Synonym of languid

Alternative for languid


Lacking in energy, spirit, liveliness or vitality
languorous listless lazy lethargic inactive indifferent lackadaisical sluggish relaxed torpid unhurried uninterested phlegmatic slow apathetic impassive indolent slow-moving spiritless unenergetic enervated idle inert languishing limp slothful unenthusiastic weary Laodicean otiose pococurante blah blahs comatose dopey dreamy droopy drowsy dull easy energyless heavy lacking in energy laid back laid-back leaden moony nebbish pining sleepy sleepyhead snoozy somnolent supine unconcerned lifeless tired passive slumberous draggy weak half-hearted fatigued feeble shiftless lymphatic lacklustre lukewarm lackluster dormant quiescent dozy unresponsive cool yawny slack hebetudinous lax laggard disinterested flat passionless dilatory heavy-eyed cold fainéant unemotional wimpy slumbrous nodding offhand unmoved insensible stolid debilitated leisurely bloodless stagnant unfeeling numb stupefied loafing insipid yawning slumbersome vapid uncaring perfunctory casual faineant exhausted careless emotionless oscitant dead out of it detached stupid stuporous wishy-washy cursory tepid asthenic logy half asleep neurasthenic without energy having spring fever bland work-shy faint benumbed inattentive flagging easygoing negligent insouciant static narcotic do-nothing motionless neutral spineless lumpish uninvolved depressed uninspiring insensitive halfhearted bored submissive uninspired sluggardly bone idle vigorless vigourless incurious sleeping anaemic quiet down drippy irresolute characterless stoic effete nonchalant dispassionate desultory anemic wooden blasé dispirited slow-going tame spent superficial unenthused callous untouched neb sedentary what the hell lacking energy asleep on one's feet could care less don't give a damn couldn't care less still sickly infirm lagging dallying procrastinating tardy dozing unanimated yielding acquiescent uneager docile servile pliant groggy frail good-for-nothing stretchy unmoving asleep unwilling reluctant heedless lacking vitality soporous soporose bovine unkind coldhearted anaesthetic anesthetic lusterless etiolated anodyne workshy bleary-eyed unlively unoccupied peaceful unproductive burned out slow-paced somnific remiss plodding hibernating drugged sleepyheaded stiff mooney sullen off sluggard unimpressed drony resting inconscious out abstracted half-awake half awake stoical nodding off paralyzed sodden latent paralysed vegged out out cold drained aimless non-committal damp unexcited dead to the world out to lunch undemonstrative unambitious impassible affectless cold-blooded unmotivated slap-happy shot sentimental romantic laissez-faire slapdash daydreaming wearied sapped worn out weakened beat shattered pooped tired out kaput not enthusiastic easy going lumbering dead tired cavalier spring fever artless unstudied effortless loose flippant complacent light carefree disimpassioned regardless breezy simple informal happy-go-lucky easy-going devil-may-care free and easy meek colourless melancholic melancholy despondent mopy desiccated dejected low unimpassioned dry pathetic broken boring blue cowardly disconsolate gutless subdued inanimate downhearted sad indecisive downcast colorless down in the dumps flat tire cast down down in the mouth lacking in vitality


Weak or faint from illness or fatigue
debilitated delicate faint feeble frail weak enervated asthenic down-and-out drooping effete enfeebled flagging infirm low prostrate prostrated sapped sickly slight soft softened tender tired unsubstantial wasted weakened wimpish wimpy fatigued weary exhausted incapacitated decrepit ailing unwell shaky ill fragile indisposed poorly drained failing sick weakly spent doddering spineless vitiated faltering worn out limp weak-kneed unsteady in poor health declining unhealthy weakling strengthless doddery tottering unsound pathetic listless wet lame nerveless invertebrate trembly languorous anemic limp-wristed characterless milk-and-water namby-pamby sapless anaemic wishy-washy out of gas faded puny deteriorated undermined powerless crippled helpless unnerved deteriorating sluggish sensitive devitalized spindly wobbly dizzy sinking dainty weedy irresolute depleted rickety tenuous woozy indecisive meager meagre bedridden half-hearted spiritless