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a very attractive or seductive looking womana blow that renders the opponent unconscious


very strong or vigorous


An extremely attractive or impressive person or thing
beauty looker stunner dish dream eyeful babe cutey cutie fox honey peach sensation vision beaut cookie cooky corker crackajack crackerjack daisy dandy dilly doll doozie doozy dreamboat enchantress glamour-puss goddess good-looker hottie humdinger hummer jim-dandy lollapalooza lulu nifty picture pip pippin queen ripper ripsnorter showstopper snorter sockdolager sockdologer standout sweetheart ten cracker lovely smasher beauty queen belle cat's meow dolly bird gem hot stuff smash the bee's knees wow joy to behold big success something else Venus sight for sore eyes bombshell siren eye-catcher bobby-dazzler angel pin-up beautiful woman good looker cover girl bathing beauty ace charmer dazzler seductress dollface tomato cupcake centerfold centrefold hit marvel cutie-pie glamour girl English rose raving beauty good-looking woman hot dish hot number sex kitten dream girl sex bunny bit of all right spectacle something sight delight beautiful sight pearler joy broad bunny chick pearl sexpot winner smash hit enchanter ornament attractive woman wonder vision of loveliness pleasure to behold phenomenon triumph head turner bit of alright killer bimbo stonker exception innovation surprise jaw-dropper nice one debutante coquette champion pistol champ whopper show bit of crumpet cat's whiskers the business cat's pyjamas cat's pajamas the bomb the fox's socks dog's bollocks model treasure pleasure thrill delectation ecstasy ravisher mantrap perfect picture dolly Miss America Miss Universe feast for the eyes Apollo Adonis glamor girl sex pot heart-throb femme fatale glamour puss good-looking person blockbuster star portent astonishment curiosity wonderment miracle prodigy genius whiz one for the books the eighth wonder of the world


A tournament in which the loser in each round is eliminated


An extremely attractive or impressive person or thing
marvel masterpiece sensation wonder attraction coup feat hit success triumph winner cracker smasher master stroke smash hit tour de force smash masterstroke achievement blockbuster biggie wow sell-out crowd-puller stroke of genius masterwork accomplishment jewel chef-d'oeuvre megahit phenomenon gem treasure magnum opus piece de resistance marvellous feat showpiece classic prize attainment sellout bestseller supernova smasheroo prodigy cream perfection belter big hit victory box-office success box-office hit work of art market leader cream of the crop supreme example great success stroke paragon coup de maître valuable object objet d'art objet of virtu one for the books home run something else smash-hit succès fou show-stopper deed exploit thrill stunt performance splendor portent miracle splendour conquest trick number star attraction crowd puller runaway success grand achievement feather in cap feat of strength great achievement spectacular achievement favorite favourite boffo clicko star legend icon superstar idol best-seller starlet draw lead luminary headliner hero personality topliner success story celebrity fairy tale fame leader box office success crackajack natural best seller somebody big fish big shot dandy notable personage V.I.P. jim-dandy face crackerjack high muckamuck public figure top name pip leading light big cheese nob megastar celeb kahuna important person prizewinner household name dignitary macher bigwig big name big noise VIP model standard flower monument great work master work outstanding example


A powerful stroke with a hand, weapon, or hard object
blow bang buffet crack hit knock smack thump thwack bash belt clip clout rap sock stroke whack bat lick punch wallop jolt strike beat biff box bust chop clap cuff dab douse fillip hack haymaker hook larrup lash pelt pick plump poke pound slam slap slug smash spank stinger stripe swat swipe switch tap thud welt wham whap whop battering bop slosh blindside bump clump collision concussion cut ding impact jab jar KO percussion uppercut whomp zap hard hit knuckle sandwich dong boff clobber crash whale shock pat clash swing lam impingement butt bonk kick tan shot skelp roundhouse fist jounce contact slog plug blast paste plunk thrust fisticuff whammy zinger glance bell-ringer prod one-two punch nudge dig pop boom whump thunderclap report snap lunge beating tonk clobbering conk striking dot brush prang whiplash jarring hiding thrashing drubbing whang lambasting spanking assault clomp smite flourish blip potch percuss straight stump drub nail thrash lambaste stoush body blow king-hit stamp hammer tunk head-butt quilt pummel pummelled one-two jog lollop hitting brunt clang ram slash shunt slice encounter stab shaking jolting light blow light slap force smashup wreck buffeting pounding bong crack-up punt lob press boot hold push graze pressure punch in the mouth drop kick taction touching flick physical contact contingence touch shove attack elbow putt jostle pitch shoulder wipeout bowl pet dig in the ribs shot-put palm whittle accident pileup sideswipe crush hammering crunch pummelling pummeling meeting pummeled fender bender rear-ender fender-bender head-on


