Synonym of laggy


Lacking in speed
slow unhurried leisurely sluggish creeping dawdling deliberate lagging measured easy slow-moving laggard plodding ponderous leaden loitering moderate gentle relaxed sedate slow-going steady comfortable dilatory labored laboured lazy sluggardly tardy tortoise-like undemanding unrushed crawling dallying dillydallying dragging languid leaden-footed lethargic listless pokey poking poky snaillike snail-like snail-paced behindhand idle lackadaisical late lollygagging slothful torpid apathetic delaying dreamy drowsy imperceptible indolent inert passive phlegmatic postponing procrastinating tortoiselike remiss supine dull slack lax unhasty lingering laid-back inactive delayed easy-going restful shiftless casual languorous heavy gradual negligent loafing work-shy backward calm otiose slow-paced slow and steady stupid undeveloped imbecile checked moronic dense underprivileged behind arrested underdeveloped feeble-minded subnormal bone idle relaxing effortless leisured easygoing patient lifeless workshy good-for-nothing do-nothing free moving slowly simple slow-witted tedious slow but sure nonchalant lumbering cumbersome in your own time at your own pace stagnant sleepy enervated chilled simple-minded unexciting even regular inattentive unenergetic tired comatose snoozy time-wasting unpunctual painstaking slackened putting off tarrying impassive laborious slow-footed problem moratory neglectful flagging on hands and knees natural lumpish drony fainéant resting unforced spontaneous incremental worming skulking writhing slithering shuffling quailing slinking wriggling squirming inching sneaking shambling groveling hobbling grovelling organic on all fours barely moving

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