Synonym of jesting

Alternative for jesting


Synonym: jocose, jocular, joking,

jests, jested, jesting

Synonym: fun, joke, mock, tease,


The state of being jocose
buffoonery clowning fun humour humor joking kidding slapstick wit comedy drollery comicality funniness jocularity farce humorousness facetiousness drollness wittiness tomfoolery jocoseness amusement comicalness jocosity witticism badinage banter flippancy waggishness gaiety levity playfulness silliness farcicality jest raillery pleasantry happiness ludicrousness joyfulness high spirits uproariousness absurdity hilariousness foolery gag skylarking nonsense horseplay zaniness lightness hilarity high jinks richness shenanigans comic frivolity foolishness hijinks ridiculousness clownery monkeyshines roughhousing whimsy monkeying wisecrack joke roughhouse mischievousness mirthfulness monkey business horsing around nonsensicalness preposterousness stupidity irrationality illogicality unreasonableness witticisms malarkey amusingness frivolousness risibility absurdness flightiness wisecracking mischief merriment entertainment mirth farcicalness sense of humor lightheartedness ball clownishness grins jokiness fooling around roguishness light-heartedness laughableness jokes jests black humor sparkle the funny side sense of fun satire spoof puns gags quips repartee wisecracks witty remarks cracks funny remarks one-liners asininity doubles entendres eccentricity inanity bons mots triviality folly craziness strangeness outlandishness madness goofiness inaneness incongruency witlessness fatuity ludicrosity senselessness oddness brainlessness mindlessness lunacy fatuousness childishness puerility idiocy wackiness nuttiness bodily fluid insanity illogicalness imbecility oafishness unconventionality simplicity daftness incongruity incongruousness bizarreness nonsensicality superficiality whimsicality gormlessness balminess tricks chaffing frothiness unwisdom moronism moronity wildness dottiness doltishness cloddishness foppery dippiness funnies takeoff funny side merry-go-round camp send-up picnic hoopla interlude travesty laughs comical aspect schtick bluffing shamming teasing mockery trifling shallowness carefreeness impishness cheekiness archness insouciance sauciness sassiness irresponsibility light-mindedness light-headedness pretence field day comic drama play on gag show high camp fun and games high time joshing rowdiness spoofing fooling frolicking sham pretense making light pleasure enjoyment excitement joy thrill glee cheer play blast merriness satisfaction festivity gleefulness cheeriness cheerfulness festiveness vibrancy living it up jollity gambolling vivacity wantonness exuberance vim energy vividness enthusiasm friskiness vigor waggery riot kick rapture solace treat vitality sunniness liveliness jocundity ebullience good time perkiness knavery exhilaration brightness zest felicity distraction gamboling gambol romping jolliness diversion laughter blithesomeness buoyancy rejoicing revelry gladness vigour blitheness rascality sportiveness playing around joviality conviviality keenness sharpness cleverness irony comic side outrageousness giddiness boisterousness character vein spirits propensity temper notion mind makeup bee bias individualism personality complexion individuality fancy conceit vagary tone caprice bent disposition whim strain quirk nature anecdote amusing tale fickleness skittishness irreverence gayness gayety delight jollification hysterics jauntiness joyousness sport good cheer volatility ridiculosity frame of mind funny story


Foolish or unacceptable behaviour
nonsense badness misbehavior misbehaviour mischief mischievousness naughtiness capers clowning joking larks misconduct misdemeanor misdemeanour perversity pranks tricks bad behaviour buffoonery devilry diablerie goings-on roguery shenanigans tomfoolery carryings-on carry-on deviltry hanky-panky jiggery-pokery funny business monkey business monkey tricks rascality impishness knavery roguishness devilment disobedience waggishness waggery devilishness troublemaking wickedness hob prankishness trouble high jinks playfulness friskiness tricksiness frolicsomeness larkiness waywardness pranksomeness scampishness espièglerie puckishness monkey-business coltishness troublesomeness sportfulness sportiveness elfishness mischief-making devilishment wrongdoing transgression fault misdoing evil wrong atrocity ill injury misfortune hurt sabotage outrage vandalism harm catastrophe dirty trick prank gag misdeed rudeness indiscipline impropriety incivility insubordination acting up immorality horseplay fooling around hatred damage spite animosity malice malfeasance ill will delinquency misdeeds shenanigan naughty act disorderly conduct acting-up offense offence crime lawbreaking violation malefaction debt error trespass sin breach bad manners poor manners ill-discipline bad behavior events business happenings behaviour conduct dishonesty trickery deceit deception chicanery intrigue incidents machinations subterfuge affairs skulduggery monkeyshines activity behavior playing around toing and froing comings and goings hustle and bustle