Physical harm that impairs the value, usefulness, or normal function of something
damage harm injury destruction detriment impairment devastation hurt loss mutilation ruin defacement defilement desecration disfigurement scarring suffering vandalism vandalization wreckage affliction attrition battering crushing deterioration erosion friction havoc shattering vitiation wrecking abrasion abuse annihilation corrosion debasement degeneration detrition ill ruination spoilage adulteration breakage corruption depreciation deprivation evil infliction marring mishap waste accident adversity bane blemish blow bruise casualty catastrophe contamination disservice disturbance hardship illness mischief outrage pollution ravage ruining wound wrong cave-in wear and tear defacing disadvantage violation demolition prejudice desolation obliteration demolishment disability trouble disbenefit misfortune mistreatment ill-treatment spoiling dilapidation maltreatment cruelty downfall trashing extinction pain distortion disfiguration disaster disintegration smashing mischance misuse misadventure depredation violence trial trauma end grief decimation calamity neglect manhandling beating extermination wastage disablement cataclysm persecution spoliation mishandling bad luck rough handling ill treatment ill use profanation sabotage sacrilege tragedy dismantling blasphemy unpleasantness collapse bullying inconvenience elimination decay breakdown ravaging distress damaging tribulation anguish misery oppression ravages ill-use torment impiety blighting despoliation mauling degradation mincemeat injuring decline assault irreverence torture atrophy plunder crumbling undoing disrepair dishonour wipeout molestation decrepitude offense assaulting dissolution death overthrow degeneracy offence punishment wasting ill usage bad treatment dishonor wounding incapacity grafitti sacking deleteriousness banefulness noxiousness scuffing diminution infestation uglification vandalizing agony maiming disfavor demerit despite wear vexation disruption dismembering deformation penalty pillage vandalising foul play a few knocks destitution malformation deformity drawback illfare handicap liability pangs badness agitation incapacitation disfavour ruins impurity misshapenness graffiti shock perdition cost confusion defoliation profanity pollutant contaminant adulterant dismemberment disfiguring setback failure struggle wronging malevolence condition hitting disorder depravity disgrace woodworm complaint defect striking interference infelicity debacle decomposition roughing up rough treatment doing over indecent assault beating up befoulment diminishing deficiency weakening abolition rot mishappening bother hitch commotion hassle tumult snag putrefaction putrescence ruined goods extirpation rotting festering bad news tough luck boo-boo hard luck dire straits bad break rotten luck hot water thrashing aggression levelling disintegrating razing putridity perishing blight degrading befouling dishonouring infection battery bashing hammering pounding felling travail straits withering mortification flogging lashing thwacking belting punching pummelling impugnment lambasting injustice ill-usage problem crashing zapping dynamiting abolishing invalidating extinguishing invalidation dissolving leveling torpedoing blasting bombing decadence harassment thumping whacking knocking worry gangrene razing to the ground breaking up laying waste pulling down tearing down rooting out knocking down blowing up rottenness fading dishonoring failing woe grievance strain misapplication caries demise malice spoilation senescence dying decrease consumption rust pummeled misusage misemployment putridness crash knock wasting away downgrade labefaction subversion comedown topple drop tumble wreck slaughter ill luck carnage ravagement despoiling break-up falling to pieces rack and ruin