run-down wavering dopey out of shape vacillating out of sorts lethargic laid low hindered encumbered hampered light breakable slender rundown lacklustre poor lackluster valetudinarian yielding diminished nesh susceptible stricken unstable washed-out withered atrophied wilted haggard degenerative ravaged easily damaged dying reduced ineffectual vapid shattery thin fishy wispy shatterable brittle fracturable rendered feeble played out insecure paralyzed done in rusty paralysed flimsy sensile halting anile bland ineffective without energy in declining health washed out gone to seed out of condition on the ropes jejune insipid bad rotten lousy giddy flavourless cowardly mediocre watered-down flavorless dull down beat pooped vertiginous impotent etiolated off-color sick as a dog run down low-energy burned out laid-up tuckered out a wreck out of commission below par worn-out under the weather broken-down out-of-action tired out shilpit tottery meek trembling woolly reeling gentle insufficient emasculated flat aged flabby lackadaisical passionless lightheaded muzzy tepid unenthusiastic unexcited off-balance woolly-headed wooly light-headed all of a quiver weak at the knees unfit uninterested unwilling waning weakening fading tiring blasé apathetic wearying wilting ebbing decreasing untrained giving up diminishing slacking dwindling droopy slumping leaden abating palling languishing sagging slowing down handicapped disabled maimed impaired injured hurt hamstrung sidelined physically challenged immobilized wheelchair-using damaged wounded quadriplegic tetraplegic paraplegic deformed confined incapable hemiplegic monoplegic paretic paraparetic laid up harmed differently abled hog-tied having a disability game physically handicapped immobilised physically impaired small scrawny innocuous debile bear wussy nerdy wornout housebound hors de combat out of action falling vulnerable errant defenceless fallible malleable impressionable compromised ruined halt destroyed superannuated palsied spoiled disadvantaged old ancient senescent elderly senile imperfect erring flawed resistless spoilt mutilated gimp broken mangled confined to bed defective marred disadvantageous easily tempted defenseless easily led in bad shape past it stiff bruised sore impuissant impoverished loose over the hill long in the tooth no spring chicken handcuffed restrained restricted learning-disabled battered slack exceptional challenged high and dry toothless lax disarmed stalled invalid out-of-commission wrecked floppy unfirm saggy pendulous toneless lank having special needs having learning difficulties having a mental disability with a disability irresilient quaggy out of tone inelastic flaccid


Moving at a notably slow speed
slow unhurried sluggish tardy dilatory crawling laggard dawdling leisurely creeping lagging dallying snaillike dillydallying dragging pokey poking poky snail-paced deliberate measured unrushed lazy slow-moving easy relaxed slow-going gentle comfortable plodding steady undemanding sedate lingering unhasty loitering late snail-like restful easy-going languorous laid-back delayed casual slack dull leaden lax lackadaisical sluggardly tortoise-like delaying idle slow and steady slothful lollygagging behindhand indolent procrastinating remiss slow-paced moving slowly gradual leisured chilled painstaking patient backward unexciting time-wasting unpunctual on hands and knees stupid undeveloped imbecile checked moronic dense underprivileged behind arrested underdeveloped feeble-minded subnormal putting off tarrying problem moratory neglectful negligent flagging ponderous moderate laboured listless leaden-footed lethargic worming skulking writhing slithering shuffling quailing slinking wriggling squirming inching sneaking shambling groveling hobbling grovelling effortless laggy torpid tortoiselike postponing apathetic labored phlegmatic drowsy dreamy imperceptible inert passive supine free slackened relaxing on all fours barely moving stagnant sleepy heavy inactive slow-footed belated overdue delinquent latish behind schedule long-delayed held up too late behind time not on time running late disadvantaged poor impoverished trailing deferred put off hung up later jammed last-minute eleventh-hour postponed long-overdue falling behind


Having a peaceful aspect
