Synonym of junky

Alternative for junky


a narcotics addictsomeone who is so ardently devoted to something that it resembles an addiction


Of low or mediocre quality
cheap rubbishy schlocky trashy bad bargain-basement bum cheapjack cheesy coarse common cut-rate execrable gimcrack inferior lousy low-grade low-rent mediocre miserable poor rotten schlock second-rate shoddy sleazy terrible trumpery wretched el cheapo cruddy garbagy substandard unsatisfactory rubbish inadequate worthless crummy tawdry paltry duff shabby dreadful awful deficient atrocious useless third-rate ropy pathetic abysmal unacceptable deplorable appalling pitiful subpar grotty dire base lame pants dissatisfactory two-bit below par dismal low-quality crude tatty imperfect lamentable suboptimal sad poxy sorry junk below standard tacky diabolical a load of pants wanting second-class dime-a-dozen not up to snuff average bush-league poor-quality below average lemon defective faulty punk frightful unsound ordinary middling gaudy sub-par under par pitiable disagreeable crumby tinny direful disappointing subnormal hack not up to scratch not up to much laughable valueless sucky tinhorn wack poorer jerry-built low-end dodgy unexceptional flawed pedestrian nasty déclassé not up to par good-for-nothing the pits leaving much to be desired horrible hopeless insufficient wrong bush off meretricious twopenny-halfpenny bodger chronic contemptible indifferent downmarket naff no good brummagem Brummagem ratty low offensive mean abominable run-down grim weak sour cheap and nasty tasteless vulgar cheapo not much cop abject slipshod cheap-jack kitsch grubby unworthy unsuitable cheapie displeasing incompetent unspeakable rinky-dink ill piss-poor tenth-rate distressing damaged lacking poor quality very bad egregious a dime a dozen showy plastic makeshift garish flimsy dud piddling trifling careless dilapidated scroungy pinchbeck tattered brassy dingy scruffy garbage dirty regrettable unsatisfying woeful seedy meager disgraceful entry-level God-awful broken-down amiss impaired dime-store bottom-rung beastly disastrous stinking horrendous meagre gross for the birds no great shakes strictly for the birds less-than-stellar two a penny from hunger not satisfying not good enough of a sort insubstantial rickety amateurish negligent corny unpleasant cheeseball ramshackle inept badly built kitschy throwaway slovenly pits commonplace twopenny thrown together end-of-the-pier desperate dissatisfying unfortunate half-pie negligible unimpressive not cutting it second-best trivial minimal stupid outrageous unwelcome harmful insignificant impermissible intolerable insufferable inadmissible inappropriate undesirable second class tinpot reject low quality catchpenny thin disturbing disconcerting disquieting pretentious inglorious low-down yucky minor league small potatoes minor-league second rate tinselly worse rough shlocky calamitous hideous ghastly shlock unsightly scabby scummy scurvy repulsive gruesome sordid godforsaken poopy leaving a lot to be desired flashy horrid small-time bad news raunchy downer icky damnable odious diddly fallacious grungy bummer godawful scurrilous detestable not good grody irremediable erroneous not the best blah reprehensible stinky indefensible run down down at heel crass brash flash tinsel glittering raffish loud glaring flaunting chintzy flamboyant flaring jazzy screaming sporty blatant brazen obtrusive glitzy feeble craptacular weak sauce not up to standard vile shocking loathsome revolting disgusting foul abhorrent sickening repugnant objectionable obnoxious distasteful repellent nauseating grievous shameful rancid despicable noisome hellacious ugly noxious scandalous hateful nauseous obscene horrifying monstrous repellant unpalatable heinous horrific uncomfortable heartbreaking harrowing fulsome grave ineffectual measly limited uninviting disgustful loathly unsavory unsavoury severe troublesome depressing rank derisory ineffective putrid serious puny frightening evil grisly tragic macabre beggarly smelly from hell festy irksome difficult squalid alarming forbidding malodorous fetid distressful yukky harsh bitter heartrending skimpy gloomy stingy pongy niffy annoying irritating mephitic nightmarish cruel painful miserly whiffy funky olid manky miasmal galling afflictive foul-smelling evil-smelling wicked unpleasing sick-making yucko strong foetid exiguous stressful little off-putting gut-wrenching critical traumatic agonizing inexcusable sick doleful fraught bleak drecky unhappy piteous inefficient reeking exceptionable acrid ignoble sombre tragical hairy catastrophic ignominious mournful unappetizing inexpert acute unfit solemn somber reeky impotent cheerless dishonorable bogging unbearable vexatious excruciating broken rueful joyless terrifying insupportable fearful upsetting impoverished dishonourable hellish skanky lurid agonising unappealing vicious unlovely comfortless parlous stenchy uncongenial filthy invidious rebarbative musty fusty extreme frowzy frowsy miasmic frowsty modest scant lean terrific high hair-raising slight scanty ripe troubling small discomforting worrisome poorly sneaking restricted inappreciable inconsiderable daunting unsettling perturbing torturous tough reduced piffling dreary brackish bungling agitating petty mingy desolate incapable tormenting troublous dangerous menial hard very unpleasant crying cursed trying accursed drab dark unproficient unskilful disreputable confounded catty intense dread unforgivable fierce disheartening sullen morose drear pungent extremely bad hurtful hostile unnerving unpardonable opprobrious scrubby villainous sorrowful very poor cataclysmic fearsome redoubtable niffing cringe-making forlorn depressive sepulchral indigent glum scungy irretrievable brutal worrying scary intimidating formidable ridiculous vomitous scuzzy improper affecting spine-chilling powerless inapt humming poverty-stricken on the nose a dead loss gnarly out of order yecchy gut-churning beyond the pale unable to do something for toffee god-awful vomit-inducing stinking to high heaven stomach-churning stomach-turning ill-smelling beyond contempt off-colour crook off colour out of sorts worst well below par tricky blithering short nominal dislikeable dislikable sparse slender piddly scrimpy risky precarious hazardous perilous flaming ropey sparing preposterous senseless infernal niggling picayune minute unequal stark pitiless ruthless savage oppressed merciless debased dicey unseemly unconscionable sinful foolish shameless mighty grewsome nightmare footling degenerate unqualified melancholy eye-watering ruinous off-color infamous depraved immoral discreditable iniquitous bloodcurdling grimy slummy creepy pressing crucial lowest of the low rock-bottom the dumps unrelenting nagging tremendous silly absurd ludicrous foolish-looking eerie crashing bothersome injurious destructive unjustifiable snide impertinent embarrassing abusive insolent biting cutting discourteous dubious unreasonable questionable insalubrious unstable urgent condemnable out unfitted pesky unlikable dismaying under-strength testing pressured heavy demanding frustrating taxing criminal irredeemable drastic currish inacceptable ungenerous pigpen inproficient blameworthy overwhelming dolorous dreaded surfeiting sleazeball squicky cloying crippling devastating ominous stenchful gruelling murderous arduous tiring mangy portentous bodeful exigent not cricket won't do half-baked of low quality not on of poor quality over the fence not quite the done thing not much chop acid shady sharp bland tart shifty petrifying excessive inconvenient afflicted ruthful tearful suffering distressed tainted stale low-minded no-good dirty rotten oppressing scowling pestilential unable to do something to save one's life decomposed infested gamy decayed poisonous polluted grueling strong-smelling not proper inconsistent unproductive ill-suited incompatible unable futile unadvantageous inefficacious unsuited discouraging unpromising bedraggled worn-out unkempt decrepit untidy threadbare funereal morbid a stinker of a a bummer of a dreich lugubrious saturnine destitute neglected dumpy bombed-out tumbledown moth-eaten beat-up dog-eared tatterdemalion down-at-the-heels down-at-heel rundown timeworn sunless plutonian tenebrous lonesome black elegiacal tenebrific elegiac unsaleable unsellable warped scratched partial torn blemished cracked inoperative deformed Cimmerian incomplete unfinished patchy malfunctioning immature undeveloped rudimentary sketchy inexact discomposing humourless humorless sober mortifying injured bottom-of-barrel marred disfigured not working faultful not functioning minus fallible sedate unendurable lesser saddening afflicting uncool awkward few bugs in a state of disrepair minor lowly anguished concerning humble unpretentious secondary subordinate nerve-racking nail-biting heart-rending heart-breaking nerve-wracking unimportant junior subservient unassuming low-ranking subsidiary second-string undistinguished ancillary second-fiddle smaller demeaning degrading bottom slighter servile plebeian lower lower-ranking humdrum lower in status undersized lower in rank small-fry dinky third-string low-born subjacent second-banana beneath someone under someone's heel not very important back seat less important below someone lower-class not so important


