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Worthy of being lauded
admirable praiseworthy commendable creditable estimable meritorious excellent worthy of note applaudable deserving exemplary honorable honourable noteworthy reputable impressive mean meritable praisable stellar sterling terrific thankworthy worthy of admiration fine exceptional good outstanding notable first-class first-rate great superb grand superior exquisite prime top-notch wonderful marvellous fab magnificent splendid marvelous supreme unsurpassed superlative tip-top respectable super high-quality swell wicked smashing slick sensational neat brilliant keen choice boss select capital sublime bully unparalleled noble incomparable preeminent distinguished world-class high-grade fantastic awesome righteous fabulous premium topping gone valuable amazing cracking cool glorious wizard perfect phenomenal peachy extraordinary beautiful unrivaled incredible spectacular quality crackerjack brill stunning champion elite peerless pre-eminent phat dope heavenly enviable lovely supernal rare noted matchless prizewinning high sovereign attractive eminent worthy of commendation blue-ribbon very good gilt-edged top-shelf unrivalled A1 divine decent tremendous virtuous top tiptop fantabulous nifty exclusive desirable elegant invaluable illustrious groovy classic immense radical bosting worthwhile ripping dynamite hot dandy topflight unreal famous corking frontline primo splendiferous gangbusters hype bumper gangbuster banner ace deluxe accomplished special fancy advanced crowning striking lofty priceless vintage dominant ideal transcendent prize brag down bonny brave bonnie boffo beaut jim-dandy first-string blue-chip four-star five-star gilt-edge peachy keen par excellence number one bang-up numero uno of the highest quality out-of-sight high-class of high quality really good top-of-the-line of the highest standard top-hole A-OK of the first water of the highest order of the first order out of this world impeccable flawless unequalled unimpeachable irreproachable sound magic consummate formidable able refined faultless blameless spiffing very best the best pillar gnarly tough bonzer upright competent bad prodigious unequaled justified needy justifiable rightful eligible due fitting deserving congratulations rad salt of earth right venerable schmick dream solid masterly belting sik greatest pearler exo barrie supercalifragilisticexpialidocious chillin' copacetic world-beating meritious golden winner meedful cat's pajamas best ever super-duper ka pai second to none out of sight zero cool A-1 hunky dory top drawer honest believeable satisfactory up to the mark reputed organic well-thought-of suitable palmary nasty batting a thousand not too shabby salt of the earth reliable certified bodacious mega top-level mint outrageous class fantastical stupendous topnotch legit top-of-the-range crack skilful skillful too much virtuoso amazeballs remarkable on fleek expert delightful def crucial dazzling mind-blowing skilled masterful best adept dreamy gorgeous proficient adroit spanking far out fabby marvy breathtaking beezer goodly talented lank kif deft dexterous practised practiced dextrous premier too good to be true capable gifted versed experienced polished master top-drawer veteran educated leading highest clever efficient memorable workmanlike compleat fly awesomesauce winning demon bosker top-class inspired chic colossal enjoyable seasoned unique trained qualified knowledgeable standout handy singular celebrated nice complete unexcelled the dog's bollocks star professed quick far-out optimum tops finest renowned top-grade optimal way-out exalted hunky-dory top-quality top-tier highest quality extremely good grade A entrancing enchanting to die for plush radiant deadly multitalented multiskilled smart astounding pleasurable ingenious delectable artful scrumptious mighty hotshot important delicate sure-handed effectual taught tutored schooled fitted well-rounded all-round all-around pleasing exciting surpassing cream apt lead unmatched genius flagship unbelievable bravura thrilling unbeatable quintessential uppermost untouchable model tasty effusive extreme excessive savvy inflated exaggerated worthiest sweet exceptionally good out-of-this-world extraordinaire solid gold in a class all by itself top of the line top of the range without equal top-flight effective beyond compare above and beyond of highest order award-winning rockin majestic bewitching captivating charming unforgettable arresting key sharp hypnotic bestselling agile agreeable pleasant satisfying rewarding blissful astonishing fashionable unorthodox deep wild posh ritzy sophisticated professional well-designed natty convenient stylish spruce idyllic rapturous gratifying ravishing alluring top quality high quality miraculous wondrous moving eloquent surprising agitating most eye-popping jaw-dropping foxy juicy rocking signal peak upmarket classy upscale distinctive choicest first paragon hand-picked elect really nice well-known especial selected luxurious prominent awe-inspiring prize-winning unsurpassable dainty high-test classical of a high standard useful accurate proper very well sup rior all very well well and good elevated august splendorous like wow cat's meow proud ambrosial superhuman yummy paradisal lush adorable spiritual paradisaic paradisic saintly principal with it pretty cool favored 10 popular preferred preferential creative grade-A chur well versed big league fit practical well-versed first class a hand at the very best state-of-the-art a standout powerful eventful baller crash hot nang No. 1 superfine handpicked plum favorite precious stirring predominant redoubtable imaginative eximious favoured favourite uncommon cherry-picked unusual chief hundred-proof balanced strong invincible indomitable in a league of their own one in a million unusually good A-number-1 mostest 24-karat carefully chosen first-line innovational innovative inspiring affecting enthralling innovatory inventive enterprising original right on errorless dead-on serviceable well sporting on-target trustworthy spot-on thorough suited sure-fire exact au fait precise stringent resourceful puissant habile influential profound momentous consequential virtuosic coruscating intense vital rousing crash-hot gee-whizz forcible hardy of genius impassioned well-done pick fat


Having or showing high moral standards
