Synonym of letting

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lets, letting

Synonym: admit, allow, charter, consent, contract, grant, hire out, lease, leave, permit, rent,


Present participle for to not prevent or forbid
allowing permitting granting enabling suffering authorising authorizing warranting tolerating empowering licencing licensing making sanctioning causing countenancing entitling acceding to agreeing to assenting to brooking consenting to acquiescing in approving of giving leave to giving permission to greenlighting OKing accrediting admitting of approving certifying commissioning conceding endorsing giving granting the right to having giving assent to giving the go-ahead freeing up giving okay giving permission giving the go-ahead to giving the nod giving the O.K. living with giving leave giving something the nod giving the green light giving the green light to giving the thumbs up to saying the magic word sitting still for hearing of okaying accepting qualifying blessing taking enduring signing off on consenting giving the OK to privileging receiving green-lighting agreeing chartering indulging condoning acquiescing supporting granting permission to giving permission for humoring humouring buying signing admitting giving a blank cheque to capacitating entering entertaining submitting to going along with letting in giving access giving thumbs up taking in granting someone the right saying the word facilitating giving authorization to taking kindly to stomaching leaving giving one's consent to conceding to giving one's assent to giving one's blessing to giving the green light for franchising putting up with acceding legalizing standing legitimatizing concurring bearing investing vesting equipping swallowing recognizing clearing abiding legalising winking at validating endowing undergoing blinking at letting pass saying yes legitimizing sticking sustaining giving authority to recognising rubber-stamping giving power to giving the right to legitimising enrolling giving the means to bearing with standing for housing lodging initiating harbouring sheltering introducing harboring ratifying favouring favoring engaging in permitting to coping with allowing to sitting through confirming approbating bearing the brunt of withstanding granting authority to granting authorization to homologating enfranchising delegating affirming formalising vouching for giving authority for finalizing giving the go-ahead for finalising formalizing making legal granting leave to granting a permit to giving a licence to granting a licence to giving a permit to giving approval to giving someone leave legitimating giving someone authorization entrusting charging giving the stamp of approval to granting the right having coming giving the right making eligible fitting for conferring a right rating qualifying for abetting boosting passing sanctifying assenting shaking on acquiescing to going for letting be preparing assisting giving the power to giving means to giving someone the authority investing with power intromitting giving carte blanche giving your blessing yielding subscribing complying welcoming hacking letting continue letting stay enlisting aiding helping letting go registering including tholing wearing giving up yessing saying uncle concurring with giving in to making a deal complying with giving in yielding to playing ball folding throwing in the towel conforming to coming round knuckling under abiding by rolling over ignoring meeting going biding absorbing handling acknowledging pocketing greeting giving admission to allowing to enter signing up giving right of entry to giving access to showing in taking on allowing in granting entrance to ushering in permitting entry allowing entry conditioning readying setting up hearing sweating out sticking out stringing along giving the resources to making it possible for staying the course turning a blind eye to providing the means to sitting and taking it toughing out giving the opportunity to weathering going through experiencing facing braving living through seeing encountering grinning and bear it meeting with tasting feeling coping digesting resisting allowing for surviving riding out showing forbearance witnessing knowing making allowance for standing up to grinning and bear submitting resigning oneself to being patient lumping it forbearing decriminalizing dealing with bowing to holding with nodding at coming to grips with giving green light sticking with waiting out hanging tough considering shouldering making allowances for decriminalising sticking it out confronting facing up to sweating deferring subjecting oneself to getting used to coming up against learning to live with reconciling managing hanging in sitting tight making the best of capitulating excusing seeing through becoming reconciled to becoming accustomed to becoming resigned to reconciling oneself to making allowance taking something lying down hanging in there respecting observing taking it holding out against fulfilling biting the bullet coming in for taking patiently having experience of participating in coming across running into coming into contact with bearing up under toing the line conceiving assuming defying carrying submitting oneself to surrendering to adjusting to falling for persevering persisting lumping maintaining acclimatizing oneself to sitting and take withtaking onfanging capitulating to accommodating oneself to regulating standing firm against undertaking bowing sharing reconciling oneself resigning