Having no use, purpose or reason
worthless vain valueless null empty chaffy no-good pointless futile ineffective useless unavailing unproductive fruitless unprofitable bootless nugatory profitless ineffectual meaningless senseless purposeless inconsequential insignificant paltry barren to no avail of no use hollow miserable unsatisfactory no use unusable trifling inefficacious inutile trivial insubstantial idle banal unsuccessful unimportant pathetic petty otiose pants in vain to no purpose good-for-nothing counterproductive abortive inane unreal motiveless frivolous cheap vapid aimless dead thankless unrewarding unsubstantial of no value insipid unsalable to no effect of no earthly use impractical hopeless unworkable impotent unsuitable unserviceable inefficient nonfunctional unpurposed stillborn impracticable inoperative nonpractical unfunctional feckless dysfunctional expendable scrap broken unuseful inoperable Sisyphean not useful inferior poor inadequate trashy deficient measly defective negligible silly poxy wretched rubbishy nickel-and-dime wanky lame of no benefit piddling unfructuous rubbish abandoned nothing sterile bogus unessential waste ignoble mediocre two a penny not much cop not worth a hill of beans a dime a dozen a dead loss failed inept weak feeble unfruitful powerless non-successful thwarted incompetent unnecessary wasted irrelevant no-account needless foiled spineless lousy insufficient slight doomed purportless of no avail unhelpful footling hamstrung inexpedient without success without rhyme or reason frustrated void forlorn indecisive despicable contemptible no dice shiftless inconsiderable unable sorry picayune minute lazy spiritless baulked casual unremunerative bungled balked Mickey Mouse unprolific wet unfit vacuous defeated for nought impossible invertebrate abject base wishy-washy piffling no-win chicken limited on a treadmill niggling not worth the candle minor irresponsible small slothful apathetic indolent little no good unambitious dry misfired ne'er-do-well unenterprising pitiful meagre mean flat effete unreasonable vacant disastrous soft exhausted nonsensical scant mindless botched goalless bad nerveless weakling delusive unreliable incapable tame gainless pitiable unavailable weak-kneed characterless milk-and-water namby-pamby peripheral puny nominal piddly pimping peanut forceless withered neutralized defeasible neutralised innocuous anticlimactic blocked lost wanton redundant superfluous limp-wristed beyond hope meager flimsy null and void dinky drifting inappreciable small-fry immaterial de minimis unachievable light fiddling superficial foolish small-time incidental low-ranking of no consequence nonessential second-rate of no account uncalled-for uncalled for not having a prayer with no chance of success drossy of no great concern uneconomic failing invalid impuissant miscarried bungling unconvincing unimpressive frustaneous unlucrative throwaway stupid disadvantageous thin nonvalid nonbinding pyrrhic insincere save one's breath rotten absurd groundless dull implausible objectless not fruitful specious boring nonproductive uncreative slow unyieldly wasteful for naught time-wasting ruined spoiled shallow stale uninspiring not needed insane fatuous baseless misleading unnotable shuck delusory not helpful woeful stymied wandering parlous uninteresting unasked spinning one's wheels wild goose chase spoilt rambling unfounded lamentable deplorable hindered stonewalled obstructed nongermane helpless going nowhere adrift arid tedious commonplace unpromising threatening sinister menacing unneeded resultless cramped messed up not a prayer in vicious circle vague uncommunicative vile unconstructive adverse negative lacking foundation lacklustre dreary drab unstimulating prosaic monotonous lifeless humdrum unreturned Pyrrhic emasculate slack-spined witless indiscriminate designless thoughtless illogical irrational crummy sad unfilled clear ill-fated bleak minuscule bush-league minor-league uncelebrated lightweight lesser secondary obscure infinitesimal smalltime no good to gundy not worth it not pertinent without grounds without foundation fustian reckless incautious uncareful carefree careless wild debased depraved degraded low desultory brainless random desperate despairing lackluster despondent unattainable beyond remedy despaired of fouled up not serious no go no way not effective shameful disgraceful dishonourable dishonorable ill-suited inappropriate unsuited ridiculous floundering undirected haphazard subsidiary villainous ignominious corrupt degenerate wimpish frail wimpy weakened not proper not good enough improper scanty irresolute unmeaning unsound junk unadvantageous inconsistent incompatible inapt beggarly mingy ungenerous mere derisory hit-or-miss non-essential unassertive skimpy of little account pettifogging exiguous extraneous uninformative meek cowardly gutless timid weak-willed fickle passive dithering faltering craven frothy of little consequence of little importance tinpot of no moment not worth mentioning zero zilch of no importance zip twopenny-halfpenny shoestring indifferent timorous wavering indeterminate vacillating pusillanimous undetermined fallible neither here nor there no great shakes not worth speaking of beside the point chicken-hearted corruptible supine yellow lily-livered hemming and hawing waffling yellow-bellied undependable faint-hearted yielding unsure easily led


