Synonym of lampooning

Alternative for lampooning

lampoons, lampooned, lampooning

Synonym: burlesque, charade, mockery, parody, pasquinade, put-on, satirise, satirize, sendup, spoof, takeoff, travesty,


Present participle for ridicule, make fun of
mocking ridiculing caricaturing parodying burlesquing satirising satirizing mimicking pasquinading guying squibbing ragging taking off teasing japing railing roasting sending up travestying making fun of poking fun at putting on making a fool of taking the piss out of deriding taunting imitating laughing at aping spoofing ribbing scoffing at doing jeering scorning joshing jeering at twitting kidding jibing at taking the mickey out of impersonating chaffing rallying poking mullock at making sport of sneering quizzing ragging on scoffing gibing putting down razzing making jokes about disparaging goofing on sneering at bantering flouting slinging off at pillorying jiving laughing winding up jesting holding up to ridicule copying treating with contempt panning hazing pooh-poohing fleering jollying distorting making a monkey of needling exaggerating riding disdaining insulting humiliating cartooning miming belittling joking jibing scouting slighting detracting dittoing faking slamming heaping scorn on doing an impression of pulling one's leg rotting making a game of chiacking smoking skewering dissing personating perverting tormenting mirroring misrepresenting playing acting monkeying affronting enacting deflating unmasking exposing shamming representing cracking girding dumping leering swiping underrating decrying grinning sniggering shooting down making a monkey out of flouting at showing up making a laughing-stock sniffing at ranking out running down looking down on turning up one's nose railing at quipping at sneezing at giving Bronx cheer holding in contempt treating contemptuously criticizing heckling making fun censuring hooting criticising knocking making a joke of contemning denigrating dismissing playing on making a mockery of vilifying slurring counterfeiting emulating copycatting louting detracting from turning up your nose gibing at making cutting remarks about turning your nose up at saying contemptuously condemning curling one's lip at sniggering at snickering at pouring scorn on smiling at pantomiming parroting performing dumping on snickering smiling amusing gagging fooling pulling someone's chain quipping pranking funning pulling someone's leg flipping messing around wisecracking entertaining diverting twisting hoking simulating assuming feigning affecting doing a number on going like doing like doing an impersonation of taking the mickey doing a takeoff of curling one's lip masquerading as posing as embodying making like playacting purporting to be professing to be representing oneself as passing oneself off as dressing as acting a part doubling as pretending to be acting out playing a role taking the part of assuming character putting on an act passing off acting like passing yourself off as making someone a laughing stock laughing out of court exposing to ridicule holding up to shame pulling somebody's leg baiting goading having on provoking slanging reviling shucking picking on despising bothering discounting poking borak at sledging disrespecting yukking yucking hassling annoying offending harassing outraging rejecting trashing slapping jabbing tantalising showing contempt for showing contempt tantalizing swipeing at wounding calling names frazzling raspberrying pastiching cutting down having a joke with punning sallying buffooning setting up thumbing nose at tearing to pieces staying pulling your leg boning ridging plaguing worrying pestering harrying badgering irritating bedeviling aggravating bedevilling hectoring vexing importuning gnawing deviling nudging devilling beleaguering disturbing dogging leading on snapping leading somebody on flirting with sounding giving a hard time having somebody on telling somebody stories taking a rise out of getting a rise out of joking with playing a practical joke on playing a joke on getting at upbraiding twittering digging reproaching hoodwinking cozening bamboozling flimflamming beguiling yanking somebody's chain gulling deluding misleading duping tricking deceiving hoaxing conning taking in slagging off discrediting booing disbelieving fleering at scouting at making light of digging at deprecating depreciating snubbing minimizing refusing curling your lip at turning back on pissing over abhorring defying hating spurning looking down upon confuting turning down spitting in the face of renouncing misprizing being above shunning rebuffing turning up your nose at pissing on giving the Bronx cheer to avoiding repudiating considering beneath one spitting in the eye of blowing raspberries at spitting on turning nose up at refuting considering beneath you diminishing derogating vilipending demeaning rubbishing kissing off trash-talking talking down berating bad-mouthing dispraising playing down defaming crying down speaking ill of minimising


