed cross-grained unmerciful unpitying blunt hostile to averse to inimical to opposed to unyielding unsmiling flinty cast-iron ungentle no-nonsense mortified stony criticizing reproving fateful shattering frightful horrible antisocial sworn honest candid unenthusiastic about disapprobatory denunciatory denouncing dissatisfied condemning at each other's throats straightforward realistic beyond the pale disinclined to accept reluctant to accept unwilling to accept dead set against ill-fated outspoken judgmental slating knocking scummy unsatisfactory tardy late malapropos wrong improper unseemly unfit discommodious inadvisable unseasonable unsuited faultfinding unappealing insulting criticising full of reproof ill-advised warts and all straight from the shoulder


Having or showing initiative and resourcefulness
enterprising original resourceful bold daring spirited imaginative ingenious adventurous audacious enthusiastic energetic inventive vigorous creative able active alert ambitious bright capable clever eager gifted intrepid keen quick-witted sharp talented venturesome adventuresome courageous dashing dynamic emboldened entrepreneurial free-swinging go-ahead gutsy hardy nerved nervy up-and-coming venturous zealous advancing aspiring busy craving diligent driving go-go gumptious hardworking hungry hustling industrious innovative lively lusting peppy progressive pushing ready self-starting snappy spanking stirring take-over yearning zippy hard ball spark plug coming on strong brave fearless daredevil plucky rash reckless dauntless foolhardy spunky valiant temerarious heroic unafraid valorous undaunted ballsy confident gallant game modern have-a-go unflinching enlightened go-getting positive risky forward-thinking forward-looking brash swashbuckling stalwart determined avant-garde gritty gutty resolute pushy liberal pioneering proactive advanced disruptive devil-may-care doughty rising new madcap overbold mettlesome forward heroical decisive lionhearted assured stout dangerous unshrinking lion-hearted aweless feisty headstrong hazardous aggressive heedless exciting exploratory carefree risk-taking thrill-seeking dareful smart on the go as game as Ned Kelly sturdy death-or-glory wild purposeful overconfident death-defying vital driven ungoverned uncurbed restless presumptuous seeking high-powered inspired practical perceptive forceful reforming nifty deviceful stylish impulsive strong-willed jaunty sporty dazzling debonair action-oriented forehanded visionary foreseeing prescient farseeing progressivist provident foresighted forethoughtful farsighted salty cocky impudent smart-alecky cheeky brassy obtrusive crusty flamboyant exuberant avant modernistic breezy fire eating hot shot open-minded revolutionary radical go for broke attractive romantic raffish animated buoyant out on a limb cutting-edge up-to-date state-of-the-art swish elegant urbane dapper showy exclusive swank gay rousing striking vivacious promising manful stouthearted greathearted undauntable budding coming assuming bantam apt emerging high-reaching striving succeeding soaring climbing go-getter with potential get up and go in the making on the up and up likely to succeed trailblazing leading-edge newfangled innovatory latest contemporary trendsetting new-fashioned brand-new hot ultra-modern futuristic current high-tech red-hot groundbreaking unconventional designer ultramodern up to the minute fashionable space-age neoteric up-to-the-minute modish mod ground-breaking cutting edge present-day trendy new age fresh leading edge front-line in au courant voguish way-out in vogue hip in fashion recent ahead of its time novel a la mode updated modern-day nouvelle hi-tech latter-day highly developed experimental chic newest up to date all the rage vanguard unorthodox unfamiliar now off-centre left-field popular happening with it faddish modernised modernized leading newly discovered recently developed in-thing never-before-seen innovational topical complex sophisticated just out high-end bleeding edge present sexy popularized popularised extant today immediate nontraditional forefront offbeat bohemian eccentric 21st-century landmark breakthrough future ongoing culty far-out twenty-first century du jour ahead of the times underground lead beat head present-time SOTA hot off press à la mode twenty-first-century bang up to date different mistakenly trendy new wave unusual unique singular unprecedented uncommon untested fundamental rare surprising strange untried unknown exotic unhackneyed drastic elaborate out of the ordinary game-changing world-shattering germinal strategic well-thought-out multifaceted formative well-designed involved well-planned intricate well-built originative Promethean in style cool flash swinging snazzy natty kicking kicky tony fly spiffy sassy stylin' contemporaneous plugged-in most recent


Extreme greed, especially for wealth
cupidity avarice greed covetousness acquisitiveness graspingness rapacity greediness avidity mercenariness rapaciousness avidness avariciousness longing materialism hunger voracity craving eagerness possessiveness passion yearning infatuation lust desire money-grubbing predatoriness voraciousness ravenousness money-grabbing grabbiness Mammonism thirst insatiableness selfishness pleonexia hankering grasping grabbing usury hoarding appetite insatiability wolfishness extortion keenness thievery money-hunger edacity excitement enthusiasm impatience ardor desirousness gluttony unscrupulousness omnivorousness appetence ardour meanness miserliness penuriousness parsimony penny-pinching close-fistedness stinginess frugality thrift extreme greed an itching palm zeal fervour fervor earnestness zest devotion gusto fervency intensity wholeheartedness intentness willingness interest ardency passionateness readiness commitment zing zealousness liveliness fanaticism heat ebullience anxiety warmth vehemence alacrity spirit dedication vigour verve dynamism motivation ambition fire vigor impetuosity energy pep dash vim go zip get-up-and-go expectancy suspense haste excitability hastiness rashness hurry wishing appetency yen impulsiveness ants in pants heartiness intense desire anxiousness promptness solicitude quickness anticipation drive enterprise initiative striving determination ambitiousness doggedness wish tenacity aspiration assiduity action aggressiveness hustle vitality diligence aggression gumption conscientiousness self-motivation what it takes entrepreneurial spirit fire in belly push go-getting punch get up and go will power right stuff moxie esprit itch emulation a sense of purpose spunk exuberance vivacity vivaciousness relish sap brio conviction feeling oomph devotedness emotion fervidness life gaiety fever rapture mirth intenseness ecstasy exhilaration flare joyfulness zap activity fury fieriness élan glow joy frenzy flame keen interest white heat red heat


