Synonym of jutting out


Present participle for to jut out
projecting jutting overhanging protruding extending bulging extruding sticking out beetling standing out ballooning billowing poking pouting protuberating swelling bagging bellying bunching cantilevering hanging over obtruding pooching pouching starting bulging out distending lapping over lengthening poking out prolonging riding over thrusting out hanging out popping out pushing out stretching out looming extending beyond swelling out impending popping protending outthrusting pointing coming through sticking up looming out butting out pooching out pouching out hanging emerging bulking pushing showing sticking showing up peeking holding out expanding inflating dilating bloating enlarging tumefying intumescing doming blobbing bilging sticking out like a sore thumb filling out puffing up puffing out ballooning out bugging out ballooning up projecting outward protruding over jutting over sticking out over extending over projecting over commanding portending endangering beetling over bulging over overtopping standing out over jutting out over looming over bulging out over cantilevering out poking out over impending over swinging over flapping over rising above towering above drooping over dangling over cantilevering out over casting a shadow catching the eye rising bellying out attracting attention mushrooming filling blowing up rising up becoming larger billowing out coming out spreading going beyond bagging out elongating rolling upward pitching rolling tossing bouncing surging outstanding becoming inflated puffing becoming distended welling up fattening plumping growing engorging blowing out becoming swollen rounding out swelling up becoming bloated towering soaring glaring hovering overshadowing leaping out seeming huge dominating mounting rearing up seeming large jumping out

Antonym of jutting out

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