restful calm peaceful placid quiet tranquil undisturbed calming comfortable relaxed relaxing serene soothing unhurried sleepy arcadian chilled easy-going hushed leisurely pacific reposeful still stilly tranquilizing tranquillizing untroubled contented inactive motionless retired sedate soporific unanxious unexcited free from disturbance free from interference free from interruption halcyon unruffled mild comforting sedative gentle stress-free easygoing pleasant lulling balmy pacifying smooth somnolent narcotic pacifist laid-back carefree dreamy idyllic amicable amiable temperate agreeable lown conciliatory pacifistic easy quieting reassuring peace-loving irenic neighborly complacent pacificatory harmonious composed neighbourly pacifical at peace unperturbed collected casual coolheaded unagitated unshaken unworried quieted nonviolent unflustered self-possessed self-composed even-tempered free from strife mellow at ease nonchalant lazy indulgent paradisiacal poised pleasing calmative cool civil equable tame unfazed unbothered steady clement peaceable unmoved measured together whist recollected possessed stable cool-headed equal level windless cool, calm and collected tension-free worry-free stressless waveless without problems pastoral isolated dull ataractic quietening palliative appeasing breezy becalmed quiescent limpid noiseless silent untouched soundless benign light like a millpond undistracted even fun tender muted somniferous not moved hypnotic opiate bright unwarlike friendly breathless storm-free breezeless stormless clear warming consolatory softening mollifying relieving consoling easing remedying at rest deathly deathlike slumberous cushy slumbrous warm sunshiny sunny innocent countrified country rural provincial rustic bucolic simple deathly still cozy cautious sympathetic careful non-aggressive non-combative non-belligerent inoffensive conflict-free dovish non-violent unexcitable summerish summerlike hot unclouded cloudless summery sober controlled unflappable somnific meek good-natured easeful tractable deliberate leisured obliging comfy stoical unemotional nonplussed imperturbable dispassionate cooperative genial affable anti-war dovelike soft aestival estival dry reasonable unburdensome docile lax unoppressive cosy nonbelligerent good sleep-inducing drowsy diplomatic ordered compliant willing to please amenable complaisant patient without a cloud in the sky tolerant insouciant assured confident levelheaded lackadaisical unaffected stolid unconcerned unshakable level-headed happy-go-lucky self-controlled mild-mannered self-assured cool as a cucumber free and easy blithe equanimous devil-may-care informal phlegmatic impassive careless indifferent as cool as a cucumber well balanced upbeat happy blasé detached natural laid back apathetic uninterested circumspect grounded heedless offhand understated low-key good-tempered discreet sociable airy congenial good-humoured without a care in the world liberal undismayed open gay jaunty sensible downbeat good-humored commonsensical self-confident pococurante subdued inconspicuous loose disimpassioned incurious flippant cheerful undemanding secure unostentatious outgoing cordial jolly subtle flexible gregarious uninhibited gracious jovial polite realistic assertive sane pragmatic buoyant unconstrained mature rational practical sound dependable lenient judicious balanced prudent businesslike nerveless regardless wise clearheaded debonair light-hearted urbane uncaring understanding reliable played down toned down sanguine fearless lighthearted gutsy disinterested low-pressure open-minded cursory sure of oneself full of common sense permissive forbearing cool as cucumber unforced positive merry humble easy-peasy unceremonious distant lively spontaneous restrained cheery uninterrupted unbroken lukewarm vivacious convivial unreserved unpretentious unstirred down-to-earth sprightly approachable unstudied spirited lightsome certain moderate blithesome slack brave trouble-free slaphappy inattentive clubby free thoughtless unserious sure courageous hospitable staid calmed effervescent audacious accessible bold self-reliant welcoming self-asserting insensible uncurious dauntless unobtrusive unhesitating cavalier frivolous forgetful repressed communicative intrepid neutral negligent keeping your cool gung ho filled