Present participle for to feel a restless or strong desire to do something
craving yearning aching hungering longing wishing desiring thirsting pining wanting lusting hankering coveting panting burning fancying sighing needing hoping hankering after having a yen hankering for dreaming of pining for lusting after having a yen for having a fancy yenning having a longing suspiring wanting badly dreaming wishing for having a hankering chafing setting one's heart on feeling a longing obsessing drooling setting your heart upon longing for thirsting for licking one's chops creaming for eating one's heart out over setting your sights on languishing dying suspiring for yearning for hungering for aching for having one's heart set on missing having a crush on eating your heart out over crying out for yenning for spoiling for regretting the absence of carrying a torch aspiring praying seeking striving aiming itching for hoping against hope hungering after lusting for setting one's sights on lamenting pining after sighing for crying for shedding tears for dreaming about panting for regretting the loss of choosing having the hots for envying eating one's heart out aspiring to turning green objecting to having hard feelings dying over crossing your fingers pursuing expecting aiming for aiming to longing to hoping to desiring to hoping for yearning to wanting to hankering to wishing to struggling wanting more expecting to trying having the objective of hungering to expecting more seeking to raising expectations raising standards raising the bar thirsting after pushing the envelope


Present participle for to annoy or irritate (someone)
irritating annoying vexing nettling exasperating galling irking piquing aggravating peeving riling ruffling bothering bugging getting narking chafing rasping grating eating frosting spiting persecuting griping putting out hacking off burning up provoking angering needling miffing upsetting displeasing disturbing getting to rubbing up the wrong way rankling harassing infuriating winding up incensing riding graveling gravelling ticking off driving up the wall hassling getting across giving someone the hump maddening exacerbating humping inflaming offending pestering goading getting on your nerves roiling worrying troubling enraging bumming out hacking you off plaguing making someone see red rubbing the wrong way giving a hard time teasing antagonizing nagging outraging abrading fretting hurting frustrating burning paining driving mad antagonising getting on one's nerves agitating tormenting harrying bedeviling bedevilling disgruntling distressing making angry driving to distraction driving crazy teeing off grating on getting one's goat hounding badgering perturbing affronting molesting discomposing rattling discountenancing discomfiting disgusting niggling making cross stinging dogging picking on rankling with driving round the twist driving round the bend making waves getting under one's skin giving someone the pip afflicting affecting baiting disconcerting flustering disquieting besetting injuring deviling devilling insulting enflaming madding iring wounding inconveniencing embarrassing intimidating mithering dissatisfying discommoding pursuing bullying browbeating steaming up exciting getting at giving someone grief bumming getting on your wick wearing on hacking working up getting in your hair getting your back up putting your back up getting under skin putting someone's nose out of joint sticking in one's craw setting one's teeth on edge getting your goat rubbing you up the wrong way jarring on aching pressing distracting compressing squeezing cramping pinching jarring rousing embittering chiding confounding sending into a rage steaming fraying eroding tattering browning off cheesing off ruffling one's feathers incommoding imposing upon trying the patience of eating away at harming scouring wearing down putting your nose out of joint getting on nerves thwarting foiling unsettling confusing jarring upon setting your teeth on edge grating upon wearing upon acerbating mortifying unnerving crabbing grudging begrudging putting on the spot victimizing flurrying raging exercising wearing out wearing away reddening trying one's patience rubbing one the wrong way riling up getting under your skin eating at trying your patience motivating igniting quickening awaking absorbing grabbing attracting interesting pricking getting on someone terrorizing making someone's blood boil getting on somebody's nerves making someone's hackles rise trying someone's patience getting on someone's nerves getting on someone's wick wigging getting someone's back up ruffling someone's feathers getting someone getting up someone's nose getting under someone's skin getting someone's goat stirring fazing depressing hanging up getting even upsetting the apple cart cramping style lousing up fussing trying throwing putting off giving the business getting a rise out of egging on chagrining scraping away biting into wearing to shreds discombobulating making nervous shaking up biting hunting crucifying beating victimising exiling expelling wronging dragooning hectoring terrorising aggrieving throwing off balance gnawing away at flummoxing furbelowing blustering flooring wearing frilling cowing fuddling disrupting stumping giving a bad time mixing up getting in one's hair driving bananas turning off putting someone off their stroke making it hot for someone sticking the knife into making things hot for someone singling out getting the knife into putting into a flap rattling one's cage throwing into tizzy causing someone to lose their composure throwing into a tizz sensitizing swelling gnawing tiffing huffing stewing petting sensitising getting across someone grieving chivvying perplexing taunting chivying scaring nudging tantalizing interrupting boring impeding crossing hindering tantalising intruding upon imposing on bending someone's ear breathing down someone's neck carping at prodding getting in someone's hair getting your dander up grinding spurring breaking henpecking souring hazing heckling distempering beleaguering winding somebody up driving you up the wall getting your hackles up raising your hackles putting someone's back up making your blood boil working on hitting where one lives rattling someone's cage getting up your nose firing up getting someone's dander up asking for it heating up examining tweaking questioning quizzing running up the wrong way jangling setting someone's teeth on edge

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