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evoking lifelike images within the mindfree from artificiality


Producing powerful feelings or strong, clear images in the mind
vivid clear graphic realistic detailed dramatic affecting arresting evocative picturesque powerful stirring lively lucid moving stimulating authentic faithful haunting memorable rich striking strong telling unforgettable visual impressive scintillating sharp colorful colourful delineated distinct emotive pictorial eloquent expressive fascinating graphical interesting active definite fresh theatrical crystal clear highly coloured true to life true-to-life sharply-etched descriptive explicit forceful illustrative definitive imaginative narrative revealing uninhibited cogent shocking punchy lurid startling illustrated photographic well-drawn effective convincing unequivocal forcible perspicuous full concrete well delineated compelling well expressed well drawn well defined comprehensible intelligible precise incisive figurative scenic representational pictographic sketched marked-out engraved outlined portrayed blocked-out etched pictoric symbolic diagrammatic painted seen traced illustrational pictured depicted iconographic leaving nothing to the imagination meaningful persuasive energetic influential authoritative emphatic animated hard-hitting touching irresistible impactful suggestive poignant passionate artistic pregnant indicative significant pointed enthusiastic dynamic vigorous exciting effectual potent inspiring inspirational pivotal aggressive motivating articulate efficacious zappy swayful alluring masterful motivational efficient impelling capable able purposeful successful material imposing far-reaching unusual characterful distinctive eye-catching bold chocolate-box pleasant reminiscent vivacious zestful bright redolent resonant remindful invigorating racy noticeable great resonant with remindful of in-your-face envigorating refreshing calling up succinct terse pithy crucial instrumental rousing speaking fluent provocative guiding enticing seductive competent fateful formative monumental useful swaying central responsible contributory decisive controlling encouraging momentous operative consequential robust inducing critical considerable animating coherent authoritarian rational reasoned pertinent sufficient credible plausible on the ball weighty logical puissant reasonable vehement unanswerable grand charming mighty direct theatric histrionical trenchant sound graceful well-founded important relevant acute well founded well reasoned performant satisfying powerhouse high-powered emotional intense meaning charged ardent sympathetic revelatory allusive inspired visionary indicating emotion indicating feeling demonstrative deeply felt understanding pathetic full of emotion thoughtful representing open warm ingenious easy-to-read full of feeling spirited brilliant mobile communicative sensitive alive indicating tender masterly showy representative silver-tongued responsive signifying


Providing a faithful representation of someone or something
accurate exact faithful close strict authentic correct veracious careful true factual literal precise right truthful punctilious regular scrupulous conscientious convincing explicit fair proper realistic rigorous genuine just meticulous painstaking thorough faultless nice unerring unmistakable veridical verisimilar veristic concrete defined definite deft discriminating discriminative distinct judicious methodical particular punctual rigid scientific sharp skilful skillful solid systematic true to life bang on fact-based matter-of-fact on the beam on the button on the mark on the nail spot on spot-on telling it like it is ultraprecise clear-cut on the nose word-perfect as it really happened similar on the money perfect errorless error-free without error on target credible undistorted vérité delicate fine pinpoint refined mathematical hairline verbatim resembling word for word legitimate valid good actual reliable honest kosher real unquestionable justified veritable sound dead-on appropriate standard indubitable well-founded trustworthy normal bona fide up front dependable right on severe detailed specific bonafide unfaked indisputable sterling official unadulterated well-established creditable uncounterfeited original loyal conforming orthodox flawless conclusive undisputed infallible irrefutable unimpeachable unrefuted certain undeniable unambiguous definitive timely prompt logical reasonable so on-target OK pure natural firm levelheaded sober rational justifiable defendable warranted reasoned hard defensible commonsense commonsensible sensible informed warrantable commonsensical acceptable O.K. impeccable righteous stone okay unmistaken equitable amen characteristic archetypal certified guileless typical ingenuous archetypical legit representative certifiable vindicable frank forthright straight overt open legal candid straightforward straight from shoulder lawful on the level square aboveboard echt artless unaffected dinkum simple de facto unpretending average authoritative unpretentious direct effective existent undesigning fitting right stuff on the right track dead on along the right lines for sure on track immediate early speedy seasonable on time balanced cogent pucka pukka sure-enough honest-to-goodness right as rain on the ball free of error on the right lines cooking with gas according to Hoyle heedful expeditious conscionable recurrent steady in good time on the dot fussy periodic cyclic quick constant ready dinky-di well founded real McCoy on schedule when expected to schedule in time well timed well-grounded well grounded spot on time under the wire bang on time

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