with aplomb well-disposed conversable well-balanced sure of yourself centered centred in control well adjusted well-adjusted in a relaxed manner broad-minded considerate enlightened unburdened unstressed generous taking your time forgiving empathetic no-nonsense unperturbable even-keeled overindulgent philosophical overfamiliar hard-headed daring straight humoring unflurried unprejudiced deliberative farsighted great-hearted euthymic plucky bored weary stabile orderly systematic unfluctuating methodical elevated stoic unafraid familiar sombre somber lacking concern perfunctory glutted jaded with one's feet on the ground artless all there unnoticeable unimpassioned passionless humouring boon footloose nonformal cocksure doubtless pushy implicit brazen effortless superficial pellucid content satisfied reconciled resting fair impervious world-weary calm and collected thick-skinned immovable smug self-satisfied indolent receptive available serious soothed suppressed overconfident Zen downhome rosy high free from worry free from care footloose and fancy-free kindly cloyed benevolent nice transparent nonjudgmental puffed up pumped up hard as nails stiff upper lip roll with punches unstuffy brash prelapsarian heavenly keeping a stiff upper lip not turn a hair keeping one's shirt on have one's act together invisible unshowy courteous smart free as the wind free as a bird joyful well disposed easy to get along with easy to get on with non-hostile door's always open likeable gleeful free-and-easy joyous glad charming personable kind unstructured uncommitted sparkling jocund impetuous reckless prankish animated bland unremarkable soft-pedaled tasteful frolicsome playful funny neglectful free-wheeling free-spirited comradely clubbable jocular remiss humorous matey sweet pally decent chummy optimistic unglamorous modest disregardful sparky brisk fancy-free off the hook buddy-buddy facetious out of sight in the background unspectacular minimalist unflashy frisky derelict jokey with both feet on the ground likable softened unfussy conservative unassuming muffled unmindful chirpy easy-breezy ventilated live-and-let-live chilled out expansive resilient modulated callous unsympathetic aloof oblivious delinquent irresponsible slapdash slipshod sloppy volatile feelgood high-spirited unthinking spicy peppy racy uninvolved low-profile toned-down bright-eyed and bushy-tailed oscitant supine reserved deaf not bothered hardened hard-hearted self-centered insensitive feckless blind cold stony undaunted self-centred settled played-down soft-sell low-keyed self-effacing self-sufficient asleep at switch neglecting unheedful slovenly behindhand full of beans failing to take proper care can-do surefooted sure-footed full of the joys of spring believing in oneself self-assertive self-respecting not giving a toss


Feeling tired, fatigued or weary
fatigued tired exhausted weary dog-weary knackered wearied burned-out depleted drained enervated pooped sapped shot spent wasted weakened weariful aweary beat beaten bedraggled bleary debilitated effete flat frazzled languorous limp listless loggy logy overtired prostrate shattered tuckered worn zonked bushed dead done droopy jaded kaput prostrated rundown weak whacked blasé creamcrackered crippled disabled dragging dropping hacked jiggered lassitudinous sleepy worn-out burned out burnt-out dead tired dead-tired dog-tired done for done in fagged out run-down washed-out worn out all in dead beat dead-beat on your last legs ready to drop tired out washed out worn to a frazzle bone-weary clapped out out of gas played out tapped out tuckered out wiped-out worn-down out on one's feet wiped out far-gone outta gas flagging lethargic languishing drowsy lackadaisical jet-lagged infirm feeble faint fagged low drooping empty consumed overused asleep finished narcoleptic collapsing overtaxed done up haggard low-energy broken-down burnt out petered out bleary-eyed without energy dead on one's feet asleep on one's feet knocked out fordone fried bone-tired panting breathless gasping puffing puffed bushwhacked whipped shagged out had it stonkered wabbit toilworn rooted zonked out puffed out out of breath gasping for breath puffing and blowing whacked out running on empty fit to drop overworked strained drawn wan careworn pinched gaunt on one's last legs pale peaky ashen blanched hollow-eyed hollow-cheeked enfeebled pasty-faced extremely tired out on your feet used up all-in exasperated sick bored gone groggy lacklustre lackluster taxed somnolent unwell played-out dog tired worn down run ragged very tired dead on your feet tired-out over-tired stressed out in poor health blown used done-in winded short-winded wheezing wheezy out of whack short of breath breathing heavily huffing and puffing out of puff


