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A yellowish citrus fruit


An object, person or endeavour in a state of failure
failure flop fiasco washout debacle dud catastrophe disaster bust turkey fizzle bomb clunker clinker bummer loser miss shipwreck frost jalopy nonstarter junk reject no-hoper old banger piece of junk botch fail mess lead balloon abortion wreck defeat blunder dead loss let-down collapse damp squib hash non-starter misadventure rout miscarriage breakdown bungle misstep failing nonsuccess foul-up screw-up snafu false step faux pas balls-up dead duck nonperformance implosion sinking ship frustration loss disappointment flash in the pan calamity bankruptcy downfall overthrow stalemate total loss letdown non-achiever crash shambles tragedy decay rupture inadequacy deficiency deterioration decline deficit checkmate stoppage underachiever nobody car crash write-off born loser also-ran mishap misfortune nonachievement incompetent ruin vain attempt omission error oversight neglect default delinquency has-been no one unsuccess deadbeat trainwreck farce ruination whammy unsuccessfulness train wreck dog flopperoo bellyflop no-go negligence misprision dereliction blank pig's ear setback blow fizzer anticlimax nonfeasance cockup screwup downer muck omnishambles muddle bodge embarrassment rabble mistake route drag shit show pig's breakfast nonrunner bringdown choker slip non-event liquidation fault disintegration trouncing miscue dumb thing to do impecuniousness pennilessness penury beggary want defect waste of space hopeless case underdog nonentity administration indebtedness pauperdom folding receivership shellacking crack-up beating vanquishment havoc licking dissolution smash reversal smashup defeasance devastation drubbing financial ruin insolvency down-and-outer flunkee underprivileged disadvantaged losel blue ruin good-for-nothing two-time loser sore loser banger rustbucket nonperformer black sheep derelict no-good saddo bum might-have-been castaway defaulter loafer ne'er-do-well beat moocher bucket trouble cropper foundering undoing fall lack of success breaking down termination degradation non-fulfilment fizzling out coming to nothing misfiring comedown misfire end malfunction flameout reverse discomfiture halt cessation slump disruption interruption disorganization seizure non-success disorganisation shutdown falling through non-function nonevent fumble bungling unsuccessful person unsuccessful challenger unsuccessful candidate defeated player stumble capitulation rejection vanquishing disillusionment fall from grace box-office bomb dissatisfaction dismay disgruntlement discouragement balk chagrin descent down outcast demise pariah baulk castoff leper offscouring undesirable humbling belittlement demotion humiliation mortification downgrading dropout alien exile bitter pill closure loss of face lowering reality check disgrace comeuppance loss of status pratfall dive reduction social outcast sinking closing shutting down close-down going under winding up