Done or performed without method or care
slipshod sloppy careless offhand slapdash unmethodical unorganised unorganized unsystematic haphazard heedless lax loose messy neglectful negligent remiss slack thoughtless botched casual disorganised disorganized faulty imperfect inaccurate inexact shabby shoddy threadbare unmeticulous unthorough lackadaisical hit-or-miss slap-happy all over the shop all over the place fly-by-night perfunctory cursory muddled disordered clumsy hurried chaotic disorderly hasty unprofessional poor inattentive jumbled lazy shambolic thrown together pell-mell disregardful irresponsible derelict improvident indifferent reckless delinquent unmindful unheeding incautious nonchalant erratic unconcerned tardy untidy unthinking neglecting slovenly regardless forgetful blithe apathetic random uncaring disinterested laid-back carefree indiscriminate behindhand insouciant desultory untrustworthy unreliable undependable uncircumspect unobservant devil-may-care helter-skelter scrappy feckless orderless fainéant systemless uncoordinated unsystematized unstructured inefficient easy unaccountable cool arbitrary last-minute aimless scattered badly organized blithely unconcerned good-for-nothing free and easy without care stray irregular catch-as-catch-can confused rash uninterested undisciplined precipitate oscitant indolent dilatory imprudent inconsiderate mindless permissive slothful unconsidered easy-going imprecise sketchy overhasty unguarded oblivious impetuous otiose faineant asleep on job asleep at switch unprepared thrown-together unfastidious in disarray unthoughtful couldn't-care-less amateurish wild detached incorrect wrong erroneous dispassionate all over the lot all over the map incoherent scatterbrained incurious unheedful relaxed barratrous unregulated error-ridden couldn't care less blasé foolhardy blameworthy culpable slow defaultant woolgathering inconsistent daydreaming reprehensible failing to take proper care impulsive procrastinative incompetent inactive idle pococurante undirected unwary unplanned lethargic leisurely workshy quiescent laggard inert passive dormant unpremeditated injudicious uneven at fault asleep at the wheel asleep on the job do-nothing sudden hotheaded brash abstracted napping unreflective irreflective careless of inadvertent any which way any old way unsafe asleep at the switch fast and loose unthought-out hot-headed out to lunch without regard spur-of-the-moment ill-considered trial and error absent-minded rapid passing brief summary superficial half-hearted slight mechanical token soft lenient precipitous routine flying fleeting drive-by rushed quick gadarene headlong automatic overindulgent uncritical fast shallow swift short half-baked speedy depthless vague indulgent liberal complaisant indefinite broad non-restrictive general nonspecific shapeless yielding flabby over-tolerant flaccid easy-peasy accepting tolerant floppy nonjudgmental limp hit or miss any way paying no mind


