Synonym of laudatory

Alternative for laudatory

Synonym: praiseful, praising,


Complimentary or flattering to an excessive degree
fulsome extravagant adulatory excessive fawning inordinate overdone unctuous gushing gushy ingratiating cloying immoderate lavish saccharine ample enthusiastic extensive generous glowing liberal profuse effusive flattering nauseating over-appreciative sickening acclamatory buttery complimentary eulogistic hagiographic hagiographical insincere oily oleaginous rapturous soapy sugary sycophantic encomiastic gross honeyed OTT smarmy bombastic canting coarse glib grandiloquent hypocritical magniloquent mealy-mouthed overgenerous sanctimonious slick slimy smooth suave wheedling over the top praising appreciative obsequious servile bootlicking encomiastical worshipping worshipful commendatory reverential blandishing rhapsodic lionizing admiring commending honey-tongued favourable applauding slavish highly favourable flannelling cajoling silver-tongued blarneying rave crawling sweet-talking soft-soaping gratifying creeping lionising worshiping toadying favorable toadyish unrestrained exuberant bountiful prodigal unstinting unreserved ebullient abundant open-handed emotional copious munificent luxuriant bounteous handsome openhanded free demonstrative expansive lyrical mushy sentimental unsparing sumptuous overflowing over-effusive plentiful prolific ungrudging opulent galore over-enthusiastic rich hyped up wild wasteful plenty aplenty thriftless improvident intemperate overabundant profusive profligate unstinging no end a dime a dozen laid on with a trowel blubbery hammy voluble touchy-feely uninhibited unconstrained outpouring plenteous vociferous comfortable cornucopian considerable superabundant large substantial free-flowing all over someone lush luxurious grand splendid gorgeous maudlin elaborate luxe palatial ornate magnificent deluxe plush costly plushy unreasonable silken palace posh Lucullan exaggerated regal Lucullian Babylonian expensive luxury overemotional mawkish nostalgic riotous fancy showy pretentious overacted bathetic icky affectionate moonstruck jejune inane corny languishing overenthusiastic impressionable affected dreamy idealistic insipid charitable teeming swanky ritzy first-class impressive over-the-top loving swarming superfluous extreme abounding kind unselfish beneficent altruistic magnanimous crawling with thick with alive with philanthropic benevolent dewy-eyed kind-hearted big-hearted bighearted freehearted open open-hearted freehanded free-handed lovey-dovey eleemosynary casual giving free-and-easy openhearted soft-touch princely generous to a fault

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