oneself sitting out seeing out toughing out it passing through declaring lawful seeing through to the bitter end understanding encouraging keeping up with enjoying backing getting on with realising realizing commending championing bearing up pardoning partaking in falling on finding taking part in taking one's medicine playing the game facing the music took one's lumps inviting applauding upholding advocating forgiving smiling on stomaching something getting behind laughing off accepting apology for giving the okay to obeying following waiting honouring appeasing honoring making do cutting your coat according to your cloth giving stamp of approval putting John Hancock on outlasting overcoming heeding surmounting taking it lying down playing it by the book adhering to keeping in step stooping to playing by the rules taking it easy eating dying hard against bearing up against pulling through holding out getting through persisting with persevering against contending with prevailing against coming through grappling with disregarding overlooking showing forbearance towards assimilating becoming familiar with partaking going easy living out providing setting aside apprehending trying perceiving watching getting living appreciating comprehending coming into contact sampling running the gauntlet beholding conforming surrendering keeping in mind taking into consideration bearing in mind taking into account succumbing conniving at accommodating adjusting bending adapting dittoing jibing caving in pretending not to notice looking the other way cooperating with hoisting the white flag cutting a deal standing by saying yes to crying uncle rolling over and play dead giving the nod to accepting tacitly going along


Present participle for allow to pass in a particular direction


Present participle for prevent the occurrence of
deterring preventing stopping averting checking blocking hindering curbing halting impeding intercepting obstructing restraining arresting balking baulking foiling forestalling hampering keeping obviating precluding shutting out staving off staying counteracting damping fending off frustrating heading off inhibiting thwarting turning aside warding off debarring helping pre-empting prohibiting putting a stop to saving chilling chillin cooling dampening disadvising diverting forfending holding back nipping in the bud scaring ruling out turning off talking out of putting a damper on throwing cold water on acting like a wet blanket pouring cold water on proscribing disallowing interdicting banning restricting enjoining estopping forbidding to barring retarding stymieing slowing down holding up repressing fettering interfering with suppressing circumventing hamstringing delaying constraining avoiding handicapping encumbering discouraging trammelling trammeling shackling withholding deflecting interrupting dissuading limiting cramping slowing crippling interfering opposing forbidding hobbling stalling clogging handcuffing cutting off keeping back hog-tying tying up putting a brake on throwing a spanner in the works of standing in the way of controlling bridling anticipating stonewalling contravening detaining derailing crimping preempting muzzling stifling smothering manacling cumbering holding curtailing removing baffling embarrassing warding putting off reining in short-circuiting shutting off hanging up holding down getting in the way of throwing a monkey wrench in the works of setting back containing holding off disrupting eliminating excluding countering subduing putting an end to scotching braking moderating regulating neutralizing scuppering discomfiting freezing parrying governing rattling taming borking second-guessing fazing measuring ruling neutralising keeping under control gagging confining bitting choking keeping in check picking off slowing up making late getting ahead of getting in before choking back putting paid to holding in beating someone to the draw closing off shutting down providing against screwing up lousing up boxing in beating someone to the punch keeping the lid on bringing to screeching halt keeping in getting in the way stealing a march on stemming the flow of keeping within bounds beating someone to it fouling up detaching defending against forefending weaning commandeering sparing freeing reprieving postponing keeping waiting bottlenecking absolving heading off at pass beating somebody to it preparing for retardating burdening quashing foreclosing interposing intervening crabbing resisting keeping from deferring protracting pausing causing to wait causing to stay exempting dispensing shelving remitting proroguing tabooing outlawing sandbagging reducing discharging intermitting prolonging throwing a spanner in the works throwing a spoke in the wheel of obscuring getting round disqualifying making unnecessary holding over bogging down backing off putting back holding off on choking off taking down turning shunting putting on brakes shoving aside looking away putting an stop to veering turning from getting rid of quitting making it impossible for ceasing making it impracticable for taking away doing away with making impossible discontinuing making impracticable discountenancing taking out of play putting the brakes on shaking warning quieting frightening deprecating disfavouring disfavoring indisposing foreseeing projecting preoccupying predicting monopolizing envisioning forecasting expecting reining corking monopolising ruining leashing harnessing dissuading from bottling up straitening holding in