A person who is fanatical about a particular activity or interest
freak fan devotee enthusiast aficionado buff fanatic lover addict nut fiend maniac afficionado junkie fancier hound sucker head habitue bug fool maven zealot mavin geek fundi jock expert master wizard ace admirer druggie user stoner druggy hophead dopehead hype doper follower connoisseur habitué adherent aficionada pundit groupie -head supporter savant ham nerd monomaniac amateur a great one for votary ninja worshiper worshipper one of the cognoscenti abuser bigot appreciator rooter believer participant obsessive prosumer bum eccentric hobbyist authority cognoscente practitioner activity slave doyenne doyen techie votarist backer disciple votarient champion great one one who is into barmy army avid supporter obsessed fan extremist militant stalwart visionary activist power user sectarian partisan radical dogmatist ultra apologist chauvinist crank diehard wackadoo wackadoodle energumen fundamentalist ultraist crazy demon tripper -freak -fiend metho cokey hypo pothead dopester mainliner snifter junker snowbird smackhead drugger pill-popper schmecker dope hoppy morphiomaniac acidhead etheromaniac hashhead viper morphinist narcotist cokehead dope-fiend space cadet pill popper needle man booster pupil convert sectary cohort revolutionary partizan epigone acolyte member liegeman defender janissary upholder sympathizer sympathiser revolutionist advocate rebel revisionist hanger-on agitator promoter die-hard sycophant accessory sponsor satellite hardliner student friend nonconformist attender protagonist racialist renegade learner dogmatizer apostle racist proselyte catechumen subversive chela doctrinaire segregationist card-carrying member prejudiced person opinionated person patron cat terrorist pursuivant proponent game changer adorer bhakta crusader perfectionist servant sectator scholar attendant witness hero-worshiper idolizer separatist dissident schismatic dissenter idolater recusant supremacist xenophobe ally agnostic atheist non-theist sceptic unbeliever fan club free thinker idealist Young Turk heretic misbeliever skeptic maverick sexist person black supremacist racial bigot white supremacist klansperson voter helper abettor confederate comrade bedfellow abetter reformer henchman true believer persecutor sexist homophobe insider progressive superpatriot stickler intolerant MCP jingoist hypocrite puritan leftist fellow traveler red socialist firebrand avant-garde objector nihilist mutineer rioter revolter insurgent iconoclast freethinker secessionist insurrectionist anarchist male chauvinist pig Bolshevik Bolshevist

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