Aesthetically pleasing to view or look at
beautiful lovely attractive gorgeous ravishing stunning fetching pretty handsome fair comely beauteous cute sightly taking bonny aesthetic seemly likely esthetic lovesome bonnie good goodly good-looking drop-dead well-favored alluring charming appealing smashing striking captivating enchanting hot adorable delightful pleasing bewitching drop-dead gorgeous easy on the eye tasty prepossessing seductive desirable pulchritudinous fanciable engaging winning elegant foxy irresistible fit arresting beguiling exquisite glamorous fine nice-looking eye-catching sexy luscious enticing tantalizing divine spunky winsome sweet charismatic tantalising nubile bootylicious graceful adorbs sultry luring out of this world well favoured dazzling beddable arousing heavenly nice entrancing agreeable dishy as pretty as a picture tempting sexual lush personable sensual sensuous radiant fabulous easy on the eyes pleasant babelicious sensational hunky stylish sexually attractive well-favoured bodacious come-hither delectable shapely erotic intriguing inviting delicate on fleek come-to-bed scrumptious wonderful becoming buxom blooming dainty magnetic beaut fascinating likable glamourous enthralling provocative mesmeric fine-looking beckoning very beautiful likeable dreamy darling wholesome splendid congenial interesting fab admirable sublime lovable magnificent well-formed clean-cut teasing a ten well favored fetcjomg compelling youthful young goodlooking decorative artistic breathtaking studly ornamental tasteful devastating flamboyant genial amazing incredible terrific fantastic young-looking enhancing fancy dear affable top a sight for sore eyes jaw-dropping beautifying trim dreamboat eyeful bijou aesthetically pleasing angelic grand picture-perfect resplendent statuesque elfin suave welcome grateful delightsome delicious blessed gratifying pleasurable palatable dulcet savoury enjoyable blest jolly felicitous savory satisfying excellent marvelous superb classy symmetrical refined marvellous ideal drawing attention virile dapper extremely attractive fashionable strong athletic smart spruce robust sharp noble smooth impressive in good taste spiffy swanky snazzy swank yummy good looking well-proportioned well-dressed cunning glorious entertaining rapturous blissful great magical amusing favorable favourable endearing refreshing celestial exciting acceptable diverting ambrosial holy fun godlike supernatural superhuman supernal immortal thrilling beatific cherubic seraphic empyrean amiable extraterrestrial paradisiacal paradisaical paradisal paradisiac paradisaic mesmerizing spellbinding brilliant titillating hypnotizing rewarding cheering absorbing swell peachy mesmerising hypnotising disarming magic satisfactory heartening neat cheery happy cool groovy choice soothing to one's taste to one's liking mild soft fulfilling appreciated engrossing encouraging riveting golden propitious opportune heartwarming pleasureful cheerful suitable joyous timely super comforting brill ducky cordial ingratiating insinuating loveable precious enamoring magnetizing magnetising electrifying champion capital ripping cracking corking spiffing hypnotic topping wizard bonzer exhilarating beezer frabjous lekker mooi perfect fine and dandy heaven-sent top-hole to your liking couthy seducing comfortable very agreeable very pleasant much needed supercalifragilisticexpialidocious gladly received extremely enjoyable extremely pleasant persuasive silvery sapid Elysian relaxing snug suited hospitable welcoming copacetic mellow wanted idyllic beseeching adapted appropriate promising stellar gripping utopian Arcadian paradisical sirenic convivial balmy easy to take joyful festive superlative sterling superior ineffable well suited siren orphic jovial very attractive greatly to one's liking very pleasurable bland irie commendable recreative euphoric intoxicating relishable cultivated sophisticated awesome rare immersive Orphean enrapturing constructive productive worthwhile long-awaited longed-for desired contenting peach dandy ready pussycat cultured polite civilized debonair consoling transfixing compulsive very nice beneficial valuable worldly witty stimulating consuming distracting clubbable gladdening par excellence sustaining sufficient substantial nourishing satiating adequate happiness-inducing immersing involving civilised provoking unputdownable curious well bred worldly-wise restful renewing rejuvenating restorative solacing very interesting thought-provoking larger than life hitting the spot restoring replayable infatuating as nice as pie