(fandom slang) A piece of fanfiction involving amorous liaisons


Of poor or inferior quality
low-quality substandard mediocre bad lousy wretched paltry imperfect shabby sorry junk ordinary tawdry sad average base middling common poorer indifferent hack mean déclassé worse fair second-rate low-grade two-bit second-class low-rent good-for-nothing inferior shoddy poor deficient inadequate below par below standard cheap ropy duff rubbish crummy unsound junky unsatisfactory lame worthless execrable subpar below average trashy rubbishy flawed pitiful not up to snuff dime-a-dozen rotten pitiable grotty useless third-rate miserable terrible not up to much suboptimal sub-par unacceptable crude subnormal poxy bargain-basement dissatisfactory awful wanting coarse schlocky pathetic dismal lamentable deplorable dreadful disagreeable direful contemptible atrocious dire diabolical downmarket low-end dodgy appalling abysmal unexceptional pedestrian under par schlock a load of pants the pits pants leaving much to be desired bush-league poor-quality defective faulty cheapie nasty dud tatty punk tinhorn trumpery not up to scratch a dime a dozen el cheapo gimcrack cheapjack twopenny-halfpenny tacky impaired damaged weak cheapo meretricious wrong amiss insignificant unfit warped grubby blemished cracked cruddy tenth-rate incomplete ratty inexact insufficient kitsch scroungy dime-store not up to par Brummagem entry-level cheap and nasty tinny pinchbeck tattered sick fallible injured bottom-rung run-down naff two a penny brassy rinky-dink marred so-so sleazy tinpot reject run-of-the-mine passable run-of-mine medium run-of-the-mill commonplace cheesy outclassed undistinguished bog-standard uninspired uninspiring poopy cut-rate bum piss-poor not good enough bodger of a sort half-pie fair to middling no great shakes incorrect inaccurate fallacious invalid imprecise erroneous distorted broken debased botched rank unretentive contradictory adulterated awry false frail malformed tainted blamable leaky confused broken-down unreliable maimed incoherent unsellable unsaleable scratched inoperative deformed partial torn limited malfunctioning unfinished immature patchy undeveloped rudimentary sketchy disfigured in a state of disrepair not functioning minus vicious garbage not working faultful low few bugs not much cop bottom-of-barrel out of order piddling trifling unworthy disappointing unsatisfying negligible offensive wack crumby unsuitable unimpressive minor league trivial small potatoes from hunger not satisfying jerry-built minimal displeasing minor-league second rate distressing off ill bush sour no good frightful hopeless woeful laughable disgraceful chronic horrible abominable abject very bad valueless God-awful egregious ineffectual ineffective incompetent sucky lacking shameful inept horrendous disastrous shocking flimsy pits gaudy grim odious low quality poor quality unpleasant meagre meager amateurish futile unproductive godawful loathsome vile feeble distasteful insubstantial detestable horrid hideous gross unavailing despicable scurvy unprofitable empty profitless petty inconsequential unfortunate regrettable nugatory barren inutile dirty measly brummagem repulsive grievous slipshod revolting derisory unspeakable inefficient cheap-jack intolerable careless sordid calamitous damnable not up to standard stinking pointless less-than-stellar rough of poor quality of low quality beastly counterproductive ignoble scant scanty hateful repugnant repellant repellent obnoxious fruitless lowbrow foul scandalous sickening rancid abhorrent vain disgusting godforsaken showy hellacious heartbreaking uncomfortable inappropriate bootless uninviting insufferable scummy scabby impotent meaningless ghastly for the birds low cost tragic anticlimactic inefficacious negligent reprehensible thin unfructuous null unimportant unusable a dead loss bogus nothing sterile waste abandoned unessential harmful unable piffling makeshift poorly inconsiderable tasteless vulgar bungling unsuccessful catchpenny outrageous restricted dilapidated dreary nauseating evil noisome fulsome noxious obscene ugly nauseous thrown together short disreputable objectionable Mickey Mouse strictly for the birds end-of-the-pier exiguous bleak depressing garbagy scarce of little value nickel-and-dime shy puny inexpert desolate seedy dubious questionable abortive scruffy dingy no-account undesirable impermissible inadmissible needing squalid failing unhappy gloomy sombre drab dark cheerless of no value catastrophic low-down disheartening joyless sullen morose drear piteous solemn somber weak sauce very poor non-successful sneaking heartrending destitute of no financial value failed purposeless idle improper no-good silly half-baked indigent forlorn glum scungy depressive impoverished sepulchral comfortless dishonorable to no avail otiose scurrilous indefensible stinky irremediable downer bummer dishonourable rueful unfruitful forceless withered spineless neutralized void beyond the pale drossy indecisive unable to do something for toffee powerless god-awful to no effect defeasible neutralised innocuous frowzy out of sorts off-colour crook off colour ne'er-do-well tinsel corny cheeseball rickety reduced bad quality slovenly mingy minor ramshackle down scale dissatisfying little second-best kitschy badly built garish sparing inappreciable desperate throwaway unskilful dinky doubtful second class ropey down-market twopenny tricky cheap-looking chintzy disturbing disconcerting disquieting tragical harrowing distressful stupid unwelcome of negligible value downscale excruciating meritless upsetting niggling picayune chicken minute nominal piddly slight footling pimping peanut plastic pretentious inglorious under-strength iffy underwhelming without value yucky uncultured low-class unfashionable insalubrious unsophisticated incapable cataclysmic not cutting it hellish rebarbative disgustful loathly inproficient unproficient melancholy shlocky unsightly shlock gruesome gut-wrenching would fetch nothing off-color of no worth of little worth craptacular unfulfilling ignominious leaving a lot to be desired small-time ridiculous absurd ludicrous foolish-looking affecting unseemly raunchy icky diddly grody blah bad news grungy not good not the best bathetic uninteresting unavailable emasculate slack-spined no go no way not effective run down unable to do something to save one's life de minimis not oneself off-form under the weather of little financial value insupportable exceptionable degenerate blameworthy overwhelming unbearable mournful horrifying dolorous afflictive opprobrious disillusioning despisable heinous disdainable ill-suited unsuited from hell unreasonable cowardly discreditable down at heel scrappy crippled condemnable out snide currish not proper unadvantageous inconsistent incompatible inapt inacceptable unappealing skimpy falling short villainous hateworthy beggarly swinish outcast crass low-minded beyond contempt unassembled rare undersupplied infrequent unequal underprovided not all it's cracked up to be ten a penny outta gas found wanting third string not enough second string second fiddle not on not cricket won't do over the fence not quite the done thing not make it not cut out for dumbed down hamstrung inexpedient feckless no use senseless hollow null and void invertebrate banal wanky chaffy discouraging unpromising funereal morbid filthy absent missing of no benefit dreich lugubrious saturnine unrefined not acceptable unpolished sunless plutonian tenebrous lonesome black tenebrific elegiac elegiacal omitted gone unfulfilled less bereft devoid cooked away needed bankrupt deprived Cimmerian poverty-stricken burned out in default cut off out of gas not worth a hill of beans not up to expectations too little too late

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