An illicit or ridiculous activity or escapade
caper escapade prank jest stunt sport trick dido mischief jape lark practical joke antic antics capriccio frolic fun gag game knavery monkeyshines rag roguery shavie shenanigans shines waggery shenanigan skylarking adventure gambol high jinks jaunt joke revel rib rollick tomfoolery monkey business monkey tricks hot foot put on romp horseplay fling exploit put-on laugh leg-pull monkeyshine clowning spree drollery giggle experience amusement feat ploy crack hoax event affair spoof one-liner buffoonery quiz goak cutup episode fun and games frisk venture play witticism quip incident funny wisecrack roughhouse roughhousing josh pleasantry quest boffola gambado binge skylark shine idyll idyl celebration caprice foolery wind-up fooling around mischievous act piece of mischief catch accomplishment merrymaking humor device dalliance yuck yuk boffo boff nifty trip epigram humour campaign gamble crusade hazard hop skip bon mot occurrence speculation deed trial funny business rowdiness lightness fooling fancy levity whim hotfoot happening monkeying clownery slapstick sleight of hand crapshoot contingency mission flutter larks enterprise recreation relaxation devilry number gambade hijinks frolicking cantrip sally rollicking run scramble frolics chestnut fooling about gaiety didoes horsing around entertainment act burlesque performance hoodwinking joviality emprise farce parody pun time gest show ha-ha junketing jollification party pastime bash espieglerie jump spring stratagem maneuver dodge imposture deception sleight subterfuge manoeuvre artifice jig feint gimmick ruse wile fool's errand mischievous trick cod scrape amusing time prance dirty trick snow job hoot bird carousal outing expedition folly vagary merriment blast bit of mischief piece of fun dance cavort leap rout cakewalk fool setup jeer windup mock freak rig prat take-in barb gibe stunts escapades pranks romps tricks rejoinder retort jibe riposte comeback zinger silliness practical jokes smart remark smart crack dig sardonic remark pithy remark flash of wit yarn remark witty remark undertaking carryings-on capers trouble foolish behaviour mischievousness harlequinades pleasure legerdemain mummery risk festivity games leisure prestidigitation magic juggle skit sketch enjoyment payof no good conviviality diversion festival carnival hobby indulgence feast good times jamboree hobbyhorse wassail fete revels jubilee soiree jubilation great time ceremony cavorting gala exploration chance field day tear merry-go-round extravaganza carousing rip junket high time ball rampage spending expedition distraction romping capering revelry playfulness scene jeopardy endangerment flier voyage flyer magic trick hocus-pocus smoke and mirrors gaming gambling gambolling teasing happiness me-time a good time gamboling delight joking disport living it up sports match sportiveness nonsense repartee killer whimsy raillery absurdity banter ridiculousness quirk blague anecdote funny story knee-slapper old chestnut double entendre shaggy-dog story rib-tickler play on words thigh-slapper in-joke misbehavior misbehaviour devilment rascality naughtiness waggishness deviltry roguishness misconduct diablerie impishness frolicsomeness wickedness evil devilishness vandalism wrongdoing wrong carry-on waywardness prankishness hob atrocity ill transgression injury hurt misdoing harm misfortune sabotage outrage catastrophe fault hanky-panky friskiness rough and tumble foolishness boisterousness goings-on jiggery-pokery trickery larking about stupidity exuberance joshing high spirits malarkey disobedience mischief-making playing around larking around messing about dishonesty chicanery tricksiness skulduggery clowning around rough-and-tumble larkiness misdemeanour sportfulness idiocy insanity ludicrousness craziness lunacy irresponsibility carrying-on coltishness harlequinade childishness misdemeanor devilishment puckishness to-do joking around amusing behaviour hoaxing desipience silly behaviour badness roughness comedy giggles troublemaking perversity troublesomeness elfishness scampishness pranksomeness espièglerie bad behaviour monkey-business frivolity hatred ill will damage spite animosity malice messing around rough-housing kidding around madness bunk senselessness giddiness events business happenings behaviour conduct playing the fool rough play deceit intrigue clowning about sin machinations incidents affairs iniquity kidding evildoing bluffing shamming spoofing mockery trifling sham pretence clownishness pretense making light activity behavior toing and froing comings and goings hustle and bustle misdeed absurdness tommyrot hokey-pokey inanity poppycock cruelty witchcraft offense offence black magic evil magic witchery horse feathers splash scream howl panic sea profusion excess riot sidesplitter confusion mass gas sensation flourish smash display extravagance lavish display exhibition