Present participle for to criticize harshly
lashing criticising criticizing castigating lambasting censuring condemning berating abusing slating scolding upbraiding flaying attacking belaboring blasting blistering flaming basting jawing ridiculing satirising satirizing belabouring exprobating fulminating laying into tearing into putting down bawling out telling off chewing out tongue-lashing knocking slamming pillorying rebuking reprimanding savaging chastising impugning reproving haranguing reproaching admonishing blaming reviling fulminating against bashing vilifying crucifying hammering disparaging remonstrating with panning caning carpeting rubbishing excoriating rollicking taking to task carping finding fault with pulling apart rating pummelling slashing bagging pummeling dissing sailing into bollocking taking to pieces dressing down reprehending hauling over the coals slagging off objurgating disapproving of giving a rocket tearing off a strip having a go at animadverting on passing strictures upon picking holes in picking to pieces roasting giving someone a roasting tearing a strip off nagging at reaming out rapping over the knuckles giving someone a rollicking giving someone a bollocking cutting up giving someone a bad press giving someone hell scathing trashing jumping on reading the riot act assailing potshotting vituperating scorching denouncing railing against denigrating maligning chiding scoring skewering lacing to scourging railing drubbing rapping trimming scarifying aspersing bad-mouthing running down inveighing against giving a bad press to coming down on giving someone a dressing-down ripping into raking over the coals lecturing ragging keelhauling arraigning wigging deprecating besmirching rowing slapping slurring mauling reaming reprobating sledging cavilling at carping at derogating casting aspersions on pouring scorn on nitpicking about tying into yelling at lighting to throwing brickbats at pitching into pulling up giving flak to pulling to pieces hitting out at ticking off calling down ranting at crawling all over giving some stick to lashing into giving someone a wigging finding fault shooting down putting someone on the griddle giving a talking-to putting someone on the hot seat putting on the mat sending someone away with a flea in their ear letting someone have it giving someone a mouthful vituperating against pinning someone's ears back beating up on giving someone a telling-off bagging on giving someone some stick giving someone a rating giving someone a caning giving someone what for giving someone a row railing at slapping down burning someone's ears giving someone an earful branding stigmatizing injuring scratching incising lacerating lancing cutting raking over coals blowing up heaping shouting at jumping down someone's throat going for the jugular taking apart stigmatising showing someone up casting a slur on exposing to ridicule holding up to shame insulting faulting slandering fustigating calumniating traducing smearing ripping slagging dispraising decrying vilipending clobbering denunciating hitting fluffing skinning zapping slogging slugging cursing slanging contemning accusing riling growling doing a number on cutting down giving the business complaining about throwing shade skinning alive cutting to bits picking at taking down giving bad press nit-picking barking at crying down chastening disciplining punishing whipping correcting beating penalizing flogging thrashing penalising jumping down one's throat dragging over the coals criticizing severely leaning on blowing up at laying out rapping someone the knuckles


Present participle for to make hurtful untrue comments about
calumniating aspersing blackening knocking libelling libeling maligning rubbishing slandering vilifying defaming denigrating detracting misrepresenting traducing bad-mouthing reviling smearing stigmatising stigmatizing accusing backbiting blaspheming scandalising scandalizing slurring vilipending appalling disgusting offending outraging shocking horrifying sickening nauseating revolting repelling affronting displeasing insulting decrying dishonoring disparaging blackguarding dishonouring blackballing deprecating belittling condemning belying embarrassing dismaying disgracing giving offence to causing raised eyebrows raising eyebrows amongst causing a few raised eyebrows amongst discrediting derogating besmirching doing a hatchet job on dragging through the mud speaking ill of attacking slagging off sullying casting aspersions on tarnishing censuring running down staining giving a bad name tainting slighting reproaching degrading slamming abusing dragging through the mire blotting dissing giving a black eye roasting smirching panning injuring debasing bringing into disrepute soiling assailing besmearing slinging mud at flinging mud at vituperating lowering deriding putting down doing a number on slating tearing down impugning defiling damaging spoiling dumping on speaking evil of spreading scandal about criticizing casting a slur on spotting shaming blistering befouling breathing on bringing discredit to lambasting muckraking criticising disrespecting ripping blotching throwing mud at scorching reflecting badly on bringing shame upon running smear campaign ripping up and down denouncing reducing blackening the name of trash-talking pouring scorn on bashing inveighing against pulling apart diminishing bringing shame on minimizing tarring and feathering depreciating berating taking to pieces having a go at trashing discounting railing against spreading lies about minimising blemishing tearing into hitting out at dismissing rapping pulling to pieces telling lies about fulminating against crying down pillorying kissing off talking down playing down hammering skewering sullying the reputation of pummelling pummeling speaking badly of badmouthing bagging laying into jumping on contemning scorning cursing excoriating ridiculing doing down blasting underestimating undervaluing underrating mocking undermining poisoning running a smear campaign against flaming cutting to the quick blackening someone's name detracting from pooh-poohing sneering at dragging someone's name through the mud blackening the reputation of branding conducting a smear campaign against humiliating castigating throwing brickbats at blaming savaging taunting blackening the character of abasing burlesquing caricaturing villainizing ripping up skinning alive humbling scolding sneering trivializing zinging reprobating prejudicing reproving deflating hitting disdaining perverting devaluing blowing off downgrading minifying treating lightly slinging mud miscalling scoffing at making light of slanging misprizing vituperating against writing false reports about trivialising spreading tales about marking wrong picking holes in calling names holding cheap dragging name through mud slagging gossiping about spiting gossipping backstabbing gossiping lying lying about criticizing unfairly ruining putting zingers on casting slur on dragging through mud scathing rebuking selling short flaying crucifying admonishing chiding belaboring potshotting nagging faulting spurning discountenancing dispraising looking down on finding fault with clamoring against taking down a peg execrating lecturing marginalizing upbraiding giving black eye deploring reprehending cavilling at anathematizing carping at oppressing persecuting reprimanding reaming animadverting disapproving of swearing at cutting down shouting at cussing out riding hosing belabouring despising marginalising taking away holding forth against throwing stones at complaining coming down on railing tearing to shreds marking down sniping at taking swipe at annoying laughing off laughing at putting hooks in provoking hurting aggravating wounding snubbing accusing falsely casting aspersion upsetting giving a talking-to raking over the coals mortifying tongue-lashing taking apart laying down the law miffing slapping mistreating voodooing demonizing jinxing cussing digging spattering teasing demeaning chopping pushing capping insinuating demonising cheapening chastening disobliging irritating calling down ragging on dressing down sinking fouling sledging cutting up scoffing girding jeering hitting where one lives exposing disfavoring compromising disesteeming putting a whammy on disfavouring causing offence to taking down stepping on one's toes treating disrespectfully cutting dead hurting someone's feelings throwing shade putting in a bad light showing up shooting down showing in a bad light bringing into disfavour plastering strumpeting blackening name