check invalidating scuttling overturning snookering putting away gaoling circumscribing pulling in having on a tight leash cracking down keeping down bringing under control delimiting hemming in keeping in line sitting on impounding pulling back directing reining back tying down killing guiding pinning down locking up boxing up hogtying hogtieing imprisoning stemming jailing squashing nullifying repelling upsetting confounding strangling muffling repulsing checkmating nobbling undoing dashing spoiling outwitting pegging disciplining counterplotting crossing burying doing for defeating blanking disappointing damming entrammelling entrammeling chaining entangling disconcerting binding upsetting one's apple cart beating down taking wind out of sails putting the kibosh on putting the stopper on messing up getting the better of putting a spoke in someone's wheel putting end to putting the mockers on causing setback putting a limit on cooling off buttoning up cutting back keeping a lid on keeping lid on cooling down putting the brakes on fighting back biting back keeping tight rein on keeping a tight rein on cramping one's style saddling with giving a hard time discarding discounting dismissing excepting rejecting revoking cancelling recanting abolishing canceling suspending closing one's doors to freezing out not considering closing out forgetting about bating counting out leaving out


An authorization or approval
OK approval authorisation authorization assent consent acquiescence approbation blessing endorsement leave permission sanction agreement confirmation favor favour license ratification warrant condonance condonation empowerment imprimatur nod okay okaying permit acceptance acknowledgement acknowledgment admission allowance concession freedom indulgence liberty privilege sanctification yes green light thumbs up carte blanche go-ahead OK'ing rubber stamp say-so stamp of approval seal of approval licence clearance dispensation authority concurrence support backing mandate sufferance validation O.K. nihil obstat granting encouragement affirmation accord right power accreditation the nod compliance clean bill of health recommendation warranty pat on the back countenance good wishes say so yea recognition A-OK commendation regard affirmative thumbs-up advocacy fiat charter signature prerogative credentials blank cheque accession understanding a blank cheque endorsation tolerance welcome benediction satisfaction notarization handshake faculty aye valediction Godspeed stamp acceding assenting ratifying commission ability strength delegation word consensus harmony positive response right on blank check championing promotion exemption impunity free hand order pass toleration decree all clear access latitude free rein passage run verification discretion green-light entitlement seal admittance command avowal upholding championship subscription patronage authentication love espousal superscription countersignature qualification comment hubba-hubba certification testimonial commercial stroke moral support solidarity nurturance mentoring subscription to pat on back applause acclaim praise appreciation laudation congratulation respect esteem veneration admiration kudos acclamation congratulations adulation ovation plaudits bells salutes accolades liking high regard honour homage honor extolment tribute accolade eulogy estimation compliment compliments glory credit eulogium laurels distinction encomium panegyric deference reverence bouquets props good opinion cheers devotion cheering plaudit adoration exaltation account a pat on the back consideration tributes affection flattery laud worship popularity sun celebration glorification prestige repute reputation bays rave obeisance puff awe goodwill high opinion cheer pumping up fondness thanks fame citation grace salutation raves cachet attention brownie points big hand good word pat on the head partiality paean clapping dignity hymn great respect bouquet merit stroking renown fealty apotheosis deification notability encomiums illustriousness eminence rave review felicitations a hand a round of applause fancy a big hand pride preference kindness friendliness shine status standing astonishment amazement eulogizing dithyramb opinion mention relish taste like eulogising kudo points hand gratitude aggrandizement benevolence appetite sympathy idolization importance nobility elevation greatness name valuing prizing PR round of applause immortalization canonization lionization use cherishing special mention honourable mention honorable mention paeans trust commemoration lionisation aggrandisement strong praise good image high standing good reputation good name kind regard positive reception a slap on the back assurance attestation hurrah bravo sycophancy cry boost preferment shouting réclame commendations greetings respects regards enthusiasm note notice guarantee sentiment courtesy hat tip high esteem dulia jubilation roar celebrity prestigiousness self-respect honoring care salutations blessings hail treasuring enjoyment loud homage value image notification court puffing up honouring standing O blarney cajolery blandishment obsequiousness fear loyalty bow religiousness prostration piety genuflection devoutness prominence preeminence best wishes prize award rooting hurrahs stamping good press flattering remark mark of respect self-image a standing ovation big up self-esteem mana plug positive feedback warm fuzzy honeyed word buttering up trade last standing ovation deputation suggestion reference face