virtuous honest upright righteous honorable ethical moral good just decent honourable principled respectable upstanding noble worthy trustworthy admirable reputable pure right straight scrupulous true incorruptible meritorious praiseworthy exemplary nice blameless commendable irreproachable unimpeachable faithful saintly lawful guiltless moralistic lofty elevated clean sinless impeccable immaculate unbribable angelic kosher irreprehensible godly saintlike inculpable legit untarnished right-minded high-minded law-abiding high-principled anti-corruption true-blue right-thinking morally correct all right on the level squeaky clean self-righteous clean-living up front whiter than white squeaky-clean pure as the driven snow without reproach in the clear on the up and up of excellent character estimable conscientious excellent innocent model punctilious creditable sterling correct stand-up fair proper reliable dependable paradigmatic classic quintessential chivalrous conscionable bueno prototypical classical neato lily-white not bad batting a thousand not too shabby uncorrupted equitable truthful characteristic typical illustrative representative deserving dutiful trusty respected faultless noble-minded venerable unblamable straightforward fine dignified reverent pious charitable holy spiritual sincere sanctimonious knightly unstained forthright gallant magnanimous seemly incorrupt proud of good repute full of integrity square on the up-and-up fitting applaudable salt of the earth wholesome God-fearing devoted impartial matchless philanthropical devout philanthropic godlike peerless high chaste greathearted natural lordly aboveboard distinguished rectitudinous responsible decorous humane smart courteous professional Christian morally right morally acceptable untainted favoring obedient balanced sound incorrupted valuable worthwhile trusted cultivated tractable well-behaved solid true blue justified justifiable invaluable well-favoured well favoured first-class favouring religious prim lenient sportsmanlike saving dinkum sportsmanly ideal perfect of good report A-1 copybook flawless consummate outstanding exceptional imitable archetypal archetypical textbook definitive without fault above reproach very good beyond reproach unblemished unsullied undefiled modest stainless spotless fair-minded virginal virgin celibate vestal rightful G-rated peaceful demure sensible gracious maidenly unaffected reasonable white peaceable orderly civilized duteous benevolent above board maiden unspotted well behaved unwed constant self-denying self-restrained abstinent unmarried veracious uncontaminated due prudish simple loyal civilised continent generous cleanhanded kind helpful respectful candid refined great considerate quiet above suspicion unselfish compliant benign sympathetic kindly unerring great-hearted fastidious unspoilt unbiased disciplined unprejudiced dedicated steady objective steadfast even-handed deserved merited unwavering redoubtable dispassionate esteemed clear guileless humble anti-discrimination disinterested non-discriminatory resolute exact precise of principle neutral open-minded non-partisan condign apple-pie clean-cut safe unoffending open thoughtful competent warranted evenhanded nonpartisan equal indifferent altruistic elegant legitimate sackless unobjectionable restrained austere nondiscriminatory uncolored neat intemerate monogamous inexperienced impotent controlled subdued free of sin beyond criticism obliging polite amiable friendly hospitable beneficent pleasant agreeable amicable above-board genial compassionate loving caring kind-hearted sociable liberal not guilty tolerant kindhearted understanding merciful goodhearted tender fair and square valiant as pure as the driven snow large-hearted self-sacrificing peacekeeping idealistic strict complying rational circumspect uninvolved submissive amenable manageable biddable conformable docile heedful punctual critical frank glorious deferential particular platonic on up and up legal guilt-free clean-handed crimeless pristine impeccant notable extremely careful thinking twice honest-to-goodness uncorrupt credible unfailing not to blame perpetual persistent inextinguishable immortal undestroyable unchanging untouchable level-headed authentic strait-laced prissy finicky eminent inoffensive straight-arrow illustrious unpretentious unfeigned genuine uncontrived unbigoted egalitarian prestigious not responsible brave courtly bounteous enduring patriotic staunch edifying uplifting extraordinary remarkable intact dapper alright goody-goody unmarred highly regarded precious delicate fussy firm uncoloured proportionate fast nunlike level stable even-steven upfront cricket impersonal fair-to-middling unswerving inspired divinely inspired goal driven non-erotic non-violent improving pernickety selfless true-hearted independent self-sufficient regal stately self-respecting without fear or favour free of exquisite sure tried stanch secure trustable fair shake square deal with no axe to grind seamless picture-book picture-perfect letter-perfect absolute indefectible supportive calculable quality bighearted squeamish tried-and-true truehearted veridical allegiant down-the-line wholehearted ardent undistorted liege confirmed invigorating ruddy sane practical together fresh-faced envigorating hygienic commonsensical sanitary normal open-faced blooming errorless ten aces A-okay unflawed accurate infallible note-perfect fleckless inviolate unblighted unprofaned sweet big-hearted big public-spirited heroic giving free princely goodish humanitarian munificent no lie on target lily white wide-eyed all there wet behind ears neighbourly hale and hearty in fine feather in the pink appropriate suitable apt earned accommodating babe in woods pure as driven snow indulgent civil comradely fit holding water requisite official applicable canonical authorised twenty-four carat permitted well deserved card-carrying in principle authorized befitting orthodox well earned companionable regardful mannerly purpose driven neighborly well-disposed well mannered well-brought-up well-mannered placid affable mellow meek soft easygoing good-natured congenial soft-spoken likeable softhearted unoffensive shy bland mild-mannered motherly fatherly non-confrontational pacific sweet-tempered laid back good-humored lamblike sisterly dovelike forbearing tenderhearted lovable gentle moderate tender-hearted maternal brotherly cheerful temperate likable retiring good-humoured cool dove-like unassuming warmhearted pleasing forgiving harmless paternal

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