The state or quality of being mordant
mordancy bitterness acrimony acridity acidity acridness tartness asperity sharpness virulence acerbity corrosiveness acidness cattiness vitriol bile virulency trenchancy cynicism mockery ridicule satire derision scorn causticity rancour rancor irony sneering contempt causticness cut dig scoffing banter burlesque criticism raillery aspersion censure comeback disparagement invective mordacity superciliousness wisecrack flouting put down outspokenness directness incisiveness forcefulness brutality sarcasm harshness bite pungency edge acrimoniousness venom roughness keenness acuteness poignance poignancy severity nastiness spite animosity malice hostility spleen astringency resentment antagonism sourness unkindness malevolence hatred grudge churlishness pique viciousness ire wrath irascibility peevishness pointedness sting ill will ill feeling irritability bad feeling sternness animus malignity disdain indignation gall umbrage displeasure poison hurt rancorousness dudgeon fury rage cruelty choler irritation resentfulness huff offense miff vexation outrage embitterment vehemence perturbation exasperation exacerbation annoyance passion hurtfulness offence sardonicism unfriendliness rudeness crabbedness acidulousness brusqueness vindictiveness maliciousness hatefulness punch anger corrosive corrosivity temper facetiousness disapproval sour unpleasantness penetration brackishness rigour ill humour abrasiveness sullenness ruggedness rigor power point urgency wit ill temper vitriolicism sarcasticness acid crossness moroseness animation force zest wryness backhandedness sarkiness absurdity stringency crabbiness gruffness disagreeableness meanness antipathy enmity powerful quality spitefulness waspishness grievance crankiness belligerence bad blood nasty behavior fog rise