Extremely beautiful or pleasing to view
very beautiful alluring gorgeous stunning exquisite radiant beguiling ravishing dazzling divine heavenly pulchritudinous magnificent drop-dead gorgeous extremely beautiful very attractive very pretty excellent exceptional wonderful enjoyable positive great nice marvelous satisfactory superb pleasant likable satisfying delightful appealing comforting splendid fair favorable beautiful enchanting agreeable mild comfortable valuable glamorous photogenic elegant enviable precious fascinating acceptable sound seductive presentable tasteful fine lovesome sunny amiable flashy pleasing affable sublime exhilarating worthy joyous engaging hunky lovely pretty clear super pleasurable euphoric tempting aesthetic cunning delicate resplendent A1 cheery rad reputable neat welcome drop-dead slick prime dollish amusing boss statuesque glamourous glossy spanking dainty cute honourable intoxicating splashy snazzy well-favored eye-catching good-looking choice fun ace capital flamboyant sterling hospitable showy beauteous sightly arresting attractive admirable in order commendable dishy comely zingy foxy soothing fetching hunky-dory prettyish showstopping relief OK rapturous blessed unspoilt not bad superior glad honorable taking select gnarly ecstatic elating telegenic dulcet charming splendorous super-excellent paradisiacal deluxe copacetic paradisal relishable super-eminent grateful copasetic blest recherche stupendous first-rate genial congenial paradisaical passable delightsome calming shipshape esthetic first-class savory recreative supercalifragilisticexpialidocious darling gratifying paradisiac paradisaic savoury irie marvellous good likeable favourable


Forceful in nature
hard forceful powerful mighty powerhouse strong explosive ferocious intense almighty blistering driving potent telling violent acute energetic gutsy hefty puissant punchy sharp smart titanic tremendous vigorous weighty heavy-duty severe extreme drastic stark turbulent commanding dynamic dominant forcible elemental fierce heavy great overwhelming profound deep vehement vicious harsh dreadful terrible wild overpowering extraordinary intensive furious hellacious raging tempestuous excruciating stormy exquisite dramatic frightful ghastly fearsome fearful blustery searing devastating thunderous incredible serious indescribable keen crushing prodigious brutal remarkable tumultuous concentrated burning grievous piercing excessive penetrating bitter agonizing cutting savage biting gusty consuming stiff passionate unutterable howling agonising squally impossible cyclonic destructive torrid inclement unbearable insufferable immoderate vivid painful efficacious influential desperate radical significant important dire boisterous thundery damaging redoubtable formidable rampant flaming intensified unrestrained uncontrollable hellish fiery typhonic blustering choppy rugged harrowing volatile hot incommunicable high torturous rough punishing intemperate tormenting storming far-reaching frenzied heightened racking volcanic heated very great all-powerful shrill uncommunicable stinging fanatical brisk aggressive heartfelt dangerous diabolical deadly lethal fatal intoxicating effective unstoppable of considerable importance considerable mortal death-dealing inexpressible heady spiritous boiling baking scorching not to be ignored active virulent fervent sizzling roasting menacing bumpy windy enormous exceptional supreme sweltering blazing swirling to be reckoned with mightful major calamitous annihilating desolating strengthful strengthy tropical parching withering protracted close full tough unqualified marked chaotic restless roaring stormful undue diligent all-consuming exaggerated awful intolerable oppressive authoritative robust scalding uninhibited strained pungent unrelenting grueling repressive grim grave useful sturdy spanking trenchant go-getter substantial momentous swingeing draconian rigorous hard-hitting blazing hot blistery baking hot broiling red-hot mother of all caustic wrenching galling a hard nut to crack really hard very hard resounding ungovernable inordinate boiling hot very hot sweeping exorbitant extravagant rabid rampaging uncontrolled riotous afflicting gruelling unsparing pounding very bad undescribable ball of fire uncurbed inflamed unchecked unbridled unmanageable unfettered emphatic convulsive enraged urgent ruinous strenuous peppery like a furnace raw unconcealed visceral primal undisguised paroxysmal outrageous aroused coercive out of control full of force gale force shooting stabbing unendurable distressing poignant peracute sudden finely tuned more than one can bear more than flesh and blood can stand

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