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Synonym: loaded,


(idiomatic, figuratively) Burdened or weighed down, especially by a mass of something unpleasant
bogged down burdened encumbered mired overloaded beset loaded saddled beleaguered besieged flooded inundated lumbered overcome overinvolved overwhelmed plagued swamped caught up weighed down snowed under knee deep weighted down full jammed stuffed crowded filled jam-packed chock-full crammed teeming swarming packed overflowing brimming congested overcrowded chock-a-block brimful overfull thronged bursting bursting at the seams cram-full replete filled to capacity overfilled packed like sardines full to bursting full to the gunwales abounding chockful chockablock fat clogged heaving fraught crammed full full to overflowing like Piccadilly Circus choked bulging at the seams seething charged overpopulated weighted hoatching flush plentiful overburdened running over spilling over like the Black Hole of Calcutta up to the rafters overrun overpeopled stacked solid rife thick awash mobbed stocked profuse alive bountiful abundant supplied glutted superabundant saturated wall-to-wall complete plenteous gorged filled up full to capacity full to the brim up to the hilt full to the gills filled to the brim full to the top oppressed worried troubled overladen taxed bounteous lousy well-provided well-stocked thronging overbuilt well supplied chocker well stocked well provided cramped lined copious hampered permeated suffused padded plethoric covered occupied overfed luxurious lavish full up jammed full topped up loaded down torrential exuberant inundatory scaturient cornucopian inundant blocked plugged obstructed gridlocked impeded blocked-up piled high fully charged thick on the ground stuffed-up packed out massed mucous stopped closed stoppered blocked up jam-full stuffy occluded stopped up snarled up consigned bundled chock compressed wrapped tumid arranged rammed to the roof freighted


Causing emotion, excitement, and enthusiasm
charged breathtaking electric electrifying exciting exhilarating exhilarative galvanic galvanising galvanizing hair-raising heart-stopping inspiring intoxicating kicky mind-bending mind-blowing mind-boggling rip-roaring rousing stimulating stirring thrilling filled fraught full imbued loaded permeated pervaded saturated suffused invigorating overwhelming envigorating moving heady amazing energizing wonderful astonishing animating stunning energising eye-popping captivating emotional bracing startling refreshing incredible dramatic uplifting enlivening vitalizing tonic energetic astounding spectacular challenging revitalizing staggering stupendous exhilarant complex confusing complicated difficult puzzling baffling stimulative fascinating quickening mind-altering revitalising eye-opening galvanical intense stupefying hallucinatory psychedelic inconceivable strong powerful ripping rollicking riotous uproarious boisterous magnificent brilliant fantastic potent sexy impressive compulsive enchanting elating enthralling provocative hallucinogenic striking exalting adrenaline-fueled sensational awe-inspiring beautiful jaw-dropping awesome wondrous gladdening cheering rejuvenating fabulous dynamic tense restorative amazeballs giddy inspiriting elevating exhilaratory animative surprising reviving spine-tingling heart-stirring out of this world shocking knife-edge jolting vivifying fresh explosive buzzy cliffhanging volatile adrenalized cordial healthful encouraging heartening fortifying salubrious rejuvenative vital rallying power-driven magnetic AC electrical electronic plug-in rechargeable DC juiced motor-driven absorbing lively strengthening high hyper brisk health-giving esthetic interesting healthy aesthetic battery operated


To burden, load or encumber with
load burden encumber saddle lumber weight freight lade weigh down hamper charge tax overburden overload overwhelm strain trammel land handicap trouble impose obstruct oppress crush inflict cumber snow snow under dump on dump something on someone bear down on worry overtax embarrass stress retard top impose on weigh pile it on ballast impose upon task add weight to make heavier inflict something on unload something on fob something off on to thrust something on impose something on thrust pile yoke hinder impede make heavy saddle with overstretch exhaust overstrain overwork overreach entrust overfill push test overcharge weary overstress wear out pressure stretch try tire overtask weaken overextend drive overexert fatigue prey on overdo it push to the limit leave dump overdo dump with surfeit surcharge land with invest put too much in endow exert apply extend press exact rack knacker wrench tense distend tighten give responsibility for drain exploit sap exert excessively drive too far place assess fine levy enervate make too many demands on work too hard work oneself into the ground hold down weigh upon bear down press down exert to the limit run oneself into the ground pull down knock oneself out load down sweat empty put vest lay make demands on overuse challenge drive too hard put a strain on push too far weigh heavily on be a slave-driver make heavy demands on press hard on be a hard taskmaster be a slave driver put pressure on ask too much of drive into the ground put upon

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