tip certificate strokes proxy brevet agency surprise wonder judgment delight pleasure social position urging judgement instruction power of attorney shot in the arm letter of support words of approval two cents' worth favourable mention favorable mention words of approbation character reference wonderment éclat marveling idolatry marvelling abidance credence prayer invocation alignment adoption conformity adherence thanksgiving unity fellowship orison pats on the back accedence union oneness association affiliation unanimity alliance communion supplication litany consecration dedication thankfulness benison benedictus favorable reception compliance with acknowledgement of conformity with respect for accedence to adherence to recognition of assent to acquiescence in adoption of endorsement of deference to consent to accession to agreement with abidance by concurrence with cooperation with laying on of hands amen closing prayer like-mindedness esprit de corps


Tolerant of deviation
lenient gentle merciful sparing clement compassionate forgiving kind tolerant forbearing indulgent mild tender easy-going magnanimous benevolent charitable humane kind-hearted kindly liberal moderate permissive pitying soft sympathetic allowing amiable assuaging assuasive benign benignant complaisant compliant condoning easy easygoing emollient excusing favouring favoring good-natured humouring humoring lax light loving mollycoddling obliging pampering pardoning permitting softhearted soft-hearted soft-shell spoiling temperate yielding being big live with going easy on understanding considerate generous patient gracious accommodating beneficent caring warm tender-hearted broad-minded friendly tenderhearted kindhearted humanitarian warmhearted open-minded mellow agreeable thoughtful good-hearted genial affable neighbourly warm-hearted good-humored neighborly good-humoured pleasant cordial all heart calm helpful long-suffering unprejudiced unselfish free progressive amicable acquiescent decent congenial big-hearted cheerful accepting altruistic sentimental latitudinarian sensitive unbigoted amenable hospitable unbiased sociable serene free and easy big good good-tempered receptive submissive responsive empathetic approachable stoical flexible uncomplaining libertarian resigned catholic stoic placid even-tempered loose well-disposed feeling cooperative advanced chivalrous high-minded docile radical quiet affectionate broad giving selfless deferential philanthropic reasonable polite nice bighearted longanimous undemanding fatherly supportive nonjudgmental favorable motherly pleasing favourable sweet large-hearted well meaning bleeding-heart well disposed bland noble unflappable overindulgent relaxed untroubled enlightened modest restrained gallant courteous empathic unorthodox unconventional bountiful peaceful approving munificent cool unstinting human great-hearted left rational avant-garde intelligent interested receiving breezy convivial peaceable open-handed happy bounteous companionable chummy gregarious lovable easy-oasy meek bleeding heart laid-back goodhearted maternal likeable tranquil laissez-faire matey clubby likable happy-go-lucky easy to get along with sweet-tempered buddy-buddy imperturbable unexcitable carefree unruffled hands-off equable casual nonchalant insouciant susceptible unconcerned fond unhurried accommodative doting pliant solicitous humble unassuming commiserative soothing ruthful willing tractable composed balmy biddable ungrudging delicate concerned comforting enduring self-controlled self-restrained shy demure outgoing sympathizing condoling princely nonabrasive reverent retiring commiserating fatherlike pally comradely cheery greathearted self-possessed regular passive sympathising lamblike openhanded knightly lavish delightful engaging civil buoyant smiling extroverted extrovert heart in right place respectful subdued angelic unoffensive public-spirited loving and giving reformist brotherly company-loving humanistic hail-fellow-well-met with the patience of Job general smooth well-mannered open liberalistic non-restrictive weak soft-boiled spineless boneless placable unprescriptive unrestricted live-and-let-live tolerating generous to a fault willing to forgive pitiful touchy-feely eager to help eager to please liberal-minded deceivable mushy emotional heroic courageous fair perceptive comprehending appreciative reassuring cosseting gratifying softie marshmallow dupable eleemosynary soft touch propitious dutiful regardful well intentioned openhearted wholesome benefic tactful attentive philanthropical freehanded trusting naive unsuspicious deludable unoppressive unburdensome gullible fleeceable courtly valiant conciliatory assenting willing to please favourably disposed soft-shelled overpermissive low-pressure devil-may-care handsome unpretentious living with conformable brave lowly going easy with free-handed well-meaning persistent persevering philosophical sophisticated wide consoling encouraging restful softened halcyon deliberate slow muted zephyr-like feeble civilized equanimous untiring mild-tempered inexcitable fearless honourable intrepid honorable stout-hearted bold dauntless going along with piteous obedient impartial nonconventional nonorthodox right-on non-partisan nontraditional having heart in right place accessible righteous impassive philosophic fortitudinous elevated high lordly sublime natural lofty great self-sacrificing easy on easy with able to live with poised offhand outgiving indolent uncritical collected