Feeling unhappy
bad sad dejected depressed disconsolate down upset crestfallen despondent disappointed disheartened dispirited distressed downcast low unhappy demoralised demoralized inconsolable joyless miserable broken brokenhearted cheerless discouraged forlorn glum listless moody saddened sorrowful spiritless sullen aggrieved desolate doleful downhearted down-hearted down in dumps emotional heartsick heavyhearted heavy-hearted hurt in pain in the dumps low-spirited melancholy morose mournful rueful saturnine sulky triste tristful troubled anguished blue cast-down crummy down and out down in the dumps heartbroken in the pits languorous pessimistic bummed out destroyed uneasy woebegone agonised agonized cast down comfortless dolorous down in the mouth elegiac elegiacal funereal gray grey heartsore tearful sombre somber wistful bereaved gloomy sick at heart in doldrums pensive lugubrious down in mouth out of sorts in grief grief-stricken morbid bitter grieved hapless weepy broken-hearted crabby languished black droopy dysphoric bowed down teary negative fed up in tears regretful wretched woeful melancholic sorry hangdog dismal despairing in low spirits chap-fallen chapfallen dragged hurting abject brassed off cheesed off long-faced sick as a parrot oppressed crushed in the doldrums choked hopeless grim piteous dreary grieving pitiful dull depressing bleak dismayed distressing tragic mirthless solemn depressive sepulchral bleeding ripped taken down pathetic on a downer shot down in a blue funk devastated weighed down as sick as a parrot singing the blues dark pitiable uncomfortable godforsaken lamentable dour painful defeatist in despair daunted deplorable grievous afflicted heartrending weeping mopey dolent torn up low-down let down in the toilet all torn up defeated poor abashed shamefaced squalid sheepish shattered drab uninviting sordid enervated heartbreaking suffering disheartening shameful drear harrowing flat plaintive terrible distraught subdued execrable inferior lousy unpleasant dire disagreeable sapped sorrowing lachrymose heavy unconsolable bummed-out lonesome crabbed indigent scungy impoverished displeasing detestable scurvy destitute bereft rotten weary surly Eeyorish mopish broody adust down-in-the-mouth sunk in gloom ruthful low in spirits full of sorrow in mourning in sorrow prostrated heart-sick lovesick apathetic sorry for oneself appalling dreadful unfortunate shaken gutted humourless humorless awful tragical distressful browbeaten guilty cowed cringing at cut up undermined desperate upsetting brooding sunk without energy torn-up unsatisfied discontent furtive guilty-looking dirgeful troubling tear-jerking affecting intolerable saddening depressant emo mourning griefstricken damp sour lowered bowed prostrate with grief sorry for yourself sob story moping ugly taken aback disillusioned deflated ashamed intimidated sneaking embarrassed sluggish off grumpy churlish huffy ill-humoured blue funk looking as if one had lost a pound and found a penny feeling down full of gloom unable to be consoled unable to be comforted tormented gut-wrenching have the blahs humiliated cowering conscience-stricken teed off browned off with a long face ticked off peed off ill-humored tortured luckless afflicting beside oneself with grief strained discontented wounded threnodic plangent dirge-like pained ailing racked in a funk calamitous helpless lost clouded dampened atrabilious drooping dashed sagging forsaken forgotten abandoned lonely homeless friendless uncared-for heart-rending nostalgic lamenting dragging cynical defenceless fruitless solitary defenseless alone despicable contemptible foul disgraceful discouraging unpromising vile trashy shoddy filthy dreich derisory sunless tenebrific plutonian tenebrous Cimmerian poverty-stricken


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