Fond of or characterized by joking
flippant funny humorous jokey lighthearted playful facetious amusing witty comical mischievous teasing waggish joking whimsical jocular droll tongue-in-cheek roguish comic jocose flip joshing light-hearted merry sportive chucklesome frolicsome arch wisecracking gay frivolous blithe laughable in fun in jest jolly impish prankish puckish entertaining mirthful jocund ludic cheerful jovial good-humoured good-humored bantering lively joyous high-spirited silly pleasant smart clever satirical unserious fun tongue in cheek not serious putting one on pulling one's leg nonserious irreverent pixieish tricksy sly leprechaunish rascally risible scampish glib pixy pixie devilish knavish wicked elvish ironic farcical clowning snappy kittenish bubbly gamesome spirited jaunty flirtatious dry for a laugh as a joke good-natured to tease sprightly capering wry hilarious diverting cheery blithesome laughing sunny gleeful festive happy flakey crazy camp daffy campy wacky flaky boffo joculous ludicrous gagged up for grins joyful uproarious sidesplitting ridiculous bright glad carefree humoristic buoyant sparkling riotous comedic hysteric upbeat chirpy vivacious rib-tickling antic side-splitting hysterical perky chipper exuberant killing screaming animated gladsome fun-loving absurd in high spirits rollicking slapstick convivial priceless happy-go-lucky peppy zany airy genial elated optimistic gelastic untroubled sparky zippy ebullient breezy jubilant full of beans smiling enjoyable without a care in the world in good spirits slaphappy positive cock-a-hoop effervescent frisky grinning rich euphoric goofy unworried lightsome smiley peart winsome bouncy larking preposterous scintillating of good cheer full of the joys of spring eccentric radiant delightful quick-witted hopeful pleased riot debonair content insouciant inane a scream exultant light zingy boon ecstatic eupeptic canty nutty frolic bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of vim and vigour coltish delighted overjoyed amused boisterous pleasing engaging derisory pleasurable gratified sharp-witted keen skittish exhilarated har-har fantastic scream unusual mocking bizarre beaming cheering sharp quick thrilled contented fun-filled agreeable festal unconcerned blissful odd beguiling hysterically funny wanton elfish larky fay sportful killingly funny frolicky off-the-wall jumping rocking grooving devil-may-care a laugh a hoot loony dizzy friendly over the moon wild perk full of hope full of life Pickwickian racy too funny for words lots of laughs bright and breezy on top of the world as merry as a grig as lively as a grig noisy rowdy lightweight original stupid ingenious piquant epigrammatic nonsensical derisive asinine brilliant foolish recreative clownish fanciful ribald vibrant childish screamingly funny trivial trifling interesting beatific easy-going chaffing jollying triumphant quirky quaint comedical derisible warm recreational oddball carnival holiday celebratory espiègle stimulating penetrating piercing intelligent laughter-filled outgoing rosy benign thankful satisfied on cloud seven beside oneself with joy tickled chuffed wrapped on cloud nine novel charming gratifying gladdening a barrel of laughs easygoing unthinking amiable flighty quizzical laffer crack-up vigorous blessed heartening heartwarming wonderful rapturous gut-busting enchanting unsatisfactory inadequate embarrassing pitiful unimpressive cordial affable sunbeamy frolicking romping excited exalted smug gloating stoked Christmassy hearty gala rejoicing full of fun game back-slapping good-time cut up backslapping jerky fool batty goofus dippy fool-headed gump screwy active pizazzy bouncing mettlesome springy energetic kinetic pleasure-seeking animate jazzy crank vital pert rakish spanking brisk pizzazzy highbrowed snazzy profound quick on the draw tactful smart-aleck nimble-witted smart-alecky cutting quick on the uptake unconstrained rip-roaring mad saturnalian zappy decorated carnivalesque go-go swinging feastly feastful a card a caution alert confident forward brash pushy self-assertive presuming fool around crazy shtick Mickey Mouse as happy as a clam as happy as a sandboy juiced up daft laugh-a-minute off the wall relaxed expansive resilient volatile feelgood laid-back


Present participle for speak in a joking way
cracking gagging joking quipping sallying bantering punning wisecracking cracking jokes telling jokes kidding chaffing jiving joshing fooling funning jollying japing yukking yucking teasing mocking making fun of ribbing ridiculing taunting making a joke ragging poking fun at razzing roasting rallying deriding winding up twitting riding jeering satirizing needling satirising messing around laughing at jibing cracking a joke spoofing messing about mimicking pulling someone's leg gibing caricaturing lampooning sending up pulling somebody's leg parodying messing retorting tricking hoaxing playing with words slanging playing tricks playing the fool travestying taking the mickey out of taking the mickey having someone on winding someone up setting up fooling around fooling about pulling someone's chain quizzing making sport of laughing pulling one's leg hazing remarking larking cracking wise raspberrying heckling making mischief larking around larking about playing a joke on hoodwinking deceiving beguiling deluding duping acting faking shamming pretending feigning cozening bamboozling gulling conning staying boning having on pulling your leg ridging playing a practical joke on pranking poking mullock at flipping amusing making a monkey of goofing on jeering at slinging off at ragging on scoffing at entertaining jibing at smoking guying making jokes about diverting counterfeiting taking a rise out of getting a rise out of making a monkey out of flimflamming bothering misleading taking in clowning about clowning around gambolling gamboling frolicking joking with burlesquing imitating yanking somebody's chain doing putting on an act copying aping scorning taking off mucking around mucking someone about making a monkey out of someone putting someone on playing a practical joke messing someone around messing someone about playing a prank playing a trick shucking someone rotting someone playing a joke perverting miming doing a takeoff of exaggerating putting on distorting misrepresenting disparaging twisting doing an impression of taking the piss out of impersonating scoffing making a laughing-stock showing up deflating cartooning humiliating panning scouting pooh-poohing unmasking exposing railing at sneering putting down making a fool of fleering making a game of running down having a joke with

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