complacent lazy hang-loose informal uninhibited civilised worthy soft-touch upright down-to-earth diffident timid self-effacing noble-minded valorous old softie charming winsome laid back noninterventionist open-hearted unobtrusive unambitious do-good couthy conversable personable winning Santa Claus mild-mannered well-intentioned politically correct cozy swell clubbable copacetic urbane forthcoming bonhomous unctuous stately suave has heart in right place pabulum Milquetoast manageable nothing orderly wishy-washy zero cowed plain fearful easy to get on with downright neighborly palsy-walsy cosy soft-spoken moral non-confrontational pacific sisterly dovelike dove-like harmless paternal unworried blithe chilled easy-peasy controlled nonirritant mollifying calmative clear nonirritating sober steady together unfazed even judicious abstinent measured disciplined reserved balanced considered careful conservative compromising cautious not excessive not given to excesses unsparing devoted fulsome protective freehearted social welcoming prodigal mannerly diplomatic nurturing honest jovial just hearty well-bred gentlemanly well mannered ladylike decorous genteel complimentary polished profuse palsy intimate patriarchal excellent unreserved enthusiastic positive fraternal self-denying harmonious cheering lovely collegial cultivated mindful parental abundant maternalistic laudatory loyal hail-fellow flattering commendatory acceptable ready adoring equitable uplifting chirpy inspiriting plenteous unstinted refined perky willingly given discreet well-behaved politic fulfilling almsgiving disinterested avuncular self-forgetting well bred moralistic ample denying incorruptible mother sheltering close faithful plentiful watchful conscientious communal inspiring extravagant full reverential like-minded commending heedful dear unpresumptuous observant glowing ethical respectable virtuous earnest admiring rave prepossessing heartening unrestrained sweet-natured principled upstanding useful stimulating boosting discerning aware calming amorous lovesome cultured extraverted affirmative applauding approbatory heartwarming gladdening debonair good-mannered clubable insightful formal predisposed well behaved acclamatory well spoken approbative well brought up praiseful well-spoken parent self-forgetful vulnerable bubbly suitable becoming confident sensible wonderful immaculate soft-centred personal thoughty guestfriendly matriarchal amusing confiding hilarious jocose entertaining kindred funny amical comical attached vibrant compatible jocular on good terms understandable nonmalignant vigilant rich beneficial nonthreatening paternalistic goody-goody angelical spotless social-minded holy pharisaical esteemed creditable respected inoffensive unerring patriotic contributing donating socially concerned prosocial advantageous very kind worried anxious couth appealing ingratiating responsible heartfelt brother's sibling familial genealogical adaptable pliable profitable taking captivating enchanting unmarred pietistical pristine unflawed chaste graceful pietistic wholehearted genuine sincere communicative guiding vicarious appreciating protecting supporting caretaking idealistic public- spirited as nice as pie simpatico inviting eager beneficient valuable non-malignant backslapping Robin Hood good scout unmean Christian deep condescending obsequious punctilious familiar tight handy wellmannered lively goodish non-hostile virginal untouched unblamable redeemable redeeming prayerful unkind unrelenting cruel excessive procrustean inexorable overgenerous favorably inclined favourably inclined well brought-up praising unconstrained salutary overabundant immoderate intemperate profligate wasteful thriftless improvident conflict-free attention-seeking ardent jolly bluff trustworthy buddy buddy wild barley-sugar concordant agreeing square shooting accordant right nice user friendly on tap on deck dependable incorrupt in favor of okay recommendatory inclined welcome proper merry free-and-easy unstinging exuberant simple jejune vapid dull subservient spiritless obeisant forbearant tame flat kin elegant willing to help upbeat joyous jocund glad chipper enlivening upper up sunny amatory passionate overfond fervent demonstrative straight right true intuitive over the top romantic enamoured lovey-dovey addicted enamored cognizant conscious sunny side up stand-up subtle sensitized impressionable reactive consolatory bound up close-knit silly over impressible sensitised emotionable perceiving knowing unimposing expressing adoration clean-living all right on the up and up well-brought-up squeaky clean right-minded prudent seemly supersensitive finely tuned dexterous wise skilled adroit skillful tactical deft skilful savvy turned on to touchy feely tuned in relieving dextrous satisfying rewarding easing treating with kid gloves treating something with kid gloves heart-warming congratulatory warming softening invigorating succouring revivifying sustaining allaying envigorating remedying restoring mitigating revitalizing curing succoring solacing abating analeptic bolstering revitalising lightening health-giving upholding alleviating freeing refreshing panegyrical honeyed adulatory eulogizing sugary encomiastic saccharine eulogistic laudative encomiastical with highest recommendation fair-spoken eulogising sycophantic plauditory celebrating honouring highly favourable fawning highly favorable honoring well-wishing with high praise

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