Synonym of jeopardous


Dangerous or perilous
hazardous perilous risky unsafe chancy precarious speculative insecure threatening hairy menacing unhealthy serious delicate treacherous venturesome parlous bad thorny ticklish exposed nasty touchy deadly critical adventurous dangersome fatal venturous viperous alarming breakneck dynamite formidable heavy hot impending impregnable loaded malignant mortal portentous pressing queasy serpentine shaky terrible ugly unstable urgent vulnerable wicked touch-and-go on collision course dangerous dodgy dicey tricky uncertain unsound high-risk grievous grave jeopardizing unpredictable gnarly iffy jeopardising difficult sticky rocky fraught with danger long shot unchancy awkward prickly tricksy sensitive tough knotty problematical catchy problematic spiny adverse scary ominous slippery harmful detrimental hurtful damaging injurious deleterious shonky endangered prejudicial pernicious nocuous defenseless defenceless on thin ice playing with fire wide-open on slippery ground out on a limb hanging by a thread lethal troubling noxious baleful baneful life-threatening severe troublesome intricate complicated complex unsure perplexing involved hard taxing unsettled controversial vexatious unreliable convoluted trying embarrassing unpleasant dubious irksome bothersome unsteady uncomfortable worrying touch and go baffling vexed concerning questionable undependable in the balance desperate unknown undetermined debatable unresolved upsetting doubtful challenging erratic open to question up in the air dire tight fiddly pending contentious terrifying puzzling rough in limbo capricious distressing incalculable awful in danger untrustworthy at risk disturbing nettlesome in jeopardy Russian roulette compromising humiliating profound rugged undecided bleak in doubt painful sophisticated death-defying cringeworthy onerous forbidding arduous grim cringey pointed briery cringe-making punishing dark disagreeable worrisome wobbly unforeseeable volatile unfriendly bitter suspect spartan hostile mystifying up for grabs reckless uneasy daredevil unclear subtle paradoxical fluctuant vague unfinished tentative extreme harassing cliffhanging suspenseful provocative intractable searching penetrating heated haphazard echinated annoying stimulating emotive divisive scandalous dreadful disputed quirky barro discomforting like herding cats to be won or lost in no man's land laborious operose strenuous debated contested eventful hair-trigger threatened destructive toxic disconcerting moot flustering unprotected nice discomfiting acute unconcluded explosive fearsome tottering rickety very bad demeaning degrading ongoing in contention at issue in dispute inconvenient embarrassed open to attack on a limb inconstant fickle lively temperamental mercurial variable changeable untimely discountenancing discomposing open to debate hot-button excruciating incommodious exasperating shameful peracute open to doubt fractious barbed bristly toe-curling egregious life-and-death yet to be decided much debated unconfirmed briary thistly brambly unfathomable insoluble bewildering unanswerable elaborate incomprehensible insolvable confusing tangled enigmatic confounding mind-bending undecipherable indeterminate undefined spicular spiky aculeate spinous sharp spiculate spiked pronged bristled spiniferous scratchy hanging in the balance on a slippery slope built on sand conjectural sketchy indistinct setaceous jaggy muricate pointy barbellate spinose

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