Synonym of jumping up and down

Alternative for jumping up and down


jumping in one spot (as in excitement)


Present participle for to feel or express great anger
seething fuming raging storming simmering boiling burning chafing ranting raving smouldering foaming rankling sizzling spitting steaming breathing fire having a fit throwing a fit bristling flaring flipping going ballistic ranting and raving smoldering sparking stewing spitting feathers wigging out blowing up frothing at the mouth seeing red throwing a wobbly blowing one's stack boiling with rage breathing fire and slaughter foaming at mouth hitting the ceiling foaming at the mouth getting hot under the collar smarting festering fretting exploding losing your temper going berserk going up the wall flipping your lid losing your rag blowing a fuse going off the deep end flying off the handle blazing rumbling cracking up losing it spluttering overflowing yelling roaring scolding erupting screaming losing the plot surging tearing boiling over looking daggers railing at blowing your top snapping at letting off steam having a tantrum champing at bit making a fuss over working oneself into sweat bridling getting angry becoming enraged making a scene going mad going into orbit getting worked up going wild getting mad going bananas blowing a gasket having a cow flaring up bursting a blood vessel going spare losing your cool going postal going psycho going into a rage having a conniption fit flipping one's wig going crackers hitting the roof gnashing your teeth going non-linear going through the roof getting all steamed up going ape going crazy losing control losing one's temper becoming angry flipping out blustering getting steamed up flying into a rage throwing a tantrum angering becoming furious becoming annoyed going into a fury becoming very angry flying into a temper losing your head blowing raising the roof getting hot champing at the bit getting steamed up about letting fly letting rip popping one's cork chomping at the bit fulminating boiling over with rage flying into a passion firing up sputtering burning up steaming up shouting carrying on bellowing thundering heating growing passionate complaining becoming animated becoming excited getting annoyed heating up becoming impassioned getting excited growing vehement freaking out going crook sounding off becoming infuriated becoming indignant taking offense swelling taking umbrage objecting rearing up recoiling ruffling resenting charging taking offence drawing oneself up rioting becoming upset getting your dander up rampaging getting your hackles up running wild rushing madly going on the rampage running amok running riot running amuck rushing wildly


Showing an urgent desire or interest
wild excited eager enthusiastic crazy agog avid enthused keen mad nuts antsy anxious ardent desirous energetic exhilarated fanatical lively pumped raring spirited stoked vivacious athirst impatient passionate thirsty delirious frantic frenzied geeked hot hungry hysterical juiced raving solicitous uproarious vehement voracious daft potty tumultuous unrestrained untrammeled untrammelled gung ho hopped-up in a frenzy hepped up on fire very excited greedy great zealous fervent longing yearning champing at the bit itching craving chomping at the bit fervid ready intent devoted dying psyched desiring willing dedicated wholehearted hankering interested keen as mustard appetent fired up earnest animated feverish ambitious pining perfervid gone on nutty infatuated with breathless stirred restless keyed up impassioned thrilled intense committed covetous obsessed enamoured of smitten with ready and willing enamored of devoted to mad keen inspired high as keen as mustard aroused motivated game moved stimulated warmblooded thirsting aching gagging beside oneself diligent rarin' to go hot to trot sprightly bright-eyed and bushy-tailed psyched up worked up raring to go ebullient very keen on hot for driven acquisitive high-spirited wishful assiduous charged in love with hooked on manic itchy fond delighted frenetic infatuated dying to fevered awakened enamored inclined juiced up dotty amped fierce wishing nutso enamoured crazed bursting keen on exuberant industrious sweet on hopeful determined conscientious insatiable pleased animate titillated zestful restive grasping expectant warm ravenous hearty amenable disposed rapacious passional itching for pumped up active dying for cranked up in a hurry desirous of geared up heated approving self-starting inflamed edgy touched electrified elated atingle chafing straining avaricious desperate hooked lusting curious doting on obsessed by besotted by impetuous restored refreshed revitalized vigorous burning prepared enthralled diehard gotta have intent on straining at the leash rabid addicted to revitalised up hung up habitual happy unreluctant engaged glad aggressive proactive bullish banzai set fiery dynamic bone-dry cottonmouthed sapless juiceless fain fascinated rhapsodic aflame wacky forceful tantalized concerned afire unqualified minded full of enthusiasm very fond of mad on all agog on tenterhooks all a-gog consumed with desire take-charge can-do gaga tantalised bugged zesty extremely enthusiastic in suspense longing for hoping for wanting turnt red-hot up for in the mood on for of a mind favourably inclined pysched up waiting with bated breath chafing at the bit partial to crazy for wild for dry as dust full of beans smitten anxious for yearning for eager for ambitious for disorderly ready for willing for avid for overwrought dizzy in love effervescent uncontrollable aspiring towards prehensile amorous aspiring lustful keen for hopeful for envious unruly predatious gluttonous edacious hoggish ravening piggish unsatisfied hungered intemperate swinish esurient unfilled insatiate angry stirred up furious high as a kite thirsty for craving for greedy for ravening for wishing for hungry for with an appetite covetous of lusting after with a yen in need of in want of hankering after turned on aspiring to fond of very enthusiastic wigged-out steamed up hyperactive pushy ruthless go-getting hard-driving assertive enterprising purposeful militant single-minded goal-oriented self-assertive self-driven resolute tenacious unwavering dogged steadfast persistent uncompromising indefatigable obstinate untiring striving staunch unflagging progressive pioneering strong-willed self-asserting bent upon self-seeking eager beaver power-loving get up and go high-reaching power-hungry bent resolved persevering strong stalwart unyielding unbending mettlesome bold steely undaunted unshakeable unfaltering plucky obdurate undeviating pertinacious cutthroat unrelenting unflinching stubborn adventurous bloodthirsty competitive feisty gladiatorial insistent scrappy warlike strong-minded dead set like a ball of fire on the make go-ahead hell-bent full of determination having killer instinct desiring success needing wistful languishing very keen upwardly mobile highly motivated lacking urgently requiring hoping crying out in great need of consumed compelled unbendable unshaken possessed immovable firm obsessive unshakable fixed in urgent need up for it combative galvanized adamant serious monomaniacal impelled indomitable gutsy emulous contentious buoyant joyous joyful jovial ripe confident relentless tireless unremitting fixated compulsive obsessional unhesitating induced rigid decisive sustained rigorous sedulous steady ferocious excitable enlivened overjoyed encouraged euphoric enraptured ecstatic vying set on bent on impulsive besetting pushed steered galvanised guided unabated stringent assured jolly roused exultant driving competing defiant brutal bullheaded elevated giddy piqued peppy tickled tickled pink sparky on cloud nine intoxicated pushing warring carnivorous opposing antagonistic oppositional on pins and needles hang-tough self-willed full-blooded intensely competitive iron-willed high-pressure go for broke in-your-face self-assured fiercely competitive bound and determined stop at nothing self-possessed self-confident cut-throat dog-eat-dog urged on alive blissful jubilant spoiling for a fight two-fisted on the warpath ready for action on the edge of your seat cock-a-hoop thrusting

Antonym of jumping up and down

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