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kills, killed, killing

Synonym: annihilate, destroy, end, execute, finish, murder, slaughter, slay,

Antonym: save, spare,


To have deprived of life
took claimed dispatched slayed slew fell felled carried off croaked destroyed did in cut to pieces garrotted hit put down put to death put away cut down put to sleep murdered executed slaughtered massacred assassinated eradicated erased butchered wasted decimated exterminated annihilated terminated liquidated extirpated eliminated whacked offed obliterated iced blackballed downed neutralized stiffed topped scragged nixed smoked waxed caused the death of finished off snuffed lynched neutralised disposed of polished off made away with knocked off wiped from the face of the earth guillotined wiped out ended the life of strangled got hanged finished crucified hung mowed down suffocated bumped off asphyxiated sacrificed rubbed out shot down immolated slain smote smited smit smitten gotten did for done in blew away taken someone's life done for done to death taken the life of taken out took out did to death did away with hat took someone's life took the life of blown away gat hitten done away with put to the sword put an end to snuffed out shot zapped put before a firing squad abolished taken blotted out ended shotten canceled cancelled defeated terminated with extreme prejudice gotten rid of strung up got rid of gunned down put out of its misery dusted off removed extinguished blasted beheaded greased chilled decapitated electrocuted killed off sent to the gallows brought down sent to the gas chambers cooled struck down cost expunged gibbetted gibbeted bagged ruined effaced mutilated silenced vaporized discarded sent to the chair stoned to death knocked someone off sent to the gibbet stamped out swept away put paid to overwhelmed sent to the electric chair cleaned up put end to purged rooted out euthanized stretched out put a bullet in vaporised deep-sixed gave someone the works gassed beat sent to the gas chamber blacked out hung by the neck given someone the works cleared necked stricken down lopped costed lopt overcome stabbed dusted potted plugged overpowered routed stoned worsted deleted dropped bowstringed fried bowstrung bested abated murked uprooted culled sent to kingdom come depopulated taken care of caused the loss of devastated carried out a sentence of death on moved in for the kill leaded to the end of sticked knifed thinned out the population of thinned out vanquished caused the sacrifice of pumped full of lead reduced the numbers of took care of ethnically cleansed made swing stuck deprived mangled smothered nuked garotted tortured picked off killed in cold blood dispensed with shattered maimed discontinued wiped off the face of the earth resulted in the loss of overcame beaten did took a life taken a life done saw the back of seen the back of took away taken away took off taken off drove to the wall driven to the wall


Past tense for to pass the time, typically while waiting for a particular event


Past tense for to delight, allure or attract in an almost magical manner


Dead, no longer alive or living
fallen dead lost deceased late perished slain slaughtered demised departed gone asleep breathless cold defunct expired lifeless low murdered lamented casualty exanimate passed on passed away no more at peace pushing up daisies with God six feet under under the sod dead as a doornail as dead as a doornail inanimate extinct insensate insentient inert not breathing having breathed one's last nonextant assassinated disintegrated retired turned to dust still wasted unanimated down mortified spiritless erased cadaverous stiff offed buried reposing liquidated silent bereft of life not existing resting in peace bought the farm out of one's misery gone to meet maker cut off gone to reward checked out pushing up the daisies finished former at rest kicked the bucket bit the dust gave up the ghost vanished bygone done for motionless done bypast destroyed nonexistent unresponsive out cold inactive exterminated died out wiped out snuffed out extinguished abolished void no longer extant no longer with us superseded disappeared vanquished dead as a dodo bitten the dust stone-dead in the grave laid to rest unconscious comatose insensible invalid outdated out-of-date redundant kaput unmoving desert faint waste brute limp dear departed much lamented late lamented no longer living ruined had it in a faint not living out for the count effaced eradicated obliterated wrecked annihilated extirpated demolished dead to the world down the drain out of commission lapsed devastated frittered crushed obsolete inorganic mineral quenched doused out passé terminated non-organic soulless no longer existing archaic unknown ended dead and gone outmoded no longer known inexistent quiescent abiotic listless nonvegetable vacant impassive azoic without life lethargic apathetic nonanimal not alive inoperative idle nonliving dull


(of a person) Ruined by a disastrous or devastating setback or reverse
undone destroyed lost ruined beaten defeated doomed finished foiled frustrated thwarted toast done for sunk washed-up washed up for it in trouble wiped out in deep water for the high jump unsuccessful falling gone through wrecked losing failing done bankrupt exhausted dead devastated broken spent drained liquidated empty kaput kaputt over with played out over the hill done in at an end wound up gone to the wall past it dead and buried consumed depleted used up on the rocks down the drain expended in ruins in tatters in flames dissipated over penniless shattered demolished in pieces in ashes in shreds dead in the water down the tubes emptied extinct had it cleaned out out defunct dashed smashed void obliterated annihilated crushed all washed up all gone up the creek without a paddle out of business down for the count worn old run down worn out used played-out disbursed thrown away expired useless past its best no good out of order burnt out having had enough of fed up in disarray out of cash pfft duff flat dud ravaged disintegrated wasted razed felled perished gutted blasted overwhelmed run out by the board lost to falling down about one's ears torn down vanished effaced eradicated exterminated died out snuffed out extirpated departed ended cooked totaled floored lapsed deceased extinguished superseded frittered disappeared abolished vanquished bare squandered impoverished sapped dry destitute out of circulation belly-up on the skids burned out down and out vacant skint broke reduced insolvent fleeced busted indebted pauperized poverty-stricken beggared bust gone under

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