A remark or act using mockery, typically to offend
sarcasm insult slight slur barb dig affront epithet indignity outrage cut slap diss brickbat dis offence offense gird dart poke name personality taunt aspersion gibe criticism scoffing comeback taunting gibing censure wisecrack invective banter burlesque raillery vitriol put down mocking remark slap in the face snub abuse sneer slam jibe kick in the teeth jeer derision mockery reproach disparagement backhanded compliment scorn obloquy injury disrespect discourtesy scoff cutting remark dump black eye dirty dig vilification vituperation contempt humiliation rebuff rudeness provocation contumely revilement sledge goading crack ridiculing knock scurrility hit zinger blasphemy disparaging remark ridicule attack accusation jab swipe left-handed compliment parting shot indignation teasing shaft disdain spite smear belittlement kick quip sting name-calling catcall insinuation wrong pan remark suppression burn call-down innuendo atrocity brush-off grievance mistreatment pointed comment scandal desecration snide remark take-down one in the eye exposé dirty deed verbal abuse snappy comeback rap blur disgrace animadversion odium reflection besmirch stricture expose blemish rag rank-out joke razz ride twit tease bar sinister slander libel defamation opprobrium insolence shame ignominy impertinence impudence billingsgate denunciation aspersions depreciation incivility superciliousness castigation impugnment pejorative unpleasantry disdainfulness despite flame tongue-lashing cheap shot abusive remark tirade swearing curses berating expletives insults admonition fulmination recrimination diatribe reproval philippics swear words bad language jeremiad foul language broadside condemnation execration counterblast blame polemic philippic upbraiding harangue reprimand reviling scolding denigration bad-mouthing rant rebuke flak railing slating calumny calumniation character assassination admonishment knocking blast lecture mud-slinging verbal onslaught bashing denouncement reproof excoriation stick scurrilousness traducement objurgation sermon slurs slagging off derogation screed verbal decrying brickbats stream of abuse dispute lambasting bad press earful detraction backbiting discourse verbal attack complaint offensiveness argument panning objection battering venom slamming sideswipe slagging cattiness outburst abusiveness malediction anger ranting malice disapproval spitefulness arraignment reprobation rubbishing cursing abusive language disfavour smearing disfavor signifying derisiveness debate controversy lamentation moan lament keen groan exchange screen coarse language discredit obscenity deprecation slanderousness indecency protest mouthful mudslinging malapertness arrogance coarseness onslaught disputation plaint wail infamousness grossness vociferation scandalmongering discharge warning intimidation curse address speech slights fault-finding chastisement homily declamation oration persecution maligning disapprobation indignities jibes ribaldry vulgarity rocket malevolence assault exhortation rebukes slanging slandering evil-speaking peroration talk gossip malicious talk muckraking confrontation wigging fulminations caning pugnacity bollocking defilement verbals quinine knifing hosing spiel carpeting rollicking put-downs stigmatization implication commination coarse words foul talk rough language abusive talk spiteful talk backstabbing lie tale infighting badmouthing viciousness combativeness roasting disagreement belligerence inculpation incrimination indictment mauling savaging trash talk kicking around pushing around spouting hassle reprehension riot act charge stigmatisation upbraidment damning dressing-down pep talk a slanging match telling-off ticking off verbal assault unkind remarks hateful talk profane language chewing out reading out rap over the knuckles dressing down


Expressing or characterized by derision
derisive jeering mocking ridiculing contemptuous jibing scoffing scornful taunting denigratory derisory detracting dismissive disparaging pillorying slighting snide teasing absurd caustic cockamamie cockamamy comical disdainful farcical insulting laughable ludicrous pathetic preposterous ridiculous risible sarcastic satirical scathing silly sneering cheeky cocky contumelious crusty cynical flip fresh gally irreverent nervy out-of-line rude sardonic sarky sassy smart smart-alecky snidey for the birds depreciative demeaning uncomplimentary derogative depreciatory deprecatory decrying derogatory pejorative belittling detractive degrading denigrative satiric ironical cutting biting sharp mordant acerbic disrespectful trenchant burlesque pungent chaffing spoof stinging humorous parodying spoofing pointed keen ironic bitter bantering paradoxical incisive mordacious tongue-in-cheek Hudibrastic Rabelaisian acid corrosive acerb barbed snarky acrid scalding tart acidulous smart-mouthed acidic smart-aleck acrimonious vitriolic severe nasty critical harsh venomous mean astringent dry cruel spiteful virulent scorching malicious vicious hurtful brusque salty searing piercing unkind offensive wounding penetrating devastating carping catty arrogant wry withering abrasive backhanded irascible scurrilous waspish savage razor-edged hostile evil poisonous fierce needling saucy twitting austere captious ornery weisenheiming laconic rancorous ferocious droll cussed disillusioned snarling double-edged unsparing abusive hateful poignant blistering witty polemic sour rapier-like unfriendly sly heartless truculent callous brutal subtle acute wise twisted stringent vindictive snappy pithy sharp-tongued churlish stern slashing drilling terse clear-cut unsympathetic impertinent quizzical unbelieving skeptical cynic misanthropic suspicious misanthropical pessimistic unblunted corroding burning merciless overwhelming overpowering strong hard aggressive telling rough hypercritical censuring condemning cursing violent bad-tempered ill-tempered unrelenting edged uncivil sceptical curt pitiless ill-natured contorted snappish snippy testy acetose short unpleasant disapproving sound rigorous sadistic grim evil-intentioned malevolent ruthless wanton provocative salt exciting racy forceful stimulating splenetic malign baleful malignant vengeful pernicious bilious highly effective sharp-worded angry thoughtless inconsiderate peppery ungracious extremely critical cold-blooded distorted crooked uneven deformed warped maleficent malefic clever implausible defiant contradictory exaggerated backbiting alert atypical curious spicy quick-witted pawky awry aslant askew skewwhiff deadpan scurril vituperative vituperatory scurrile opprobrious parodic deprecating waggish apathetic caricatural mock comic matter-of-fact straight-faced low-key quietly humorous poker-faced hudibrastic travestying crisp cold squint-eyed mock-heroic invective denunciatory

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